Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Akriti plans to romance Anu

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun saying I can’t make Anu away from his family. Garima asks what about Anu’s happiness. She asks why are you doing this. Gungun says I can’t stop Anu from coming to me, so this marriage is necessary. Golu asks Anu what happened, why did you say that. Anu says I don’t want to talk. Golu says don’t end your relation with Gungun. Anu says it was just a joke, not a relation, she wants her old toy now. Golu says no, I can’t believe this. Ankit says maybe she is doing this intentionally. Anu says no, Ranvijay was already there in her house when I reached. Gungun says if I marry Ranvijay, Anu will hate me, I have no other option. Garima says Anu will always misunderstand you and curse himself. Gungun says I know, I want someone to not misunderstand me, so I told you everything, but please don’t tell this to anyone. They cry. Garima says you will feel suffocated without Anu, you can’t live without him. Gungun says I will spend my life with his memories. Golu says this love story can’t end this way, I will go and talk to Gungun. Anu says no need to beg when there was so love, it was my mistake to love her. Golu asks was it timepass. Anu says no, she is marrying Ranvijay now, please leave me alone.

Its morning, Anu gets ready and comes downstairs. He sees the media in the house. Goli says tv reporters have come to take your interview. Charu asks Anu to meet Mishra. Golu asks Anu to decide well. Anu asks what’s going on. Chandru says they have come to meet you. Anu meets Mishra ji. Sunanda says Anu has come back home. Sargam says yes. Divya says don’t know how he got the sense that he left Gungun. Sargam says I think its Akriti’s sindoor power. Akriti smiles. Goli asks where and when are you going on honeymoon. Sunanda says he won’t go out of city. Goli says their honeymoon is pending. Sunanda says put Shimla and Manali pics in the room. They laugh. Neeti says their relation got fine now, they will go on honeymoon and spend more time together. Goli says maybe they get a good news also. They all smile. Akriti sees Anu and smiles.

Neeti and Khushi bring Anu to his room and lock him. Anu sees the romantic decorations. Akriti comes there holding a haldi milk glass. She asks him to drink it. Meri jaan….okays.. He drinks it. She hugs him. He holds her and smiles. She says now I believe that you have really come back, you are just mine now, right? He says yes. She kisses his hands. She gets close to him. He gets up. He says I felt someone is at the door. She says let it be, no one can separate us now. He sees Gungun in her. He gets away. She asks what happened. He says don’t know, my head is aching. She says maybe because of medicine, its okay, you sleep, you aren’t going anywhere and even I m not going, good night. He goes to sleep. He recalls Gungun and thinks I got away from you, but can’t go away from your memories, I see you in Akriti. Akriti asks did you sleep. He says no, why. She says I was thinking to call Gungun and tell her that she couldn’t separate us, I will just come. Gungun says you broke my heart, you believed I m disloyal without any question, I couldn’t get a right on your hatred, sorry Anubhav. She gets Akriti’s call.

Akriti taunts Gungun on her failure. Gungun cries. Akriti asks are you crying. Gungun says no. Akriti says don’t lie, you will know it how it feels when one loses her husband, you broke a sister’s bond and made a Sautan’s relation, so I don’t pity you, find a nice guy and get married, shall I find someone. Gungun says no need to think much about me, thanks for thinking for me. Akriti says I have started our married life, its my duty to tell you, Anu and I have united. Gungun gets shocked. Akriti says I didn’t know with whom to share this happiness, so I called you. She ends call. Gungun cries.

Charu says govt is awarding Gungun for her bravery. Chandru says she deserves it. Charu says we won’t go in this award function. Chandru says Anu will decide whether he wants to go or not. Anu thinks why shall I go when Gungun is starting a new life with Ranvijay.

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  1. Well guys.. batadena jab Ranvijay aur Gungun ki shaadi hone wali ho.. I will start watching the shw from then… kyunki vese bhi Anu is a hopeless dumb… its good for Gun to stay with someone else

    1. Oho Anu.. He’s ur name sake huh…
      I can’t believe tho that he made Akhriti try to romance him..
      Bekar insan or bekar show… I hope they introduce a better guy than rvj for gun Kyunki Anu or rvj dono gun ki pyaar ki layak nhi h….

    2. Useless ND hopless Anu.. Gun deserves someone better… I hope gun doesn’t become pregnant with Anus baby… I was hoping for a pregnancy but not anymore….

  2. bijaye tokhai

    i used to like the show but now it starts to stink just like the makers of this piece of garbage.

  3. That Charudutt, the evil ine family. Ruining everyone’s peace. He should take sanyaas instead of ruining the youngsters life. Anu hopeless case since beginning. He does not love Gungun, else he would know that she is doing all this for family. Better Golu, Ankit & the brother, they know Gungun better. Akriti always gets what she wants, showing that people should be like her to get whatever they want. And Gungun showing that being good means lose everything. Cheap show ever.

    1. Yaar Sabr Ka fal mitha hota Hai.. Let’s wait ND see in shaa Allah there’s something better in store for our gun…

  4. I also don’t like this show anymore. This is worst show ever. At starting story was different but now makers changed it completely in a bad way. i don’t like this extra mature gun and also there is no banters of anugun. I just hate this show.

    1. A nice film without focus gungun should have rejected this role,the director is an amateur how akriti be so powerful and the Oldman so blind to her atrocities before the force marriage to abvn,this film belong to trash can

  5. Anu is seriously dumb..first he left gg and chose his family..th fought with family nd chose gun..now again left gg and chose family..sach pata chalte hi he will leave family and choose gg..such a confused character..he always left gg alone but acts like a victim everytime..

  6. Maya will make an entry in kkis for few episodes to reveal akiriti’s true colours…once she enters in bhatnagar house she will be shocked to learn that gungun is pregnant…Maya will be seen more angry and file a complaint against anubhav..she will enter ks house along with police to arrest anubhav for marrying gungun for 2nd time…but Maya will assume that it’s 2nd marriage after akiriti..but anu will reveal that it’s 1st marriage…then there will be court drama…gungun’s lawyer will get cctv footage video to show judge how gungun got saved by anubhav who put vermillion on her forehead from ranvijaya…even it will also show that Dr.riddhesh bhatnagar was there at temple…rv’s gang misbehaved with gungun and riddhesh..Dr.maya will be hell shocked to know how evil ranvijaya is!!she will even realize that how wonderful man anubhav is for gungun..Dr.maya will go to witness box to reveal how she and akiriti planned together to separate anugun..same lawyer will also show video how they planned together…ks family will be shocked and regret for misunderstanding and insulting gungun..gc gang will be happy to witness it..

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    I can’t wait till June end, it will not improve, rather this is ruining more day by day😡😡😡😡… So my official bye bye to show and comment from here…
    Hope we meet in other show who so ever comment here..🤞🏻🤞🏻
    Bye bye..

  8. ewwwww, Anu and Akriti romancing
    oh my eyes……….. ewwwwwwwwww feel like throwing up, cant cant see it
    thank god i stop watching the show, reading it is making me throw up, watching it i will end up in emergency room.

  9. Apparently the show is going off air soon… Then that’s good news.

    1. If it goes off air we won’t suffer from headache anymore….I tried to stop watching this show but it’s not working as I became more obsessed with anugun’s lovestory…I’m a man…I watched this show for the first time since the beginning…I never watched any Indian serials before..I only watched cartoons English series and sports like cricket and football except Indian series….I watched kkis because it was not like itv logic..it was rom com drama… I loved rest of bhatnagar family…after riddhesh’s death garima shifted to her husband’s house…gungun became alone and isolated now…gungun is getting insulted and taunted day by day by akiriti and ks family after Dr.riddhesh passed away…when Dr.riddhesh was alive he always handled everything to make gungun feel better..he was the most important and special character ever…old gungun was carefree,immature,spoilt brat,party animal and cute person ever…I’m not happy with new gungun being mature who sacrificed everything to fulfill others happiness who hurt her deeply…she is brainless like anubhav too..immature gungun is much better than mature gungun…if Dr.riddhesh stayed alive for long time gungun would have stayed same like spoilt brat and carefree…when riddhesh has passed away gungun was forced to be more mature to handle everything…it also happens in real life too like my friend used to be very bubbly sweet and lovely person…after his father’s death he became more sensible mature and behaving like older…he dropped out of college to start farming business to fulfill his father’s house..its natural like that for gungun to be more after her loved one passed away…anubhav and ks family are the main reason for Dr.riddhesh’s death..how can gungun still respect them easily??such an idiot girl gungun is!she is from rich family..why can’t she be more smart and intelligent to teach ks family a lesson?even gungun should also insult and slap anubhav to make him understand the importance of life and relationship…gungun should have punished him for marrying akiriti after putting vermillion on her forehead..but golu chachu and gang always support and care for gungun only…golu chachu is now father figure to gungun like Dr.riddhesh…I wish that golu chachu and garima bua should take gungun to usa to be with her when she gets pregnant…gc and garima bua will be wonderful grandpa and grandma for anugun’s kids…gc should break ties with ks family and own daughter and wife too..

    2. No she has became more immature now bcoz she thinks marrying RV will sort out everything.but this is worst decision ever.

  10. Anu kitna nadaan hai that’s what happens when parents overprotect their kids, see the way Bade pappa never gives anyone a chance to think or decide for themselves.

  11. A nice film without focus gungun should have rejected this role,the director is an amateur how akriti be so powerful and the Oldman so blind to her atrocities before the force marriage to abvn,this film belong to trash can

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