Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi scolds Rohit

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying I got engaged. Nurse asks Veena to come, Naren is calling him. Everyone meets Rohit. Sonakshi also comes. Rohit asks for water. He calls Sonakshi. He holds her hand and says Raima…. don’t go. He sleeps. Sonakshi goes out. Everyone goes. Rohan asks are you fine. Sonakshi says yes. He thanks her for getting Rohit here, do you want tea or coffee. She says no, I have to go home and then for shoot. He says your mom will be worried, I called Pari to know where are you. Sonakshi says okay. She comes home. Suman packs her bags and says I won’t stay here where you lie to me. Sonakshi asks what’s happening, you should rest.

Suman asks did you come, how was your trip with Rohit, don’t do drama, I m taking my kids with me, why did you go there.

Sonakshi says stop, till when will you do this, why this anger for me, am I your adopted daughter, why do you taunt me about my work and life, I lied and went to Pune, if I told the truth, you would have not understood, I got Rohit in bad state when I was returning, I couldn’t leave him there. She says Pari stays out all night, she parties and comes in morning, you encourage her, I m elder to her, I can take my own decisions, I respect you, no one is going anywhere. She asks Pari to keep suitcase inside. Suman looks on.

Sonakshi says please take medicines and rest, you need rest. She goes. Pulkit gets coffee for Sonakshi. She says I m not fine today. He says you didn’t do wrong, I m proud of you. She says yes, I have my own voice, I always felt what shall I tell family, don’t know why, I couldn’t tolerate and answered mum, I miss old relation with mum, where did my mum go, she used to share things with me, we had much love, don’t know how did bitterness came. She says it needs strength to keep silence, but people take it as your weakness. Pulkit says its imp to take a strong stand, do you love Dr. Rohit. She asks are you mad. He says you didn’t answer. She asks him to shut up. He says I got the answer. He goes. She says Rohit is just a friend for me. Its morning, Rohit greets Dr. Dimpy. He says I have dizziness, I don’t remember anything, what happened. He checks the reports. Dr. Sanjay says you can check your reports, you don’t need us. Rohit asks what did I do. He sees reports and says none came from family, mom always worries if I get fever.

Naren says Veena didn’t tell me. Sukhmani says its fine that there is a girl in Rohit’s life. Rohan says its wrong, how did Rohit hide this from us. Dr. Dimpy comes and says Rohit got conscious, I told the staff not to talk to him as you told. Veena says I have to meet him. Sukhmani says wait, Rohit should get punished for his mistake. Sonakshi comes there. She asks Tulsi how is Rohit, where is Veena. Tulsi says he is fine, Veena is inside, there is tension. Yash says Rohit did wrong. Veena says he needs us. Sukhmani says he will get what he wants, none will meet him, let him realize his mistake. Naren says Ajit, get the car, we will go home. Sonakshi sees them leaving and hears that none will talk to Rohit. She says they are very angry, I understand Rohit’s heart but his family’s anger is also justified, this time I will take Rohit’s class. Rohit asks Tulsi why isn’t she talking to her boss, be goo to your patients. Sonakshi comes and talks to her. Tulsi taunts Rohit. Sonakshi says some patients are so problematic. Rohit says let me go out, you are fired Tulsi. Sonakshi scolds him.

She shuts the door and asks Rohit how can be so irresponsible, he drank cheap wine and fell before his car. She says your mom was worried all night, Ravi looked for you for hours, you did this, you didn’t think of your patients. He says I accept that I did wrong, I went for personal work and… she says I know you went to meet Raima. He says I don’t want to talk. She says why, you have to talk and hear the truth. He asks what do you know. She says you loved some girl, she went in coma four years ago, you couldn’t meet her and drank poisonous wine, you didn’t think of your family. He asks her to go. She says you have to listen to me, this isn’t love, everyone has a past, I understand your pain, that night on 26th Sept, two hearts broke, yours and mine, look at me, I don’t show my wound as a medal, I moved on and learnt smiling, this isn’t love. He says this is love for me. She says you are selfish, I will pray you never get Raima.

He shouts shut up, and get out. Tulsi comes. Sonakshi signs her to go. She says I m sorry, I didn’t mean that, Raima is in coma since 4 years, I have seen her, I m a doctor, maybe she won’t survive, I want to see her and say sorry, she is in Pune. He cries. She hugs him. He says my college friend didn’t let me meet her and threw me out, sorry I didn’t wish to shout, thanks for getting me here safely. She says its okay. He says trust me, I m a good doctor and good son, I can’t think of anything when its about Raima. She says you would be feeling light now.

He asks what are you doing on 26th Sept. She says its 21st August, there is much time. He says we will spend the day together on 26th Sept. She says we can end that pain, we shouldn’t lose hope. He says don’t know. He says you are a heart doctor, you treat patients’ heart, give a chance to your heart, you won’t know how someone makes a place, like my…. She says what was I saying, Rohit is just my friend. He asks are you in love again. She says like it happened with my friend. He says we will see who falls in love first. She asks really, did you give yourself a chance. He says yes. She says get ready and go home, you have to fix a lot. He asks her to come along. She says you have to fight there, I have to fight a tiger today, its Maha episode Kunal was kidnapped, he is found in temple, his face is spoiled. He asks her to show her eyes to the tiger. She asks are my eyes so powerful. He says beautiful, it speaks a lot. They smile.

Sonakshi sees Rohit everywhere and says nothing can happen between us, he is someone else’s love. He proposes her and says I love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. DevaSena

    Beautiful Episode. ❤️??Things are going good?
    A new love track starts ???

  2. The way sonakshi dealt with Suman. ????

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Enjoyed the episode.. Infect best part that sonakshi finally showed her mother that she is more responsible for all happening in their house and spoke her heart…. ???
    Latest promo is sooo cute?? and danger, sonakshi and rohit romance will be spoiled by entry of raima?????

  4. Raima is coming back the promo is out —>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbCfVefktEM

    Apparently Sonakshi and Rohit start dating and she comes back . I like the pace at which the show is moving , it is realistic . It is quite obvious that Rohit had started to like sonakshi but didn’t do anything about it because he always felt guilty. Now he has decided to move on and Raima is back . Hopefully he likes Sonakshi more. I honestly don’t think he can find a better girl . She is too nice

  5. DevaSena

    Makers are very fast to revel Raima?. Take some time. But right now we r enjoying #Ronakshi???

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