KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 20

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Shot 20 …
The Episode starts with Ali and ranveer shocking turning hearing someone’s cough …
So it was yours plan that why I was thinking why you are behaving like a good boy ranveer …he was cut off in middle ..

It’s nothing like that yuvi hear us once ranveer said while yuvi came forward and laid on the mattress shocking them both again ..
Arey Bhai why you both are so scared even I want twinkle and kunj to be together always yuvi said …while they sighed …

You literally scared us ranveer said and he and too laid on mattress beside yuvi
Haha so sorry for that he said ..you know I was thinking it from many days what’s happen to you now I got it yuvi said ..

Haan I want twinkle to be happy and her happiness is with kunj ranveer said …
Agreed Ali said and showed thumbs up ..
So what’s now ?? Yuvi asked …

We have done our part now it’s your responsibility to unite them they said ..
Okay yuvi said and the trio continued talking about twinj …
Next day ::::
Everyone was in hustle bustle for the last function before wedding soon the day passed with the arrangements of wedding and night came it was last function …it is known as “SANCHAK”

{NOTE : So as I am showing the wedding in Muslim format this ritual is basically happens a night before wedding in which groom family goes to bride house first and gave her clothes and rest things after that bride family comes there and bride sister has to apply henna on groom hand as a part of ritual where groom has to give something gift to his sister in law
it’s really funny and amazing to have a good bonding between both the families hope you understand}

The preparations were done first Ali family has to go to Zoya guest house twinkle Aditi kunj yuvi ranveer were hell excited and got ready Ali has to stay at home as he was not allowed to go there .
They all went to zoya’s guest house and after giving her shagun they comes back with full on teasing session …now it was time for her family to come ..they all were ready for the fun ….

Zoya parents her family with their relatives comes and was welcomed with much love by Aisha and others …Zoya sister(Aliya) who was 12 years old was ready to apply the henna on Ali hand (finger ?) …she sat infront of the table which is kept for Ali ..

Kunj twinkle Aditi yuvi smirked at each other and showed thumbs up while they bring the curtain …and hide the table …
Ranveer comes there and sat on table and gave the hand beneath the curtain…
Uhmm this is not jiju Aliya said seeing the hand …

Arey he is your jiju only who else it will be kunj said he was holding the curtain from one side and Twinkle from other …
No no he is not jiju definitely Aliya said …
Huh you are quiet smart Aisha said and laughed along with others …

Ranveer got up from there yuvi sat on the table and gave his hand while she again said no …
Huh he is definitely your jiju twinkle said ..
No no you all are lying she said …which made everyone laugh …

Ranveer signed Aditi and she went and bring Ali there and he sat on the table …and gave his hand while she looked at him ..
Plzz stop teasing this is also not jiju hand all were failing to control their laugh ..
If this is your jiju then ??? Yuvi asked ..
No he is not she said …

If he is then ??? Ranveer said ..
Okay then I’ll do what you all will ask she said while they all smiled …and removed the curtain revealing Ali while bride side was shocked …

It’s means we groom side won ?? kunj twinkle Aditi yuvi ranveer hifi standing together …
Abhi to henna lagana baaki hai Zoya brother said and was going to take Ali hand when ranveer pulled it back ..

Not so easily ? he ended and they indulge in a cute fight for his hand ….
Plzz plzz give your hand na Aliya said in her cute voice Ali smiled and forward his hand …while she smiled happily applying henna to his finger …all smiled ..

Ali gave her gift while she smiled happily and took it they all went back to their house fully tired ..
While Ali ranveer twinkle Aditi kunj and yuvi was resting in Ali room laughing again n again …

Stop guys she was so cute you all teased her alott Ali said ..
Ha he changed now only twinkle Aditi said and Twinkle too make a puppy face ..they had fun whole night teasing him they didn’t realise when they all came this much close …kunj and ranveer was together making fun of Ali and hifing …

{Sometimes situations changes the person’s it depends on how you decides to react}
Next day :::
Everyone woke up and was very much excited for the nikaah they got ready soon Ali was being ready by yuvi ranveer and kunj who had a great time with him ..they were ready Aisha twinkle Aditi and some of the other realtives enter while Aisha made his worn his turban All smiled …

Soon they left the nikaah venue was somefar from the Taj Mahal which had a clear view of Taj Mahal the bride was ready too soon the nikaah was done …

Everyone were so happy they congratulated the newly weds while twinj was thinking about their wedding ..
How they decided to get married they never thought about anyone at the married and just about their “love”

Their were so madly behind each other what’s went worng that they have to be apart now ??? ..
They looked at each other painfully recalling the promises made to each other …

I promise to take care of you anytime anywhere you need me I’ll be beside you always twinkle was flashed with kunj words that he told her once …
I promise to love you like anything now matter whatever the situation is kunj was flashed with twinkles words …
Their eyes held tears that were making their way to come out anytime soon they want each other embrace to cry …
To cry for the pain they had been in since pastt years
To cry and tell what all they went through..
To cry and complaint where they failed to keep their relationship …
But something was helding back from doing so yeah ” REALITY”
Reality which is that they are gonna get separated not less than in few months ..
Reality that what’s these all happiness is just a few days happiness …
Reality that they failed to understand each others pain and just cared for their ego ???? …
Both were in pain but wasn’t showing it ….

Soon thinking about all these tears actually started coming from their eyes somehow kunj turned and managed to plastered a smile on his face while twinkle too wiped her unshed tears and decided to focus on the wedding …

Soon the bid farewell has been done and they all were back to guest house while Aisha Ali and Zoya was going to Aisha native place for few days ..

Twinj and advi decided to move back to Mumbai while ranveer was going back to London …

After 2 days they were back in Mumbai where ranveer spend most of his time with twinkle and Aditi and they packed his luggage as he was leaving …

They decided to see off him at the airport twinkle and Aditi hugged him ..
Come back soon okay now don’t show your face after 5 years be back soon Aditi spoke while ranveer smiled ..

Yeah I’ll surely come when you will get married too he winked at yuvi while yuvi turned his face and lipsed saala ranveer to smiled seeing him ..
Shut up Aditi said and hit him first you get married okay ..

Twinkle come here he said …take care of yourself and if you need anything just call me your brother is always there for you he said while twinkle smiled and nodded …
Take care of her kunj plz ranveer said while kunj nodded yeah I’ll don’t worry he ended and they hugged …

Meet you soon partner I am missing my business rival he winked at kunj and both laughed …soon he went inside while twinj and advi went back …

Days were passing by with twinj and advi again they were back in tashan …they were happy in the small happiness of their life unaware of the upcoming storm

Kunj and yuvi was trying hard to find out everything but they were not getting the correct information dejected they decided to stop their searching process for few days ..

Twinj equation was same the fact was their love was overpowering their hatred once again but their were not confessing anything while kunj was helpless because of his promise to usha and twinkle was due to some unknown reason which only she knows …

Where in the other side Aditi was too getting close to yuvi it was getting difficult for her to stay away from him for his second yuvi condition was even more worse … He was in dilemma whether he should confess his feelings or wait for some more time to get sure …
@ twiditi enterprise :::
Twinkle and kunj was working together while kunj was explaining her about their upcoming process while Twinkle was not getting anything …

Arey siyappa queen how many times I should tell see it’s last time okay he started explaining again while twinkle didn’t got this time too …
He looked at her expressionless face while twinkle looked back at him ..

You didn’t got anything still right ? He said while she nodded in yes ..he sighed and hold her hand …
Come with me have something you are such a foodie that you went get anything until something goes into your tummy he said while twinkle laughed and went with him …
@ yuvi cabin :::
Yuvi was working while one of the employee (Siya) was behind his charms she was always stuck with him ..Aditi enters his cabin and sees them …
Arey Aditi you here I was going to come there only yuvi said …

Haan I know she murmured and went towards him …
Siya can you bring 2 cup coffee for us she said while siya nodded and went from there …

Why this Siya is always behind you yuvi she said ..
What ? Yuvi asked ..
Haan whenever i come here she find her here only huh Aditi said complaining ..

Arey she is my pa it’s her work yuvi said ..
You can have a male pa too right she said she said ..
Wait is something burning ??? Yuvi said ..

You are impossible Aditi said and stand up to leave while yuvi holds her wrist ..
Acha sorry na but why it matters ?? If I have a female pa ??? Yuvi asked …

Huh you won’t understand ever Aditi said
Then explain me na I’ll would love to listen he said pulling her more towards him while she gets shocked they looked at each other Deeply lost in each other eyes ..which held thousand of emotions

They heard a knock on door and separates as Siya brings coffee ..
Mam your coffee she said while Aditi took one cup and barged out from there feeling shy while yuvi smiled and took his coffee too Siya too left …

Oh my god I think it’s the time when I can tell you what I really feels for you I can’t wait for it … i have to do something soon before it gets late too late …
Aditi went to her cabin and sat why I am feeling so insecure why I am feeling this way for yuvi why I can’t see him with any other random girl ahh no no no I never wanted to fall in love but what I can do now I happened I have fallen for the way he is ….she said …
They had been done with their work while the whole time Aditi tried to hide from yuvi because of morning incident …while twinj went back to Sarna house twinkle went to change while kunj was waiting for lawyer …soon lawyer comes there …

You have prepared everything as I asked for ?? Kunj asked while he nodded in yes
Yes sir just I need your signatures he said while kunj signed on the papers ..
Twinkle he called out while she came after him ..

I need your signatures on these papers he said while twinkle looked on confused …
What’s this ?she asked ..

These are the papers of this house and some of my shares which I am transferring on your name he said
And what’s the reason for this kindness ??? Twinkle asked ..kunj sighed ..

I am your husband and what’s mine it’s yours too so plzz don’t ask anything kunj said ..
But we are going to get apart on few days ?? Then no more hubby wifey twinkle said …

Then also I need your signatures will you please do it kunj requested while she took the papers and signed ..
After destroying everything completely now he is trying to fix twinkle murmured while kunj looked at her ..
You said something ? Kunj asked
Hmm no she said and left …
Next day :::
Ali Aisha and Zoya was back from their native place and Ali has decided to keep up a party for all his Mumbai friend who didn’t came at his wedding twinj and advi was also invited …

Twinkle had taken all of her dressed out but she was hell confused in deciding what to wear while kunj who saw his room completely messed looked at twinkle unbelievably …
What this mess is ?? He aksed while twinkle looked at him ..

I am not getting what to wear she said ..
Wear anything you will look good only he said taking out his clothes ..
Hmm okay she said and picked up a red gown while he smiled seeing her frustrated face …

They both were ready while yuvi went to pick up Aditi and asked twinj too directly reach the venue …
They went and met Ali and Zoya and hugged them advi too came after sometime they all are having fun while Ali and Zoya excused to meet others twinkle and Aditi was getting bored they saw bar and smirked …

We haven’t drink since many days right they went towards bar and started having shots competing with each other as they always used to do ….
Kunj and yuvi who didn’t found them was shocked too spot them near bar…

What they are doing there ?? Kunj asked with wide eyes ..
Drinking yuvi said and laughed ..
They went towards them while Aditi stopped drinking ..

Huh I can’t take it anymore she said while twinkle smiled I WON she declared and smiled …she stumbled slightly but kunj holds her in nick of time ..
Since when you started drinking he whispered in her ears …

Since then you left me I have no one expect alcohol who decreased my pain she whispered back …they looks at each other …
I am going back home Aditi said while yuvi held her …

In that state stop I’ll drop you he said and took her with him …
Chalo we will also leave kunj said while twinkle nodded in no ..
No no I’ll drink more don’t you remember kunj it’s our 4 year anniversary today when we confessed our love she said ..

You remember he asked shockingly ..
Yes that’s why I am celebrating she said and again asked for shots ..
Huh leave twinkle of you don’t stop then I’ll ..
What you will do ?? She asked with wide eyes ..

Then I’ll drink too he said and stand beside her ..
You can’t.. you will ne..ver she said
I can he said and gulped in one go while twinkle looked on shocked ..
Kya baat hai Mr Sarna she said clapping

Now come he said and held her he hadn’t didn’t much as he had to handle his siyappa queen too …
They reached home in sometime and came out while twinkle was singing making him irritated …she slipped due to her heels while kunj again held her ..

Why you wear these when you can’t walk properly he said frustrated ..
What I can do if you are so tall she said and smiled …
Oh my god I don’t want to walk I’ll sleep here only you go she said while lifted her in bridal style ..

You just do one thing keep quiet okay he said while she kept a finger on her lips ..
He went inside their room and directly took her in bathroom ..
First vomit you are hell drunk he said landing her on her feets ..

Arey no no I am not at all drunk she said trying to come out but kunj held her hand
Oh my god twinkle just look at your state if you don’t vomit na …
Arey you can’t do anything with me okay sadu sarna she said trying to come again ..

Oh you are challenging now you will come back in senses like this only he said opening the shower while twinkle was shocked ..
You destroyed my pretty gown she cried while he smirked now you will pay for it she ended pulling him towards her in shower while they stares at each other completely lost …their nose touched ..their faces inches apart ..

Don’t come this close
Kyu ????
I wanna kiss you
Then who stopped ???
No one …

Then he ended capturing their lips together forgetting everything that’s happening just live in the moment …
They parted after sometime and looks at each other ..

I love you kunj spoke joining their foreheads ..while Twinklee smiled ..
I love you too she said making him silent again while they both smiled …

He pecked her forehead gently while she wrapped her arms around his neck …he pecked her walking outside both smiling just living in their moment keeping everything aside ….their hatred aside ?
Next morning :::
Their were sleeping in each other embrace peacefully kunj sleep disturbs feeling twinkle cuddling onto him while he opens his eyes and looks at her ..he moves her hairs strands behind her ears which were disturbing his view ….twinkle too wakes up feeling his touch ..they looked at each other that’s when reality hits them …both turned their faces …

Kunj left for washroom while twinkle sat thinking soon he came and she went to get freshen up …kunj went downstairs he heard a bell yuvi too comes there and then opened the door …to find his family shanaya Varun usha Bebe armaaan there ….
Screen freezes …
Precap : guess ??? maybe something from Twinkle’s side ..
So how was the shot ????
As it was 20th I decided to make it special ????
What will happen next ??? Will twinj really apart or their misunderstandings will get cleared …
Or some unknown truth is waiting for them …
Thanks to all who supported on last would love to see more plzz break your silence ?

Congratulations Sia for your result ??
Bye allahafiz ?

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