KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 50 Golden Jubilee {HASTA LA VISTA}


Episode 50 ::
6 months later 🌠🌠🌠
The Episode starts with the city of New York … the dazzling lights the overcrowding places screen shifts to a Amazingly starled place where award function is going on the red carpet was spread and the stars was walking around hand in hand happily giving their interviews posing for pics …

The function going on with full swing the celebs dancing showing their moves making everyone go gaga about them followed by the nominations and the award presentation …

So welcome back people to the MMM awards 2018 …I Karan invites you all back again …
I feel this is getting boring right ? Abeer Karan asked ..

Yep yaar we need a dhamkedar Jalwa now ..
So put your hands down and let your heartbeats raised because now the performance is of the most sensous couple have an applause for them Karan told while the curtains side … revealing the breathtaking figure

Jalwa Jalwa Jalwa…….
Jalwa Jalwa Jalwa…….
Jismon Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa, Kismon Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa
Shoharat Bhi De Yeh Jalwa, Maksad Bhi De Yeh Jalwa
(Jasmin walks around dancing swifting her body perfectly on the beats putting the fire around looking breath taking gorgeous )

Dilkash Lage Yeh Jalwa, Mehkash Lage Yeh Jalwa
Nasha Hi Nasha Yeh Jalwa, Maja Hi Maja, Nasha Hi Nasha
JalwaΒ Jalwa
( Everyone started hooting and Shouting while she continued dancing and turned and stops giving a look followed by an applause)

Make some noise for the desi boyz
The boyz, the boyz
Let’s go c’mon
Kudiyan de dil utte rule karange, ehi bazaaran vich phaili hai hawa
Todange Romeo de love da record vi, likhange ishqe da paath nawa
Hum yaaron bigde hain, dil apna hai shareef bada

Make some noise for the desi boyz
(Sidhant entered with all of his smile and killer style he ruffles his hair dancing on the beats with many other girls slaying with them perfectly)

One, two, three Go
English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
Sohne mohne bannke, chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
Sohne mohne bannke, chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
( The fire Litted when he threw his shirt dancing around looking hell while everyone shouting for him the performance making everyone drool over him ..)

Song changed again with them dancing on jashan e Ishq followed by lag ja gale ..
Rabb Warga Mera Woh
Rabb Warga
Tenu Hai Mila Mahi Rabb Warga
Zinda Hai Ye Dil Mera
Saanson Se Teri Sanam
Tere Dil Mein Basa Hai Mera
Saara Jahan
(Sidhant and Jasmin comes from the opposite site and holds each other hands while both smiled at each other and started dancing romantically)

Pehla Pyar Tu Mera
Tu Hi Aakhri Sanam
Teri Chahat Ko Maan Baitha
Main Hoon Khuda
(Sidhant kept a hand on her waist pulling her closer to him while she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck perfectly matching his steps ..and he smiled)

Tere Mere Pyar Nu Nazar Na Lage
Rukh Jao Yaara Aaja Lag Ja Gale
Jaan Waliye Lag Ja Gale
Jaan Waliye Lag Ja Gale
They both dance and moved romantically while sidhant pecked her cheeks lifted her and twirling her all around ..with the crackers buzzing around while they stopped and looks at each other breathing heavily followed by the claps ..)

Hooo what a performance man Abeer and Karan told …

Now its time for the last award of the ceremony of the best female debut and the nominations are he said and started showing ..

{Jasmin Sarna Gupta as twinkle }
“FIRSTLY YOU HAVE SNACTHED THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES OF MY LIFE NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE” BUT YOU HAD MANY THINGS TO LOOSE SO BEFORE DOING ANYTHING THINK ABOUT THEM” Twinkle ended while kunj was hell shocked with the way she was talking her attitude her hatred towards him …their scene from their movie KAATIL was shown ..

Now I would like to call Mr Arjun Singh and Mr sidhant Gupta on the dice Karan said while they both came ..
So the winner is …they said while Sid opened and smiled ..any guess ?? He asked teasingly

And the winner is JASMIN SARNA GUPTA sidhant told while smiling all smiled jas got up from her face with her all pretty smiled she hugged Kunj and twinkle who was too present there along with Sakshi and arav …she went to the stage while sidhant forward his hands

all hoots for them while she took her award from sidhant and Arjun and smiled ..

Firstly I am so happy to receive this award from my life she said while sidhant smiled I want to dedicate this award to my parents who had made me this self confidence and ofcourse my husband mr Gupta because of whom I entered this industry jas said recalling their revenge while both smiled and she left with sidhant …the ceremony ended on a happy note ..

Sidmin along with twinj and arakshi went back home ..
Congratulations to both of my kids arav said and hugged them followed by twinj ..
Thank you Papa jas said and smiled ..they sees video call from India and picked up ..

When you all are coming ?? Kush asked from other side ..Neil Avni ahaan Khushi Ahana beside kush ..
Tomorrow Kunj replied while they smiled ..

Congratulations guys Avni said while sidmin muttered thank you ..they all sat talking about the function ..while sidmin left for their room …
Let’s go out waise bhi we are leaving tomorrow Kunj said ..

Haan even I am thinking same twinkle replied arakshi too went with them to roam the city …
Twinkle was feeling cold while Kunj smiled and sidehugged her tightly ..while she looked at him and rested her head against his chest ..

This all went so fast na Kunj twinkle said while he smiled yeah boss I can’t believe still my babies are grown up so soon Kunj said ..
I want their childhood back Kunj said ..

Haha you will get their childhood in their kids now twinkle replied and then you will be more old she said while Kunj pouted huh I’ll stay young atleast for you he winked at her while she smiled …
Oh my god it was so tiring day today sidhant said removing his shoes while jas smiled sitting beside him ..yes it was
Waise I liked your speech you dedicated your award to me Haan Sid said while she smirked ..

Yes because of you only I came na to take Revenge jas winked at him ..
Yes then fell in love with me having REVENGEFUL LOVE sidhant said and grabbed her waist while she looked at him shocked ..

Sidhant she said ..
Shh quiet you are looking damn today sidhant flirted ..
Again flirting Haan she said ..

Yes thanks to this flirting only that made me falls for you deeply he whispered in her ears while smiled …he kissed her cheeks and at the corner of her lips while she shies ..

Ahaan shying he said ..
Huh not at all she winked at him while he joined their lips both dominating each other jas hands went towards his tux coat while he removed it still kissing her a
They falls on bed with Sid on top of jas he left her lips and nuzzled his face in crook of her neck leaving his marks while she moaned his name ..he looked at her and kissed her again while she smiled pulling him more over her deepening their kiss while the broke after sometime ..

I love you she murmured against their lips ..
Love you too and more than you do sidhant said while they hugged and continued their romance moving in another world …
Twinj and arakshi retired back home and left for their rooms …while twinkle rested her head on Kunj chest while he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer …still your heart beats double when I come close to you twinkle said while he smirked yes the devil with in me is still same for his angel he murmured while they both smiled and looked at the time …

Happy anniversary mrs twinkle Kunj sarna Kunj spoke while twinkle looked at him happy anniversary mr Kunj sarna she said while they joined their forehead it’s been so many years since we were married Kunj said while twinkle smiled yeah ..

I can’t forget our wedding twinkle said you know na Kunj how much excited I was twinkle told him while he smiled sadly but my stupidity made you away from me he said ..

Hah noways mr devil atlast we had a thrilling story na she winked ..
You are mad Kunj said pecking her lips …
Yes I am twinkle replied

MERI KAATIL Kunj said and winked ..
Haww twinkle said both joining their foreheads promising to be of each other till the end ..

Next morning :::
Sidmin were sleeping in each other embrace tightly cuddling each other when sidhant woke up and looked at the time ..
Oye kkn get up or else we will miss our flight Sid said ..

Let me sleep na she said while he lifted her she looks at him shocked ..while he smirked mischeviously …

The packings were done and sidminΒ  arakshi and twinj left back for India …no one wished twinj while they were quiet suprised with it …

@ twinj house ::::
Everyone were happy with their coming they planned to celebrate twinj anniversary in a grand way which was today …

Avni was in her room seeing herself in mirror when Neil comes there he smiled looking at her he went and back hugged her while she rested her head against his front ..

What happen Jaan ? He asked while she looked at him worried and pouted while he pecked her pout making her Suprise and smiled ..I am gaining weight na she asked while Neil chucked ..

Yeah you are looking like jumping bag he said while Avni frowned ..
Seriously she said looking in mirror while Neil hugged her and side her hairs resting his chin on her shoulder ..

Not at all yaar you are looking cute as always Neil said and kissed her neck while she blushed ..

You are looking damn cute even more than before that I can’t resist coming closer to you he said while she pushed him hah step aside mr Khanna she said ..

Are why bhai ? Neil asked ..
Wo ..Avni said and moved closer to him ..
Kuch to sharam karo kush said while they both cursed him ..

Aagaya saala Neil said while Avni hits him ..kush and ahaan enter ..
Waise love birds we are going to pick them from airport you can continue your romance kush said ..

Huh so bad kush I’ll take revenge from you to just few days left for your azaadi too …Neil gritted his teeths while ahaan and Avni laughed seeing Kush expression …
Soon they went and picked up twinj sidmin and arakshi and left for twinj house while all the way talking to them ..teasing sidmin alott still no one wished twinj which suprised them .. they reached home ..while ronaya abhiya shweraj along with avneil adeerat yuviara ahaan Khushi and Ahana waiting for them they met them all and entered inside …they blindfolded twinj taking them inside …while the opened the blindfold and twinj was shocked seeing the house beautifully decorated …

Happiest anniversary to you both Mumma Papa kush jas Avni trio stands and wished them while Kunj opens his arms and they hugged him ..
Thanks you so much we thought that you all forgot twinkle said ..

Are how can we forget Rohan added while all nodded agreeing him they all smiled ..and bring the cake for them..
While twinj stands in the middle sidmin and avneil on the either sides kush then yuviara(yuvaan Kiara) adeerat ahaan Khushi and Ahana followed by ronaya arakshi shweraj soon Samaira too joined them ..

So finally bhabhi is here ahaan said while Samaria blushed they pushed her towards kush while he smiled looking at other side ..twinj cut the cake and feeds all of them while they started taking selfies ..

Happy anniversary Papa Mumma Samaira said and hugged twinj ..
Thank you so much twinkle and Kunj said while her parents comes there too ..
So you already joined your in-laws ? Samaira mum asked ..

She is already ours twinkle said hai na kush she added teasing him while they all smiled ..
Twinkle and Kunj sees Avni and hugged her ..

How’s you ? Kunj asked cupping her face..
I am fine Papa just having this morning sickness Avni said while twinj smiled .
Haha it happens mrs Khanna twinkle and Kunj teased her ..Neil comes there ..and met them too ..

How’s you Neil twinkle asked ..
Fine but this moodswinger doesn’t let me stay in peace Neil said while Avni passed him death glare and they laughed ..

They were enjoying the party while the siblings were teasing each other
Let’s play a game ahaan said while all turned towards him ..

What ? Rohan asked ..
Wait Papa wait Haan said ..
So this is the bowl and it contained the chits which task will be written here you have to do that without any tantrum okay ..ahaan said all nodded…

To first with the love birds ahaan said and took the bowl near twinj while Kunj pats on his head ..
Share your love confession he reads while all hoots for him ..

Twinj looks at each other recalling times how they met at college fell in love Kunj proposed her twinkle delayed it and they got married Kunj Revenge twinkle suffering their separation and meeting again Kunj knowing about their kids their reunion and jas birth everything flash before their eyes they looks at each other smiling like idiots ..

Share your experience rock it sidhant said break-ing their thoughts while Kunj looked at him and he gulps in ..
Fuss pataka jas murmured while all laughed ..

Are how can I share Kunj said while all hoots for them ..
Means Kunj maamu how you confess or twinkle maa confessed it first ! Adee asked ..

Ofcourse twinkle maa ahaan said ..
Oh I confessed first Kunj said again all hoots for them ..

So next turn for my lovely Mumma Papa Kiara said and passed chit to ronaya ..
Share one bad habit of each other Rohan read ..

Awww sidhant and Neil said together ..
Rohan uhmmm he makes me wait for long bad habit is this only he made so long to confess and even before us twinj got married Shanaya said all laughed ..

Huh Shanaya ..and her is jealousy she gets jealous easily but I love my possessive Shanaya Rohan said sidehugging her and all clapped ..

Next turn was of arakshi ..they looks at each other ..
Identify your partner it reads …who will do it ? Sidhant asked cheerful ..

I’ll do it Sakshi said and all cheered she was blindfolded ..while Rohan arav Kunj RajΒ  stands Sakshi passed near them
Are mom paa is in right sidhant said teasing her .. while arav was in left
Shut up Sakshi said ..

Aww poor baby jas teased him ..she went and held arav hand while all hoots ..
So how did you identify him ? Ahaan asked ..

By his perfume Sakshi said while everyone mouth forms O ..
Next was of avneil ….
Dance it reads ..while they looks at each other ..

No she can’t dance Shweta said ..
Are mom don’t worry Neil said and slowly danced with Avni while all smiled ..

I have one thing for you both Samaira said and gave them props of soon to be Mumma Papa while all smiled ..

Next turn now Rohan asked …
Kush bhai jas said ..while ahaan passed kush a chit ..

Propose her it reads ..kush said and gritted his teeths to jas and ahaan who already made that plan they both winked ..
Common kush show that you are Kunj sarna son Kunj said ..

Kush sat on his knees infront of her ..
Will you marry me ? He asked
Nope Samaira said while he made faces and ask her to meet him later ..

Uff 0 proposal Issey acha to Kunj ne mujhe propose kiye twinkle said
Siyappa queen Kunj murmured and all laughed ..

Miss Samaira will you let me be your better half ? Will you share your life with me ??? Will you become my reason to breathe ?? Will you stay in my happiness and support in my sorrow ? Kush asked ..

Yes samaira said all hoots for them..
I think let’s have a small ring ceremony what say ? Kunj asked while all nodded soon kush and samaira exchanged rings while all congratulates them ..

Last but not the least so next one is sidmin they said ..
We are not doing anything sidhant said ..
Oh shut up you have to do Avni said ..

Moti sidhant lipsed while she throw cushion at him ..
Sidhant opened the chit ..

Flirting he reads while they smiled ..
I am very much impressed with your acting miss jasmin..Sid told …
Thank you mr Gupta she said while he smirked ..

It’s Sidhant or you can call me baby too I won’t mind he said winking
Whatever jas said ..
In this cold too I am feeling sooooooo hot Sid said while jas smiled ..

Keep your eyes and complements with yourself baby jas winked while all hooted they ended the game all smiled happily they arranged dinner and everyone was having it while ahaan played their movie KAATIL …

Everyone was watching it with much interest twinkle and Aditi bond Ranveer poking Kunj ..Kunj Yuvi and Armaan scenes Kunj going back twinj staying together Kunj shocking with twiditi enterprises Yuvi and Aditi falling in love Ali and Zoya wedding then whole revelation of Armaan followed by Shanaya and Varun death ..while the movie was going on Avni sees herself ..and started crying fakely see how I was slim n trim that time now see Avni said ..

Ahh it’s just 2 months and your moodswings are killing me Neil said teasing her ..
Tillu don’t tease my daughter Shweta said while Avni hugged her showing tongue to Neil ..

Tillu all the Youngesters said together and laughed ..
Soon tillu ka pillu aajayega πŸ˜‚ sidhant said and all laughed again …

Everyone had their dinner they all went in lawn after changing their clothes having fun together ..they arranged the sheets in the lawn and laid on it seeing sky ..
I never thought that someday I’ll get a big family like this Neil said while sidhant too nodded ..yeah even I ..

I got every happiness he said ..while jas smiled …
Oh my god that story man sidhant and jas revenge Avni and Neil love their unexpected wedding and literally unexpected separation and finally after everything’s their confession and we all are together kush said …

Yeah all replied then kush bhai meeting samaira bhabhi and their confession ahaan and jas again poked kush while all laughed ..

This feels so good to see them all like this na twinkle Kunj said while twinkle nodded..yes I am happy that they forgot the revenge and went in colour of love twinkle said ..

Yeah I wish this all continues and no one snatch their happiness Kunj said ..
Even I wish the same twinj sidehugged while others sees them and smiled ..they all stand and someone walks in their lawn while everyone was shocked seeing Viraj and Vihaan there ..

You both ? Arav said ..
Wo we came here to apologize for what we did Viraj said ..while everyone was shocked ..

But you said you will be back for revenge Kunj said ..
Yeah but sidhant goodness made me realise my mistake Viraj said ..even after doing so much to him he still got me treated for my legs and I realised I did so wrong with him Viraj said ..

Even I the brother who love me like anything I never care I am so sorry he said while sidhant hugged him and Viraj hugged arav …

Dont I am happy that I got my brother back both sidhant and arav spoke and looks at each other ..
We are leaving from here for some days Vihaan said ..

Be back soon sidhant replied and they left from there while all sighed ..
Now everything is fine sidhant said all smiled and they have a family hug …laying back again on floor hoping for a another new morning closing the chapter and having a happily ever after ..
The story of revenge turned into love πŸ’–
Hasta la vista πŸ’–πŸ’–
So how was the last chapter guys ..???
Hope you all like it ..
Thanks to all who commented on the last one ..
So yeah well I have completed both of my stories now I am tension free ..firstly twinj and adiza and then sidmin and avneil πŸ™ŠπŸŒ 
Thanks to everyone for supporting me again and enjoying the story ..
Well I don’t know if I’ll write another story or now as per now ..my exams are coming and it will continue till December can’t say anything πŸ˜†let’s see what will happen later …
Specially thanks to all my regular readers who have waited for me to post no matter how much late it was ..love you all guys by this I completed 460 articles today πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†..
Thanks for all the love and encouragement you have given me …
Love you guys will miss you all πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Bye Allahafiz πŸ‘‹

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