Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun’s marriage day

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun saying congrats and all the best for your honeymoon, don’t forget my marriage, do come. Anu says I will surely come. Sunanda says but you are married. Gungun says my sindoor was a lie, my marriage didn’t happen, it will happen tomorrow with Ranvijay. Sargam asks did you apply it just like that. Akriti asks why did you say you got married. Gungun says it was a joke, marriage without parents is a joke. Anu says I hope this marriage isn’t a joke, I was a fool to get trapped in your fake tears, I thought you love me, you can’t love anyone and don’t deserve it. His imagination ends. Charu asks what happened, Anu. Anu looks around. He says congrats. Gungun says thanks, all the best. Golu says I can’t believe that she is the same Gungun who we know, she isn’t affected, maybe she got helpless to change, I think she is hiding something. He says I want to talk to Gungun. Gungun refuses to talk. Akriti makes Gungun jealous. Sargam asks Gungun to have food.

Gungun says no, I don’t want to put on weight, I have to meet Ranvijay. Maya says they love each other so much, they can’t stay without each other for a day. Sunanda says if Gungun loves him so much, then why was Riddhesh finding her alliance. Gungun says dad was finding an alliance, I was marrying Anu because of dad’s pressure. Charu says Anu also agreed because of family pressure, its good that he broke the marriage, you both can stay happy. Maya taunts on the family. Sunanda praises Akriti. Gungun says do come in marriage and get your husband along. Akriti asks Gungun to invite him herself. Anu says we will surely come. Akriti sees Gungun wearing the ring and says wow, what a beautiful ring, is it your engagement ring, but I feel I have seen this ring. Gungun says you are a scientist, still you have a weak memory, dad gave this ring to Anu as a wedding gift, Anu returned it. Akriti says you said its lost. Anu asks did your dad give it to me. Gungun asks who else can give it, me? I didn’t earn a rupee till now, if I earned, then why would I spend it on you, I will give this ring to Ranvijay, its my dad’s last wish, thanks for returning it. Maya says my Gungun is taking right decisions these days. Gungun invites them again and leaves. She thinks of Anu.

Its Gungun’s wedding day. Garima and Shankar come. Maya asks Garima to go and see if Gungun is ready, baraat will be coming. Shankar says you gave no respect here and got me insulted. Garima says I came here for Gungun, not for your respect. Gungun gets ready for her wedding. The girls compliment her. they ask why did you get engaged to Anu when you had to marry Ranvijay. Gungun says my hair and make up should be the best, I want to look the prettiest today. Garima comes. She compliments Gungun. Gungun takes some tablets. She says its vitamins tablets. Garima asks why are you taking it. Gungun says its deficiency. The girls go. Garima says you look beautiful, not happy. Gungun says I m very happy. Garima says when you lie, your eyes tell me the truth, you aren’t happy because Ranvijay isn’t right for you. Gungun says he is the best for me, Anu was the biggest mistake of my life. The girls come and say baraat has come. Garima says I have to go and welcome the baraat. Gungun takes more pills. Ranvijay dances in his baraat. Anu and his family come there. Garima stands at the door with Maya to welcome the baraat. Ranvijay sees Anu and smirks. He goes ahead to the door. Maya does his tilak and feeds him the sweets. She welcomes him. She welcomes Anu and his family. The pandit asks them to call the bride. Gungun takes more pills. The girls come to call her. They ask Gungun to come. They praise Ranvijay. They tell about a big family. Gungun says lets go then.

Gungun comes to Anu’s house and says you all wanted to know about my husband. She says Anu, I have come to you, you didn’t want me to go to US. Akriti raises hand on her and scolds. Gungun holds her hand and says when the first wife talks, then the second one shouldn’t talk in between. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This serial is stuck somewhere since 2 week same precap going one .

  2. Is Gungun attempting suicide I mean those tablets?

  3. Same precap from 5 days so disgusting 😒😒

  4. The makers truly have killed their brain cells. This serial has become crap just like the other flop serials and now the same exact precap has been repeating over and over and over again. God knows till when the same precap will be shown

  5. Sylvano Desouza

    Apparently the wedding Wont happen, Donno what’s going to happen, how will Gungun and Akriti share the same husband..

  6. Just like Saukan Saukane movie of Nimrat Khaira, Sargun Mehta, and Ammy Virk

  7. But with more drama and rona dona

  8. I don’t understand Anubhav, he promises that he will never leave her and in the upcoming few days he says that he felt cheated. he didn’t have guts to tell the truth, then he says GG that you are my wife and you reside in my heart and then in 2 days, he thinks his love and temple things were a facade. I mean is he that stupid, that girl is ready to sacrifice her love for you and save your scientist of the year prestige and you are so dumb being so smart that you cant see in her eyes, the love for you.
    he deserve Akriti, both are so dumb for being too smart. Anubhav should understand thst the person who was so selfless for your uncle, how come she is going to leave you and marry Ronnie.

  9. It’s interesting to see that the serials where women dress modern, are taking off the air and replaced with old mythological serials, old school, saas-bahi types.
    Brain wash in progress..

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