Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani threatens Rohit

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The Episode starts with Rohit saying I came to a patient’s house, what is it. Sonakshi says we will meet and talk. He meets Rani. Rani threatens him. Some time back, Rohit and Yash say we will talk to Pooja, Rani is greedy, Sonakshi did good to take the bracelet from Rani. Rohit says we have to save everyone from Rani, we are stuck, we have no option than to tell this to Sona. The man comes and gives the cheque to Sonakshi. She says Suman used to collect it always. He says yes, she asked me to give this to you, since you are married now. She signs the receipt. She asks him to call Suman. She asks where is Netra. He tells her.

Pooja says I can’t come, sorry. She gets angry. Rani comes and says you have gone on me, my anger goes soon, keep smiling. Pooja says I want to go in party. Rani says Nishi will worry, I feel we should give freedom to children, I will give you permission, get ready. Pooja hugs her and thanks. Rani gets Rohit’s call and taunts him. He says I want to meet you somewhere far from home. She says we shall meet at 4, I will send the address. She sends the address. Yash asks will this be right. Rohit says there is no option now. Rohan is in meeting. He gets Pari’s call and says I m busy. She says I m very scared, there is no one at home. He asks where did everyone go. She says Suman went to Sonakshi’s house and Pulkit went to hospital. He says I will come to end your fear. She gets happy.

Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call. She asks where are you. I came to a patient’s house, what is it. Sonakshi says we will meet and talk. He meets Rani. Sultan explains the scene to Sonakshi. Sumit asks did you talk to Netra. She says yes, she isn’t listening. Sumit asks and Rohit? Sonakshi says he is busy, I will talk to him later. Rohit asks Rani not to threaten them and stay in limits. Rani shouts and threatens him.

She asks what will you tell when they know that you knew I m Pooja’s fake mum, Sonakshi will never forgive you. Sonakshi and Sumit give the scene. Ravi says Sonakshi’s shoot is going on here. Rohit asks did anyone see, start the car. He leaves. Sonakshi says I called mumma here. She goes and hugs Suman. Suman asks what happened. Rohit asks did anyone see you. Ravi says no. Rani says you are scared of your wife, give me my money. Rohit asks her to shut up. Rani asks Ravi to stop the car. Sonakshi gives cheque to Suman. Suman checks it. Sonakshi says I got the cheque, I felt strange. Suman asks what will I do keeping your hardearned money. Sonakshi says then I want everything that belonged to me. Suman says okay, I will transfer the accounts. Sonakshi says that house is also mine. Suman asks do you want that house.

Sonakshi says we had bought that house by our hardwork, you made kheer to celebrate this, I want that share back, we have spent much time in the balcony and had many memories, return my share, do you really think that I have a right on this earnings, you made me a stranger. Suman hugs her. They cry and get emotional. Sonakshi says I will save my pocket money, Rohit will manage my expenses. Suman laughs. Sonakshi asks how is Pulkit, what about Pari’s work. Pari gets ready and sets the house. She thinks Rohan has come. She goes to welcome him. She sees Tanya at the door.

She worries. Tanya asks why are you so worried, can I get a glass of water. Pari goes and says what if Rohan comes. Rohit says Rani knows our weakness, so she is saying this. Yash says I think we should give her 5 crores. Tanya gets Pari’s phone and says I came to talk to you, I doubt on Rohan, once I get that girl, I will kill her, maybe she has trapped Rohan. Pari says no, we can’t reach on this conclusion. Rohan reaches there. Tanya says Rohan is rich and successful, that girl is after him, I can’t ask anyone else to help me, I want all details of that girl, you regard him a brother right, so I m your Bhabhi. Pari worries when door bell rings. Tanya says I will check. Shinde comes and gives the letter for Rani. He asks Sonakshi to give it to Rani. Suman says this letter has police seal. Shinde says she has a house mortgaged, maybe its regarding it. Sonakshi goes for her shot. Rohit says Pooja is our weakness, Rani will also have some weakness, we have to find it out.

Rani asks for letter. Shinde says I have given it to Sonakshi. Rani scolds him. Sonakshi comes there and knocks the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This RANI & PARI-ROHAN drama is stretching too much!!!!???
    While Sonakshi-Suman scene was just overmelodrama!!! ???
    Enough of the hyper MAHA NAARI drama!!!???
    I think Rohit should just reveal everything to Sonakshi!!!???
    The only thing gud abt this episode was Sumit???,
    Loved the way he supported and gudied Sonakshi as a friend!!!???
    Really adore his character now!!! ???

  2. Happy NEW YEAR 2020??✨????!!!!

  3. SerialLover

    Yayy! Now only Sonakshi Devi can solve the “Pooja” problem and expose Rani. Mata Rani se prarthana karte hain doston!! Sonakshi any anyway her favourite!!

  4. I would have preferred Tanya to track Rohan to Pari’s house and then catch them, but loved seeing Pari crapping herself.
    Rohit just needs to tell Sonakshi the truth, it’ll be better coming from him

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