KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 35

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Episode 35 ..
@ Taneja mansion ::
The Episode starts with
Kush was playing basketball ball his body was all sweaty the agression in his eyes while another hot guy enters TM and took a deep breathe ..
Finally “HOME SWEET HOME”he murmured

He directly went towards the basketball court and smiled looking at kush ..
Uhmm so much agression Bhai he said smirking
Oh so you finally got time for us Haan kush replied doing another basket ..

Yes finally ? now what’s my punishment bade Bhaiya he aksed ..
Let’s have a match kush said..
Okay he said and kept his blazer aside they looks at each other with tashan …

Soon they were chasing the ball running jumping doing baskets repeatedly having fun together when kush did another basket while the other guy sat there on floor..

You won Bhai as always he said panting heavily while kush smiled and passed him water both of them sitting on floor smiling at each other ..
I was terribly missing you glad that you are back kush said while he smiled ..

Yeah how I couldn’t have come Bhai it’s Avni Di engagement tomorrow I am hell excited first wedding of our devil group he said and winked ..

“Ahaan” someone shouted from behind while kush and Ahaan turned and looked at Avni Jas adee and Kiara they all were happy seeing him ..
He ran and hugged all of his sister’s while kush smiled and joined them too ..

Miss you so much Jas said while Ahaan looked at her ..
I don’t think so ? he said while jas hits him and murmured jerk ..

Huh b*t*h I missed you too he said hugging her tightly while both the brothers sister who was of same age group smiled at each other ..
Let’s go inside guys kush said and all nodded they went Inside while ronaya was sitting deciding about the engagement ring ..

Ahem ahem we all have something for you kush said they were standing in line kush Avni Jas adee and Kiara hiding Ahaan behind them ..

And what’s that ? Rohan asked while they step aside revealing him both ronaya smiled and he touched their feets nd greeted them ..

I am back maa papa he said while they smiled ..
Now all my babies are here Rohan said while all smiled ..they all sat taking and teasing Avni like anything …they went to Avni room ..

I still can’t Believe kush Bhai how did Neil jiju liked Avni Di Ahaan said thinking while kush smirked ..
Even I am thinking the same when he will know about Avni that she is really dangerous them to he will gone bechara feeling pity for him kush said …

Haan true Bhai I watched his confession and he is really cute but Avni Di remember how she had beaten us last time I still have scars Ahaan said making puppy face while kush hugged him ..

Don’t worry my baby brother your scars will go but think about Neil this time he said .. while Avni was angrily glaring at him and Jas adee and Kiara was silently laughing thinking about their condition later …

@ “S Vihar”
A beautiful girl enters in mansion and smiled it’s feels so good to be back here she murmured and went inside without making any noise …she sees Neil and smiled looking at him ..she tip toes towards him and kept her hands covering his eyes …

Identify me she murmured while Neil smirked ..
My baby girl he replied
Ufoo Bhai how everytime you identify me huhuh she said removing her hands while Neil smiled pulling her on side hug ..

Because only you do these things to me my baby girl Neil replied pecking her forehead ..
I am not a baby Bhai she said ..

Ah??? Is it I buyed chocolates for you but I think now I should eat along with sidhant what say Neil asked …
Don’t you dare even think you buyed for me na so I’ll eat huh okay okay I am baby only don’t know when my brother’s will think me a grown up kid she replied ..

Never a voice came from behind she turns and found Raj Shweta and Sakshi standing there ..
Papa she ran hugging Raj tightly while he smiled ..
Finally papa’s doll is back Sakshi said and Shweta smiled ..

It’s good that you are back or else I’ll would have beaten you Shweta told her while she hugged them …
( She was revealed to be khushi khanna Neil younger sister)

Where is sidhant Bhai ??? She asked ..
He slept early today Neil replied ..
While they all were having fun together Khushi was teasing same about Avni they were terribly missing sidhant …

Note ::
Twinj kids : Avni kush and Jas
Ronaya kids : adee Kiara and Ahaan

Raj and Shweta kids : Neil and Khushi
Sakshi kid : sidhant

Next scene ::
Sidhant was sleeping peacefully when he started moving uncomfortably in sleep with sweat forming all over his face ….
No ..no ..don’t do this it’s not right ..no no they are innocent why are you trapping me no plz move back move …

sidhant shouted and got up from his sleep he was breathing heavily and was drenched in sweat …
He got up from his bed with much difficulty I don’t know till when this will happen babaji …he said and went towards bar his secret bar in his room and opened it taking alcohol he started gulping in …

Ahhh this headache he broke the bottle and went outside his room it was quite late and everyone had slept by then …he was just walking lifelessly and moving forward when stopped in middle he looked at the pic on wall …it had a pic of a man

It’s all because of you just you why you left us why you left me why you never cared for me why I am so unlucky I never got your love like other kids why you did that with us he was speaking angrily when Sakshi who was going from there spots him …she quickly ran towards him
Sid she said helding him from shoulders supporting him while he looked at her ..

Maa he spoke teard eye ..
Shh sidhant what happened to you and what’s this you are drunk ??? She asked him shockingly ..
Yes a little maa little he pointed at the gap between his thumb and index finger I needed that to ease my pain maa I am not able to get out of that situation that incident still haunts me like anything he said looking down while Sakshi cupped his face ..

I told you so many times just forget it ..it wasn’t your mistake she hugged him tightly ..she looked at him and saw he slept she cried looking at him ..
You have beared enough sidhant I have to make your life normal like others I can’t let you stay with this pain whole life I needed to bring someone in your life asap she said determined and properly make him sleep on the couch and left…
Next morning ::
There was hustle bustle all around in s Vihar sidhant was still sleeping on the couch when someone slapsh water on his face he woke up with a jerk and looks at Khushi who was giggling seeing him ..
So you are back he said gritting his teeths while she smiled ..

Yes Bhai she replied in same Tone as of him while sidhant picked up the pillow from their running behind her ..
Wait you Khushi I’ll not leave you huh is this the way to wake up anyone Haan sidhant said still running behind her ..
Yes it is ? she replied running and hides behind Neil ..

Save me bhaiyu she said to Neil while he looks at her ..
You both started now itself Haan Neil replied while sidhant stands Infront of him asking him to move ..
No no Bhai don’t move Khushi pleaded to Neil ..

Sidhant leave her na Neil said ..
Just because of you I am leaving her Sid said throwing the cushion back on couch while she smiled and they hugged ..
Missed you all so much she said ..

Haan that’s why you came so early right sid taunted while they indulge in fight again and Neil looks on ..
Enough you both still behaves like kids Neil said .
Haan then we are kids only na Bhai as you are toh getting married Khushi replied while Neil looks at her ..

Haan true even I agree to her at this point Sid said and they hifi …
b*t*hes Neil said followed by a laughter of the trio ..while they went for breakfast ..
@ taneja mansion :::
Everyone was sitting in Avni room while she was looking angry and kush and Ahaan was constantly giggling at her ..
Enough of you both I may kill anyone today Avni said angrily while adee and Kiara was sitting beside her and jasmine was having apple sitting near window ..

This is really funny girls gets pimples when excited for something Ahaan said while kush laughed seeing Avni who was worried for her pimple ..
It’s not even that much visible kush said
Hah you won’t understand kush Avni replied ..

Huh kush said and looks at Jasmine ..
She is really something else ohh madam ??? Where are you lost kush asked while she looked at him ..
Nowhere she said sitting having her apple ..
An apple a day keeps a doctor away kush Bhai Ahaan replied ..

Oh you know that ??? Jasmine asked taunting him while they both smirked at each other ..
Yes he replied
Very good my baby grown up Jas replied winking at him ..

Huh I am not a baby Ahaan said as he hates the word “baby”
You are a baby only Jas said again only to get involved in fight with him while others were stopping them ..
Ronaya comes and sees them ..arey what I’ll do all of these when you all will grown up Rohan said ..

Not so soon mamu kush replied ..
They also went for breakfast still teasing Avni till death while she was getting angry on them and also blushing secretly
The day flewed off soon and the night came …the engagement was arranged in one of the banquets there everything was done as per they wanted ..

Soon they all reached Rohan Shanaya welcomed Neil and his family they all were looking fab …
Neil greeted them taking their blessings while ronaya smiled and sidhant Khushi was teasing Neil like anything ..

Impressing in-laws Haan Sid said winking while Neil blushed slightly …
So cute red cheeks Bhai Khushi smiled cutely at him blinking her eyes continuously
Stop you both not a word more enough of teasing Neil said while they giggled..
They came back to reality when Avni was brought down by adee Kiara on left and Jas on right side ..they all are slaying
Sid eyes were stuck on jasmine while Neil eyes was on Avni both forgot the surroundings around them Khushi was smiling seeing Avni for first time ..

They came down while ronaya went towards them taking they all towards the stage Shweta Raj Sakshi smiled and blessed her Neil was also made to sit beside her while they looks at each other secretly as everyone was around them ..

Finally Shweta said taking off evil eye from them while jas went in side and stands looking at AVNEIL admiring them she looks at sidhant who was already standing beside her ..

This time I didn’t follow you he replied as quickly as he can while she laughed seeing him he was lost in her..she looks at him and stopped ..
Hmm okay she said

They are looking so cute na Jas said
Agreed sidhant replied looking at them ..they looks at each other and passed a smile ..
Kush and Ahaan too comes there and they all went towards stage .. except Sidmin ..

Bhabhi Khushi said while Avni was confused Neil sensing her confusion introduced her …
She is Khushi my younger sister he replied side hugging her while Avni smiled ..

Nice to meet you she replied ..
Now introduce me also to your siblings Neil said ..
Hmm yeah she is adee and Kiara as you met last night and he is Ahaan Avni said while kush signed her not to tell about him till they know sidhant side
And he Neil said pointing towards kush
He is our family friend as well as he is planning our wedding Avni said while kush sighed ..

Ohh glad to meet you Neil said and they shake hands and smiled..
Sidmin was still standing together seeing them all ..
Do you believe in love ? Jas asked
Nope sidhant replied straight
Ohh Jas said

And you ? Sid asked her
Yes I believe because I have seen the most cutest couple Jas said remembering twinj and their fights when they were with them she gets teard eye .. while sidhant was continuously gazing at her ..
Everything fine ?? He asked her while she nodded moving from there ..

Weird what happen to her Sid said these girls are really hard to understand man he said …
A girl comes in the party she smirked “yes I have reached don’t worry I know my work and I’ll do it today sidhant reputation will spoil completely she smirked and stops near bar she handovers some money and said..

Add this tablet in that man drink she said pointing towards sidhant who was standing there feeling bored ..
Media too was present in the ceremony one of the jorunalist looks at the girl and showed thumbs up while she smiled ..
Sidhant went from there towards bar feeling thirsty and aksed for drink while the bartender gives him adding a tablet in his drink ..

Thanks Sid said and went from there he started sipping and stops with a jerk ..
What happen why I am having headache suddenly he said keeping the glass aside ..
On the other side ::
Jas was sitting sadly while kush sat beside her what happen ? Sunshine he said wrapping his arm around her ..
Don’t know Bhai I am feeling strange today see it’s our sister engagement still we can’t enjoy like other siblings jas said crying slightly while kush too sadly looks at her..

Don’t cry Jas everything will be fine he said wiping her tears they got up bumping with waiter while juice falls on Jas dress ..
Shit she said
You go and clean it kush replied she left nodding ..

Sidhant was Roaming from their finding Terres to have some fresh air he didn’t wanted to disturb Neil as it’s his life best day Sid decided to solve his problem by himself someone pulled him inside one of the rooms there …

Sid looks at the person his eyes turned red “Lisa” he murmured while she smiled and revealed to be the same girl who gave money to bartender ..
You remember me I am so happy she said while Sid looks at her ..
Why are you here and how you came he said he was shivering due to medicines effect ..

I know sidhant you want me today she said moving her fingers around his face while he jerked her ..
Stay away he said angrily coming back to senses .. suddenly the door opened and they looks at it … sidhant was shocked seeing the media while Lisa smirked seeing the jorunalist …
They started asking many questions from sidhant humiliating him while he was shocked ..

Sir it’s your brother engagement and you are here ???
Whose this girl ??
What relationship you had with her ??
They were asking so many questions while Sakshi Kiara kush comes there while the rest were downstairs ..they were shocked too …

Lisa started to say something wo she started to say when jasmine too comes from the same room making everyone shocked she too was shocked seeing media and others she just came to clean her dress there ..
What’s happening here ?? She asked confused ..

You were also present in room mam what’s going on here ?? One of the reporter asked ..
What do you mean by that ? Jas replied
Why you guys are always behind the stars ?? Sakshi said coming forward ..
As we are aware of sidhant Gupta habits one of them spoke with negativity

What does that mean ?why you all can’t leave them alone wait I’ll say who they are you all know very well sidhant and jasmin she is their wedding planner Sakshi said pointing towards Lisa while everyone was shocked ..
They were planning to get settled too Sakshi declared while kush and kiara looks at Jasmin she gave them a blank look ..

Mom whats this Sid whispered ..
Let me handle this sidhant Sakshi said showing her hand ..
Are they really going to get married ?? Another one asked ..

That we will let you know soon now I request to give them space and not disturbs others just for the sake of some gossip Sakshi said while they all left …Lisa to escape from their silently ..
What was that mom ??? Why you lied Sid said while sakshi left from there without answering him ..

Sidmin looks at each other awkwardly while Sid left behind Sakshi and Jas turns towards kush and Kiara …
What the hell was that ??? Kush shouted while jas looked at him .
Even I don’t have any idea Bhai what happen Jas said ..

I need to talk to Sid she said
No I am not letting you go kush said helding her hand back ..
Kiara gets a message ” papa is asking for us she said while kush and Jas looked at her ..
Come kush said helding Jas hand while she looked at him ..

Plzz Bhai I’ll come back soon just I want to talk to him once Jas pleaded ..
Come back soon kush said while she nodded and he left with Kiara ..
Next scene ::
Sidhant was walking behind Sakshi while she stopped ..
What happen Sid ? She asked ..
What you did mom and why ?? Sid asked her ..
Then what I would have done how that girl came in your room Sakshi asked ..
I don’t know maa believe me Sid replied ..

Okay I believe you Sakshi replied ..
Why you lie mom you didn’t asked me or jasmine and told that our wedding that will never happen ..Sid declared

Why sidhant what’s worng in that Haan ?? You have to get married one or the other day then what’s the problem ? Jasmin is nice even I like her I wanna see you married and that too with her I can’t see you dying sidhant it hurts me you have promised me sidhant that you will marry whenever with whoever I asked you Sakshi ended ..

That doesn’t mean you can take my life decisions mom I hate the word marriage I never wanted to get married to anyone as I saw you and pa..I mean your husband marital life you didn’t asked me once before telling this mom I know you want to see me happy but not this way you can’t take my life decisions Sid said angrily turning to leave without facing her

What ??? You are breaking your promise you said right I can’t take your life decisions I know my married life didn’t worked but I genuinely wanted to see you happy but sorry I’ll never interfere… you have grown… up today you… don’t need me anym..ore Sakshi said ..

Jasmin came that way and saw sidhant he looked at her back before they could talk ..
Aunty Jasmin shouted seeing Sakshi collapsing on floor unconscious Sid turned and looked at his mother he was shocked too ..

Mom mom he said patting on her cheeks while she went all cold …tears started falling from his eyes ..
We need to take her to hospital Jas said while sidhant nodded picking her up he took her from back exit with Jasmin with them …he started driving worrying for her while jas was consoling him soon they reached and Sakshi was admitted …

Sidhant stands there cursing himself for saying so much in anger he recalled her words ..
You have grown up today you don’t need me anymore her last words were ringing in his mind ..

Don’t leave me maa I need you I need you at every point of my life plzz forgive me I said you so much Sid said eyeing her through the mirror ..while jas kept a hand on his shoulder ..
See her na jasmin what happen Sid said his Condition was hell vulnerable Jas was even shocked seeing him like this for the first time ..

I’ll be left with no one if anything happens to maa plzz ask her to forgive me and wake up Sid said crying while jas hugged him ..
Nothing will happen to her sidhant be strong Jas said rubbing his back while he hugged her more tightly crying in her embrace ..he broke the hug and looked at her …

Will you marry me ? He spoke in hurry while jas was shocked with his sudden questions ..
What ? She asked shockingly ..
Next scene ::
The ceremony was going on smoothly no one had the slightest idea of what happened there …
It’s mahurat for ring ceremony their priest spoke while AVNEIL looks at each other smiling everyone were happy for them ..

Where is Sakshi ??? Shweta said seeing her as the sisters were hell close while she gets to know about her ..
What ?? Shweta said shocked Khushi comes there she was shocked too ..
I need to go there Shweta said while Khushi stopped her ..

I know mom you are worried for maasi it will look odd If we leave don’t tell anyone let them get engaged asap Khushi suggested Raj too nodded ..
I think we should have ring ceremony now Raj said while Rohan too nodded ..
Avni and kush eyes were searching for jasmin too ..soon the rings were exchanged .. everyone congratulated them while they both smiled too ..

Congratulations Mr khanna Avni said blushing ..
Congratulations to you too to be Mrs khanna Neil replied lovingly ..

@ hospital :::
Plzz agree jasmin mom asked me one thing plzz Sid said folding his hands Infront of her while jas looked at him still confused what to answer him ..
Yes she replied shocking him as well as herself too while Sid looks at her ..

I’ll be grateful to you whole life for this Sid said while she looked at him wiping his tears ..

Don’t cry she will be fine Jas said while Sid nodded still worried about her ..
The surgery goes on and on her condition was becoming critical Jas was beside sidhant as a support system ..

@ venue :::
Where is sidhant ? I am asking from long no one is answering Neil said while Shweta started crying and narrated them about Sakshi health ..
Wht mom and you are telling me this now Neil said ..

Let’s go there Shweta replied ..while they all nodded ..
Shanaya you take kids and go back home I’ll come soon Rohan said ..

I am coming with you Mamu kush said while Rohan nodded and took him ..shanaya Avni adee Kiara Ahaan went back to taneja mansion ..
@ hospital :::
The surgery was completed while the doctor’s came out ???
What happen doctor is she fine ??? Sidhant asked as soon as they came out ..

Yeah she is out of danger but still she had an minor heart attack she needs to be away from stress doctor said ..
Can we meet her ? Jas asked ..
Yeah you can but after sometime doctor said and left ..

Sidhant was wandering around impatiently waiting for her to regain conciousness they left inside while he sees his mom and was hurt ..he blames himself for putting her in such conditions

I am so sorry mom I have shouted on you I shouldn’t have used those words I don’t wanted to hurt you maa plzz get up scold me beat me maa I need you maa plzz Sid said while she started gaining consciousness Jasmin was crying too seeing them …

S..id Sakshi spoke while sidhant looked at her happily as if getting his senses back…
I am sorry mom plzz forgive me maa don’t leave me he said while she started breathing heavily ..

Sidmin were shocked seeing her condition ..maa maa nothing will happen to you maa I’ll not break your promise you wanna see me married right he said seeing here and there and sees a syringe he pricks his fingers filling Jas hairline he himself was shocked with his sudden act … Jas looked at him …

Sidhant someone spoke Sidmin turned and looked at Neil Rohan kush Shweta there ..they were also shocked too ..
Screen freezes
Phewww finally completed almost after 2 weeks I am here apologies ..
I know I am late as it had 2 reasons firstly I was on family outing as soon as I came back my college started so got indulge their completely as this year mostly I had practical work so didn’t getting time to write I am so sorry guys for making you all wait ..
I’ll try to complete writing asap as soon as I’ll be getting time but can’t say anything ..
Well so sorry to all the writers here I have read any of the article still they are so many pending for me plzz comment the links or episode no which you have posted I’ll complete that soon ??? Insha Allah …
So sorry again ????
So how was the episode ? Shocking well it was needed to bring Sidmin close let’s see what happens ?? Will Jas know his side …
Will Sid starts believing in love ..??
What will be others reaction ??
Wait for it I’ll complete it soon ??
Ignore errors no proof read (lack of time ???)
Thanks to all who commented on last love you all ..
Allahafiz …?

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