Kabir and Saanchi – A Doctor`s Love story (part 5)

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Precap: Saanchi lost her voice and kabir taking care of her.

It was morning and Saanchi gets up.

Saanchi: Wow my voice is back…
and then she coughs… Her voice is still a bit cracky but at least it`s back..

She gets up and after getting fresh she goes down to the dining hall where everyone`s already waiting.

She sat next to isha and pragya.

Isha: So are you fine now?

Pragya: How shouldn`t she be fine ? Dr. Kabir was taking care of her 24 hours….Hhaha

Saanchi: Oh come on …. We all are kind of his responsibility.

Isha: You think so… I think he likes you…

Suddenly Saanchi gets kind of a flashback:

She was sitting on kabir while it was cold and as she was half conscious kabir was trying to wake her up and says: I love you Saanchi! and that with tears in his eyes…

Saanchi thinks: I am dreaming for sure… that didn`t happen for sure… he is my senior and i am just an intern to him…

But then she remembers how he cared for her….

thinks: Would he have done the same with any other intern? noooo i am thinking too far…

After breakfast all get ready to go to a location high in the mountains…

There was a village to which there weren`t any roads so after a bus drive of one hour they went by foot for 2 hours.

They had a leader with them who knew every path through that forest.

Saanchi: These paths all look the same… Everything just covered with snow.

Isha: I don`t want to get lost here… That would be a nightmare…

Pragya: Just stick to the group and nothing can happen.

When they got higher on the mountain the air was different….

Saanchi: Oxygen is getting less..

Pragya: But people here are used to it.. we just have keep calm..

After a while they reach their destination and in dr.Kabir sends every group to a specific direction.

As there were many people to test they had to make groups of 2… and riya and saanchi had to go together.

Riya thinks: Yes finally a chance to get rid of this girl….

Every group has a lunchpacket with them as they will return in the evening.

Dr. Kabir: Before you all go don`t forget to come here at this place at exactly 4 o`clock pm so you have 6 hours to visit every home.

We will be back in the bus at 6 o`clock which means that before it gets dark our walk will end… Soo good luck

Riya and Saanchi don`t speak a word to each other. After they visited every home they came back to the spot and it was 5 to 4 o`clock…

Saanchi saw that they have forgot to check up the family in the first house in their direction.

But all interns were already standing ready to go.

Riya: It`s okay saanchi you go. I will tell kabir to wait.

Saanchi: Thanks Riya. I will come back soon.

But riya has no plans to tell kabir…

Everyone had to walk in pairs… so riya was the last one and madhu and bala were infront of her.

Pragya and isha were the first one so they just saw saanchi at first and thought she might be at the back.

And as everyone was covered with big shawls and caps it was difficult to identify whether everyone`s here.

But as saanchi and riya reported already their tour kabir thought everyone`s here and they started walking.

Madhu asked riya: Where`s Saanchi?

Riya gave her a glare and told her to keep silent.

after two hours they arrived at the bus station where their bus was already waiting. Everyone got into the bus.

Riya sat next to kabir and said: Saanchi is sitting on my seat so can i sit here?

Kabir thinks: Something`s fishy….

and says: yeah sure.

Riya talked but kabir didn`t really hear her talks…..

Pragya and isha thought that saanchi was sitting next to kabir…

Bun in reality saanchi was sitting on a fallen tree ( again but this time without kabir….) and was lost in the forest.

After seeing that everyone was gone she tried to follow their footprints in the snow but soon the prints vanished and she was lost.

it was getting dark and she saw a light …. she quickly ran towards it and realized that this was home she went to last time…

She knocked and a woman opened it…

Woman: Oh hello doctor. Why are you still here?

She told her everything and the woman let her rest in her house.

Meanwhile the interns all reached the hotel.

kabir went quickly as he had to go to the toilet so he still didn`t notice that saanchi was missing.

Riya went to her room…

pragya ad isha knocked at saanchi`s door but as it didn`t open they panicked.. then at the reception the woman told them that the key to saanchi`s room wasn`t taken yet.

So she didn`t get in the hotel yet..

Pragya and isha search for saanchi in the dining hall and everywhere and then bump into kabir.

He saw their worried faces and asked: What is the matter that you are looking so serious??

Pragya: Sir, I think saanchi isn`t here…We can`t find her anywhere..

Kabir: But she was in the bus right? She sat at the back,, so you would have seen her..

Isha: What are you talking about? Saanchi was sitting next to you. not in the back…. We didn`t see her…

Kabir: Whaaaat??? But riya said she….

thinks: Riya that beast!!! I should have confirmed myself …. what an idiot I am

Kabir calls the bus driver and asks him to drive him to the village…

Driver: Sry. Sir even if i bring you there you have to walk 2 hours in the forest and that without an experienced guide is impossible..


The guide isn`t reachable in the night so kabir had to walk on his own…. After the driver dropped him at their spot Kabir used the light of his mobile phone and went towards the mountain.
Meanwhile saanchi had already dinner with that family and was about to sleep when she heard a knock on the door.

A fully wet and shivering kabir stood infront of the door. The woman opened the door and asked: Aren`t you also a doctor? I saw you this morning…

Kabir showed her a pic and asked if she had seen her .

Then saanchi was standing infront of him. He saw her and went towards her. Before he could say anything she hugged him. She was so relieved that he was here.

After they calmed down the woman gave kabir something to eat and some warm clothes from her husband.

Woman: We only have one room free… and you will have to share that one …

Kanchi looked at each other …

Kabir has catched a cold and saanchi, after the woman was gone sleeping, made a hot tea for kabir.

They went to their room and there was just one bed and no sofa or something…

And the floor looked a bit disgusting…

Kabir was about to take the mat and put it on the floor but then:

Saanchi: Nooo… You are already sick… You will sleep on the bed..

Kabir: But where will you sleep?

Saanchi: We will divide the bed with the pillows.

This was almost not possible as the bed was tiny, but they managed somehow.

When they both got a comfortable sleeping position:

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir…

Kabir: Yes?

Saanchi: Can I ask you something?

Kabir: Yes….

Saanchi: Would you have come if it was any other intern?

Kabir went silent…

then: I am not sure…

Saanchi: Why? Am I different to others?

Kabir: Yes…. I mean You helped me a lot when maa was ill…. and I consider you as a good friend…

Saanchi: Nothing more?

Kabir: What more????

They both looked into each other eyes…

Saanchi: So as a friend…. can I call you kabir??

Kabir: Yes of course…

Saanchi: Kabir.. I had a dream…

Kabir: What did you dream?

Saanchi I dreamt that you said I love you to me when I was uncounscious in the forest…

Kabir still looked into her eyes and thought what to say now…

Kabir: Why do you think it was a dream?

Saanchi: because you are my senior… I am just an intern..

Kabir: And my friend..

Saanchi: Did you really say that?

Kabir: I didn`t say that I said that…
But It doesn`t mean that i didn`t say it.

Saanchi a bit confused…

And then she says: Whether you said that or not: I will tell you something… I think i am in love …. but i don`t know how to confess..

Kabir: Just say i love you…. By the way who is it?

Saanchi: I won`t say before you tell me who is in your heart..

Kabir : I will tell you tomorrow…

Saanchi: oke…

She turned to the wall and thought about what she said…

She loves kabir… After caring sooo much for her she can only think of him.. She`s just afraid that he already has someone else…

So he should say first whom he loves.. then saanchi can decide whether her love has any chance or not…


Kabir confesses…

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