Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mhatre gets arrested

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The Episode starts with Taxi driver getting Sonakshi, Rohan and Yash to the place. Rohan scolds the man. She says I know this plan, I came here for shoot, for Dadi’s kidnapping scene. Yash gets asking her. She asks them to just come from back door. She says I have called the police, come fast. Yash says I will wait here to inform police. Mhatre beats Rohit and asks Nikhil to leave Rohit. Rohan catches Mhatre and says hands up, leave my brother. The goons come. Rohan says ask them to get back. Sonakshi frees Rohit. The goon says Rohan doesn’t have a gun in hand.

Mhatre angrily shoots. He says you are lucky that bullet didn’t touch you. Yash asks why doesn’t police come on time. Mhatre shoots again. Police comes and shoots at the goons. Yash covers up Rohan. The shootout continues. Inspector asks Sonakshi and Rohit to just go. Rohit says Rohan is my brother, YK. Inspector says we will manage. Swapnil also comes there and shoots at Mhatre’s goons. Rohit and Sonakshi run. Goons follow. Sonakshi falls. Rohit takes her. They get inside a truck. He cares for her foot. She says its cold here or I m feeling so. Rohit says van temperature is low. He checks the AC inside. The men lock the door. Rohit says its a cold storage vault. He knocks the door and says we got locked inside. The truck leaves. Sonakshi falls in Rohit’s arms.

Kahaan hum…plays…. He says our life has become like a tv serial, goons were after us, bullets were shot and we got stuck in an ice truck, and now we are standing in filmi pose. She beats him. They sit. Rohit recalls Mhatre’s words. Sonakshi hits the truck and shouts driver. Driver is listening songs. Rohit says we have to wait until truck stops. She says its very cold here. They feel cold. She says you didn’t check and got into a wrong truck, what did you think, you are a hit serial hero, who is a fighter and good doctor, take me to morgue from here, you count logic in my show, you went after Mhatre alone, what if anything happened to you. He says you didn’t tell me that Mhatre was blackmailing you about Pooja.

The truck takes a turn. Sonakshi and Rohit fall. He rubs her hands. She shivers. He asks why didn’t you tell me, its real life, who does such excessive care and mad love. She says you have true love for Raima. Doctor says Raima opened her eyes, its a miracle. Raima’s mum asks will she get fine. He says we have to try our best and make her communicate by her eyes. Rohit asks how did Raima’s topic come, its about you. She says you don’t know about me, I met good and bad people in life, when that happened with Pooja, I could relate to it, I have gone through the same pain, I was responsibility of running house and earning money, I thought this won’t happen with Pooja, so I just did that.

He says it is less if I thank you every day, I just can’t believe it, we won’t tolerate if anything happened to Pooja, we would never let her feel that we…… we adopted her. Sonakshi gets shocked. He says we are not her real family, we don’t want to tell her. She says she won’t know, Pooja is more special now, she won’t face rejection ever. Police arrests Mhatre and goons. Rohan says Rohit and Sonakshi aren’t here. Swapnil says don’t worry, I will inform you about them. Yash asks Rohan to go to Sonakshi’s house, they would be worried. Yash calls Rohit and says where are they both….

Rohit and Sonakshi feel cold. She says take care of yourself. He says I forgot you are Parvati Devi and can emit rays from your hands. He hugs her. She asks him not to sleep. Everyone prays to Bappa and does aarti. Rohit rubs Sonakshi’s hands. Suman cries and prays for Sonakshi. Naren calls to talk to minister. Rohan comes. He says police is still finding Rohit and Sonakshi. Suman says don’t know where is she. Vimmi says nothing will happen to Parvati. The truck driver talks to his wife. He plays music again.

Suman scolds Pulkit on phone. Pulkit says they are finding Sonakshi. Netra asks Suman not to get hyper. Naren says you won’t get Sonakshi if you shout, you had a heart surgery, relax, Rohit is with Sonakshi. Suman says that’s my problem, that he is with her. Rohit asks Sonakshi not to sleep and keep eyes open.

Rohit holds Sonakshi. The truck hits somewhere. Rohit and Sonakshi fall outside. She asks how did we come here. He asks don’t you remember anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. They are so cute. I love this serial so much. Keep up the good work.

  2. this serial is amazing.
    I Love both .
    Ronakshi I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!!

  3. Too much of drama. They should keep it simple . Two people can fall in love without needing to save each others lives.

    1. Exactly Ronakshi??? !!!! Frankly speaking i din’t like the idea of Rohit-Sonakshi getting stuck in ice truck ???which is the drama zone of most indian serials?‍♀️?‍♀️,,,i agree that they should make more simpler which was there in this serial✌✌,,,like Rohit said all that happened today is what usually happens in all serials before the leads fall in love???

    2. I guess it’s needed for the TRP , they have no choice . It’s really sad that people watch meaningless shows and don’t give shows like this a chance . Anyways the story so far has been good and better than any show . Hope they mange to keep it that way

  4. @Ronakshi: Absolutely which was realistically mentioned for keeping the trp of KPK??? in this serial,,,when they were doing the scene of cooker blast???,,,they also told “terrorist attact, lost twin comeback, kidnaps, plastic surgery etc are pro ways to keep a show goin,,so maybe this ice-truck, mhatre goon drama was also required???

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though I like dramatic episode of today, but it was tooo much dramatic to show…

  6. I think it was good.i mean all the dramatic situations in serial have to have a origin . Imaginations , fiction myths have truth as Base. We feel dramatic bcoz all in focus is on the situation n leads with back ground music. But in reality people do get stuck in lift,in room light gone so on. Rohit life was pretty much mundane and sheltered till now so needed drama to realize the harsh reality of life.

  7. I wonder what kind of humiliation happened with Sonakshi like she mentioned to Rohit ?

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