Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi confronts Ajit

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 15th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi giving one crore and asking the man not to call him again. Ajit comes there. Some time back, Sonakshi asks Rohit about the pic. Rohit says its the pic of hospital’s 50th year celebration. She asks about the man. She says I didn’t see him in our wedding. He says I don’t know, come, I want to sleep. Sonakshi says who is this man, any relative, or maybe connected to Pooja, does Rohit know him. Suman asks Pari are you at Sonakshi’s house. Pari says yes. Suman says come home and tell me everything. Pari says mom wants all the update, what will I tell her, is there any stress at home. Rohan says no.

Rohan gets shocked seeing spy camera box in the dustbin. Pari asks what happened. Rohan says someone is spying on me, someone has fixed the camera here. He looks around and sees the camera. She asks did we get caught. He says maybe. He gets the camera. She asks who had fixed this. He gets Tanya’s call. She says Tanya. He answers. He says I m just coming. Pari asks what will happen now. He says I will go home and see. Vimmi asks is this man imp, you are asking everyone. Sonakshi says its imp to know, you do your work, I will ask someone else. Rohan comes. She stops him to ask. He asks is it about Tanya, where is she. She says she would be in her room, why are you tensed. He says she messaged, so I was worried, she is pregnant. She asks him about the man. He says I think I have seen him with Ajit, he is strange, he stammers when he talks. He goes. She says this man is Ajit’s friend, he is a blackmailer, how can Ajit have friendship with such people and why. Ajit says yes, he is Yashwant, why. She says I didn’t identify him, is he your friend. He says I met him many years back at the hospital celebrations, did anything happen. She says no. He says you look in tension.

She says nothing, do you have his number. He says no, sorry. She says you didn’t drink the coffee, I will ask Vimmi to send another one. He says no need. She sees the envelope seal and recalls the note. Ajit gets a call and says don’t involve Naren in everything, i will handle everything. Tanya shows her jewellery designs. She says I m thinking to have an exhibition, why don’t you help me in making it a big success. He asks was there anything urgent, I was worried. She asks why do you look scared and confused. He says I was too worried, I worry for you and our baby. She kisses him and says you are so sweet, I will tell mum that we are going to organize an exhibition. She goes. Rohan calls Pari. Pari asks what, Tanya is normal, it means she didn’t keep the camera. He asks is your mom fine. Pari says she isn’t at home. Suman comes to meet Veena.

Veena says she isn’t at home. Suman shouts and gets seated. She says what tension did you give to Sona now, she is always giving tests, you count her mistakes and blame her, she has decided to leave the show, now you are asking her hard earned money. Veena asks what did we do, I can understand we had a problem because of her work, we didn’t take money. Suman says you should have taken dowry, what was the need for drama. Veena asks how can you think this, sorry, we don’t know how much she earns. Rohit comes and says mom is right, how can you think of this. Suman says she has broken one crore FD, she didn’t tell me, its not for us, then it means she did this for you. Veena says maybe she did this for her personal work. Suman asks what will be the need. Rohit says she didn’t talk to me, I will talk to her, I don’t appreciate how you are talking to mom. Suman says fine, I m done. She goes. He asks where is Sona.

Sonakshi meets Yashwant. She gives money and says its one crore, you will never call me again, none should know about dad. He says I swear on this money, I won’t tell anyone. She asks him to count it. He says I can know it by the bag’s weight. She leaves. He whistles. Ajit comes there. Yashwant says you made a great plan. Ajit says you got what you wanted, get out, our scores are equal now, go. Sonakshi comes back and slaps Ajit.

Ajit starts crying. She scolds him. She says I m sorry, I m also stuck. She says I had seen the writing pad in your room, I thought how can you do this, but you did this, why. He says no, I m not the culprit, I m also a victim, I lost much money in gambling, I had to give one crore to Yashwant, sorry to let you down. She says it means you heard Rohit and my talk, you know dad’s truth. FB shows Ajit hearing their talk. He says yes, I heard everything, I didn’t know my dad would do such a bad thing, he insults me in front of everyone, he is two faced, Pooja is his illegitimate daughter, I hate him. He cries.

Rohit asks Veena to calm down. Veena says I can’t forgive Suman’s behavior, where is Sonakshi, how did she need one crore. He says I will talk to her. Sonakshi says I can understand what you are feeling, there is no explanation for this, you need money, you could have asked me, how could you use the family secret, shame on you, you told it to that goon Yashwant. Ajit apologizes. She gets Rohit’s call. She asks what shall I tell him. He says don’t tell him, he will hate me, please. She disconnects. Rohit says I hope she is not in any problem. Sonakshi says I can’t tell anyone, don’t know I m helping you, I don’t want to hurt anyone, don’t think of sharing this matter with anyone, time will show how Yashwant uses this matter. He says I m sorry. She leaves.

Sonakshi comes home. Rohit asks where were you. She says I went for dubbing. He asks will you tell me about one crore, because your mom thinks we are asking for dowry. She asks what….

Akash says Tanya’s marriage is in danger, its because of Pari, Pari and Rohan have an affair. Sonakshi is shocked. Tanya sees the camera feed and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Finally pari, Rohan truth is out. Sona Wil take Tanya’s side I think. I thought Ajit wud b having solid reason behind blackmailing. Hope Sona Wil Tel truth to Rohit. Behaviour of suman towards veena was not gud. She can talk being calm also. But Rohit handled it well.

  2. Now, I really agree with Serial Lover???, the makers are really CREATING a MAHAA NAARI out of Sonakshi???, a BAHU who can solve everybody’s problems by putting herself into troubles???, by being the SECRET KEEPER of everyone now even Ajith’s!!!!???
    Oh geez, y can’t the SERIAL BAHUS be NORMAL WOMEN.???
    Today whatever Ajith did was wrong??? and even Suman’s attitude towards Veena was also very very WRONG.???
    But thank God ???, this Pari-rohan’s affair is EXPOSED???,
    Tanya should not compromise with that blo*dy f**king Rohan???, he should be thrown out of the house and let him live with Pari.???
    Let Tanya raise her child alone independently!!!???

  3. Happy Pongal guyzzz!!!??✨????

  4. I felt so bad for Ajit today , poor boy he was sobbing so much . Sonakshi could have consoled him a little. I know he has made a big mistake but the news about his dad has hurt him as well , poor boy . But I feel more bad for Sonakshi , she cant catch a break . Not sure what she will tell Rohit and Suman about the money and then there is Pari . It must be so embarrassing for her and now because of Rohan and Pari both their families will suffer . It is going to be interesting to watch the next few episodes. I think after all this drama Rohit and Sonakshi should take a holiday , I think they really need one .

  5. SerialLover

    Akash couldn’t teach Rohan a lesson himself? Even he wanted to tell Parvati? Now that they have the perfect proof also!! Tanya should do exactly as she told yesterday to Deepa, better if not involving her, as she is not formally related to the house. And they should tell Suman secretly to take care of Pari, as if that is out, our Parvati’s kahaani will be affected. Waiting to watch what Tanya will do.

  6. SerialLover

    And the 1 crore rs FD, did Parvati really not think that her mother would get to know? And before dealing with that lot of money, she should have told to at least one? – May be Rohit or Suman?

  7. SerialLover

    It hurts to watch the same crap again and again

  8. SerialLover

    Sonakshi is becoming more like a “the only sincere police officer in the town” thing, where a new case is waiting for her just as she solves one, and I don’t know how the Kahani Parvati ki is running!

  9. Finally this pari drama is coming to an end i just hope they dont put blame on sona…
    i also agree that ronakshi need a holiday coz there has been no peace in their life since they got married…
    sonakshi did inform suman about the cash n she assured her that she would explain to her why she needed the money urgently..i dont understand why suman was so impatient and rude..she should have trusted sonakshi
    i feel pity for ajit but what he did with sona was totally wrong..

  10. I guess Ajit couldn’t admit he lost so much money in gambling on top of that the shock of finding out the truth about his dad he probably wasn’t thinking straight and just saw it as an opportunity to pay his debt off but he should have blackmailed his dad not Sonakshi. Also what Sonakshi said was the truth by telling someone outside that will cause more trouble in the future. He really should have approached Sonakshi if he needed help but was too ashamed to talk to his family or just need to talk to someone about the secret.

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