kabir and saanchi – A doctor lovestory

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Hey guys:)
Let`s start:

The next day saanchi, pragya and isha decided to get on the bus first as they wanted to sit together and that is only possible in the last row….

Everyone was standing in a queue in front of the bus. When kabir came:

Kabir: Dr. saanchi you will have to sit at the end… pls make sure that everyone has their id and pls. collect the fees ( for the bus) from everyone after the sit.

Saanchi: Okay Sir.

Riya Madhu and Bala also wanted to sit in the last row together….

so when saanchi controlled everyone`s id`s and came to the last row she saw ria nd co next to isha and pragya.

Isha whispered: we couldn`t persuade them to sit anywhere else…. but we can swap seats in the middle of the journey.

saanchi: It`s okay. I think there should be one vacant seat somewhere.

So she started to go forward and finally stood at the first row where there was only one seat free. And that was next to kabir…..

Saanchi thinks: Ohh my good. Now i have to sit for 9 hours next to Dr. Kabir… How will I bear the silence???

Saanchi : ehm.. Siir? I didn`t get a seat. every seat is already occupied… Could i sit next to you?

Kabir: Yes no problem.

Saanchi: Would it bother you if i sit at the window?

Kabir looked at her for a Moment and then stood up and let her in.

Saanchi:Thanks sir. I just love siting at the window….

Kabir: Okayyy….

Saanchi thinks: now he will hink that i am crazy. Great. Well done Saanchi!

So the bus started finally and there was a long way to go.

After one hour of awkard silence jaya called saanchi on her phone and they talked.

After their conversation:

Kabir: Who was that if i can ask?

Saanchi: My mother:)

Kabir: Oh. You know so much about my mother. In fact you have talked to her a lot and she really likes you. But i don`t know anything about your family. Tell me…

Saanchi started to talk and talked for a really long time.

Both weren`t that uncomfortable as they were at the beginning.

When the bus stopped for a break many went out to get some fresh air. when riya saw saanchi and kabir talking and laughing she got real jealous…. and wanted to do something…

Saanchi and kabir went out from the bus after everyone was out. when saanchi walked the steps down from the bus she slips and kabir holds her.
They both look at each other. Kabir with his intensive look and saanchi with her bis eyes.

Then they realised where they are and saanchi stood up.
Riya was seeing all this and was fuming.

The bus has stopped at a very picturesque place. They were on hills at a bus station and had a perfect view to the fields.

Many were taking Pictures and also saanchi wanted to take some but both pragya and isha were at the toilet. So she asked kabir if he could make a photo.
He took a photo and was mesmerized by her beauty. After a while before they continued their bus drive:

Kabir: Pls. everyone come here! I want to take a Group pic of you… so that i can put it on SDCH Homepage!

Everyone gathers together. In the middle saanchi.

Kabir just Looks at her and zooms his camera so that finally he gets a picture of saanchi only.

After that when the bus started:

Saanchi: Can i see the pic? plsss

Kabir nervously: You will get to see it on the homepage!

Saanchi: Okayyy.

It was already noon and everyone was getting hungry.

kabir and saanchi discussed where to stop to eat.

Kabir: We should stop at the next western restaurant.

Saanchi: No we should stop at some dhaba.

Saanchi rarely eats western…

Kabir: We will be having Indian Food for two weeks continuously. Let us make the interns decide. Everyone pls listen: What do you want to eat? Western or Indian?

More than half of them raised their Hands for western.

So they went to a western Restaurant and again kabir and saanchi sat next to each other but this time with isha and pragya.

Kabir: Soo saanchi what do you want?

Saanchi doesn`t really know what These dishes contain so she asked kabir who seems to know more about western Food: This one how is this? What does it contain?

Kabir: Oh this . This is real good. It´s a noodle dish with a creamy sauce.

Saanchi: Anything else?

Kabir: No i don`t think so.

Saanchi: Okay then let me order this.

Also the others ordered and soon the dishes came.

Saanchi started to eat and soon she was feeling unwell.
Kabir realised that she stopped eating and asked: Dr Saanchi? What happened?

Saanchi: i don`t know… It`s okay i am just going to the restroom.

She stood up but fainted and kabir held her.

He had no idea what to do. he sprinkled a bit of water on her face but nothing happened. Then he realized that she was Feeling unwell after eating the noodles.

Kabir: ISHA PRAGYA does saanchi have any allergies?

Isha: Yes fish… But you told These are just noodles and a creamy Sauce.

Kabir: But the creamy sauce contains fish

He lifted saanchi and ran to the bus and took the first aid box.

Kabir: thank god the needed injection i here.

He quickly injects saanchi and she started breathing normally, because after she fainted she didn`t get any breath.

Kabir: I am sorry ! This is why you wanted a dhaba. There you know exactly what is used in every dish.

Saanchi whispers: It`s okay

She Looks very exhausted.

Kabir gives her some water and she sleeps on his shoulder till the interns come back from the Restaurant.

Then saanchi was already Feeling better but still weak as she didn`t eat anything,just like kabir.

But both of them remained silent and the bus drive continues.

After 2 hours the bus stops quickly and everyone`s head almost hit the seats infront of them. Saanchi was about to hit a bar in front of her as they were sitting in the first row.
But luckily kabir puts his Hand on saanchis forehead and nothing happens to her. They again share an eyelock.

Then kabir asks the driver to stop in the next village.

After they stop
Kabir: Listen pls. Here you have a great view and there is a Little coffee shop, as we won`t get time to eat in the evening you should eat now something….
so you can go around the village but you have to be here in one hour. Then we will continue.

After everyone went isha and pragya stand beside saanchi and wait for her. But then

Kabir: You can also go. But I have to take saanchi somewhere where we can eat something indian. We both couldn`t eat….

Soo kabir takes saanchi to a small Indian Restaurant and they both ate a lot and saanchi got her smile back.

Saanchi with a smile: So sir: Indian Food didn`t harm you?

kabir smiled back.

Then the journey continued and the area was getting cooler and here and there saanchi saw snow .
And it was also getting darker They still have 6 hours to go.


Bus accident.

Everyone stuck in the middle of a forest in the night

Hey:) I hope this was better:) I can`t promise to upload daily but i will try my best:)
And thanks a lot for all your comments. I really means a lot:)

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