KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 42


A very very happiest birthday to you Franciee ..
Episode 42 ..
The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked with kunj decision of going back he signs twinkle something while she blinked her eyes in response ..

But we can’t go back papa my film shooting is still pending and it’s going to be resume after 2 days Jas interuppted kunj …

What ? Haan so there is nothing to worry about Jasmin Rohan Bhai shanaya Di with Avni and others will go me kush twinkle and you will stay here till the time your movie will be finished and as well kush can do his office pending works too kunj said ..

Haan it’s right there is nothing to worry Bhai you take Avni with you all twinkle said ..
But maa me alone Avni said ..

Alone ? Rohan maamu and everyone is there even kush will go with you all then come back to complete his work twinkle said …

Haan Avni Mumma is right it will be good if you go asap Jas is stucked because of her film or else she would have accomapined you too kush said ..

Hmm Avni nodded going back to her room while jas got a call she excused herself adee and Kiara left behind Avni ..
We have some work papa we will be back in sometime Ahaan told Rohan while he nodded he and kush left leaving twinj and ronaya alone ..

You seriously want to send Avni with us kunj ?? Shanaya asked as soon as they got their privacy ..
Nahi Di I just want to see if she is saying this with her will or due to her hatred I don’t want anything to go wrong with them kunj said and twinkle nodded ..

Yes Bhabhi we want to see if they can live without Neil and Sid or not and we also have to meet Neil and Sid too to know if they are capable for them or not twinkle said while kunj looked on ..
Yeah you are right twinki Rohan said ..
Let’s go inside shanaya said and they all moved in …
Next scene ::
Are Yaar it’s so so boring man staying alone here let’s go out after all tomorrow is independence day …let’s look out at the city decorations and we will so some shopping too what say guys ?? Kiara said excitedly …

No you all go I am not feeling like going anywhere avni said ..
Don’t be a spoilsport Avni let’s go na we will have fun guys adee added …

Where is Jasmin ?? Kiara asked while she entered their room …
Chal let’s go for shopping Kiara said while jas nodded ..

Di let’s go Jas ended while Avni too agreed they went out and took their parents permission and left to roam the city …
@ twinj room ::
Kunj was sitting holding his head while twinkle comes from back and kept a hand on his shoulder ..she kept the coffee aside which she brought …

What happen kunj you are so much tensed what happen ??? Twinkle asked him while he held her hand making her sit beside him ..

Twinkle wo I am thinking kunj said and stopped in middle ..
What kunj ??? What you are thinking twinkle asked cupping his face ..

Do I look like a father in law ??? Kunj asked ..
What twinkle said and looked at kunj blank ..

Yep Twinklee do I look so much old ?I am hell tensed man kunj said with so much worriedness in his body voice ..
Are you serious kunj twinkle said sternly while both looks at each other and started laughing ..

You are seriously mad I was worried looking at you and you are thinking this twinkle said ..
Are so what ? I am still young and became father in law it sucks man kunj said ..

Hmm hmm kunj baby Mr devil you are old now your son in laws are young and handsome we have saw one he is to amazing don’t know about second one twinkle said ..

Don’t forget that son in law kidnapped you too kunj teased her while h
She hits him with pillow ..
Arey siyappa queen stop kunj said helding her hand pulling her closer ..while they both joins their foreheads ..

I know you are worried thinking about their future kunj I can understand by seeing your face twinkle spoke calmly while he hummed in response ..

I don’t want them to go through any kind of pain what we went through by our separation twinkle I have ever imagined their life like this I wanted to give them every happiness which they deserved kunj said still their foreheads joined ..

Don’t worry kunj we will sort it out trust us twinkle winked at him pecking his forehead while he smiled and pecked her cheeks ..

What’s this man we are still young kunj said while they both laughed and continued talking while sipping their coffee ..
Next scene ::
Avni Jas adee Kiara were Roaming in mall while adee and Kiara were excitedly seeing things buying them too ..

I’ll see there what’s new stock came Avni said moving towards other side while Kiara and adee were still busy looking at the things ..

Avni was walking when she bumped with a girl and stumbled she was going to fall when someone held her from back she closed her eyes …hearing his voice ..

Be careful he said while she turned and looked at him he looked at her back both had tears in their eyes ..

Neil ..she whispered and recalled their fight while Neil too had a same condition ..
Are Neil someone said from back while Neil left her and looked at to find his friends ..Avni turned to other side ..

What happen Neil asked ..to his friends akash Aryan Raman
Chal Bhai let’s party dude it’s getting boring now breakup party of our Aryan Raman said ..

Haan finally he got rid of his boring girlfriend akash added to the convo ..
Yeah man seriously it’s feels so good Aryan too said sighing while they laughed ..

You all go I’ll join in a minute Neil said while they nodded and left teasing Aryan ..
He turned and found Avni still there hearing his conversation ..

I am so happy to hear that you got your parents back for which you were with me Neil taunted her while she looked at him without replying anything making him shocked …

You go and enjoy your party Avni said ..
Yeah I’ll enjoy only and I think you are also celebrating its good after all there was nothing like love right it’s all about Revenge Neil said frustrated…

Yes it was and I know you love whom Avni said fakely smiling it’s good that it ended even before we thought ..she ended …
Avni Di Jas said coming there she heard their conversation ..Neil looks at her ..

Lets go Jasmin there is no need to hear anything from anyone here Avni held her hand taking her from there while Neil looks at them ..

Di what’s is this you should have cleared everything once Jas said ..
When he doesn’t trust me then there is no point in explaining him anything Avni said while they met adee and Kiara and left back home ..
@ s Vihar :::
Sakshi shweta Raj were waiting for Neil and sidhant to join them for dinner soon they comes there and greeted them ..they all started having dinner serving each other ..

This house feels so lonely without their daughter in law’s Shweta said while NeSid looks at each other ..
Haan Bhai true sidhant Neil when they are coming back it’s one week since they are not here Rohan Bhai is fine na ??? Sakshi asked ..

Yes maasi he is fine now ..let them stay there na after so many days they went Neil lied while Sakshi looked on at them suspiciously ..
Soon they had Thier dinner and went to sidhant room ..

I think we should tell them everything till when we are going to lie like this that Rohan uncle health was not fine so they went to take care of him sidhant asked Neil ..

I don’t know how mom papa maasi is gonna react I am scared of their reaction this can lead to increase in enemity between our families more Sid Neil said ..
But still one day we have to tell them na sidhant replied ..

Hmm we will tell some other day now don’t say anything let the things happen as they are happening Neil ended the conversation ..
@ taneja mansion ::
Everyone were at dinning table Avni didn’t came out since they came back twinj was getting worried for her ..
Why she is not having her dinner kunj asked…

Wait let me call her twinkle said standing up but kunj makes her sit ..
You sit I’ll see here kunj said and went to her room and find her laying in bed he went towards her ..

My doll wake up kunj said touching her forehead he got shocked to see it’s burning she is having fever kunj said and woke her up ..
I am really tired papa let me sleep Avni said ..

Okay but first have something kunj replied going back he arranged a plate for her and left while everyone too got worried about her ..
Jasmin felt really guilty thinking they are separated because of her twinkle sees her and sat beside her ..

What happen my baby twinkle asked while she hugged her and started crying ..

Mumma see na Di is in so much pain because of me Neil jiju is thinking her worng that she married him for revenge Jas said while twinkle rubbed her back ..
Shh Jas calm down everything will get fine …twinkle told her ..
Kunj took dinner and made Avni had it with his hands and gave her medicines ..
If you need anything I am here only Avni kunj said while she nodded again laying on bed going in deep slumber …while kunj went out to keep the plates ..
Stop crying Jas twinkle said again breaking the hug cupping her face ..
Now you tell me one thing you love sidhant ??? Twinkle asked with seriousness in her voice ..

I don’t know mumma but I am missing him though I married him to know his side but you know mumma I was wrong about him he is really good man he cared for me alott mumma I miss him Jasmin said again hugging her while twinkle took her in her embrace sighing she took Jasmin too her room and made her sleep she went to see Avni and found kunj there they both looks at each other while Avni started speaking in sleep ..

Trust me Neil ..
It’s nothing like that ..

Twinj looks at each other they were sad thinking about Avni and Jas both and worried about their life’s ..
They went out and sat together ..

What’s happening with them twinkle see Avni she was ready to go back and now fallen ill and even taking his name kunj said ..

Haan kunj she loves him alott twinkle replied ..
What about Jasmin ?? Kunj aksed ..

She too loves sidhant may be she is unaware of her feelings right now twinkle replied ..while they both looks at each other …
Sidhant laid on his bed looking at Jasmin side again you are not here I know we can’t be together again but don’t know I wanted you to be here badly in my embrace I needed peace Jasmin ..

You shouldn’t have married me for taking Revenge in this things I have fallen for you deeply sidhant said angrily
I don’t miss you at all huh he said covering his face with pillow and forced to sleep …
Next day :::
The beautiful day started bringing the happiness of celebrating the independence day of the country the flag hosting was done and the military parades were going on everyone wishing each other “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”

Jasmin went to Vishal house where he called everyone for a small get together as well to schedule their next part of shooting she went inside his house and met him while her eyes started finding sidhant her gaze landed and met his eyes who was doing the same work they both looks at each other after a long one week their eyes helding the pain their eye lock continue until they were brought to reality by Vishal ..

I am so sorry guys for stopping the shooting for so long but now no more we have to proceed quickly so yeah we are resuming it from tomorrow the location was set now ..let’s have a toss he said while they all cheered Sidmin were happy that they will get time to see each other daily for few days …
@ taneja mansion ::
Avni condition was till same while twinj were worried about her ..
Where is Jas ?? Kush asked Kiara ..

She went to her director house for a get together she replied ..
Oh okay kush said and got busy in his work..
The next day their shooting resumed while Sidmin got their make over done and was ready to burn the scene with their skills they both performed it very well and was happy too with each other presence but on the other side they were sad thinking about their broken relationship days goes on like this fastly Avni condition was getting fine now ..where as Neil was still angry.. Avni decided to go back asap… Sakshi was noticing NeSid and decided to find out what’s the matter between avneil and Sidmin …
One fine day sidhant and Jasmin done with their daily shoot when Sid went to his vanity and found a note there ..

“WE NEED TO TALK ” it states while sidhant looked at it and turned to find Jasmin secretly looking at him he understood …

Xyz restaurant he wrote on the same chit and went to change while jas sees it ..they both moved to restaurant …

Sidhant was already present while it took sometime for Jas to reach there ..
Sorry I am late my car wasn’t working properly she said helding her eyes while sidhant smiled ..

You wanted to talk ? Something important???? He said moving their conversation ahead..
Yeah it is Avni Di is going back to London she said while sidhant looked at her ..
Why ? He asked .

Wo we promised kush Bhai if our wedding doesn’t last long then we will go back to London leaving everything behind Jas said while Sid looked at her still ..
Hmm he said ..

So yeah she thinks Neil jiju didn’t trusted her once its wrong sidhant she married him because she loved him like anything I don’t find it right that they should get aparted like this Jas said with tears in her eyes ..

Hmm you are right Neil too loves her alott he is hurted that she hides her identity with him sidhant said ..

I beg you Sidhant plzz talk to Neil jiju once I know he will only listen to you make him understand it’s not Di fault Jas said teard eye ..

Hmm I’ll talk to him don’t worry he said ..
Thanks Jas said while they got up she looked at him ..
What ?? He asked ..

You also think na I married you to take revenge she said while he kept silent ..she smiled sadly and turned to leave ..

I hope someday I’ll be able to make you believe that I didn’t married you for revenge she said not showing her tears to him …
Jas…he started to say when someone called him ..

He turned and find one of his friends ayeza and they met she hugged sidhant while Jas looked at them ..
I am seeing you after so long ayeza said while sidhant smiled fakely he was looking at Jas when they broke the hug..

Ayeza one minute Sid said when he found Jas leaving from there ..
I’ll drop you he said from behind ..
No I’ll manage she said still tears flowing from her eyes and left from there ..
Screen freezes
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