Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi reveals about Mahesh

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The Episode starts with Pooja tensely doing the rituals. Yash looks at her. Rohit says finally, we are getting married, I m so excited. Pandit asks them to get up for rounds. Veena says we Sindhis have four rounds, Rohit will be ahead in three rounds and Sonakshi will be ahead in one round. Rohit and bride take the rounds. Pandit says call the bride’s dad for Kanyadaan. Suman goes to do it. Rohit says Suman is everything for her, she had raised Sonakshi, she will do it. Veena says yes, she will do it. Suman does kanyadaan. Pooja cries. Yash asks what happened. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says that bride isn’t Sonakshi, she is Raima. He gets shocked. She tells him everything. He runs to Rohit. Pandit says wedding got completed, you are husband and wife now. Everyone smiles. Yash looks on shocked. Pooja stops him. Pandit asks Rohit to fill sindoor and make his wife wear mangalsutra.

Pari lifts the bride’s ghunghat. Everyone gets shocked. They see Sonakshi with wounds on her face. Pooja also gets shocked. Sonakshi cries. Everyone holds Sonakshi. Suman asks what happened, tell something. Media clicks pics. Rohit lifts Sonakshi and takes her. Ajit and Rohan ask the media to get away. Rohit sees Sonakshi falling unconscious. He sees the media troubling a lot. He shouts shut up, did you get mad, can’t you see situation is not in control, go now, have food, Sonakshi and I will give statement later. Commissioner asks the reporters to go out. Rohit asks Sonakshi to have water. Veena asks the kinners to go. Sonakshi drinks water. She says don’t go, Rohit stop them. Rohit says calm down, ask Mahesh to get first aid kit. Sonakshi says no, not Mahesh. She cries and hugs him.

Rohit asks who did this. She says Mahesh did this. They all get shocked. Rohit recalls his doubt on Mahesh. He says I told its Mahesh, I will kill him. Sonakshi stops him. She says I need you, please calm down. Rohit hugs her. He says sorry, its my mistake. She says its not your mistake. Suman asks why did you go on shoot. Sonakshi says its my mistake, I m sorry. Rohit says calm down. Sonakshi tells everything about Netra’s problem. Everyone worries. Sonakshi says I thought I won’t be able to come, and he would forcibly marry me. Rohit shouts I will kill that man. Kinner says don’t worry, Mahesh won’t come here. Sonakshi says when we fell down, he was unconscious. FB shows Sonakshi biting Mahesh’s hand and running out. Mahesh gets up and shouts Parvati. He follows. She tries to shut the door. She goes on the road to take help. A girl sees her and asks for selfie. Sonakshi says I need to go home, please. She takes a phone to call.

Mahesh comes and takes her phone. He asks what are you doing, shooting is going on, camera is there, make up will spoil, move back. He makes the crowd away. Sonakshi says please help me. Mahesh takes her. FB ends. Sonakshi cries.

Mahesh comes back. Sonakshi gets scared seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I ‘m so thankful to the ENUNCHS today???, they are HUMAN BEINGS who are discriminated a lot by our society and even considered and treated badly as non-human beings???, but when someone like Sonakshi was in trouble, only they helped her???, the other humans were so insensitive and SELFISH, without seeing her condition, they want to take SELFIE with her, a*sh*les!!!!???
    I think Raima has understood her mistake✌✌✌, when Suman told in the previous episode that Sulochana is very dangerous woman, who can manipulate and play with anyone’s mind???. Thank god she let Ronakshi marry???.
    Rohit’s reaction of frustration after listening to Sonakshi was superb???, he will be gr8 hubby, but still worried of prenup???
    KHKT Rockzz?✨??, they have brought in the REALITY OF ENUNCHS WHO ARE ALWAYS MALTREATED into their show as ACTUAL human beings with a GOOD HEART???,
    HATS OFF KHKT,??? this is the best show which is actually postivity and doing GOOD TO it viewers even if it is down below the trp rating list.????

    1. Yeah ummm.. they are not eunchs they are transgender. Eunch and transgender is not the same thing..

    2. So sorry Rina, I did not know that !!!!???

  2. Your Comment. This is nonsense. You are just playing with our intelligence, how can sona be in bride place withing that period without showing how the things happen.

    1. Be patient,,,Maaryam,,, wait till tomorrow,,,you will get the whole story of how Sonakshi got into Bride’s place

  3. Maybe you are right Lisa but i still can’t digest all this. Their beautiful, lovely and heartfelt love story has suddenly changed into a too scary nonsense thing. This is not the wedding khkt lovers would have expected.I can’t manage to see Sonakshi today. She has just faced the most horrific act of her life.How can she sit in the mandap with so much pain. what they hell was police doing….Such mad lovers can be easily caught… Sonakshi should be badly affected by all this… How can she manage this marriage in between all this tragedy…

  4. @Rashi
    Yeah, But as you know, Sonakshi is supposed to be the SWEET MAHANATA DEVI at times???, for which she ran from her mandap, for the sake of her show, and left RAIMA in her place?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, tat is why the police couldn’t catch Mahesh and for the sake of her love she was sitting with all that pain in the mandap.?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️
    So that way it is logical???
    That is y, even though Sonakshi is sweet and caring, I always appreciated Rohit’s CHARACTER more in KHKT???

  5. I agree with @Lisa…to be honest sonakshi in tne mandap was actually a shockingly amazing twist.We always say that why the hell do these CVs care so much about the trp and not focus on content..see we are aware that at the end of the day trp rates are gonna decide who stays and who goes.They cant risk the show moreover the content is yet amazing with the writer trying his best to keep logic in whatever he writes.
    Not to forget, the genre mentioned is clearly ROMANCE, in literary terms this means much more than just a love affair.
    And dont you think that without such things..this story would have been montonous? At least such things show clearly how good Karan and Dipika’s acting skills are.
    And yeah!..I just am in love with Dr.Rohit Sippy’s character. Kudos to the creator man!!…what a beautiful character , I love all his actions , reactions , talks ..everthing…??

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