Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum (kanchi) ss (sdch) Part 3

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Let’s start

Kabir holds sanchi tightly. Sanchi feels pain. Kabir asked her not to think much he is not helping her but he is helping Jaya aunty as he promised her. Sanchi feels sad listening to him.

One month passed kanchi r busy in their new hospital. They hardly ever meet each other. They always miss eachother. They always see each other steatly and gets happy

Days passed two months. In these two months kanchi coming closer day by day. Sanchi madly in love with kabir.

One fine day Kabir supposed to go for conference. Sanchi was upset because as kabir choose some other assistant. She sadly goes to her duty. Rocky saw her leaving.Rocky Kabirs friend .

He knew Kabir loves sanchi but today he saw her sadly. He goes to her.

Rocky – Dr sanchi y r u upset

Sanchi – nthing

Rocky -u can’t lie to ur bro. I can see u r sad. Share with me. U can trust me.

Sanchi told him everything about veer and Kabir. How she started to love Kabir. Y is she upset. Rocky laughs seeing sanchi jealous. He tells something to sanchi which is muted. She gets happy and hugged him. Kabir saw them and gets jealous as he doesn’t knw that rocky made sanchi his little sis. Kabir couldnt see them. He went.

Rocky cums to kabir. He saw him angry and he smirks. He asked Kabir thank God u r not taking sanchi. I need her here. Kabir slowly stood went to him put his hand on his shoulder and said he changed his mood now he is taking sanchi with him.

Rocky pretended to be upset. Kabir asked him to tell sanchi to get ready. Rocky goes to sanchi and told her that plan sucessfull. U r going with Kabir. Sanchi gets happy.

Kanchi went for conference. THey were returning when their car break down. Kabir cums out of the car and checking when rain starts. Kabir gets drenched in rain. Sanchi saw him and she get down .She holds her dupatta near his head to prevent.Kabir saw her a smiles. Sanchi was continually smiling. Kabir asked her y she is smiling. Sanchi was slowly moving aside she sliped and Kabir holds her. They have a eye lock

Bg plays

Tum hi ho

After sometime they move apart .Kabir hired taxi. Kabir dropped sanchi to her house and went to kappor Mantion. They both rembered each other and slept.

In the morning

In kappoor mantion Kabir was sleeping peacefully because he had day off.Sanchi called him. Kabir picks her call. Sanchi asked him to meet him at 12. Kabir said ok and again slept.

After some time he wakes up and saw his watch. He went to freshen up. Came out
Selected his suit weared it. He wears his another watch which was matching his suit. Went to dining table. Eat his breakfast and he gets sanchi message it reads In Ashu cafe. Kabir smiled.

Times Pasess to 11.40 Kabir takes his car keys and went.

In Ashu Cafe

Kabir came and saw cafe was all cleary no one was there except of him. He saw cafe was decorated beautifully with red balloons. Hearts hanging. He was clueless wats going on and where is sanchi. His eyes went to a girl who was wearing a red long dress looking like a princess. She is none other than sanchi. She cums holding something. Kabir gets shocked to see sanchi kneeled down on her knees. Takes out a ring .

Kabir -sanchi wats happening

Sanchi -shhhh let me speak

Kabir -ok

Sanchi -kabir my feelings r all new and u r the reason. U make me think about urself all the time. Even my heart beats says I LOVE YOU. U r the man of my dreams and u give me the reason of my life. I do not knw that how to spend my life without you. I dnt know it’s good or bad but u have become my habit now. I can’t resist u. All I knw is that I will forget every problem when I lean my head on ur shoulder. Love is crazy. Yes I’m crazy about u. I’m so lucky that I’m in love with this much loving person. U r the one who has made my life complete and now I dnt need anything more. I just want u to be with me till the end. God has made couples and I knw that u r my mate. I’m so proud to have u becz there is no one who can understand me and love me the way u do. I love u for all this. I want u to hold me tight and hug me and never let me go. U r the best person I ever met. When I see in ur eyes I get a very peaceful feeling with u. Everything seems beautiful. I promise that I will be with you in every conditon and I will support in ups and downs of ur life. U make my life wonderful and worth living. I love u for this. I love it when u r with me and fill my life with love. I never knew that I will love u for this much. When we r together, life seems so wonderful and lovely without any gain because u r my desire man of my dreams. I need u in every condition. I need u when I’m happy. I need u when I’m sad. I need u to share my everything. I always need u in my life because u gave meaning to it. I can win every challenge if u beside me. I’m all ur and want u to be mine. I can not share u with anyone. We laugh, we smile, we core, we fight but our love will be same forever. I want u as my partner not only for this life but for eveytime I take birth. I love u so much. I fall in love with u eveytime I see u, ur eyes,and ur smile I may fall in love for thousands times but with same person and that special person is u. U made my life beautiful and meaningful. There may be better partner for u but for me u r the only one and I think that u r made for me. The joy and lovely feeling I get when you r with me can not be explained that I love you very much. Do u like me? Do you want me?will u cry if I die?

Kabirs tears flows as well as sanchi. Kabir too kneels down and looks at sanchi.

Kabir – no I don’t like u but I love you. I don’t want u but I need u. I will do nthing when u die because I’ll die with u. Sanchi my life is wonderful because u r with me u make me happy even if I feel sad and low. Ur smile lightens up my life and all darkness disappear. Ur love has made me crazy. I will love u till end of my life and I want to be with you all my life. My eyes search for u when u r not around. My heart aches when I dnt find u. U r the reason for all my happiness and without u my life would be dull. All I want in my life is that we stay together for all the life. U r always on my mind all the time I keep thinking of you. Come to me, hold my hand and then never leave it. I want to spend all my life with you and walk beside u. All I want is to be with you all my life. I love u so much. I just want to be with you. We will laugh together we will share our sadness and happiness. There is no place beautiful for me in this world but when u r with me every place and everything looks beautiful. I just want to be ur always. Dnt search me anywhere because I’m always in ur heart. Put ur hand on ur heart and u will feel me. Pliz never leave me and never ever let me go becz i will never find a more beautiful place to live. Pliz be with me till end of my life. I love u. Ur love is something that I can’t control. U r on my mind and heart all the time. Before I met u, I was not familiar with the feeling of love. But now I came to knw wat love is. My heart mises it’s beats when I come closer to u. I love u. U r like a medicine to me. When I see u smiling it gives relief to pains. When I think of u. I understand the meaning of life. When u r with me everything looks beautiful and I feel happy. U r the reason of my happiness. U r my first and last love. I love u so so so much.

Sanchi cries listening to him. She huggs him tightly. Both cries. They broke hugg and wipes eachother tears. They have a passionate kiss.

To be continued. ….


Guys i want to make this ff instead of shots but if you say no than I’ll end it in next part. Please silent readers do comment and tell me. I want to knw how many reads it. And sorry for boring becz I’m not romantic person but trying to be for him. I wrote this from bottom of my heart each and every dilogues. So please please comment and tell me u like it or not. And should I make this ff or not decision on ur and ur comments .it’s humble requests for silent readers do comment. .

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  1. RuCh23

    OMG ??? Ashu!!! What a wonderful confession!!! And a long one too!!! I can never write a heart touching confession like this!!! It was that much beautiful ???

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so so much it really really means a lot

  2. Aafiya

    It was awesome and superb and a bit emotional for me..
    I will be happy if this is turns into a ff.. Very very excited….
    Lots of love and hugs to you….

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much it really really means a lot return of huggs and love to u from me

  3. So do beautiful episode yaar

  4. So so beautiful and cute and amazing episode……..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much

  5. wowwwwww
    kya proposal hain yaaaaaaaaaar
    mind blowing
    agar koi aake mujhe ye sab bolta (if he should said honesty) main ha kar chuki hoti
    awesome dear

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much it really really means a lot

  6. Dhruti

    please i’m requesting you to make this as ff really you made my day, telling this…
    me bhi ye hi bolne vali thi per tune hi bl diya so thank you for that …..
    back to this ff it was superb and romantic ff(specially last part)……i love this ff core of my heart…….

    but ye serial ne mood off kar diya aaj mene galti se aaj show dekh liya and pata chala ki kabir ko to kuch pata hi nahi he sanchi mishra k bare me….kya character bana diya muje laga tha ki kabir ka character smart he per all go to vain yaar……precap to dekho sanchi bol rahi he ki sir aap to muje explain karne ka chance to do…………..kabir told gaurd take her and sanchi is crying badly…………….muje lagta he ki sanveer hi final he because thodi hope thi kanchi kivo bhi ab tut rahi he…………

    sorry mene previous ff/ss me comment na kiya ho uske liye because of my exams are going on so i just read ff/fs/os and hit like button……………………….
    love you……………….tc………………see you………………..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much it really really means a lot

  7. Riru

    Awesome yaar jst read all ur fs ff they rfab

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      Thank you so so much it really really means a lot

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  9. Khamoshi

    Ashnita..first of all i am sorry dear..i was nlt abled to read all your previous episode due to lack of time.. but dear coming to this epiaode i feel..i missed all the good things previous days.. but no worries..i will read all ur coming episodes ☺ keep writing.. whether u write fs or ff..no matter. Bcoz we love all of these bcoz it’s all by u ? lots of love

    1. NeonNinga

      Areh mitali dear dosto se mafi nhi magi jaati. No thank you no sorry. And yes u missed my all boring episode. Thank you so so so much it really really means means a lot. Love you loads and I misssed u so much.

  10. Niyaaa

    O my my ashi ye kya tha…uhhhh…
    Tum to kahti ho i m not z romzntic person to ye kahan se aaya???isse padhkar to mera dil ?udhne laga.. kya confession tha kya dialogue nd haan lengthy too…hehe… but kasam se kah rhe h ki hum to flat ho gye tumhare is Epi pe… or yaar kahne ki jrurat nhi ff krna h isse m to khti hun ff season2 bhi kar dena??? hun naa m laalchi..??ok baba bye gud ni8 tc.. lovvv u sweety

    1. NeonNinga

      Awwww thank you so so so much it really really really means a lot. Waise I’m not that romantic par pyar ne sikha diya uske liye. Love you loads

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    Ashu it was the perfect!!!! Means proposal was toooo romantic an sweet……..loved it sooo muchhh….and neki aur puch puch…of course make it ff….will love to!!!

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      Awww thank you so so so much it really really means a lot. Love you loads

    2. NeonNinga

      Sorry khamoshi dear I forgot ur name yaar.

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      Thank you so much

  13. NeonNinga

    Riya sweetie missing u.

  14. Anee

    hey ashu yaarrr ek toh itna dil se dill ki baat ache tareeke se bayaan karti ho aur keh rahi ho not a romantic person!!!! you are fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb….loved it from core of my heart…not found any other words for that….luv u so much dear.

    1. NeonNinga

      Awwww thank you so so so much it really really really means a lot. Love you loads

  15. Phyllis Gyamfi

    awesome …waiting for next epi

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