KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 31

Episode 31
London :::::
The Episode starts with taneja mansion (London) Rohan was sitting on the couch resting while shanaya comes there with servant who placed two cups of coffee there ..
Rohan why you worry this much they will be fine only shanaya said ..

I don’t know but I wanted to talk to them once and they aren’t receiving my calls he said with some tint of anger on his nose when his phone started ringing …he looks at the caller id and gets happy

Lo your babies called you now talk to them shanaya said and laughed while Rohan hurriedly picked up the call before he could say anything ..the person on the other side started to speak …

I am really very sorry I know you had been calling us since long but we were really busy so sholly na the voice said while Rohan smiled ..
You all will never changed you know how much I was scared you guys never think about me huh ? Rohan said ..

Arey it’s nothing like that we don’t want to stress you that’s why..why you worry this much for us I am there to take care of this devis a manly voice spoke …
Haan I know you are there for all of them but still …Rohan said and was cut off in middle ..

Now no more and we have one news to share girl voice told while ronaya looks at each other ..
What ??? They asked together ..

Wo toh we will tell when you will be back to India to stay with us we are waiting for you both they all said together ..
Fine we will be there soon shanaya said excitedly and they ended the call ..

Now don’t know what’s cooking up in this devils mind Rohan said and sighed …
Haha we never knew they are more way ahead than us may be they forgot revenge from her voice I felt they are going to tell us something good shanaya said ..
Hope so Rohan said and they continued sipping their coffee ..
India :::
Shweta and Sakshi was sitting waiting for sidhant Neil to come back home it was there daily schedule to wait for their kids … Raj comes there happily and looks at them both ..

What happened Raj ji ??? Shweta asked while he showed her the single clip of Neil proposing Avni and she saying yes for his proposed ..

Wow didi you son is really fast he fulfilled your wish today itself Sakshi teased her while Shweta happiness knew no boundaries ..

Yeah my Tillu I am very very very much happy I can’t wait for their wedding where are these guys they didn’t informed us Shweta said excitedly calling up Neil while he picked up the call …
Where are you Haan she asked ..

Mom I am out for some work I’ll be back home soon Neil replied cutting the call ..
Lo he disconnected my call Shweta said
May be he is busy in work let him come home we will see Sakshi said and they both smiled ..

Congratulations Sakshi told and they hugged …
They went and told the chef’s to make something special to celebrate the news ..
Next scene ::
Sidhant was in bar drinking recalling that journalist words his head was spinning badly he was just gulping in and in …
What the hell you are doing here sidhant Neil said angrily standing behind him ..

Why are you here leave me for sometime Neil sidhant said taking another glass and gulped in ..

Are you mad I’ll never leave you understand I am your elder brother and it’s my duty to take care of you Neil angrily told him while sidhant smiled ..

Why you care for me this much bro I doesn’t deserve it sidhant said while Neil held him by shoulders ..
Look at me tell me what’s bothering you Neil said while sidhant looked at him with blood red shot eyes …
Next scene :::
Cheers to OUR first victory The same guy said who gave money to the journalist while jasmine and two more girls were with them …
Haan it’s just the start first girl said with devilish grin while jasmine nodded ..

Yeah kiara it’s just the start jasmine said while they smiled…
Take care of yourself don’t get much involved with him the guy said with some anger …

Bhai don’t get so much stressed about it I know to handle him jasmine said while he hugged all of his sister’s ..
Now we have to stop this for sometime and think about something else the guy said he winked at the second girl while they smiled …

But we can’t forget this jasmine said while they all looked on ..
Yes our main priority is this he ended angrily..
Other side :::
What’s bothering me ??? You are asking me this what will bother me Haan my father left my mother for someone else from childhood I never got any fatherly love mom made many sacrifices for me so that I can have this lavish life…I became druggists casonova and don’t know what all sidhant said with guilt in his eyes ..

But it’s not your fault sidhant it was the circumstances that made you turn like this you are trying your best to improve na Neil said …

How I’ll improve I am a blo*dy murderer sidhant ended helding his head between his palms …
He is a blo*dy bastard KAATIL HAI WO he snatched our everything from us jasmine said angrily …

Don’t worry Jas we will also not let him stay in peace ever he will have to pay back the guy said …while they all were teard eye ..

How much happy we were when papa told us that he is joining us in London for new year celebrations but they didn’t came second girl said crying ….

Haan we never ever thought that our happy family will be destroyed like this jasmine said sitting on floor Infront of That girl ….
Other side ::
Stop it sidhant stop calling yourself as murderer if someone will listen this your career will be destroyed Neil said ..

But that’s the truth because of my anger and immatureness someone has lost their parents ..I am the one to put them on death sidhant ended …

But your tired to sort it out its not our mistake that their family had shifted somewhere else Neil said ..

I can’t imagine Neil I used to stay sad that I don’t have my father beside me think about those from whom I snatched both of their parents sidhant again said he wasn’t in his senses the guilt was killing him ..

Come with me back home sidhant if maasi sees you like this she will be broken come with me plzz Neil said while sidhant nodded in no …
Enough now you both will not cry okay the guy said angrily while both of them nodded ..
Yess they said and the trio hugged tightly
Tomorrow papa and mumma Will be here Kiara said while they smiled and they all again had a siblings hug ….
Neil took sidhant forcefully with him as he was half sleep and half blabbering …soon they both reached “S VIHAR”

Neil sees the time and thinks everyone would have been slept by now and took sidhant with him inside supporting him ..

He was shocked to see Sakshi shweta and Raj waiting for him without making any noise he made sidhant lie in one of the rooms there ..and went locking him ..
Shweta sees Neil while he passed a smile to her …

Finally you are here where is your another partner she asked ..
Sidhant ? He didn’t came ? May be he was busy in some work Neil managed the situation …

Work which work ? Sakshi asked worriedly ..
Nothing maasi he will be back soon. You don’t worry about him till I am with him Neil said and they smiled …

I am so happy that you decided to get married Shweta said while he smiled..
Anything for your happiness mom he said and they smiled …
You all didn’t slept it’s too late said while they smiled ..

We were deciding about your wedding preparations Raj said while Neil looked on wide eyes ..
You all are going quite fast he said and all teased him and left to sleep ..

He quickly ran back to the same room where he left sidhant and splash water on his face …
Wake up Mr Gupta he said while sidhant without looking at him started speaking
I told you so many times call me sidhant or Sid jasmine he ended ..

Oh my god wake up from your dream girls dream he jerked off sidhant while he looked at Neil his head paining badly …
Arey Neil ? I never knew you had twin brother too sidhant said while Neil looked on ..

Hey babaji send someone to fix his screws he said and took him back to their room he looked at sidhant ..

Don’t know till when you are going to blame yourself for that day …”Us Galti me bhi Teri koi Galti Nahi” thi he said ..and went back to his room
they both drifted to sleep being hell tired …
Next morning ::
Sidhant woke up and went for a jogging fully covering himself to avoid any media or crowd around him …he sat on the bench drinking water when he spots jasmine there …

Who was doing meditation with closed eyes her hairs made into a messy bun her curls falling on her neck he was lost in seeing her …
Beautiful he whispered slightly …

She was done with her meditation when found sidhant there she tried to avoid him and go from there …
Sidhant goes behind her and held her from back pinning her to a tree …

May I know the reason why you ignores me like this ??? He asked raising his eyes brows …
No I don’t owe an answer to you jas said while Sid looked on and smirked ..

That’s the thing I liked the most about you babes your attitude uff killer he said teasing her ..
Oh thanks for the complement and leave my side I have to go Jas ended ..

Huh I can’t understand you if I would have been in your place and sees a s*xy guy Infront of you I would have definitely kissed him being a girl he winked at her..

You aren’t in my place and you will never be about kiss I am not that type of girl who will come in your clutches soon baby jasmine ended pouting while he looked on …

Ahaan ?? Don’t do this kind of things or the next time I wouldn’t leave you…you made go crazy everytime he said moving aside leaving her way ….
Jas started to go from there while Sid again held her hand …

Bye love ? he whispered slowly ..
Whatever she said and left while Sid laughs …
Shit she is damn cute man he smiled and left from there …
Soon he reached back his home and saw news paper it was a pic of AVNEIL on the front page where Neil proposed her ..

“Neil khanna proposed his co star Avni for wedding the duo soon to tie knot ”

Hein ?? When did this happen Neil proposed that chudail for wedding when ??? he went to Neil room and saw him sleeping ..
Oye bade Bhaiya get up he said while Neil looked at him ..

You don’t let me stay in peace at night you don’t let me sleep peacefully too what you want now ??? Neil asked ..
See this ? When did this happen you are seriously going to get married .. sidhant aksed ..

Huh I don’t wish too but I had to help you out from last night conversation with media so I just did it Neil said while Sid looked on …
Explain me clearly Sid asked ..

You went leaving the press conference in middle and today’s main topic would have been “THE SIDHANT GUPTA MISBEHAVED WITH THE REPORTERS” by going from the press conference without answering anything I just found a way to save you and proposed Avni to my shocked she also accepted it and now I am stuck one side Avni mom and dad happiness is there for wedding next side my bachelor’s .. Neil said making puppy face …

I don’t know what good thing I have done that I got you as my brother sidhant said while both laughed and hugged ..
You will seriously marry that dayan ? Sid asked ..

Ahh I don’t know what problem you had with her man you never liked her and our director also stole your real cat dog sequence into movie i love her like anything and soon going to marry her …now atleast accept her as your bhabhimaaaa Neil teased sidhant ..

Bhabhi my foot ?she is a chudail a dayan Sid said and they laughed again ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : AVNEIL parents meet
Hey guys I am back again ✌✌
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