Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Gungun fight

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun complaining about Anu. She talks to everyone. They ask her to eat something. Chandru says I will sing a song for you. Golu says let her eat food first. Gungun says Bua feeds me by her hands, who will feed me now. Sargam feeds her. Gungun loves the food. She says I got ready to have food because you didn’t support Anu. Divya says she is so sweet, who will say she is rude. Gungun says nobody, just Anu thinks so. Chandru says I will sing a song for you. He sings. Golu stops him. Gungun shouts. They all give her water. She asks for chocolate. Sunanda makes her eat curd and water. Gungun says its better than chocolate, when will he come back. Golu asks who. She says he. He says she is asking about Anu. Chandru says he will come soon. She says I have to go, then dad has to come here to invite. He asks are you getting married. She says no, birthday invite. He laughs.

She says he is much happy for my birthday, its my 21st birthday, I m not a kid. Sunanda asks who are in your family, apart from dad and Bua. Gungun says sorry, Bua asked me not to talk while eating, I have dad, me and Bua in the house, maid Sarita, driver uncle, they are strange, watchman uncle. Goli asks where does your mum stay. Gungun gets silent. Chandru says she would have got upset. Gungun says she stays in US, she is a doctor. Goli says we can’t take her place, you can come here if you feel alone. Gungun says I don’t want to talk about this, I will never come here. They say no. Sunanda says we promise, we won’t talk about it, will you come. Gungun says yes. She hugs Sargam and says you are really nice, the koftas are special because you made it and fed me by your hands, thanks. Gungun asks how is Anu your son. Sargam asks her to have water. Gungun says I don’t drink water after having food, I m feeling sleepy after having rice, mom comes in my dreams, don’t react now, okay. Divya asks her to sleep for sometime. Sargam says yes.

Gungun says wake me up in half an hour, I have to invite everyone. They agree. Neeti takes her to bedroom. Gungun thanks Sargam and goes. They all find her cute. Gungun says I couldn’t sleep at night. Neeti asks her to sleep. Gungun asks her to switch on AC. Neeti says sorry, we have no AC, but this fan is good. Gungun says everyone is sweet here except Anu. Neeti asks her to sleep. She goes. She says Gungun slept, she said she can’t sleep without AC, then she slept. Golu says she is lovely, Anu shouldn’t know that Gungun is sleeping on his bed. He does poetry. Anu comes back home. He asks Chavi to get up. Golu, Yug and Neeti look on. Anu asks Chavi to wake up. Yug asks shall I click a pic. Neeti says don’t overreact. Anu pulls the blanket. Gungun wakes up. They see each other and gets shocked. They start arguing.

She says ask your family, they asked me to sleep here, its a big family, let me recall. She says Preeti asked me to sleep here. Anu asks are you drunk, there is no one named Preeti here. They argue. Neeti, Yug and Golu laugh seeing them fight. Anu asks Gungun to leave. Golu says their love story is beginning. Anu says get out. Golu says we should go inside now. They go to Gungun and ask did she sleep. Gungun signs about Anu. Anu asks who made her sleep in my room. Neeti says we fed her food. Yug says she was feeling sleepy. Anu asks did you just get my room. Neeti says you were not at home, your room was empty. Gungun tells everything. She asks them to tell something to Anu. Golu takes Gungun’s side. Anu and Gungun argue a lot.

Gungun and Chavi are in the party. Anu asks Chavi to come. Gungun says I won’t send her. Anu and Gungun fight. She gets upset. Neeti asks Anu to call and apologize. Gungun takes his call and scolds him. He says I m sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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