Kabir and Sanchi : Kitchen Romance (Kanchi OS)

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Sanchi stood at the kitchen counter, softly humming to herself as she prepared lunch. She was making Kabir’s favorite- paranthas. She loved cooking for him. Watching the frown on his face shape into a content smile made the extensive work worth it.

Kabir cuffed the sleeves of his shirt as he walked into his bedroom. Dropping his satchel on the bed, he proceeded to loosen his tie.

“Sanchi!” Kabir yelled out, calling for her. No one responded.

‘Where had she gone?’ Everytime he came home, Sanchi was in their bedroom waiting for him. She would greet him with a tight and passionate hug, followed by a soft kiss. Then her soft and nimble fingers would trail down his chest to delicately remove his tie. He looked forward to it everyday. Her delicate little acts of love made him fall in love with her over and over again.

“Found her” Kabir whispered when noticed Sanchi in the kitchen. He tiptoed quickly towards her, with a naughty smirk forming along his lips.

Sanchi felt a pair of strong arms suddenly wrap around her waist. But she recognized them- these were the arms that held her when she was upset, the arms that tightly clung to her in her waking hours, the arms that picked her up from her every fall.

“Mhmm?” He tightened his grip around her, nudging his head closer to hers. “What are you making for me today?” He asked with a hint of enthusiasm.
“Nothing for you!” Sanchi replied as she giggled.
“Oh really?” Kabir nudged his head into the crook of her neck, grazing his stubbly face against her smooth skin.
“Chodo mujhe, Kabir. I have to cook.” Sanchi asked as she tried to push him away.
“Nahi.”said Kabir. Sanchi scrunched her nose in annoyance.
“Kabir, let go or else-”
“Or else what?”

Smiling, Sanchi picked up the bowl of flour and threw over her shoulder, directly at his face.

“Sanchi! What the hell?” He screamed at Sanchi in pure anger. She couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing this new look of his- white face, covered in flour, screaming like a maniac. She hadn’t seen anything funnier.

“You think this is funny?!” Kabir shouted at her.
“No. I think it’s hilarious!” Sanchi replied as she erupted into laughter again.
“In that case-” Kabir picked up the bowl of flour and walked towards her.

“Woah Kabir, stop-” She slowly backed up away from him.
“Kabir, I’m sorry! Stop!” She cried out loud before making a mad dash for out of the kitchen.

Before she could escape, Kabir  grabbed her arm and whirled her around to face him. She stood in shock staring at him, eyes bulging out.

“Kabir, I’m sorry na.” She pouted as she pulled her ears.
“Chalo I’ll forgive you… on one condition.” Kabir smiled as she cocked her head to the side.
“I’ll forgive you… for a kiss” Kabir pointed to her lips as he whispered in his raspy voice.

‘Oh god, he’s going to kill me. Get a hold of yourself, Sanchi’ The close proximity between them was making her dizzy and her defenses weak.

Sanchi leaned in closer towards his lips as he stood smiling in anticipation. She opened her eyes, and took a good look at his face. She pecked him on his cheek instead, before running away giggling.

He opened his eyes only to realize that Sanchi was gone.

“Wait, Sanchi! Who is going to clean up this mess?” Kabir shouted.
She popped her head back into kitchen, with a huge grin on her face.
“Of course you sweetheart .” Sanchi said smirking.
He furrowed his brows in anger.

“Come inside when you’re done” she winked at him and left him in a kitchen full of flour.

“Oh God. The things I do for this girl” He muttered angrily to himself.


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