KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 3

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Shot 3 …
India ????
The Episode starts with next morning twinkle and Aditi was sleeping peacefully on same bed …while all the things in their room were scattered twinkle leg was near Aditi face which hit her and Aditi woke up and rubbed her cheek and look at twinkle …

Uff ye ladki k saat ek din sone Kitna mushkil hai neend me bhi Kung Fu Karti hai huh Aditi said while twinkle too woke up and yawns and looks at Aditi ..

When you woke up ???? She asked while Aditi looks at her ..
When you hit me with your leg Aditi taunted back while twinkle laughed ..

It’s so good she said and both of them hugged wishing “GOOD MORNING” …
After sometime they were done with freshen up and came in their bathrobe selecting clothes for each other …

You wear this one today after all you are gonna meet a man for your meeting may be you will like him twinkle said and winked ..

Hah in your dreams “I’ll NEVER FALL IN LOVE” and it means NEVER …Aditi said
Okay okay now don’t be so agressive thode ladkiyo wale bhi kaam karle twinkle said while Aditi smiled ..

Huh today you are taking leave from office that’s why you are not in hurry and pull of teasing me Haan Aditi said ..

Haan I’ll make you ready today what say twinkle winked and made her sat on the dressing table and did her make up not that much just a simple eye liner and matching lip stick increasing her beauty more she curled her hairs while smiled and said “PERFECT

Now you are satisfied should I leave Aditi said while twinkle nodded and she left for meeting ….
@ airport :::
Finally yuvi reached and after all the security check he same out of airport with his pa both were ready for their meeting too they came out of airport and took a cab and directly going to their destination they were stuck in traffic signal from the other side there was a lot of cars in hurry as the signal was cleared that side one little boy who left his grandmother hand got stucked in traffic he was crying badlyy yuvi sees it and was coming out if his car to go to that boy when Aditi reached there and saved him bumping against a car she gave her back in him to his grandmother while she blessed ..

Thank you so much beta for saving my grandson may God bless you she said while Aditi smiled ..yuvi sees her from back and smiled …she turned to go towards her back yuvi just took a glance of her and was very much impressed with her soon he too left for the meeting ..
@ twiditi house :::
Twinkle was free today and enough lazy she was walking around in her bathrobe itself from morning enjoying her leave she went downstairs and sees her house care taker working and going to cook lunch for Twinklee …

Should I help you ??? Twinkle asked while Meena looks at her ..
But twinkle baby aap you go and have rest I’ll make lunch for you ..

Arey no worries I want to cook today just help me she said while Meena nodded twinkle was cooking happily enjoying after an hour se was done with her cooking session and made gajar Ka halwa she made Meena taste it ..

Superb Meena said while twinkle smiled thank you soon she got a call from Ali ..
Bol she said while Ali smiled ..

Twinkle plzz do one thing na I am so sorry for spoiling your leave but can you pick mumma from home and drop her to airport as she wants to go and meet bua and I am badly stucked in work here so couldn’t go back home ..plzz Ali said ..

Arey why not you take care bye I’ll drop her don’t worry she said while both smiled ..
Soon twinkle packed some halwa for Ali mumma and took it …
@ twiditi enterprise ::
Aditi reached there and her pa told that other company owner was waiting for her in her cabin she hurried inside and sees yuvi …

I am so sorry I got late sorry for making you wait Aditi said while yuvi turned and was surprised to see her ..he was just lost in her beauty he forgot the surroundings around him and was busy staring at her …

Heyy ???? Aditi snaps her finger before him while he came back into reality ..
Oh I am sorry Myself Yuvraj he said forward his hand while Aditi too greeted him formally ..

Aditi she replied ..
While they both seated and and was discussing all the teams and conditions but yuvi was still lost in her magical voice he couldn’t stop himself from staring at her again n again …

Is she the one ???? His heart spoke while he smiled …
Soon they were done with discussing ..
So as a representative from twiditi enterprises I am signing this deal Aditi said ..

Me too as representative of “K Y INTERNATIONALS” both signed on the legal documents ..

So as a part of it you have to stay here and work for some months sir Aditi pa told yuvraj while he nodded ..while her pa left for some work ..

I’ll soon inform you when your cabin will be ready you can inform if anything you want Aditi said ..
Okay you gave your number I’ll inform you yuvi said

Haan 785….wait why I am sharing my personal number you can call on company number and inform to receptionist Aditi said while yuvi smiled with in himself ..

Shit boss she catched it his mind uttered …
So meet you soon yuvi said while Aditi nodded and he left before he turned back and looked at her again ..

What an girl babajiii he smiled and was going to left when went inside again Aditi was surprised to see him again ..

Wo I came here to discuss something more he said and they continued talking more about their new project ..
@ Ali house :::
Twinkle reached her she was amazingly dressed up while met Ali mumma (Aisha) they both hugged ..

Arey Twinkle so sorry beta for disturbing you aisha said ..
No no I was free only come s*xy we will go airport Twinkle said while aisha laughed ..

(Aisha loved both twinkle and aditi she was like a mother figure to them ..)
Soon they both reached airport while twinkle gave her halwa she smiled ..

Uhmm in that case I have something for you and Aditi too Aisha said and took out the chocolates ..
Wow thank you so much aunty twinkle hugged her while aisha smiled ..

Take care of yourself Aditi and my little idiot okay
Haan Haan I’ll now you go she said while aisha hugged her Twinkle decided to drop her till inside …

She was going in along with Aisha when she got bumped with a man .. without looking at him twinkle said SORRY and moved ahead …

Why I felt that voice was of twinkle kunj who came to India too turned he sees Twinklee from back she was in totally western wear ..

No Twinkle never liked to wear anything like that it may not be twinkle he assured himself and left from there..

Haan yuvi where are you ??? Oh superb the deal was signed well guessed where I am right now ???? Kunj asked yuvi they were on call ..

Are you in India too brother ??? Yuvi said while smiled and said hmm ..
Wow then reached xyz hotel yuvi said I’ll be there soon as I am still on twiditi enterprises he ended while kunj looked on confused ..

Okay I’ll reach there but before that I have to do something he said and left for court …

I have decided that I’ll DIVORCE twinkle and free both of us from this unwanted relation i really don’t know how I am gonna react seeing twinkle BECAUSE I AM THE ONE WHO LEFT HER 2 YEARS BACK ..he spoke within himself …
Twinkle who decided to go for shopping called Aditi and aksed her if the meeting was done …

Haan it was done Aditi spoke from other side while twinkle smiled come out we are going for shopping she said ..

Aditi and yuvi said bye to each other and came out of twiditi enterprise whole Twinklee came out of car and sees Aditi yuvi who was standing there saw twinkle too …

Why do I feel I have seen her somewhere ?? Before he could meet twinkle ..twiditi left already ..
At night they both were back from shopping and sat on the couches when the bell rang …

I’ll check it twinkle said and got up she sees an envelope ..
Arey it’s for me twinkle said ..

What’s is it ??? Aditi asked her from hall
Wait a minute despo twinkle opened and was shocked ..
DIVORCE NOTICE” she murmured ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : twinj face off ?
So how was the shot ???
I don’t feel like writing guys I don’t know why you all are not responding many of my readers are not showing up and I am noticing it since many of my articles ..
I just don’t know why ? ? I was so excited for writing this story even I would have updated regularly but seems like you all are not interested …
You can tell me if there is anything like that I’ll work upon it or it just waste of my time to post it …
Special special thanks to Cindy Sia Sofia Presha cheena yashu Di ssk Riya vibhu ayeesha Anusha Di sidmin78 Kiya thank you all so much …
Bye ???????

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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    Sammy!!!! Haye….. Aditi and Twinkle!!!! Sis code goals!! This was amazing!!!!
    Damn excited for TwiNj meet!!! Excited to know their past! Its quite intriguing!!
    Don’t worry about the comments!!! People go lazy sometimes!!!
    Don’t end it please!!! 🙁
    Post soon, dearie!!! <3

  2. Please write its really awesome

  3. Hi Sameera
    You are giving regular updates…really appreciate it. Talking about low response idk why everyone is getting low response. Don’t be disheartened by it bcz ur regular readers are always there to support you
    Awesome update
    Twiditi as always are so fun and carefree when it comes to personal life
    UV starring aditi??
    Twinjs face off??….so exciting
    I am so curious to know their past
    Damn excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  4. Hey…it was very nice episode loved it plz post soon?☺

  5. Superb episode hai yaar Sam di loved it can’t wait to read twinj meet eager to know twinj past post soon n u r posting regularly love you so much yaar don’t be sad u r a very fantastic writer I’ve read all your ffs but could not comment on anyone because of studies so
    I love all your ffs n if in future if I don’t comment then also add 1 comment from my side though I’ll try to comment
    Can I call u di? Do tell me post soon ??

  6. nice epi
    love uv and aditi face off
    waiting for kunj and twinkle face off
    update soon

  7. SSK

    Amazing episode Sameera. I always loved your writing. You write so clear and well. Please don’t stop writing dear, we all are here to support you. The story is going great and I am loving it. Am curious as well to know what will happen in the next episode. You are such a great writer. 🙂

  8. Awesome epi…please continue updating regularly please ……for the who support s u continuesly

  9. Shalu Choudhary

    Wow amazing episode dear waiting for twinkle and kunj meeting and plz do not stop writing

  10. Anusha

    amazing episode sam
    i just love your writing you write so clear and well
    please dont say you wil stop writing I dont know why we writers getting low response
    but we will write for our supporters
    And katil is one pf my favourite ff addicted to it like anything if you give regular update ill be very happy dear
    Todays epi amazing
    now I am waiting for twinj face off eagerly post soon

  11. Yaar yeh kya baat hai sam tu bhi aise kargei toh kaise chalega kyun sad ho rahi hai tu I know ajj kal readers kam ho gaye hai and reason might be some new shows they might like some other show and for that they are leaving twinj but we all love u and our twinj for twinj only I have stopped seeing any show and I only watch tei and res only twinj ff don’t bother about it sam u r my brave gal and kiya ne kaha na ki uska comment count kar le na toh I will also connetterti on behalf of kiya ok so the episode was fab and kunj sent the divorce papers to twinkle only for his bussiness can’t understand I think twinkle won’t sign the papers I can’t wait more my lovey dovey jaldi post kar amd tera time waste nahi hoga jab tera maan kare to post kar de chal ab hum chalte hai cause mom aa rahi hai bahar bye take care post soon and relax kar holidays pad rahe hai

  12. awesome episode
    uv aditi scene was awesome
    waiting for twinj face off
    post soon
    take care

  13. Sam baby it was amazing…..
    but tu na aise na bol yr …I toh luv ur stories ….& always keep waiting for u …..
    epi was fab …….yuvi & aditi face off was superb ….seems yuvi fall in luv with her, in first meeting only ..waiting for twinj face off….can’t wait to read next part…..I don’t know log Kha busy h ……but mai hmesha tumhari post ka wait krungi .or agr tum bolo toh mai akele hi 10 bar comment kr dungi….but plz tum post krti rhna or hmesha likhti rhna….maine tei ke bad se koi show ni dekhti …or na hi koi meri twinj ke alawa jodi favourite h …..toh or koi ho na ho mai hmesha rhaungi comment krne ke liye ….
    luv u

  14. Vibhu

    Yaarrr Sameera, plz don’t think that we aren’t liking this story. Infact I love it.
    #Twiditi goals ??
    I loved today’s part.
    Yuvi asking aditi’s no. ??.. Smart ?
    Gosh .. Kunj has decided to divorce twinkle. ???
    Even sent the divorce papers. .. Kya hogs ab ???? ????
    And the precap – Twinj face off … I seriously can’t wait for it. !!!!!
    Do post asap

  15. Presha

    Loved it

  16. Post soon dear can’t wait to read twinj meet

  17. Sammu tu aese kyo sochti h yrrr ye story bahut aachi h aur mere ko bahut jayada pasand h……
    Superb mindblowing amazing fabulous fantastic episode dear
    Advi first meeting awesome dear uv to bechara first time hi apna dil kho baitha?????
    Ab to twinj ke milne ka wait h
    Sweetheart tere ko pta h wait mere se hoga nhi to plzzzzzz dear post soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart

  18. Kiya1234

    Amazing episode yaar too
    good can’t describe though
    my words ?????
    Yuvi is so cute and adorable??.
    Avini too????.:.
    Now waiting for twinj face off huhu can’t wait. Post soon love you babes?????

  19. Awesome Amazing
    Twinj face-off
    I just can’t wait for it.

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