KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 47


Episode 47 ..
The Episode starts with sidmin date continuing they both were very much happy and was just looking into each other eyes full of love …they started having their dinner feeding each other spending their quality time together after so long …after sometime they were done with dinner and was back in their eye lock mode ..

What ???? He asked break-ing the silence between them ..
What she replied him in the same manner making him smile ..

You know what you are such a cruel girl huh he said
Why ??? She asked loudly ..

You didn’t told me that 3 words which I am dying to hear from you …he chided while she smiled ..

Huh so …she said and blushed ..
Huh don’t say many girls are dying to tell me this …it won’t matter if you say or not he tried to ignite her and smirked looking at other side ..

Then bring those many of date why you called me she said getting up while he held her hand and laughed ..

Oh my god angry Haan he pulled her closer to him not leaving any distance between them ..

You know jas I never thought that in my life a day will come when I’ll be madly in love with someone whom I don’t want to loose ever I never believed in love and always thought it’s Nothing like that people just be with each other for time pass ..but when you came I don’t know may be this will be cheesy but u felt like yeah this is what my heart was waiting for since years … thought I never went behind any girl but I started flirting with you teasing you I always wanted to stay near you I felt an unknown happiness in being with you and then that day came when we got married whatever the reason was I was happy I promised myself that I’ll be a good husband I’ll not leave you at any cost but still nothing was in my hands ..I wanted to stop you going away from me but I couldn’t do anything …I missed you each n every second in these days I got habitual of seeing you daily when I woke up you can’t even imagine how I felt when you left from the house ..now I don’t want to loose you at any cost plz if possible forgive me for letting you go forgive me for conveying this things late but miss sarna this mr Gupta is madly in love with you and I promise to be with you always from now on no matter what will be situation I love you alott Jasmin …he ended while she smiled looking at him ..she was happy seeing the other shade of him she was happy seeing him happy wholeheartedly everytime there used to be sadness in his smile but today he got everything back in his life more than him she was happy for him …

Are yaar say something staring is not good I know I am so hot baby he said while jas hits him..
You won’t improve right she asked ..

Yes I won’t he smiled widely smiling ..
And I don’t want you to improve also she said while he smiled nodding and pecked her forehead…

They continued to stay in hugging position while they broke the hug after sometimes ..

I want to dance with you jas said ..
What ? He asked ..

Yes she said and smiled while he forwards his hand and they starts dancing on the beats of tere liye maintaining their eye lock feelings good in each other embrace ….jas pecked his cheek making him shock while they continue to dance ..after sometime they joined their foreheads feelings the cool breeze ..

So what next ??? She asked ..
Game he said and smirked ..
Game ? She replied and he nodded ..

Which one truth and dare he winked ..
No I am not playing she said ..
Haha I know your weakness sidhant said ..

Jas is a looserrrrrr sidhant sang ..
Huh no I am not a looser ..
You are a looser he said smirking

And you are fuss pataka she said
Huh looser
Fuss pataka ..

Looser ..
Okay fine I’ll play and show you that I am not a looser ..

Done he said they both sat on the table back ..
Sidhant spins the bottle and it landed on jas ..

Truth or dare ??
Truth she said ..

Ohh how many times you have seen my s*xy figure chupke chupke ??? He asked while she blushed ..
Every morning she replied …

Chantt ladki that’s why I used to think who is putting his evil eye on me ..Sid said ..
Don’t fly mr obsessed Gupta she said..
They again spin the bottle and it lands on sidhant ..
My question yeah jas said excitedly ..

First ask me truth or dare …my question he mimicked her ..
Okay truth or dare ???
Dare he said and laughed seeing her expression ..

Call Papa and tell him that you are taking me to your home today only jas said ..
Hmm no no that was mistake I was choosing truth Sid said while jas started laughing ..

Fuss pataka she murmured
Fine I am going to call him Sid said taking his phone while jas snatched it ..

No I’ll ask truth and you have to answer
How many girlfriends you had ? She asked ..
Can I lie ? He asked puppily

No you can’t she said Sternly ..
If I say na my wife will divorce me today only he said making her more angry ..

Haha just answer she said sarcastically
Hmm 49 ..he replied in low voice
What ? Are you serious ? She asked ..

Yeah then you came and didn’t let me complete 50 you bowled me before that only clean bowled he said ..

Huh you are so bad I won’t go with you ..you had so many gfs huh 😭😭😭 jas said crying like a baby ..

Hahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don’t worry I can’t say who was my first but I promise you will be my last sidhant said cutely while she was lost in him ..

Ahaaa shall we continue he teases her again ..
Hmm okay ..she replied

How many boys proposed you ?? He asked while she makes an 0 impression ..
It’s uncountable ..you know na I am so beautiful in a day I used to have 7-8 proposals she said ..

Now come back to land mrs Gupta he girtted his teeths while she laughed pulling his cheeks ..

I love you so much mr Gupta she said while he smiled ..they continued playing their game ..
@ London :::
Neil started going from there when avni held his hand and stopped him ..
You are awake ? He asked while she was looking at him only ..

Yes she replied ..
Ok I am going you also sleep it’s too late he said while she stands and hugs him ..

Don’t leave me Neil don’t go away from me I love you alott I can’t live without you she said and started crying on his shoulder while he tightly hugged her ..
Avni calm down he said .. break-ing the hug and looking at her face ..

Calm calm he said ..
I am sorry I lied I love you alott she said .
No I should apologized you loved me and trusted me more than yourself but I asked you to leave my house I didn’t let you explain me and took you wrong it was my mistake it was not yours Neil said ..and continued I am sorry Avni but I have always seen sidhant suffering and when I got to know that you all wants to take revenge I lost my senses he ended .
Hmm let this things aside I can understand what you may have felt I don’t want to live without you I know I came here leaving you I thought I will be in peace staying away but since I came I couldn’t understand what’s happening with me I am missing you like anything she said while he hugged her ..

Even I can’t live without you he said with she tightens their hug they both cried in each other embrace apologizing for their mistakes not taking more time …

You are sure na you want to forgive me he asked teasingly sochlo after this I won’t let you go even if you say he ended ..

I won’t go she replied while he smiled ..
Finally I got my heartbeat back he ended while both of them were happy …
Next scene ::
Sidmin was still playing their game while they decided to end the game as it was too late ..the bottle stops again at sidhant …

Truth or dare…?? She asked ..
Dare now he replied winking ..

Okay I’ll give you after you drop me home back she said while he said okay and they left for twinj house ..they were happy together and smiling ..
Soon they reached ..while jas smirked ..
Now your dare is lift me in bridal style and drop me till my room she said making him shocked ..

Are what’s this man Sid said ..
It’s a dare she replies ..
Okay he said and lifted her if anyone sees us like this na then I will blame you only he said while she nodded in yes ..

He entered inside everything was dark in the hall twinj were watching picture with kush who was busy in his phone ..

Sidmin left from the side without their notice and quickly reached her room ..he landed her on feets ..
Hmm dare done he said proudly ..

Now go she replied waving him bye.
Not so soon Sid said ..
Why ? She asked ..

I came here lifting you I should get something right he replied while she smiled ..
What you want ? She asked ..

A kiss passionate one he replied sensuously ..while she blushed ..
Don’t shy or blush he said Sternly ..

Huh she replied I am not shy she ended…while he moved closer closing the gaps between them while they kissed each other passionately ..

They looks at each other and smiled ..
It’s not the first time we have kissed jas said ..
Yeah he replied pecking her lips bye now he ended ..

Bye she said while he tip toed downstairs with jas following him they sees the hall lights on and twinj and kush there and again went back to their room ..

Kunj noticed jas and called her out while sidhant hides behind the staircase ..
Jas went to him ..Papa what happen she asked ..
When you came ?? Kunj ask …

Long back when you all were watching movie she said smiling
Okay hows the date ? Twinkle teases her
It was dinner Mumma she said. .

Ahh you are not my mother but I am yours baby twinkle said ..while sidhant went back to her room ..

This kkn Marwa diya mujhe now I am stuck here he said and laid on bed …mujhe kya I’ll sleep here only waise bhi it’s my sasural he ended ..

Jas went back to her room after twinj too went…she saw him on bed and hugged him ..
Oyee slept ?? Slept ?? She asked ..while he was sleeping as it was really a tiring day for them ..

She pecked his cheeks ..he looks so cute while sleeping she covered them both and slept tightly hugging him ..
Next day :::
Avneil informed ronaya and others about their patch up while everyone were happy for them …

Finally I am so happy Avni that you have not taken much time Rohan said cupping her face ..
It was mumma who made me understand she said ..

Now I’ll make something sweet Shanaya said ….
Haan till then we will call twinj and inform them they were also worried about you both ..

I troubled you alott na maamu Avni said while Rohan laughed ..
Yes more than twinkle he replied while Neil too laughed ..

Really I am so happy for you he ended ..
Thank you so much for helping me Neil said ..
Arey jiju it was our duty ahaan replied ..
Next scene ::
Twinj woke up while kush went for work twinkle prepared breakfast and Kunj helped her they both teasing each other ..
Sidmin too woke up and sidhant looks at the room ..

Are why my room is looking so girlish he said while jas shakes him ..
Wake up fully you slept in my room she said ..

When ? He asked ..
Last night she replied ..
Huh so what ..what’s yours is mine too jo tera hai wo mera he sang ..

Now how will you go ? She asked ..
Are Haan he replied ..
She went to check downstairs if the pitch is clear or not ..twinj gets a call and they came in hall while sidmin hides ..

Good morning bhai twinkle said ..
Good morning twinkle he replied ..
What happen bhai you re looking so happy Kunj said ..and where is my little Avni he asked ..

I am happy because of her only Kunj she has decided to stay with Neil ..Rohan broke the news ..
What twinj was shocked even sidmin they all were happy about them ..

I am so happy Kunj said ..
Yes me too now come back twinkle came ..
Yeah mumma I’ll Avni replied ..

Are what’s this we are going there and Heere just roaming adee said while they all smiled …

They ended the call and went back to kitchen while jas dropped sidhant outside ..
Waise good morning Sid said pecking her and went after bidding bye while she smiled and went back ..
A week passed by avneil and sidmin both were happy they were spending their time together ….avneil and rest family were coming back …and to fix Kiara alliance too everyone was happy kush went to receive them they were Having get together at twinj house ..

Twinkle and jas was in kitchen along with other Chief preparing the dishes while Kunj was seeing everything outside and kush went to pick up everyone soon sidhant with arakshi and Shweta raj joined twinj at their house all waiting for avneil and others ..

Sidmin sees each other and passed a flying kiss secretly romancing ..while others too came ..

Avni ran and hugged twinj while Neil met Shweta raj and arakshi ..ronaya meets sidmin they all went inside ..and started talking while the youngsters went in their room ..

I am so happy for you di jas said…and hugged her ..
Huh but you didn’t called me once and didn’t even received my calls Avni said ..

Haan so I was angry that you decided to go back jas said sorry na she ended while both the sisters hugged ..
I am so happy for you brother Sid said me too they smiled ..

Let’s take our dulhans back Neil said .and Sid nodded ..
Not so soon jija jis kush said while all laughed ..

Waise now the new one is Kiara have you met the guy ? Kush asked ..
Yeah once or twice his family stays here and he stays in London she said while all the siblings teases them ..

Jas you have time still you will stay with him ??? Avni asked ..
I don’t have any 2 option di jas said making crying face ..

Shut up you dayan and jas you meet me I’ll show you more options Sid said while all laughed ..
I am so happy for Kiara bhai adee is already committed to virat…Kunj said.
Yeah when Karan and Surbhi along with virat is coming ?? Twinkle asked ..

Soon Rohan said ..
What about sidmin and avneil now ? Arab said ..
Can we take our dils back ? Shweta asked ..

So soon twinj looks at each other ..
I didn’t saw their wedding arav said
Even I Kunj and twinkle said sadly…while the youngsters came back ..

What if we do the rituals again. ?? Kush asked ..while everyone liked his idea..
It’s good idea ..waise bhi they didn’t had reception so we will do all the rituals and then reception then take our dils back Sakshi said all agreed ..

Get ready for your bid farewell sidhant murmured while jas smiled ..
Screen freezes ..
So how was the episode ??
Hope you all like it ..
Comment guys why so low response not even 15 comments .. 😐😐
Thanks to all who commented to last ..
Bye allahafiz …

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