Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman exposes Naren’s truth

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman saying Pooja is Naren’s illegitimate daughter. Everyone is shocked. Some time back, Rohit asks what problem your family has. Sonakshi asks what do you mean. Rohit asks Tanya not to cry, he will talk to Rohan. Sonakshi says I will talk to Pari. He says who listens to you there, I warned her when she leaked Pooja’s truth, she is shameless, she has an affair with Rohan, knowing he is married and become a father. Sonakshi says I m sorry. He asks how many times will you say sorry, look at Pari’s courage. She says its Pari’s mistake and also Rohan’s mistake. He says its my mistake also, I got blind in your love, people stopped me but I got related to your fault, its my mistake, look at Tanya and mom, she is broken.

She asks does Veena know. He says yes, she knows everything. She asks him to wait, she will go home. She asks Deepa to be with Tanya. Sonakshi stops Rohit and says I will handle this. He says I will take care of my sister. Sonakshi says enough, I know Pari, Rohan would have started this. He says of course, he is a casanova, Pari is innocent, right, its not her mistake, its Sippy’s mistake, I will handle this. She gets in the car and says I won’t let you go home. He shouts unbelievable.

Veena comes home. Pari says what a pleasant surprise. Veena slaps her. Pari asks how dare you. Veena slaps her and asks how dare you do this, being Sonakshi’s sister, get yourself a man and get married, why are you after Rohan, he is married, shameless, did your mum teach this to you, I know girls like you, you like to trap rich and young guys, if you try to meet Rohan again. She raises hand. Pari stops her and asks her not to dare slap her again. She says you are Sona’s Saas, not mine, Rohan came after me, he had many affairs. Rohit and Sonakshi come and look on. Pari asks Veena to look at her upbringing. Sonakshi slaps Pari and says don’t you dare talk like this with Veena, if Rohan was after her, then why didn’t she tell her.

She says when this matter came out, you are blaming Rohan, you both did a sin, you didn’t think of Tanya, she is pregnant. She asks Munya to tell Suman that they have to talk. She asks Veena to come with her. Veena cries. Rohit takes Veena. Sonakshi says you broke my family and also my trust, I won’t forgive you, disgusting. They go. Munya says Sonakshi is with her in-laws, she just sees your mistake. Pari calls Rohan and asks him to come home. Deepa says Tanya is sleeping, she is on sedative. Veena says Pari is shameless and ill mannered. Rohan asks what, mom came here. Pari says yes, I m a beauty contest winner, I m someone too, how can she do this. Veena says Pari and Suman won’t come here, that’s it, sorry Sona. Rohit asks where is Rohan. Rohan says I can’t leave you, sorry. He hugs Pari. Suman comes and asks what’s going on here. Veena says I love Tanya a lot, we will always protect her, I will talk to Rohan later, Deepa stay with her and get her downstairs when she wakes up. Rohit sees Sonakshi and goes. Veena holds Sonakshi and says I love you 5 crores. Sonakshi says me too… Veena hugs her.

The jewellery exhibition begins. Veena signs Tanya to smile. The lady praises the design. Veena says my gorgeous Sona has worn Tanya’s designed earring. Everyone claps. Rohit asks did you talk to Rohan. Nishi sees Rohan coming and says talk about the devil and the devil appears. Rohit takes Rohan aside and scolds him. Rohan says enough Rohit, I don’t want to interfere in my life. Sonakshi stops Rohit. The lady praises Tanya and Sonakshi. She says Veena you are so lucky, your family is perfect. Suman comes clapping.

Sonakshi asks her to come with her. Suman says what happened to you, your husband invited me with love, I couldn’t refuse, where do you want to take me now. Veena says I need to talk. Suman says no, I will talk to you, you came to my house, I will answer you about my shameless daughter. Rohan comes. Veena says we can talk in a room. Suman asks why, your family and friends are here, you said Pari that her hormones dance and she can’t handle it, you pointed a finger on her upbringing, did you ask your son Rohan the same. Sonakshi and Rohit ask Suman to come. Veena asks them not to interfere.

She asks Veena to teach Rohan also. Veena says I have taught my children well, when girls like your daughter meet such rich guys, their decency goes away, their mind don’t work. Suman says its not about mind, the fault is about blood. Everyone gets shocked. Veena says mind your language. Suman says you make me quiet and show, my name is Suman Rastogi, I m not afraid of anyone, fine I m shameless, when I open my mouth, I can make anyone ashamed. Veena asks what is she talking. Sonakshi asks Suman to be quiet. Suman says if you try to stop me, I will slap you, you can’t talk in front of Veena, Pari is your sister, you should save her, you are with them. Naren says enough of nonsense. He calls security. Suman says when father is such, what can someone expect from son. Sonakshi signs no to Rohit. She asks Naren did his dad keep any woman too. Ajit and everyone get shocked.

Suman says its your tradition that Sippy men don’t get satisfied with one woman, Sona control your husband, else he will also get an illegitimate child home like Naren did. Rohit, Sonakshi and everyone get shocked. Veena asks how dare you.. Suman says truth is truth, you don’t know that Rohan is following Naren’s footsteps, Pooja is adopted by Nishi and YK, she is Naren’s illegitimate daughter, Naren Sippy’s love sign. Pooja cries. Everyone gets shocked. Suman says its the bad truth of a high class family, you stay like you are a big star, you are shallow within, you raised your illegitimate daughter at home and your wife doesn’t even know it. She asks Veena to look at her fake house before calling Pari shameless, ask Naren and Rohan what values did they keep. Veena says lie, you are blaming, you are lying. Suman says you think I will just say this, I will have a proof for it, right. Rohit gets worried. Suman makes Rohit swear on Sonakshi. She asks Rohit to say, if she is lying, is Naren not Pooja’s dad. Rohit gets silent. Sonakshi cries.

Sonakshi asks who told you about the truth, Rohit thinks I told you, my marriage is at risk. Suman asks her to manage her marriage. She shuts the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    Great mother , #1 jurno rule-never reveal your sources .

  2. 👌epi. For a sec also I dint take off my eyes from screen. Every sec was interesting. This pari and Rohan r really too much. instead of accepting mistake they’re arguing. Feeling bad for veena. But I liked her. Pari and suman behaved badly with her then also she believes Sona. Suman and pari had to think abt Sona. They dint think it’ll affect her and Rohit relationship. This time I hate suman for this step. When she told abt proof I thought she’ll take Ajit name. But instead she Risk Sona’s relation. Pulkit had to present. He cud hav controlled suman little bit. Coming episodes r very interesting.

  3. This is too much of drama in one episode . Suman’s outburst was expected but not acceptable. I agree it was completely wrong to blame Pari alone but creating a scene infront of everyone was not needed. Veena and Rohit also reacted hastily neither of them are blaming both. Sonakshi is stuck in between both these families and by next episode I am sure no body will be talking to her. I think Sonakshi should book a hotel room and stay away from both the families for a few days anyways nobody is going to listen to her . She might as well as chill somewhere till things get better . I hope the viewers don’t drag this . Currently the pace is good and interesting

    1. Meant to say makers

    2. Omg u read my mind. I was thinking the same about sona.

  4. It was too much of both veena and Usman

  5. samiya fathah

    Sonakshi should leave her mayka and sasural. And live her life according to her wish

  6. Why does rohit always have to blame sona for everything that happen in his secretive family!
    But its also sona’s fault bcoz she is always ready to forgive and understand rohit..
    suman should have waited until the party was over she din’t have to speak infront of guests n the way she spoke to sona was just too much she never cared about her anyway..
    pari n rohan will burn in hell for sure..they are not even sorry or ashamed of their deeds
    am sure now sonakshi will take upon herself n solve all their problems…

  7. Felt very bad for Ronakshi, who needs enemies when you have families like this…. I think Rohan will come forward and reveal everything even the 1 crore matter other wise Ronakshi relationship will go kaputh???

  8. Suman protecting Ajit over Sonakshi, now if Ajit doesn’t tell the truth Sonakshi shouldn’t protect him any longer. She warned him about telling anyone. I commented yesterday that Veena should have confronted her son first. Also regardless Suman if she was hell bent on revenge she should have argued with Veena in private not Infront of everyone. Funny Pari got slapped, now Narens
    truth Rohan will get away lightly. Only Sonakshi recognised they were both wrong. Also I felt it felt more realistic, when in a real life when people are confronted with their bad behaviour instead of putting their hands up they become argumentative and defensive and try to justify their actions also family always side with their own because it’s never their child’s fault they must be led astray.
    They should throw Rohan out as he’s a serial adulterer and keep Tanya

  9. Both Veena and Suman are WRONG!!! 👿👿👿
    Even Rohit is wrong!!!😟😟😟
    But atleast his frustration was just coz only the previous day SUMAN came and behaved badly🤬🤬🤬 and now this Pari’s affair with Rohan just inc the fire in the HELL OF HIS FAMILY!!!🥺🥺🥺
    Her son was NO LESS in goin CLOSE to PARI like a MAGNET, he was SUPER DISGUSTING!!!👎👎👎
    But I disagree with SONA AND PARI that Rohan was the first one to seduce Pari, it was PARI who LURED HIM TOWARDS HER🤬🤬🤬
    When the affair came out, THAT b*t*h is JUST PUTTING THE BLAME ON ROHAN!!!!!😡😡😡
    Does she really LOVE Rohan!!!!👿👿👿
    Whatever it is I really want her and Rohan to rot in hell together, leave Tanya alone!!!!😕😕😕
    Suman was atleast right abt the BLOOD, it is in ROHAN’S BLOOD, such blo*dy cheating!!!🙄🙄🙄
    And the a*sh*le Aj should also OPEN his mouth NOW🤬🤬🤬, after all Sona did so much for him, now it’s his time to reveal the complete truth!!!!👿👿👿

    1. SerialLover

      Whoever be the first one to decide, I think both are equally responsible. Actually, who seduced first does not at all matter here, both knew that Rohan was married and had multiple affairs before. Though I believe Rohan is at a greater fault for being a serial adulterer, Pari knew what would happen if it was exposed or was ready to put all blame on him and escape. Or she was ready to face the consequences of her relationship. Please correct my if I am wrong.

      1. @Serial Lover
        Yes you are wrong!!!!
        Pari was not just putting the blame on Rohan 👿👿👿 coz she knows the consequences but she thinks she is all RIGHT 😒😒😡.
        Which is her goddamn headweight attitude 🙄🙄🙄
        And she is the one who lured Rohan towards her even after knowing he is married so she was the greater 💔💔💔 sinner in this affair even though I say BOTH SHOULD BE EQUALLY PUNISHED.😜😜😜

  10. Why is Veena only blaming Pari. She didnt scold Rohan once and talked to him and just put all blame on Pari and her upbringing. Rohan and Pari are equally at fault as an affair is not one sided but 2 sided. Rohan should understand his responsibilities that he is going to become a father. Rohan n Pari are disgusting . They dont seem ashamed at all. Suman should understand that it’s a serious family matter and she cant tell every family secret in public. If she wanted to tell about Naren she could tell only when just family was there . I think this whole news will spread in media.

  11. This is really ridiculous .
    Why Rohit always blame Sona and Sona says sorry as usual .
    I mean wtf Tanya being a daughter in law of that sippys but still family to them but Sona ? Isn’t she also a family but rohits words are like problem kya Hain tumhari family ki .
    I hate this type of impulsiveness and arrogant behaviour of Rohit .
    Like only pari is at fault not Rohan .!!!
    Actually Rohan is the main culprit , pari for once even though it was to make Rohan jealous tried to get involved with another boy but Rohan again went to her 🐸.

    Suman might be loud all the time but she’s right . That sippys has no right to Question on upbringing . An extra marital affair isn’t one sided .

    I’m glad Suman said of those things on those sippys face
    Veena might be a sweet heart but she needs to understand reality that her son is at fault too.

    And Sona please grow up . Don’t try to be mahan here . There’s nothing in doing that . Like she gave up her career all her money and self respect also .

    Wake up Sona . Take stand for yourself . First love yourself then Rohit . 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌝

  12. First and foremost both Pari and Rohan should be blamed. They both share in the sin. I don’t fault Rohit for blaming Sonakshi bcs they are facing a lot of problems due to Sonakshi wanting to be hero always, trying to solve problems on her own and not telling even her husband. This time around Sonakshi should do something that will make her mother sit up and stop causing problems for her. In fact don’t forgive them easily. The sippy’s accusing only Pari shows that they are not going to punish Rohan. What a shame. Sonakshi should ask her mother where she picked her from, maybe from the gutter, bcs she doesn’t love her a bit only her money

  13. SerialLover

    I feel today Pari was right, and everyone else was wrong. I am not justifying her affair, but her points in answering Veena was right. Veena told that Pari was a gold digger, if that’s true, then what is Rohan? S*x digger? Or girl digger? As Rohit said, casanova, exactly.

    Why do people blame Sona’s family? In this point, Veena was right: “being Sona’s sister, how can you do this?” At least she said Sona was good.

    Happy to see the saas- bahu bond between Sona and Veena, She should also show her love towards Tanya. She is also best in her own field.

    I think Naren is better than Rohan in this regard, he was attracted towards only one woman, gave her a child, and ran away from the responsibilities. It is a different fault. But Rohan? That b*t*h is a womanizer. He deserves to be thrown out of Sippy mansion.

    But I can expect what will happen: Sona will blame herself for all of these (which she actually is, for trying to dig about Pooja’s secret), and get out of the house herself, and Rohit will realize his mistake and beg her- again great nari Sona will forgive him for the sake of her love.

    Now I am sure all the guests who came for the party know this dirty secret, and will publicize it.

  14. Shekhar

    One’s wrong doesn’t make our wrong, right! Pari does know , how Rohan is, and to get exposure in media field, she let him fell for her that can be realised by her thought process and gestures in many episodes. In fact, she does not love Rohan, but paying the price in kind against what does she want to receive. Your perspective could be justified if Pari would loved Rohan, but unfortunately this one is not the case. She wanted to reach at the place via short cut at which her elder sister is now where Sonaxi reached after hard work and maintaining her dignity as a woman. When he told once, I AM , AND WILL BE WITH SONA, NO MATTER WHAT , does sound like a slogan he hanged high at wall after looking at how weirdly and strangely reacted to his wife while PARI & NAREN’s illegitimate track is going on. I just can’t justify ROHIT character as consistent as to what he keep saying and showing off him self so far. If he is good with SONA in his comfort zone, then how he can be with her all through? How much the saying, NO MATTER WHAT, has the depth, he completely failed to prove it.

  15. Oh my God so much of Drama. There are many points which all of us forgot 😬:
    1. No matter what happens but Indian mother’s always blame other people first and then look at their child same happened with Veena and Suman. They both saw the fault of Pari and Rohan respectively and did everything wrong in rage. Suman took revenge of slapping her daughter without thinking what her daughter was wrong. And Veena slapped Paris without thinking that Rohan is also at fault.
    2. Rohit blaming Sona only because of what Suman did last night otherwise we all know he would have support Sona like always.
    3. Tanya does believe Sona that’s why she showed her direct proof instead of blaming her and her family like others.
    4. Veena and Suman are blind right now. Veena can’t see the cheapness of her Sophisticated husband and shameless son. They both know what wrong they did but still just look at their Boasting that one is not at all guilty of his doings and second always points out others profession and living for his family respected. Both these men should be thrown out of the Sippy Mansion.
    5. Now it’s Ajit only who can save Ronakshi’s Married life hope he do the needful.

  16. Veena deserved to be putted in the right place as she has no right to judge other

  17. both rohan and pari are at fault, then why rohit and veena are blaming pari only, rohan should have thought about his wife before having relation with pari, veena and rohit should take a class off rohan also.

  18. It was a dramatic epi..so much occured in single go. I just hope now makers doesn’t justify Rohan-Pari act. And Suman now only cares fir Pari.. that was disgusting.. Now they are again gonna show Sona Mahaan

  19. Now at least Sona shud understand that she is going to give away her show her career her identity for a cheap person who doesn’t love her wife and himself doesn’t care about his family’s reputation. Sona shud take back her resignation. Why is Suman protecting Ajit over her own daughter. How bad Pooja must be feeling that she is living with his father for so many years but didn’t know about it. About whom she was searching for past so many days was just in front of her eyes . I pity her.poor Sona stuck b/w both the families and is left of nowhere

  20. SerialLover

    on your reply on my comment,
    Pari might have lured him, but his getting lured was also equal fault, same as giving and taking bribe are. Isn’t it?

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