Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Sonakshi’s romantic night

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rohit and Sonakshi romancing. He gets a call. He says you… Some time back, Rohit and Sonakshi are leaving. Yash runs to stop him. He says Nishi and I wanted to talk something imp. Rohit says yes, Sona just check if Ravi got the car, I will come. Sonakshi asks is everything fine. Yash says yes, we need to discuss about hospital marketing. Payal says someone came to meet you. Suman asks Rohan what work did he had. Pari discusses work. Rohan asks her to come on site. Suman says Pari won’t work with you, she needs to focus on her acting career. Pari says yes, I need to focus on my career, I m sorry. Suman says Pari will email you the files, we have to leave now. She asks how is Tanya, you should be busy with her also. He says yes, okay then, bye. He goes.

He thinks what happened to her, Suman is so irritating. Rohit says we can’t tell Sonakshi. Nishi says we have to tell her the truth to save ourselves and you. Rohit says avoid Pooja’s questions, we can’t tell truth to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks did you come to say this. Netra says I couldn’t talk on sets. Sonakshi says I didn’t interfere in creative decisions, I m married. Netra says relax, our TRP didn’t get high, we can show your romantic chemistry with Sumit. Sonakshi says I can’t handle here with my in laws. Netra asks shall I talk to Rohit. Nishi says Pooja’s truth has come out, this second truth can also come out, you will get the slap, you will be most affected. Sonakshi says Rohit respects my profession, its my decision, I don’t want to do this. Netra says I understand, think about it once. She goes. Payal says Ravi is waiting. Sonakshi says we are coming, why didn’t Rohit come. Rohit says Sonakshi can’t know this, everything will shatter. Yash says its imp to tell Sonakshi, she is your wife. Sonakshi comes and asks what happened, is Pooja fine. Rohit says yes, we have to go now. They leave.

Nishi says Sonakshi can learn this from outside, it will be better if Rohit tells her. Rohit and Sonakshi are on the way. They think of their problems. She asks what happened, is it about Pooja. He says she wants to meet… forget it, what did Netra say. She says let it be, we didn’t get quality time. He says yes, we will concentrate on each other. They hug. Ravi sees them and plays a song, Tumko dekha to….plays…. They smile.

Ajit asks Pooja to forget it. Pooja says mumma knows about my real parents, she doesn’t want to say, maybe my real mum and dad saw my pic, maybe they miss me. A lady cuts the article and keeps Pooja’s pic. Pooja says maybe they want to see me once. Sonakshi sees the gift. She sees the red handcuffs. She says why did he gift this, what’s on his mind. Rohit shuts the door and asks how is the room. She says very nice, I will just come. He says gift has come, Sonakshi is great in giving surprise. He sees the handcuffs. He says Sona got this, I m getting nervous, what does she want to do.

The lawyer asks why do you want to do this Rani, its wrong, let it be, you know Sonakshi is famous actress and Rohit Sippy… The lady goes. Rohit says what is she thinking, is she wearing any costume. Sonakshi says I feel like daily soap bahu, I can’t even run. He calls her baby. She asks baby? He asks are you fine. She says I m fine, who is going to handcuff me here. He says I m gone today, be ready for anything. She comes and says one more gift, did he get a hunter now. He says she didn’t wear costume. She asks do you want me to wear costume. He says no. She says I didn’t do this before. He says I didn’t play this game before. She asks what game. He says your chor police. She says I will become police. He says I will become police, you do acting. She asks what did you think. He says why are you upset, I m ready. She says you are the thief. He says its your idea. She asks my idea? He says yes, of course. He shows the handcuffs and says I didn’t get it. She says I didn’t get it, of course not…

They say Payal… He says she looks sweet and simple, its her idea, I asked her to ask madam about arrangements. She says she called me,I asked her to do whatever you like, I didn’t know she thinks such about you. They laugh and hug. The lady is on the way and sees Pooja’s pic. Sonakshi says I will change and come. He says check my gift, I promise Payal didn’t get it, I got it for you. She checks the nightie. He says this will look pretty on you. She goes to change. The lady is calling Rohit. Sonakshi comes. Rohit smiles. Aaj phir tumpe…plays…. They romance. His phone rings. He says let it ring. She says it maybe medical emergency, you are a doctor, go. He answers the call. She says its me… He says you…. He goes away. He asks why did you call me, I won’t come to meet you. Sonakshi asks is everything fine. He says yes. His phone rings again. He worries.

Rohit threatens to kill the lady. Sonakshi picks the fallen pics. The lady looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omgg !! I hope Naren is the dad and Rohit is not involved in this mess. Rohit would have been to young when pooja was born , not sure how he can be involved

  2. Naren is surely the dad but what I’m confused about is Rohit’s involvement
    Maybe, he doesn’t want his mum to become shattered and heartbroken

    1. Yes but why is nishi insisting that Rohit should tell Sonakshi about it ? Why not Veena or Badi maa. It seems like the secret is more about Rohit than Naren . Anyways no point overthinking with these tv shows it is probably Naren and “what he said/what she said” won’t make a difference .


    I have a doubt. In Pooja’s case, inspite of Rohit & Naren, I feel that somehow Sona’s father is involved somewhere. As per yesterday’s Sona’s interaction with Pooja, she told that her father left home in the night & then never come back till date. It may be my assumption only.

  4. Rohit could be the dad! Thats why pooja and sona have such a good bond. Mabey

  5. Gayathri R Nair

    I think rohit is the dad. Naren is a gyenechologist and he must have made rohit as donor and did ivf without his knowledge . And the lady would have denied to accept pooja .

    1. Tat is wat I too meant yesterday, in my comment, tat he could be somewhere related thro some sperm donation or something???, coz as far as everthing is shown it seems he is gonna be the one most affected after Pooja’s truth is gonna come out, dunno!!!???
      Everything is gonna fall in place only after truth comes out,???
      But if he is the 1 who is the one having a upper hand in this matter, then as Nishi said, he should reveal everything to Soanakshi rahter than her knowing from outside.???


      Still the questions arisen. If IVF is done for someone, then there is a letter from her father with a thank you note & why Pooja is being adopted by Nishi and YK? As we have seen a lady is following Pooja since her birth.

  6. They are showing Sonakshi’s connection as if Sippy knew Sona from before. Just waiting for the truth to revealed

  7. Today’s Ronakshi’s HANDCUFF moments were just cute!!!??? Awwwh!!!! Love Ronakshi???
    I really love Ronakshi and Roshan from YHJK???, these 2 jodis really have asizziling chemistry even when they are not together ???
    What Netra kept in front Sonakshi, is something which every married actress has to face in real life, wow how realistic KHKT!!!?✌?
    Loved the way Suman handled Rohan???, just wish he gets two on his head???, his wife is pregnant and he is drooling for Pari, such an a*sh*le!!! ??

  8. I still think Naren is the father. This lady might have been his mistress. Rohit is quite rude to her. He probably helped cover up the pregnancy from even his father which is probably why YK-Nishi are saying he has to do something. I also wonder if this lady has some connection to Sonakshi also

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