KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 45


Episode 45 ..
The Episode starts with Arav and Kunj both looks at each other while sidmin were shocked seeing them ..they holds their hands tighter seeing their fathers infront of each other …

This is just the start Arav said his and Kunj gaze was locked at each other …

Yes just a start many more things to go Kunj replied with the same sternness ..

I have waited for this moment for so long to take revenge of what wrong happened with me but now I have that chance to Rectify what I did …I won’t leave you for separating me from my family for not letting me meet them and helding me captive Arav ended making everyone shocked ..

Captive ??? Who did that Sidhant asked

Even I won’t leave for what wrong happen with my family for keeping me and twinkle too away from our babies …

Arav and Kunj smirks at each other they turn the other side and shoots at Viraj legs while everyone was shocked …Viraj falls on the floor injuried ..Vihaan stands shocked..

Kunj twinkle screamed …seeing him so angry while sidmin and Sakshi was shocked too …

You haven’t done good Viraj Arav said ..
I did wh..at I felt right he said in pain ..you never cared for me as a brother you just cared about your son and wife not about your brother Viraj defended himself ..

You should have asked me once if you needed anything you never told me about your business loss thus I made my property named on Sidhant as I didn’t wanted him to lack anything I want to secure his future Arav said …

But how did you came here Viraj asked ..
Arav smiled …I came because of my son good deeds he said looking at Sidhant ..
Me ???? Sidhant asked….
Next scene :: London
Avni was in her room trying to call twinj but it was of no use ..she was getting frustrated ..Rohan knocks on her room door …

Can I come in ?? He asked smiling
Haan maamu you can she said and got up …
You are fine na ?? Rohan asked ..

Yes absolutely was trying to call Mumma but it was unreacheble she said ..
Haan I talked to her in Morning don’t worry she will contact you soon Rohan said ..
Okay she replied ..

Waise I came here to inform me Shanaya adee Kiara were going to my friends house for his daughter engagement he said ..
Oh I’ll also come she said ..

Nai nai you stay at home you know na pg is there so waise b ahaan will come back in few hours Rohan said ..
Okay she replied ..

That’s like my good girl don’t worry Avni just listen to your heart and everything will be fine …you are like your Mumma only but don’t take much time like her Rohan said ..
Means ?? She asked …

You will understand soon …Rohan said smiling …
Okay she said not questioning him further …he left after showing thumbs up to someone

Sorry Avni we are leaving you at home but she is our best friend that’s why we are going in her engagement adee said ..
It’s okay adee enjoy Avni said while they all left ..

Avni was in her room sketching something while the lights went off ..she walked downstairs …with the help of her mobile torch …

She bumped into someone and was shocked ..
Ahh who are you ???? She asked…

You will know soon he replied ..
What ??? She said ..
Stand here he replied he lighted the candles and Avni was shocked seeing the hall fully decorated …

What’s this man ?? She said …. astonished by the decorations …who did this ?? She ended ..
Me the person replied …

Why ??? She asked…
Because I love you he said still didn’t turned ..

Oh hello mr have you gone mad not even a day you spent here and already started keeping eyes on girls here wait let maamu come he will kick you out Avni said ..

No he won’t ..he respects me alott the person said smirking ..
See I am so handsome and young even you are then what’s the problem he asked ..

Huh just get lost I am married she said angrily ..
I know that Mrs Neil Khanna he said and turned while Avni was shocked seeing his face…

Neil she whispered …her eyes turned heavy soon it changed into anger ..you are here why ?? She asked ..

Because I was missing my wife and I want to take her home back he replied coming closer I am sorry na he whispered in her ears ..

I won’t forgive you she said
I know I did a very big mistake but pls forgive me I love you alott and I know you also do Neil said ..

No I don’t Avni said pushing him slightly away from him…
If you don’t then why you are crying he said wiping her tears ..

None of your business she replied sternly
It is mrs Khanna he said smiling ..

Go from here she said and turned ..
I won’t go without you Neil said … Backhugging her while she was shocked pls forgive me I have realised what you meant for me I can’t live without you Avni Neil said ..

They sees the lights on and stays apart while ahaan enters …
I am really very sorry ahaan said looking at them ..
Ahaan ask him to go ?? Avni said ..

Who di ?? Ahaan asked ..
Him she said pointing finger on Neil ..
Are our new pg di how can we let him go Haan said while Neil smirked ..

Haan exactly let me introduce myself I am Neil Khanna your new paying guest Neil said winking at Avni and I won’t leave from here till my work ends he ended ..

Wah Jiju ahaan said clapping ..
Don’t clap ahaan and he is not your Jiju she said ..
He is di my lovely Jiju ahaan said ..

Huh Avni replied and left from there ..
You came on wrong time ahaan Neil said ..
I am sorry jij I totally forgot you planned this date for di but she is also Avni she won’t forgive you so easily …ahaan said ..

I know Neil replied making puppy face ..
Well welcome to your sasural jija ji ahaan said while Neil smiled…
Thank you so much saale ji Neil replied and they laughed ..
Next scene cliff :::
They all were still standing wanting to know where was Arav from so many days and who held him captive …

Arav went towards twinkle …and folds his hands infront of her I am really very sorry twinkle for what I did that time I wanted you to hurt and leave Kunj and made you helpless I am really very sorry for breaking our friendship just because of my obsession ….he said …I tried to hurt kush Tani adee Kiara but because of him only I am here he said …and turned ..
Your son is really brave twinkle just like you he said ..

What ??? Twinkle asked
Kunj comes there and held twinkle ..
Kush Arav shouted while kush comes there ..

Kush saved me from him Arav said Pointing at Viraj he held me captive when I was going to meet Sidhant and Sakshi he kidnapped me and kept in his cage he said…

When twinkle and Kunj sent me jail Viraj knew everything about it and I gave him all the things related to secure Sidhant future when I was released from prison I called him many times but he never picked my call I was guilty of leaving Sakshi and I wanted to stay away but as the time passed I wanted to meet them both but didn’t got any clue …few years back when Sidhant stepped in industry I got to know there that he is my son my Sidhant when he dedicated his award to Sakshi I was so happy seeing him on screen and wanted to scream that he is my son I decided to meet them ..and when I finally reached there I met viraj too he said that he will make me meet them suprising them but he suprised me and never let me meet them until kush came suspecting him he saw me first then decided to save me from his clucthes thank you so much kush Arav said …

Ehmm I just equal the scores Sidhant saved maa Papa and I saved you kush said ..
But bhai how you got to know about him ??? Jas asked …

Remember when we were in hospital with maa Papa uptil their discharge someone was keeping an eye on them ..

Flashback shows :::
Haan boss yes Sidhant is here don’t know whom he meets he came with 3(jaskunj)
more people today finally I reached here yes as soon as I’ll get a chance I’ll kill him he said ..

Kush who was moving from there heard him …the person left from there seeing the security there while kush decided to leave it at first when he saw the same man 2-3 times …

I need to find out what’s he is doing here kush followed him but didn’t got any clue …

After some days he saw him meeting Viraj and they were going somewhere he followed there more cautiously this time as to don’t miss them at any cost …

He saw someone captive there and was shocked after everyone left from there he moved to the person ..
Arav uncle he said shocked …

Wh..o are you ?? Arav asked half conscious ..
I am kush remember twinkle son he said ..
Kush …Arav said ..

Sa..ve me fro..m h..ere he said ..
Kush feels someone coming I’ll come back to save you it’s my promise he said ..

Okay I trust you Arav said ..
The goons saw kush leaving from there but couldn’t caught them …
Flashback ends ..

I promise him and shared that with Papa and he made a plan I knew that they saw me and they were keeping a eye on my so I faked the plan of going to London with others but didn’t went …and while Viraj and Vihaan was busy in hospital I released him from their cluthes …kush said showing thumbs up at Kunj while he smiled back ..

Thank you so much Sidhant said coming forward ..
Ehmm no no it’s just pay back he said ..

Twinkle looks at Kunj who nods in yes he is really guilty for what he did twinkle everyone deserves a second chance Kunj said while Arav moves towards Sakshi ..

I am really very sorry Sakshi I should have tried to mend our relationship but I didn’t pls forgive me ..

He looks at Sidhant you have grown up so fast and I am very unlucky I couldn’t be able to give you what you deserve and left you with such people he said pointing at Viraj who was still on floor with Vihaan standing there scared … police comes there and arrest them ….

Leave this enemity viraj you won’t get anything and if any more time you or your son try to hurt me or my any family member I swear if my kids I won’t even leave a single drop of blood in your body Kunj said angrily ..

You are still my brother leave this Viraj I suggest you Arav said while Viraj looked on down ..

Take him to hospital first Sidhant said seeing him …while everyone looks at Sidhant
PLZZ take them from here twinkle said ..

They left from there with the cops while twinj with kush jas and Arav with Sidhant and Sakshi was present ..

PLZZ forgive me Sidhant give me one chance to prove that I loved you pls Arav request ..
I don’t know what to do if mom will forgive you then I’ll too Sidhant said ..

Sakshi pls forgive me Arav said ..
Sakshi looks at them still confused she was happy sad angry and guilty all on once happy to see her husband after so many years sad that he was not with them angry that he didn’t mend that relationship guilty that she also didn’t tried to sort their differences …

I don’t know what is right and what is wrong but even I am selfish I want my family to be completed too that’s why I am forgiving him …Sakshi said ..while jas and kush cheered Sidhant was still confused as it was really hard for him to accept his father after so many years ..

But he respected his mother decision and went towards Arav while he hugged them both …
I missed you both really Arav said ..while Sakshi was crying ..

Twinj sees that and smiled they holds hands while kush hugged twinkle and Kunj pulled jas missing avni there alott ..
Now when everything is sorted shall we leave .. twinkle said while everyone looks at them ..
But Sidhant jas said …Sid looks at her
What Sidhant jasmin ?? Kunj asked ..

Wo Papa …jas started to say but stopped
Haan jasmin Sidhant said ..
Even your movie shooting completed now I think we should move back to London too as Avni is waiting for us right twinkle Kunj said ..

Yeah jasmin twinkle said .
Mumma jas said ..Sid wanted to say something but couldn’t
Haan Sidhant you want to say anything Sakshi asked ..

Wo …maa me jas mein he said looking at jas helplessly ..
They are married??? Arav asked ..
Hmm yeah they are unfortunately twinkle said making faces ..Arav smirked

What ?? He got married too Arav said ..
Yes but that just for some reason and now the reason is fulfilled so they wanted to get separated kush said ..

Oh that’s sad Arav said I wish I could ask jasmin hand for my Sidhant ..

Even I wish that they have sorted their misunderstandings but no we will stay happy in their happiness Sakshi said ..

Yes agreed let’s go Kunj said helding her hand …while jas didn’t moved and was looking at Sidhant ..
Next scene :::
It was quiet late and Rohan Shanaya adee and Kiara returned back home and sees Neil and ahaan enjoying dinner annoying Avni they offered her but she said she didn’t want ..so they were moving the spoons infront of her and having them …

Avni it’s last time seriously you don’t want this noddles it’s so tasty Neil said ..
I said I don’t want don’t you understand she said ..

Your wish Neil said gulping in ..
Welcome back home Neil said seeing them coming ..

Maamu why you kept him at home Avni said ..
Are he came here for work and we know him so I kept him for humanity he doesn’t know anyone here Rohan said while Neil make puppy face ..

See miss this is called humanity thanks maamu Neil said ..
He is my maamu not yours Avni said ..

Whatever but you didn’t gave me any room still Shanaya maami Neil said
You can stay in Avni room shanaya said
But why ? Avni asked ..

See Avni you can stay in jas room ahaan doesn’t stay with anyone kush room is locked by him and we didn’t had his key twinj room we can’t give so yeah he will stay in your room …shanaya said ..

If you want you can also stay in that room I have a very big heart I can share my room ..Neil said

Yeah you really had a big heart but you only stay in that room huh Avni said and left …while the rest laughed

@ cliff :::
Chale Sidhant Sakshi asked shaking him
Maa he said ..
What happened to you both haan Kunj said …

Nothing jas said looking down …
I wish they loved each other so that we have tried to mend their relationship but they don’t even love each other twinkle said frustrated ..

No it’s wrong I love him/her they said together …they looks at each other shocked they confessed finally ..

Gosh finally or else maa Papa have been behind them always and no one would have thought that even I want to get married kush said cheering them ..while all laughed ..

Yeah finally they said while sidmin looks at each other ..
Are you sure jas ? You love him ?? Twinkle asked ..

Yes she said while Sidhant smiled ..
But what’s this yaar no proper confession kush said ..

Yeah right jas you always wanted prince but your prince is so low Kunj said …
Papa jas said and hugged him ..

Huh prince is not low show that Sidhant Arav said while Sidhant smiled ..
He went and sat in his knees …I love you miss jasmin sarna will you be with me for the rest of my life as my bestest half Sidhant asked ..

I already chooses you buddhu i love you too jas said and they hugged crying …While everyone smiled …
You didn’t forgive me still Arav said ..

I’ll forgive you if I get my best friend back twinkle said ..
Okay friends at the age of 50 Arav said and laughed ..

Huh twinkle said while they shake their hands sidmin sees them and smiled …
Now let’s go weather is worsening Kunj said ..

We are taking jas with us you can take her back home properly Kunj said while Sidhant nodded like a obedient child ..
They started walking head twinj with kush Arav and Sakshi then …

Sidmin sees each other and smiled while Sidhant held her hand and pecked her forehead I missed you alott he said ..
I missed you too she replied ..while they smiled ..

I am going to take you back home soon as I can’t stay away now be ready mrs Gupta he said ..

Achawww 😍mr Gupta she said ..but Sidhant everything is sorted between us what about di and Jiju ..

Haan I totally forgot let me call Neil he said and called Neil after sometime he picked his call ..
Where are you bhai ?? Sidhant asked …

London Neil said from the other side ..
When you went there Sid asked …
By the very next flight in which Avni went he said ..

So where are you now Jiju ?? Jas asked as the call was on speaker ..
At Rohan maamu house Neil said ..

Ohhhh and you both together everything sorted ?? Neil asked with happiness
Yes they replied while Sidhant sidehugged jasmin ..

Now we want you both also to be together right Sidhant jas asked…
Yes bring that Dayan back we will have fun Sid said while jas hits him with her elbow ..

Ouch …Sid said ..
Hahaha don’t call her that she is your saali Sidhant Neil said ..

Yes jas replied proudly
Yeah yeah saali Sidhant said and they laughed …

I will be back soon with my wife too Neil said ..while they cheered
Screen freezes …
How was the shot ???
Do comments and share your views ..
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
Keep supporting ..
Bye allahafiz 😘😘😍

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