KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 5


Shot 5 :::
The Episode starts twinkle moving towards kunj he looked at her coming towards him while their Lawyers too stand beside them ..

My client Miss Twinkle is ready to stay with Mr Sarna if he doesn’t have any problem twinkle lawyer told kunj …

Why would I have any ? By the way it’s good kunj taunted back but twinkle didn’t paid any heed to them ..

He thanked his lawyer for seeing his case in this short notice while Aditi sees twinkle and hugs her …

Take care of yourself I’ll pack your luggage and send it call me if you need anything anytime okay Aditi said while twinkle nodded …kunj too sees Aditi
He gets a call from his house care taker that it had been cleaned he looked at twinkle …

I think we should go home now he said while twinkle looked at him ..
You go in your car I’ll drop twinkle there Aditi said gritting her teeths while kunj looked at him ..

Fine he said and sat in his car while Ali and Aditi drop twinkle at kunj house …they bid her bye and hugged her while she went inside her feets were trembling taking each n every step ..

Kunj had already reached there and was waiting for twinkle only when he sees her she reached till door and he stand beside her they both recall how they had entered the same house after their wedding and how they had left too it was a big mansion type house which Sarna family used often when they come to India ..

Soon they both entered inside by Keeping their right legs together they sees the whole house still nothing changed there twinkle controlled her emotions kunj was noticing her each n every action they went inside after sometime twinkle luggage too came she entered their room and kept it while kunj was sitting on couch cooly and Twinkle was roaming here and there many thoughts were running in her mind …

Why he wanted divorce after 2 years ???
He was not ready stay with her for 6 months them how did he agreed ..???

How can he stay and sit calmly she looked at him with anger in her eyes …
Get up she said angrily while he got up still having that smirk on his face ..

What happened wifey kunj said and Got up while she held his collar …


Oh really what I DESERVED Hah twinkle looked at him and let out a faint laugh …

Now I can least expect that still your SO REVENGE wasn’t successful so you came back to see I am destroyed or not if I am living in that condition where you left me to beg was I am in same condition or not ??? Twinkle taunted him back cool ly ..

Kunj was hell shocked he was expecting her to shout at him why he didn’t came back why he broke her trust but the case was something else she was not even angry on him for that but their was hatred in her voice ….

Arey where are you lost Mr Sarna ??? She snaps her fingers before him planning out ways to torcher me for next 6 months right ??? She again said in same hatred voice while kunj looked at her …

YES” you are actually right wifey he said and winked while she smirked ..

AS EXPECTED” she murmured and looked at him but always remember one thing Mr Sarna I am not that idiot which once loved you and got betrayed I am changed and warning you before itself don’t try to do anything with meFIRSTLY YOU HAVE SNACTHED THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES OF MY LIFE NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE” BUT YOU HAD MANY THINGS TO LOOSE SO BEFORE DOING ANYTHING THINK ABOUT THEM” Twinkle ended while kunj was hell shocked with the way she was talking her attitude her hatred towards him …

Twinkle went from there to change inside washroom while kunj was still in state of shock ..

Was that twinkle really ??? He asked himself recalling all of her words when did she start hating me this much ? He sat again while after sometime twinkle came back dressed up in her office attries as she got a call from Aditi ..

Kunj sees her and was so lost to see her in her office clothes while she left from there soon she reached twiditi enterprise where Aditi was already waiting for her ..

Yuvi too comes there and sees them ..
He looked at twinkle he only had once saw Twinkle pic by mistake once in kunj wallet so he doesn’t remember that much ..

Twinkle this is yuvraj from K Y INTERNATIONALS and yuvraj this is twinkle my business partner she introduced them while both greeted each other soon yuvi sees his cabin ready …

Miss Aditi wo my business partner is here too so may be he will be working here too yuvi said ..while Aditi looked on ..

Okay let him come we will talk she said while yuvi said okay ….she was going back to twinkle cabin when slipped yuvi holds her in nick of time they both looks at each other ..

Thank you Aditi said while yuvi smiled ..so as we all are working together toh can be become friends yuvi asked her while she looked at him ..

Friends she asked raising her eyebrows ?? While yuvi smiled n nodded

Aditi didn’t know what to reply him and was just staring when Kavya (twinkle pa) comes there and shows Aditi some work
We will think about it later I have some work aditi replied yuvi while he smiled and said sure soon they both left from there …

Aditi after explaining something went to twinkle cabin and sees her working and was just scolding everyone else ..

I needed everything on time you all can’t do a single work twinkle throws the files while her employees sees Aditi and makes a helpless face ..

You all go and do your work she said while they left ..
What happened twinkle ???? Why are you so frustrated did he had done something ??? Aditi asked her ..

No he didn’t I am not frustrated she said and continued working ..
I can see that Twinkle she said and moved Infront of her they both sat on couch …
Next scene :::
Kunj and yuvi was sitting in cafe having their coffee while kunj was still lost about the recent happenings it was pricking him to see her behaviour ..

So how’s your day bro ??? He aksed winking ..
THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE KUNJ replied sipping his coffee ..

Kyu ??? What happend yuvi asked seeing him so lost since he came …
I was so excited to see her today she came when I was inside the office she sat beside me we both looked at each other her eyes questioning me every second why I did that with her then that blo*dy judge he made us stuck now …I expected her to shout at me but she didn’t it seems like she doesn’t want to stay with me for a second kunj said while yuvi looked at him ….
On the other side ::
Now tell me twinkle what happen ?? And why are you here after so much happen today you should have taken rest for sometime Aditi said while Twinklee hugged her ..

I don’t want to stay with him I was feeling suffocated in that house each n every corner of that house was reminding my past my mistakes which I did by loving him I don’t want to stay even a second with him and that’s why I came here Twinkle said while Aditi looked on ..

Twinkle see her you have to handle him by your way you can’t fall weak now you are “THE TWINKLE” show him hell if he does anything …aditi said
Yeah I’ll twinkle replied while they smiled and went to resume their works ..
KUVI side :::
I don’t know kunj what happen between you both in past but remember if you really love her then say it don’t let her go away from you …
Nahi yuvi I can’t do this kunj said ..

Okay then tell me what exactly happened that you said you don’t love her and she hates you ??? He asked ..

I’ll tell you some other day till then I can just say this SOME PEOPLE CAN’T BE TOGETHER he said while yuvi looked on
Waise you are going to stay where ??? Kunj asked him ..

I’ll stay in hotel only why ? Yuvi replied ..
Kyu ? You can stay with me at our house na kunj said …

Yeah I can I’ll shift there later till then I am giving you some alone time with your wifey and I don’t want to become “KAWAB ME HADDI” He ended while kunj looked on unbelievably ..

Aisa kuch nai hai Tu rahega to meri safety bhi rahegi pata Nahi wo siyappa queen Kahi Mera katl Karne k irade me to Nahi hai kunj said while both of them laughed …

Soon kunj returned back home still twinkle was not at home he was worried about her he didn’t had her number too he was going to search for her when sees her coming from door …

Where were you ? This much late twinkle he asked while she looked at him ..

If you are forgetting we are gonna get divorced that’s why we are staying together don’t try to become a typical husband understand she said and left for her room …

Hah this girl is getting on my nerves kunj murmured and left for his room too ..
Screen freezes ..
Precap : twinj memories and yuvi jealousy ??
Sorry !!!! ???? Late this time Haan I was busy with some work so couldn’t post it …
So yeah how was the shot ????
Thanks to all who commented like on last one ??????
BA BYEE ????

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  4. Superb episode each n every part was so wonderful twinkle attitude was uff too good
    I was waiting for your ff so happy to see your ff I jumped in excitement when I see your ff
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