Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit tries to find Raima

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The Episode starts with Rohit reaching Pune. He says stop, its the right location. He finds the store closed. He calls and says I have come from Mumbai, Suraj gave me your number. The man says yes, Suraj told me about you, I m reaching, don’t worry. Rohit asks him to come fast. Sonakshi reaches the wedding venue. The men stare at her and greet. Mhatre welcomes Sonakshi. He says you have come at the right time, I felt you won’t come. She says I m a professional, I left my shoot, I hope your function ends on time. He asks her to stay for some time. He says this is my brother Nikhil, its his daughter. Nikhil says welcome. Sonakshi says congrats for your marriage. Mhatre asks her to get ready fast, his guests started coming. She goes. Nikhil hugs Mhatre and thanks him. He says all my friends will go mad, Apsara has come for my marriage.

Mhatre says I got him as you said, does she think she will click pics and go, just see, you and your friends won’t forget this night. The man comes and meets Rohit. He says Suraj is my good friend, you saved Pallavi’s life, I will get the call details, this location is simple, you will reach in 10mins. Rohit thanks and says God Bless you. The man wishes him all the best. Rohit leaves.

Sonakshi thinks of Rohit and leaves her hair loose. She says Rohit told that my hair look good like this, that rude doctor knows about all this, wow, but I felt bad seeing him, I just pray that his work gets done, I will call him and ask. The lady comes and says this is your dress for performance. Sonakshi says I have just come for appearance. Lady says I don’t know much, Mhatre asked me to give this dress to you. Sonakshi says this dress, take this to him, ask him to come and meet me, else I m leaving.

Rohit asks why did you stop Ravi. Ravi says there is no way, I will go and see the other entry, its raining. Rohit says park the car, I will go and see. Sonakshi says I won’t wear this dress. Mhatre says its bachelors party, such clothes are worn, dance in the party. Sonakshi says wait, I have come here for an appearance. He asks the ladies to go out. He asks her to act like Devi on tv. They argue. He asks do you enjoy dancing in rain wearing sarees and romancing the hero on screen, don’t make excuses, I will give you 10 mins, wear these clothes and come out. She gets angry. Rohit comes to the house and rings the bell. He recalls Raima. Sonakshi says Mhatre has seen me in Parvati’s character, he thinks I will be scared, no way, I will never listen to him. The door opens. The girl Sana says Rohit. He says you would be knowing about Raima.

Hitesh asks who is it. Rohit asks did you both get married. Hitesh asks how dare you come here, who gave you the address, just leave, don’t take Raima’s name. Rohit says just once. Hitesh says you did bad with her. Sana says I asked you not to answer her phone. Rohit asks is she here, let me talk to her once. Hitesh pushes him. Rohit says we were friends, fine you hate me, you know I love Raima, I want to see her and talk to her once. He asks how is my Raima. Sana says she is still the same as she was. Rohit asks same? Sana says we won’t tell you where is she, you won’t be able to see her again, you have hurt all of us, keep some decency, we were good friends, before I say something bad, just leave from here. Rohit shouts Raima. Hitesh pushes him outside and asks him to not come back again. Rohit gets hurt by falling on the rock. He goes and knocks the door again. Hitesh and Sana wake up Raima’s mum. Sana says we have to shift Raima from here. Hitesh says Rohit has come. Raima’s mum sees her. Hitest says he got to know Raima is here. Raima’s mum says I will take my Raima with me, Rohit has done this with her.

Mhatre knocks the door and asks Sonakshi not to anger her. She says be careful, anyone can see. He sees his wife and daughter. His daughter thanks him for the surprise and hugs. His wife says yes, Kannu was happy when Sonakshi called us, surprise is best. Sonakshi says Mhatre isn’t afraid of anyone, he came to me and wanted me to give an appearance here, I thought to surprise Kannu. She asks them to take selfie. Kannu asks Mhatre to come in selfie as well. They take selfie. Kannu says I have to come in Kaka’s bachelors party. Sonakshi says let him enjoy it with his friends, then his wife will come. Sonakshi says I will meet everyone in the party and go for shoot. Kannu asks won’t you meet us again.

Sonakshi says I will come back to change clothes and meet you. Rohit sits outside the door and cries. He leaves and walks on the road. He drinks wine. Sonakshi asks Mhatre to come fast, she doesn’t have much time. He asks her not to act smart. She says its enough, I m not scared of your threatening, its better we end the work, if I go, you will be insulted. He says you will regret a lot. She says you have seen Parvati crying a lot, Parvati always wins, she isn’t scared of anything, even Sonakshi isn’t scared. Nikhil comes. Sonakshi asks him to come and click pics with her. Nikhil asks what happened. Mhatre says I will tell later, come. Rohit gets drunk and cries. Sonakshi sees the men dancing in the party.

Sonakshi leaves from Mhatre’s place. Sonakshi asks who was he. Shankar says some drunkard. Sonakshi asks him to drive carefully.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope nothing bad happens between rohit and sonakshi because of mhatre.

  2. Geeti

    The show is really good, but tbh it’s quite boring without Ronakshi scenes ?

    1. Yes its best out of all the Indian serials.

    2. Geeti

      Yes I feel that too. Excellent work they’re doing

  3. What happen raima plz I really need what happen

    1. DevaSena

      I think she is in coma

    2. Even i think so. But if shes comes out of coma and starts getting back to rohit it will be a problem for sonakshi

    3. Geeti

      Possibly yes she’s in coma. And the slap shown in Rohit’s flashback scenes was given by Raima’s mom I guess. ?

  4. DevaSena

    I just Loved this Ronakshi

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