Kabhi Pass Kabhi Door……………SWASAN (Episode 3)

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AT MM(Same Night):

sanskaar had packed his all stuff and he was going towards the door when he hears DP voice from behind and he stops.

DP : Sanskaar i’m giving you a last chance once again think before leaving.How will you leave without all these facilitices?

Sanskaar : Don’t worry Dad i’ll manange everything(Sayinh this he leaves the MM.A more thing guys sanskaar don’it know that DP Has gone to GH.so he goes towards the GH.After reaching Gh He ring the bell)

Shekar sees the time and think who might be at the door at this time and opens the door and shocked to see sanskaar with his luggage.

Shekar(Angry & Shouted) : What are you doing here?

On hearing Shekar’s voice everyone comes in the hall

Sankaar(calmly) : Baba why are You behaving like this ? I came here to take Swara with me.I know……

Before he complete his line Shekar stops him from speaking by signaling her hand

Shakar(Angry) ; Its enough and what do you think of your self.You conside us as fool but you are wrong Mr Sanskaar Maheswari.We are not fools who sent our daughter with a filrt and cheap person.

Sanskaar(Angry and Confused) : What are you saying Baba? I can’t understand? Please tell me clearly!!

Shomi(confused) : Yah Shekar what happened? Why Are You behaving so rudely with Sanskaar? What’s the matter? Tell us!!

Shekar(Angry) ; You know Mishti a few hours ago his father DP had come here and he said that his son is deciving our daughter

Sanskar & Shomi & Swara (Shocked) : Whatttt????

Sanskaar : What are you saying Baba.I didn’t do anything please belive me

Shekar : And why should I Belive you? The Person whose Dad himself Saying him a filrt then what do you expect from us?

Swara is crying listeining this and sees towards Sanskaar with teary eyes

Sanskaar ; Please belive me i didn’t cheat Swara I LOVE HER VERY MUCH SHE IS MY LIFE!!! Please Baba Dad is lieing

Shekar : And why your Baba is Lieing.What He will get? Tell me

Sanskaar thinks for a while and then he remember DP”S words and sair

Sanskaar ; Baba Papa Wants me to give Divorce to Swara and Marry with Taniya due to his stupid Business deal.He is saying all these things to provoke you all against me so you himself hates me and apply for Divorce because i’ll refuse to give Divorce to Swara.Please belive me Baba(in PLeading Tone)

Shekar : So You Think we are Fools who don’t know how to diffrentiate between Truth And Lie?

Sanskaar : no Baba you are taking me Wrong.I didn’t said like that.

Sanskaar sees towards Swara who is still crying and was about to go near her but Shekar stops Him

Shekar(Warning) : Don’t You Dare to come near my daughter.Just stay away from Her.

Sanskaar looks towards Swara

Saskar(Pleading Tone) : Please Swara at least you Belive me.I only Love You I Nevere Love To Anyone Expect You.Please Belive me

Shekar : I’m Not Intrested In your learnings you may leave now and we will meet in court for the Divorce.

Sanskaar(angry) : No i’m not going any where I Want swara”s Decision.So tell me Swara are you coming with me or not.

Shekar : My daughter will never ever go with you.Do You Understand now leave.

Now this was the limit for Sanskaar and he become angry and said

Sanskaar(Angry) : Mr Shekar Gagodia i’m not talking to you i’m talking with my WIFE.You have no rights to interfere between a husband and Wife

Saying this he sees towarse swara and asks

Sanskaar : Are You Coming with me or not?

Swara sees towards Sanskaar then Shekar and runs from there crying bitterly

Shekar(Prouded) : Now you got your answer.You May leave now

Sanskaar broken and leaves from there




Sanskaar is crying and remebering about there happy momenets…..
Chain mann ye kaise paye
Yaad dil se kaise jaye
Chain mann ye kaise paye
Yaad dil se kaise jaye

He Remebers about there First Meeting and Theris Confession And there Marriage
Aas dil ki ye aise tooti
Dil se dharkan jaise roothi
Dharkan bin kiya dil rakhna
Is se lon mein jaan chura..

Finally He Remember the recent sence where Swara didn’t belive on her and Runs From There
Alvida aye dil, Alvida aye dil
Alvida Alvida Alvida
Alvida aye dil…
Alvida Alvida Alvida




Swara is also Thinking about there Meetings and There Dance On Prom Night
Kab tak ye tanha raah chale ga
Kab tak wafa ko yun bewafa mile ga
Saamne nahin per dil mein raho na
Baatein hain dil ki dil se suno na

She Remeber’s their First Date at Sanskaar’s Farm House and There Rain dance
Sanse dil ko ab na aye
Ye judai raas na aye
Dharkan bin dil kia rakhna
Is se lon mein jaan chura

Finally she remeber Shekar’s Words that he is cheating my daughter and stars bittly crying by huging her pillow
Alvida aye dil, Alvida aye dil
Alvida Alvida Alvida
Alvida aye dil…
Alvida Alvida Alvida

(NOTE : It’s A Pakistani Song.So Don’t Confuse Guys as it’s my Favourite Song So I thought to add it I Hope You All Like Its lyrics)




Sanskaar Comes to Hall And Starts Shouting

Sanskaar(Shouting) ; DP Maheswari Whare Are You? Come Outside I want My Answer Come

DP Comes in the hall and gets angry by Sanskaar’s Behaviour

DP(Angry) : What Do You Want now?

Sanskaar(Angry too) : I want my Answer.Why Why Did you Do This? What Have you Said to Baba? Tell Me

Dp(Evilly) : Nothing just said that You Are a flirt who is deciving there daughter and any father will become fusious after listening this that their Jamai(Son In LAW) Is cheating there daughter

Sanskaar(furiose) : DP Maheswari you hurt My Heart And You also Try to Breake My Mother’s Last Wish Now You Wait And watch What will I Do With You?

He was About To Leave But suddenely He Stops And turns Arounds And said

Sanskaar : From Now On ward Your Son sanskaar Maheswari Is Dead I AM Just sanskaar Just Sanskaar Not sankaar Maheswari And I Don’t Need Your Name Just Keep Your Bl**dy name With Yourself

Saying this he walks out from MM




Today is Swara’s last paper of Her Master Class and she is going back to home but suddenly A Van comes infront of her and stops And two Men come outside and Drags Swara Inside the Van And van Drove Away.Before Swara Understand Something and Shouts A person Kept A Hanky On Her Nose And She Fell Unconsiouse.This Whole Sence is seen by Priya(Swara’s Friend) And She Calls Swara’S Hose and tells the Situation.


PRECAP : Swara Gains Consiouseness and Become Shocked and said YOUUUUUU????
So Guys Gess Who might be the person????


so guys this is it i try to write long part and i hpe you all like this part and please give me your valuable comments…..!!!

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