Kabir and Sanchi : You are mine to hurt (Kanchi OS)

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A fog of smoke filled the atmosphere, as Sanchi walked in to the kitchen, with the intention of quickly getting some water to drink. As much as she tried not to Sanchi inhaled some of the smoke. Once it was in her system she fell unconscious. The last thing she had remembered was Kabir calling out to her.

Beads of sweat made their way up to his forehead, as he tried to shake the life back in to her.

“Sanchi get up!”

Despite all his pleads and calls Sanchi would not wake up, much to the worry of Kabir. Desperate Kabir picked up Sanchi in his strong arms; whilst both Pragya and Isha went to tell everyone else about what happened.

“Somebody call the Damn doctor!”

**Author’s note : Here, Kabir is not a doctor but a arrogant person .**

Kabir’s voice echoed around the silent Kapoor mansion, making Kusum jump and quickly call their personal family doctor.  Gently Kabir put Sanchi down on his bed to rest. Priya and Veer immediately sat beside her and rubbed her freezing cold hands and feet.

**Author’s note : Veer ,Priya and the gang came for a visit .**

A herd of emotions were playing on Kabir’s face: worry, anger, pain and grief. Kusum noticed this and gave Kabir a reassuring hug, whispering in to his ears.

“Don’t worry Kabir , I know how you are feeling. Even though you haven’t told me, I have seen your care for Sanchi. You care for her like your best friend, and believe me that will be the thing that wakes Sanchi up.”

After a few minutes the doctor came, and gave Sanchi a check up. When he saw that she wasn’t responding to anything he gave Kabir a nervous glance. At that moment in time, Kabir’s eyes were clear saying that “If you don’t cure my Sanchi, I will kill you”…

“She is not responding Mr Kapoor, nothing will work as far as I know. Only a miracle can wake her up.”

And with that the doctor hurried out of the room not wanting to face Kabir’s wrath.  Every one started to cry after hearing that, except Kabir, who hurried off.

A couple of minutes later Kabir returned with a bowl of water. Without hesitating he tipped the contents on to Sanchi’s face. Almost immediately Sanchi’s eyes slowly opened only to see a smiling Kbir. As her eyes searched for clues as to what happened, she realised that she was in his room and that she had obviously fainted, making everyone so worried.

Trying to inject a little humour, in to the situation, Sanchi finally spoke.

“Why did you throw water on me?”

A huge smile adorned Kabir’s face as he heard his Sanchi speak.

“Well you went to the kitchen to drink water ,so I gave you .”

Came the reply from a frowning Kabir. The expression on his face made everyone shocked especially Sanchi

In Sanchi’s thoughts
Hmm what’s the matter with Mr . Kapoor  today? Just a second ago he was smiling and now he’s frowning. Honestly I don’t understand this man.

His abrupt voice brought Sanchi out of her thoughts and all of her attention went to him.

“How dare you let that smoke hurt you! Don’t you know that only I, Kabir Kapoor can hurt you? Listen! You are only mine to hurt! Sirf aur sirf meri!

Furious Kabir raged out of the room leaving a confused atmosphere and Sanchi. The only four people, who were smiling, were Isha, Pragya, Veer and Kusum…

~The End~

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