KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 43


Episode 43 …
The Episode starts with Sakshi reaching some hotel ..
That day called me here only but who was she ??? Why she wants to meet me urgently Sakshi said and was lost in her thoughts since she got someone’s message …

Sakshi she heard a voice and turned to find its owner it was none other than twinkle ..she was shocked at first to see twinkle Infront of her health and well and was happy too ..

Twinkle Sakshi said with Happiness and hugged twinkle while she reciprocated ..
I am so happy to see you Yaar so fine how did this happen ?? Where were you since years she asked ..

Calm down I’ll tell you everything first let us take a seat I was the one to message you to meet urgently twinkle said ..
Everything fine ??? Sakshi asked with worry ..

May be and may be not twinkle replied .
Let’s sit and talk she ended while they got seated Infront of each other ..

I am fine today just because of your sidhant twinkle said smiling while Sakshi was confused as Sid never told her about twinkle being alive and they were under his protection ..

Means Sakshi asked while twinkle narrated her everything how sidhant was taking care of her ..

Ohh I didn’t knew sidhant never told me she said ..
Yeah I know he was worried about my and kunj safety that’s why twinkle said and Sakshi smiled ..

Now my sidhant guilt will be less I am so happy today she said while twinkle looked on worried ..

What happen Sakshi asked keeping a hand on her hand ..
I am ..not I mean …twinkle started to say while Sakshi looks at her keenly ..

What happen twinkle tell me frankly don’t need to be worried Sakshi said ..
I am Jasmin mother twinkle said making Sakshi shocked till death …

Whatt ??? Jasmine my daughter in law ?? She asked ..
Yes not only of Jasmin but of Avni too she is my elder daughter and Jas younger one Twinkle cleared ..

Oh I didn’t knew they never told anyone about it but what’s going around they aren’t at home since many days Sakshi said ..

That’s why I came to talk to you Sidhant and Neil had a misunderstanding that they married them to take Revenge for killing us but it was not like this Avni genuinely married Neil as she loved him really and my Jas she wanted to know sidhant side of story she wants to know sidhant and in that attempt she too had fallen in love but again everything went wrong and Neil and sidhant left Jas and Avni …don’t know what misunderstanding they had or it’s due to ego our children are not rectifying their mistake and was staying separately I don’t want to get separated forever as somewhere we both know the pain of being away from our life partners hai na Twinkle said while Sakshi who was keenly listening to her nodded ..

You are right Twinkle even we all are asking them about Jas and Avni but everytime they made excuse of Rohan Bhai health I was finding something fishy now I know what’s the truth I understand Sakshi said ..

I just want them to talk and clear once plzz make Neil and Sid understand that Jas and Avni wasn’t at fault even if they did anything wrong unintentionally I apologize to you Twinkle ended ..

No no they are like our daughters and Jas I love her very much don’t worry I’ll talk to sidhant and Neil Sakshi said while Twinkle smiled …

Soon they both had their dinner and left from there ..
Twinkle informed kunj about her talk with Sakshi and he was too happy that she understood ..

I don’t know what’s in their but I genuinely wants them to get all the Happiness kunj said when he got a call he was shocked hearing the other side.

What happen kunj twinkle askd ..
Jas Jas kunj said ..
What happen to her twinkle again asked him while he left with kush …
@ s Vihar
Sakshi was waiting for both Neil and sidhant to talk with them Neil came while Sakshi looks at him ..

Where is sidhant Neil ??? She asked ..
I don’t know maasi he may be here only why ?? Neil asked..

I need to talk to both of you call him Sakshi stated while Neil called him urgently after sometime sidhant came home …

You both come with me Sakshi said leaving from there ..
What happen to maa ?? Sidhant asked..
Don’t know she wants to talk to us Neil said and they followed her and reached her room ..

Sit she said while they both sat on the couch kept there ..
It’s had been so many days now where is Avni and Jasmin ?? She asked while sidhant and Neil sighed ..

Wo I said na maasi Neil started to say…
No more lies I really want to know Sakshi said ..
I’ll tell you mom sidhant said and told her what happen between them ..

Ohhh that’s why you left them both and didn’t care to inform us once Sakshi said sadly ..
No maasi we were scared as you guys will feel bad and will miss them you all got attached to them so much na Neil ended ..

Oh so you people didn’t had any feelings for them ?? You are not sad about them not living here you both are not missing them Sakshi asked while they both were silent ..

Answer me Sakshi said ..
Okay first Neil you tell me clearly what problem you had with Avni that couldn’t be sorted Sakshi said ..

Maasi he sighed deeply she lied to me lied about her identity lied about her family both of them came to take revenge from sidhant Neil said ..

And why you felt so okay if they were here for revenge have you ever saw Avni trying to hurt sidhant or interfering in Sidmin life have she ever took your love granted or was staying with you for namesake as she was here just for revenge Sakshi said while Neil looked on ..

I …he started to say but had nothing left to say he realised what it was ..no she loved me very much ..she wanted our family to be perfect I was so angry I couldn’t realise Neil said ..

It’s very good thing Neil that you and sidhant cares for each other so much I am not saying you to leave sidhant for Avni or Avni for Sidhant but you have to balance them both whatever the situation is Sakshi said ..

Hmm I understood Neil said ..
And sidhant now you tell me Sakshi said ..

What mom I married her to save you and she married for revenge that’s it now you are fine and she got her parents back too then their is nothing left in our wedding ..Sid replied ..

Playing smart with me Haan have she ever hurted you ?? Or showed you arrogance ego ? She asked while sidhant nodded in no ..

No never instead she helped me many times during my night mares he replied ..

That’s what I am saying you both she wants to know your side of truth from you she asked me many times but I didn’t told her i wntd you to tell her when she got to know about your past she was broken too sidhant …I don’t know what will you both decided as a mother it was my duty to show you both a right path and I hope you will take a good decision …

Mark my words you won’t get someone better than them Sakshi said and left leaving Neil and Sid in thoughts while both of them were feeling guilty …
Thinking deeply whole night they slept …
Next morning :::
Sidhant woke up and went to jogg Sakshi words were ringing in his mind ..
Maa said true but ..if Jasmin doesn’t love me how can I force her he said ..I’ll try to talk to her today he left for his shooting .
Soon he reached and was waiting for her but she was not there it was an hour ..
Where is Jasmin he finally asked the director ..

No one informed you Sidhant shooting is discontinued for a week as ..Jasmin ..
What Jasmin ??? Sidhant asked worried …

Last night after going from here she met with a small accident and doctor asked us to rest so she can’t come to shoot Vishal said …

What accident sidhant got panicked ..
Hmm Vishal said and left after announcing the discontinuation …
Sidhant was worried about Jasmin he decided to go and meet her soon he reached taneja mansion ..

I can’t go from front what they will think about me I have to see some other way he said and went in the back he sees a window..

I hope this is Jas room he said and entered ..
Jas was shifted downstairs due to pain in her leg she was shifted in twinj room downstairs ..

Sidhant did a victory dance on finding her in the room he was happy too see her he looked at the bandages ..one bandage covering her head another one her leg she was resting ..

Sid went to her side of bed and caress her hairs …I told you that I’ll drop you but why you will listen to me
kkn(khumbkaran ki Nani) Kahi ki see abhi bhi she is sleeping husband came to meet her and look at this madam he murmured cursing her ..while she slowly opens her eyes having a blurry vision at first sight she looks at sidhant and widened her eyes and screamed while sidhant got panicked and kissed her to stop from screaming further she closed her eyes feeling his lips on her while sidhant heard someone coming he quickly got up and went behind the curtain …

Jas opened her eyes to see him disappeared while twinj enters the room ..
Everything fine ? Why you screamed twinkle asked ..

Wo mumma wo..he was here ..wo ..Jas said ..
Who was here ??? Twinkle asked ..
Haan Jas tell who was here ? Kunj too added ..

Wo …she started to say ..
Arey meri maa don’t say or else I’ll be killed here only Sid said ..

Twinkle sees movement behind curtain and her eyes fell on shoes she understood it was sidhant ..
No none I got a bad dream so Jas said ..
Sometimes you scared us so much Jasmin kunj said sighing ..

Lets go kunj she needs rest twinkle said trying to take him from there ..
Hmm let’s go he said ..and they left..after making sure she had her medicine’s
Sidhant really came she touched her lips or it was my another dream I’ll surely get mad behind this mummas boy one day she said while sidhant smiled ..

Soon she was again in deep slumber while sidhant came out and pecked her forehead ..he covered her with blanket and smiled ..

This was seen by twinj who was seeing through the door without sidhant notice ..soon he again left from the window …

He loves her so much twinkle said ..
Hmm not more than me kunj said being jealous while they laughed ..
Even I love my siyappa queen like anything kunj teased her ..

Again you called me siyappa queen you sadu Sarna Twinkle said ..while he ran from there with twinkle chasing him ..
Soon they fell on sofa in hall …

Ouch my back twinkle you have became old now and if in this age our bones gets broken them no doctor will be able to heal it kunj said ..

Ahaan twinkle tried to get up from him but he cuddles her ..
It’s so long cuddling you like this peacefully kunjsaid ..

What you are doing devil leave me twinkle said but he nodded in no ..
Ahem I haven’t saw anything kush said turning around while twinj got up and seated …

Mere romance k dushman kunj murmured while kush laughed ..
So sorry papa but it was unintentionall give me some tips to get a beautiful wife like yours kush said sidehugging twinkle ..

She is only mine kunj said pulling her while the trio laughed ..
Again a week passed by Jas recovered so soon having her parents and siblings love Rohan decided to leave for London back with his family Avni and kush ..

There was no change in AVNEIL ..still both were same Sidmin as well twinj too left everything on god trying to rejoined their chords …

Jas went for shoot it was the last scene which had to be shooted really much time before but due to busy schedules they didn’t got time ..

Sidhant saw her and smiled while she too both were happy seeing each other ..
Yeah I am leaving I need some space working working I need a break sidhant said to one of the worker ..

Oh it’s really good sir you are going for a vacation he replied this was heard by Jasmin ..

She was shocked to listen that he is going somewhere ..and further sad that it gonna be shoot last scene and she will not be able to meet sidhant ..Avni and others had left for airport early morning that was heartbreaking for her and then sidhant too going somewhere she was sad ..

Soon they both were called for their scene it was a kissing scenes they were shocked but did it with full passion and craving of loosing each other ..

Cut the director shouted aloud bring them back from the scene while they were breathing heavily and looks into each other eyes ..

That was fantabulous congratulations to everyone for completion Vishal said while Sidmin were still looking at each other ..
Soon they went from there and cried alott thinking about their moments together ..
On the other side Neil got to know about Avni leaving for London he realised that he can’t live without her anymore he reached airport and was finding her but it was too late as they had already left heartbroken he left for his house …
All the preparations were done and then pack up everyone were going back to their homes after a Long shooting they all hugged each other ..Jasmin was nowhere to be found sidhant went to search for her he went near her vanity …and searched but didn’t found her he saw her driver lying in floor …
unconscious …

He sprinkle water on his face and aksed him about Jasmin ..
He took her he took the driver told…
Who he said ???? Before driver could response he got a call ..

Tch tch tch my baby sidhant come here soon if you want to see your lovely wife Alive he heard and anger took over his nerves ..

I won’t leave you today .. sidhant screamed with blood red shot eyes ..
Screen freezes ..
So sorry for posting late as you all know the reason ..
So how was the shot ???
Who took Jasmin ? What will happen now???
Precap : last climax ahead ??
Thanks to all who commented and like on last ..
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye allahafiz ???

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