Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun pacifies Golu

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun saying I will break the door if you don’t open it. Anu says I also gave this idea. Yug says she is threatening. Gungun acts hurt. Goli asks him to go. Anu says this is blackmailing, we could have done this too. Gungun asks why did you do it. She screams. Goli opens the door and asks are you fine. Gungun says yes. Goli says you fooled me. Gungun says you weren’t opening the door. Gungun goes after her. Golu says look at her magic. Anu says this is blackmailing. Gungun asks why are you upset, tell me. Neeti says Bua loves Gungun more than me. Yug says no, she acted hurt. Neeti laughs and says I know.

Gungun asks who is that fool who made me cry. Golu says she is called Chandru as fool. Yug says she is calling Pradyush as fool. Gungun says I will cancel the marriage. Goli says you don’t cancel the marriage for an outsider. Gungun says then let him be an outsider. Goli says some people bring bad memories. Gungun says I know the feeling, my mom is coming in the marriage, I can’t stop her from coming. She cries. Goli says my pain is coming to meet me, we can’t do anything. Gungun says we can ignore pain as an irritating salesman, I have decided to ignore the pain, you also ignore, sometimes it’s a big punishment for a person when we ignore. Goli says forget it, sit, how is the marriage preparation going. Gungun says I didn’t start study, I have a deal with dad that I will pass the exam and then divorce Anu. Goli asks what. Anu asks will she tell everyone about the deal. Goli asks why did you sign the deal. Gungun says I didn’t want the marriage, come out of the room, else I will get a chance to cancel this. Goli says no, I will come. Gungun thanks her and asks how are Buas so sweet, you also forgot your sorrow for my happiness, come fast, else Anu will tease me. They go out and see everyone hiding. They all say we were scared and called Gungun to help. Anu says not fair, you opened the door for the outsider. Goli says no, she is this house laxmi as Neeti. Golu says you also stay as Laxmi, if you lock yourself again, then I will eat your samosa. They all smile. Goli says don’t dare to touch my samosa. Anu says now I can peacefully go to my institute, I have no interest in seeing the magic show.

Anu says I m distributing the work, send me the project reports by mail, I won’t come for work, but will work from home. The lady says Akriti is also going for leave. Anu says you should have informed beforehand. Akriti says yes, I had personal work, its imp. They argue.

The team support Anu. Anu asks them to go, he has to talk to Akriti. They leave. Anu asks what’s happening, she can’t vent out anger on her. He asks her to keep personal issues out of the institute. He leaves. Akriti asks what if personal thing happens in the institute, love, I have a problem with your marriage, because I like you, in fact I love you. He gets shocked.

She confesses her feelings to him. He says I didn’t know you think so about me. She says you couldn’t say this to yourself too that you like me. He asks why did you think so. She says you made me feel special, you care for me. He says I care for all my assistants, I didn’t give you any signal that I have feelings for you. She says we don’t express feelings this way, you like to spend time with me, you like discussing personal things with me. He says you have this in your head, I don’t love anyone, so I m having an arranged marriage. She asks why do you want to marry without love. He says I don’t want to talk about it, I respect your feelings. She says complications will get more, I m the right person for you, I understand you, call Gungun and tell her that you can’t marry her, give me a chance, we can get married after your divorce, I know you will end this marriage after a year. He asks are you out of your mind. She says love makes a good person mad. He leaves.

She faints down. Anu and everyone rush to her. The guy says she doesn’t eat lunch and always say that she doesn’t want to have anything. Anu cares for her. He asks them to call the doctor. She gets conscious. She sees everyone. She asks what happened. Anu asks everyone to go. He says you fainted down, are you fine. She says it depends on you, I have told you my feelings. He says I don’t want to give you a false hope. He gets a call.

She says I m fine, I don’t want to go to any doctor. He says you need counselling, go home and take rest. She asks do you think I m mad. He says no, you can take professional help if you don’t understand, take care. Anu goes and thinks I have to clear her misunderstanding, I don’t want her career and mental health to get affected.

Anu and his family come in Gungun’s bachelorette party. Ranvijay jokes on Anu.

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  1. Sometimes I feel that, DR.maya belongs to anubhav family. I want anugun moments please….. When will they become friends?

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    Yeh badi modern family hai bhai bachelorette party boyfriend ke saath allow karti hai…

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