Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman learns Naren’s truth

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veena seeing Rohan and Pari’s video. She gets angry and leaves. Rohit asks where are you going. She says what problem Sonakshi’s family has…. Some time back, Rohit asks Sonakshi about one crore. He says your mom thinks that we asked you dowry. She says Sumit took a new house, he needed financial help. He asks couldn’t you tell that to your mom or me, your mom came here and insulted Veena, is that fair. She says sorry, you know her. He says I know and respect her, Veena is most imp to me, Suman could have spoken well. He goes.

Ajit cries and thinks of Naren’s words. He says you cheated my mum, you call me irresponsible, I hate my dad. He gets drunk. The taxi driver asks for fare. He drops Ajit on the road and takes his watch. Ajit falls down. A car stops. Its morning, Rohit wakes up. Sonakshi gets ready. She tries to talk. He gets a back sprain. She asks him to remove his tshirt. He says I m fine. She asks how long will we fight, you slept here and see… She applies the ointment and makes him wear the tee back. He thanks her.

She says I m sorry, I should have told truth to Suman, there is Tanya’s exhibition today, I told Suman not to come. He hugs her and says I don’t want to face the situation where I have to choose between you or Veena. She says sorry. Veena comes and says Ajit didn’t come home, do you know where is he. He asks her not to worry, Ajit is 23 now, he isn’t a kid. Sonakshi says sorry for Suman’s misbehavior. Veena says no need to say sorry, Suman can never come between our relation. Sonakshi says you are very sweet, I love you two crores. Veena says I love you 5 crores. Rohit hugs them and says I love you ten crores. Ajit wakes up and sees Suman. She gives him lemonade. She asks him to take medicines. She says I had to get you here as you were drunk. He says sorry for the trouble. He looks for his watch. She gives his phone. She asks are you ready to face your dad. He asks how do you know. She says I know anyone would worry knowing dad’s bitter truth, you were too drunk and told everyone, Pooja is Naren’s illegitimate daughter. Ajit says I heard Sonakshi and Rohit’s talk, please this matter can’t go out.

She says relax, Sonakshi’s image is also related to Sippys, I won’t say, how can Naren do this, he created a big issue for Sonakshi’s rain dance, he had an affair, he has no answer, Sonakshi is mad to leave her career. Ajit says I hate that man, but please I beg you, I can’t see my mom getting hurt. She says its not Veena’s mistake, get normal and go home. He says thanks, don’t tell anyone. He leaves. Rohit calls Suman and apologizes. He says its Tanya’s jewellery exhibition today, you have to come and bless. She says I will see. Sonakshi thanks him. He says she is my mumma, I can do this. He gets a sprain. She asks shall I get medicine. He says no, I like to get your attention. She says Ajit called, he would be coming, he is in tension, I will talk to him. He asks where was he, thanks for always standing by my family. He hugs her. She says I just hope everything stays fine.

Tanya is worried. She waits for Rohan. Pooja asks are you nervous. Deepa says yes, its a big day for her. Tanya gives necklace to Pooja. Deepa shows the pen driver. She says this is the proof, tell the family about Rohan and Pari’s secret love affair. Tanya says I will see. Deepa asks why do you want to hurt yourself. Akash looks on and gets shocked. He asks what’s all this, Rohan and Pari have an affair, does Sonakshi know this. Deepa says I don’t know, this isn’t right. Sonakshi likes Tanya’s design. Akash comes. She says Tanya is so talented, its beautiful, she will be very happy that her designs get sold tonight. He says how can she be happy when her marriage is breaking, Pari and Rohan have an affair, Pari is ruining Tanya’s life. Sonakshi gets shocked. She runs to Tanya’s room. Tanya cries seeing Rohan and Pari’s video. Sonakshi comes and looks on. Tanya hugs her and asks why did Rohan and Pari do this with me. Sonakshi says stop it, you are pregnant, take care of your child. She takes Tanya. Veena comes and says where did they go, I will keep the clothes in her room. She gets shocked seeing the video.

Rohit comes home. He sees Veena leaving in anger. He asks where are you going, what happened. She says I won’t tolerate this, such a big cheat. He says did mom come to know the truth. He asks what’s the problem. She says what problem does Sonakshi’s family has. She goes. He asks where is Sonakshi. Sonakshi says Tanya, stress isn’t good for your baby. Tanya says Deepa told me about Rohan and Pari, when I saw them together today…. I used to doubt Rohan a lot, because I love him, I explained myself that I shouldn’t doubt him, I lack something. Sonakshi says no, don’t think so, Rohan and Pari are wrong, I promise I won’t leave Pari. Rohit looks on shocked. He asks what problem does your family has, why are they after my family.

Suman says Pooja is Naren’s illegitimate daughter. Veena, Pooja and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So much of power packed epi one after another. Finally all truth are exposed. Rohan-Pari affair exposed Naren’s secret. The maker have planned the story really well since the begining. It is just they dragged Sona too much in everything like typical Indian drama. The pace of the show this week was really fast. They showed everything in the precap itself like Ajit and Naren’s truth. That was not expected. Just eager for nxt. But it’s good Tanya don’t have any grudges for Sona.. I liked their bond.

  2. The table has broken 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  3. Waiting for next epi. Whatever will happen this time Rohit Wil get angry on Sona. Hope this anger Wil soon vanish. Ajit shud Tel truth that Naren’s truth came out coz of him not Sona.

  4. I just hope its not a dream sequence!
    If ajit doesn’t confess then things are going to be terrible for sona…especially nishi bua
    Rohan n pari should be disowned n thrown out of their respective homes…
    Ronakshi rocks!!
    I also like the pace this week..am glad they din’t drag the blackmailer track n also ajit knowing his dad’s truth…now suman will wreck havok
    the makers should maintain the pace let them not drag veena’s heartbreak for long

  5. SerialLover

    I completely agree with Pankh. I just didn’t expect Rohit to react that way with Sona. He didn’t react for her own mistakes like that money, and now, for Pari’s affair, he is telling Sna’s family is after his family? Really? Isn’t she also in his family now? And how does it relate with the family? There are good and bad people in a singe family, like Rohit and Naren, he already knows that, also he already knows a li’l bit about what a b*t*h Pari was, from the first episode. Rohit’s that statement was completely unexpected from the way that his character was built in support of Sonakshi.
    Hope Tanya herself does the honors to Rohan and Suman to Pari.
    Did Suman try to save Pari by exposing Naren and telling Pari was at least better than him?

  6. Wow this episode was SUPERB and packed with thrill!!!!👏👏👏
    I think Sonakshi should reveal AJ’s truth to ROHIT😟😟😟
    And y is Veena & Rohit just blaming just SONAKSHI’S FAMILY!!! 😡😡😡
    I agree Pari is the gr8tor wrongdoer in the AFFAIR coz she was the one who lured ROHAN towards her 👿👿👿
    but the FIRST PERSON who should get a TIGHT SLAP is ROHAN, that f**king a*sh*le just really stooped too low behind Tanya’s back, just too MUCH!!!🤬🤬🤬
    Because THE AFFAIR is not only coz PARI’S UPBRINGING IS WRONG👎👎👎, but also because ROHAN IS JUST LIKE HIS DAD!!!👿👿👿
    Unfortunately Sonakshi is in the middle of everything!!!😭😭😭
    I’m keeping fingers crossed that Aj should reveal that he was the one who told the TRUTH to SUMAN and the reason 4 it also🤞🤞🤞,
    can’t take any more of this HUNGAMA on Sonakshi!!!!😕😕😕

  7. Watch Sonakshi leave the house😟.
    Cos shes leaving her job
    Getting into drama all the time

    She’s gonna be like I’m causing all of this so I should leave.

    And rohit’s anger towards we Everytime when she’s innocent.

    I agree that they r u making her be a savior kind of bahu but what Indian tv show doest do that.

    Excited for the next episode.☺️😀

    1. @Sarah
      Yeah all serials did that, but not this serial, this SHOW was always realistic!!! So y make the SUPERHERO INDIAN BAHU now??????😝😝😝

      1. Lisa

        It could happen tho I agree the series has always been realistic but technically when they’ve had enough in Indian type series they’d leave the house.

        I’m not gonna lie but if all of this happens to me I wouldve left the house. Hopefully she doesn’t tho🙏💛💛

  8. Oh and i forgot to mention the pari-rohan thing she’d feel ashamed

  9. Whatever happen Sona shouldn’t be blamed & Suman what the need to say Naren’s truth, I feel very sorry for Veena cause she so sweety, Rohan & Pari should go hell for what they do to Tanya

  10. Not happy with Rohit last statement.
    Hope Ajit tells the truth to Rohit.
    I really hope that maker of Kahan hum Kahan tum don’t repeat the mistakes of yeh hai mohhabbatein.
    I really hope that makers don’t develop character of Sonakshi as super bahu and Rohit as a “ lunatic husband blaming Sonakshi for every mistake and after that apologizing”.
    I want Rohit and Sonakshi to develop as very much understanding, loving couple .
    I don’t want to watch yhm part 2.
    If they deteriorate character of Rohit further, i quit watching Kahan hum Kahan tum as early as possible. Enough of these stupid ideas of Indian drama.

  11. I feel Veena should confront her son first instead of going off to the Rastogis

  12. Seriously what every time Sonakshi is blamed for every thing…. Pls don’t torture her anymore… Don’t seperate RONAKSHI….. Rohit shd support Sona…. show some romantic episodes of Ronakshi….

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