KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 49


Episode 49 ..
The Episode starts with kush bumping with a girl while they looks at each other ..
Kush ??? She murmured ..

Samaira he replied ..while they looked on
Are Samaira beta come here Sapna said while she left and went to the elderly group ..

This is Samaira yuvaan sister Sapna introduced them while kush too came there he was shocked ..
Yuvaan meet him he is kush my brother Kiara introduced ..

Nice to meet you kush yuvaan said while kush smiled ..
Kush ? What happen Kunj asked ..

Nothing Papa ..I was just he said ..
You know Samaira ?? Twinkle asked ..
Yeah mumma I worked with her few months back kush said ..

( Remember at the time of kush entry he had a meeting with miss Malhotra she is the same Samaira Malhotra)
Ohh that’s good Avinash said ..while they all smiled ..

Kush yuvaan Kiara Samaira go and join the youngsters Shanaya said while they left …

Soon they were done with photoshoot and went for one Pooja while NeSid left their shoes ..Khushi was keeping a eye on it while ahaan made her busy in his cheesy talks ..while Ahana took the shoes from their ..while NeSid was back they were shocked to see their shoes stolen ..

Khushi ? What’s this yaar we told you to keep a eye here sidhant said ..
What I can do I am one and they are five Khushi said defeated ..

Now if you want to go from here jaib khali karo jijus ahaan said.
Ahaan you are my good brother in law na. Neil said ..

Yeah jiju but still ahaan said while NeSid looks at their gang …
Dekhlo bhai same going to happen with you both too Neil said to yuvaan and Virat while they laughed ..

We will see at that time ..they said ..while Neil and Sid gave their Nek ..they all went for their dinner and then cut their reception cake all over preserving their memories ..

After sometime they were done and now it was time for the bid farewell .. jas and Avni was ready to leave with their inlaws but as well sad too ..
They hugged everyone and went to twinkle while she wiped their tears. .

Shh no more babies twinkle said hugging them while Kunj too joined them ..
Papa they said and cried 😭😭😭
Shh no more Avni jas you are good princes right see your prince is waiting for you Kunj said trying to make them smiled he was also broken …

I have never thought that this day will come so soon when I have to give my daughter hands in someone else ..kunj said ..

Kunj now you don’t cry be happy that you got such good son in laws twinkle said he nodded and handed them to NeSid while they took their blessings and met kush and hugged him tightly after sometime left for S vihar …
Sidmin and Neil welcomed in S vihar with full of love while everyone was tired and they sent them too their rooms where Khushi stopped them ..
Ab tu bhi ??? Sidhant said ..

Yes me also she replied taking Nek from them while they gave …Khushi left for her room while sidmin and avneil went back to their room and saw it decorated ..
Are what’s the need of it Neil said while Avni smiled ..

What now ?? She said ..
What now means he asked cheesily ..
I am tired so I am sleeping bye Neil Khanna good night she said while he held her wrist ..

Ahaan I don’t let you go so easily won’t waste this decorations he said pulling her closer while she blushed. …
Sidhant reached his room with jas in his arms he landed her on feets while both looks at each other and started laughing recalling their first night after wedding how jas was scared and sidhant was teasing her ..

So ??? He asked puppily ..
You promised me you won’t touch me that day remember she said ..
Yeah he replied ..take your time I wont force you he said ..

No I have taken much time she said closing the gaps between them while he was shocked but smiled ..
Next day ::
@ twinj house ..
Everyone was sad as well as happy they have decided to have Kiara and adee engagement soon too everyone was back on their excitement mode …

While in S vihar sidmin and avneil woke up and got ready they went downstairs and joined everyone for breakfast ..

Kush is coming to take you both for pag phera Sakshi said ..while jasNi nodded ..they started having their breakfast teasing each other through eyes kush comes to pick them while they met and left with kush ..soon the trio reached.

Avni and jas meets them all and was spending time with them twinj was happy seeing them happy they got to know about Kiara and adee engagement ..day after tomorrow ..

While sidhant and Neil planned for their honeymoon the very next day ..they went to take back at night and had a good time with their inlaws ..

Are engagement tomorrow but we planned honeymoon Neil said ..while Avni and jas blushed ..
When is your flight ? Twinkle asked ..

Tomorrow midnight sidhant said ..
You can attain and then go twinkle said they nodded and went back taking Avni and jas ..
They left for their rooms ..

Hawww you planned honeymoon so soon jas said ..
Soon ? I would have planned it after few years right Sid said ..
Huh sidhant jas said while he pulled her in his lap…

I want to enjoy my every moment with you having some privacy where there will be just you and met he whispered in her ears sending shivers down her spine while they teased each other ..

The next day came fastly while everyone reached the engagement venue Kiara and adee was beautifully dressed up by their sister’s ..yuvaan and Virat too giving them touch competition soon the rings were exchanged and everyone congratulated them ..

Soon we will have another wedding i am so excited jas said ..
Yes even I Avni replied …

Chalo bacho you should leave it’s time for your flight Shanaya made them remember while they went after taking everyone blessings …

They were happy finally spending their time together while after security check they were in plane …
I am so exited I am going to roam there jas said excitedly ..

Excuse me we are not going there for roaming by the way sidhant said ..
Hah we will see that jas replied while both of them fighting avneil sees them ..
Nothing can happen of them both Avni said ..

Yeah Neil nodded and they laughed soon the reached Maldives ..
They went and have check in their hotels and went to their rooms after resting for sometimes jas went went to get ready to see Maldives while Sid was still sleeping being tired …

Ohh fusss pataka wake up ..we are not here for all the time I want to roam with you jas said but Sid kept pillow in his head and went back sleeping she snatched his pillow while he pulled her down and went above her ..

What happen he asked sleepily ..
We are not here to sleep right she said ..
Actually we are here to sleep only he said while she was angry…

I want to roam with you sidhant she said angrily ..
Ahh yaar jas we will go tomorrow today I am hell tired he said ..

Okay you sleep jas pushed him while he covered himself with duvet ..
She called Avni and asked her whereabouts ..

I and Neil is in the beach having fun were are you both ?? Avni asked from other side ..
I am still in room this sidhant is still sleeping ..jas said ..

Let him sleep you come here jas Avni said ..
Haan it’s good idea I am coming jas replied ..she quickly wore her foot wear and was leaving from room when sidhant held her wrist ..

Where are you going ??? He asked ..
To roam with di and jiju you sleep huh she said ..

Oh my angry bird wait I am also coming 5 mins he said while she smiled ..before going from there he bites her cheek and left to get freshen up ..

After sometime they too went and started roaming and met avneil too all of the four having fun ..
@ twinj house ..
All the elders planned a get together and was busy having their own party cherishing their memories ..
You are looking damn today Kunj said winking at twinkle ..

I remember my old secret agent twinkle fearless Kunj said while twinkle smiled ..
Even you are looking damn good I wish we can go to that time and enjoy again twinkle said ..
I wish too Kunj replied while she lifted her toes and pecked his forehead ..while they both laughed reminsing their days ..

Adee Virat Kiara Ahana Khushi ahaan kush yuvaan Samaira went for long drive while adee Virat and Kiara yuvaan was together ..

Ahaan Ahana and Khushi became good friends they were teasing each other taking sharing laughs ..they were doing pani puri competition ..

Kush was standing alone while Samaira joins him ..
What happen she asked ??

Hmm nothing he replied ..
Don’t be so formal kush she said ..
Hah kush said ..
Will you be my friend ? She asked forwarding her hand while kush looked at her and smiled ..

Freinds ? Kush said while she nodded ..
Okay kush said and they shakes hands they went to ice cream vendor for celebrating their new friendship ..
Next scene ::
Sidmin and avneil were having fun enjoying the dives surfing n all ..while Neil was walking he met a girl who side Avni .
You are Neil Khanna right I am very big fan of yours she said while Avni was burning in jealousy and sidmin was smiling .

Hahaha so poor Avni bhabhiiii he stretched the work intentionally ..
Can I take a selfie with you the same girl asked Neil ..

Yeah sure Neil said and she moved close to Neil for a pic while Avni was burning and sidhant was putting more oil ..are are see Neil biwi yaha hai and he is passing him time with his fan …ohh poor bhabbiiijiiiiiii sidhant said while Avni angrily glared at him ..

Heyyy someone said while they turned I ..can’t can’t believe you are jas right my dream girl is in front of me the boy said while sidhant looked at him angrily ..
Dream girl my foot he cursed ..

Yeah I am Jasmin…she said while he went on knees .
Will you marry me I like you alott you daily comes in my dreams he said excitedly..

Ohh hello break lagao she is already married sidhant said keeping hand in her waist pulling her more closer to him ..

Why you married Haan the boy said ..you can’t marry anyone else you are my my dream girl ..

You dream me hi propose karde huh even in dreams also she is mine my wife my life now will you plzz leave sidhant gritted his teeths ..

Plz marry me I love you the boy said while avni laughed ..
Go from here sidhant said angrily while Avni laughed acha hua you were making fun of me right she said ..while Sid and Avni was miffed with jas and Neil ..

They had their dinner and went back to their rooms ..
What happen Avni ?? Jealous Neil teased her ..

Yes she said ..
Why ? He asked ..

Because you are mine…she replied ..
Yes ofcourse I am yours only Neil said joining their lips together while she equally responded him …
@ sidmin room ::
Huh that guy sidhant said while jas sat in his lap…
Let it be na sidhant don’t spoil your mood she said ..

Huh sidhant said faking anger..
I am coming in a minute jas said she went came out after sometime changing into short knees length nightdress while sidhant was shocked seeing her ..

Looking damn s*xy he said and started moving closer to her ..

Don’t spoil our honeymoon jas said while he smiled …pinning her to the wall kissing her while she was moaning his name they were lost completely in a different world …

He left her lips and pecked her forehead and murmured I love you while she smiled caging herself more into his embrace while he pecked her eyes cheeks nose tip moving toward the chin he kissed her passionately on neck while she was clutching his back leaving her Nail marks he carried her to the bed and hovered over her while she looked at him …

What don’t look me like this I am having wild thoughts seeing you jas winked at him ..

Hawww Besharam ladki πŸ˜‚but I love your this s*xy shade man sidhant said while she laughed pushing him on bed and he was shocked ..he was going to speak when she put her finger on his lips ..

Now no more she said and started kissing him while he was enjoying her wild Avtar …

I never imagined I’ll see you like this sidhant said and winked at her capturing their lips again while they both continuing to torcher each other they continued their romance ..

They enjoyed each and every bit of their honeymoon had their quality time together …

Next morning ::
Both the couple’s woke up in each other embrace and smiled …
Good morning mrs Gupta sidhant said moving over her pecking her forehead again ..

Good morning she replied wrapping her arms around his neck while he smiled ..
I can’t believe last night you were the same Jasmin he teased her. .

Don’t teased me now ..she said ..while he pecked her cheeks ..

What about a round 2 ? He asked while she nodded in no but ofcourse she was ignored and again their were upto it ..

After enjoying for 2 weeks roaming around shopping making beautiful memories they went back to their home as sidmin was called out by their movie director for their film promotion avneil too decided to go back now …
They reached back home and went to s vihar and meet arakshi and Shweta and Raj ..Khushi had too came back as her college ended …
So how was your vacation bhabhis Khushi asked while avni and jas blushed ..

It was amazing they said while NeSid joins them too after getting freshen up ..
Sakshi had invited twinj and family for the dinner at their home …jas and Avni helped Sakshi Shweta and the chef’s in preparing the dinner as for first time they are coming to their house …

Soon twinj ronaya adee Kiara kush ahaan Ahana came abhiya went for some work and left Ahana here …arav comes there and greeted them ..

Hey welcome welcome he said while Kunj and arav hugs ..and they went inside all smiled ..they all started to talks ..

While ahaan Ahana and Khushi had developed a good bond between them they used to hang out more often …
jasNi came and met them all they hugged twinj tightly …
Missed you both Kunj said ..

We too they replied hugging him tightly
Lying they are Papa time hoga to miss karengay na he winked at them while they blushed ..NeSid too joins them ..and met twinj n ronaya …while the elders were having their chat youngsters were busy teasing sidmin and avneil ..

Are when is your movie releasing ?? Ahana asked ..
After 2 week sidhant said ..

It will be fun their KAATIL was amazing now this I am very much excited Kiara said while all smiled ..

they all went to had their dinner ..
So when is the wedding ?? Avni asked ..
Whose ? Kush said ..
Yours bhai jas winked at him ..

Haan even we want to attend your wedding saale ji sidhant added ..
Yes Neil replied while he was shocked all of the laughed together seeing his expressions ..

Haha they are making fun of you superman Rohan said ..
Huh bad people kush replied ..while all smiled soon they left ..
Screen freezes ..

So how was the Episode hope you all like the response is very low guys 😐😐😐plzz open up waise bhi it’s nearing its end leave it …thanks to all who commented on the last …

One more left 😍😍😘😘😘

Bye allahafiz. πŸ‘‹

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