KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 2

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This is completely a new story there is no connection between first and second season ???
Shot 2 …
The shot starts with kunj entering inside his room and saw a cute boy of nearly 1 year and few months old waiting for him having his teddy in his hands …

Armaan” kunj screamed with happiness as armaan is the only who can bring a genuine smile on the DEVIL face armaan too looks at kunj and gesture him to take in his arms …

While kunj smiled and took armaan in his arms and kissed on his cheeks ..
My baby he said and hugged him I missed you like anything he said though armaan doesn’t understand anything still he loves to talk to him ..

Ku..armaan said and kissed on his cheeks too chocy ..armaan wants chocy he said while kunj laughed ..

Haha okay come he took him downstairs and opened the refrigerator and made him eat that while armaan was too much happy and kunj was admiring him ..

Bebe comes there and looks at them ..oh my god kunj how much you will spoil him she said while kunj laughed ..
I love to spoil him baby after all he is the cutest and smallest of our cute little family kunj said ..

Haan haaan you pamper him alottt and spoiling him too Bebe held his ear ..
Awe Bebe leave me he said while armaan clapped seeing kunj condition
You cheater kunj said and bites his cheeks chalo now go and sleep with your mumma he said and picked him up while he nodded in no …

You don’t want sleep he ask while he again nodded his head and kunj laughed ..

Kunj she is very much tired and slept after coming back directly if you don’t want I’ll take armaan with me and sleep bebe said ..

Nahi Bebe just bring his feeder he will sleep with me today kunj said while Bebe smiled and bring his feeder kunj left with armaan …he played with armaan for sometime and made armaan slept he kissed on his forehead and smiled ?soon he too slept ..
Next scene ::
Twinkle was standing and Aditi was on her knees say na “WILL YOU MARRY ME” she asked again while twinkle laughed ..
I already said I don’t want to huh twinkle again sat there while Aditi too sat beside her ..

Arey see na how much it will be fun if we marry each other we can share our clothes chill out anytime no boys ki tension she said while both of them laughed …

Soon some boys who were going from there came out of their car and surrounds twinkle n Aditi …
Oh my god two s*xy ladies at this hour join us too in your hang out he said while Aditi and twinkle smirked

Sure why not she said while the boys moved towards them and moves closer to Aditi while she kicked him hard and twinkle laughed ..and that guy screamed

Anyone wants to hang out too twinkle asked while the boys ran from there calling them “INSANE
They both laughed looking at each other
I am starving badly twinkle said holding her stomach ..

Even I Aditi too replied ..
Let’s go there they said and continued walking soon after sometime they reached a cafe it was quite beautiful cafe the most peaceful place it had a small pond a kitchen and the open area for dinning they went inside ..

Finally two bevadis are here says a man and came towards them he was wearing a white t shirt and jeans looking cute..
Ali” they said and hugged him while he hugged them back both ..

{ “ALI” the sweetest guy anyone could ever see runs over a group of restaurant and hotels but still his cafe is his most lovable place he loves to spend time with twinkle and Aditi both cares for them alott loves to cook but only for them both }

What are you doing here ??? And why you didn’t joined us for party twinkle said ..
And why you are here ??? At this hour Aditi said while he smiled looking at them both ..

Arey I had an important meeting just about an half n hour I got free and came here as I very well knew about you both after being fully drunk you will come here for sure he said while they both pulled his cheeks …

Now bring dinner for us twinkle said while he laughed huh you are such a midnight craver he said and aditi and him laughed and hifi ..

Haan whatever twinkle said and sat on the table while he went and came back with curd ..
First get sober he said and gave them while they both eat and he bring their dinner …

Here’s your aloo paratha with white butter and your pulao with green chutney he said and kept it while they both looks at food ..

Thank you soo so much now you too sit they said and the trio started eating like maniacs feeding each other having fun soon they were done with their dinner ..

So now tell us truth you didn’t went for meeting but went to meet a girl na Aditi winked at Ali while he blushed ..
Awe blushing twinkle said and pinched him …

Yeah I actually went to meet a girl mom has choosen for me even though I said I didn’t want to marry he said ..
Ok leave that and tells us how’s she ?? Smart s*xy like us twinkle winked at him ..

Oh hello I’ll never ever marry a girl like you both who beats boys like anything and she was cute not like you two “JHALLI BEVADI ” he said while they both beats him ..

Haan toh even you are in our group and we I’ll join her too in our group so you liked her ..

When did I said that she was not my type so I REJECTED he said while they trio laughed ..
Now come I’ll drop you both he took them and drop to their home soon he too left …
Next morning (Sarna mansion)
Armaan has been woken up and looks at kunj and kissed on his cheeks ..while kunj too opens his eyes ..

Why you wakes up so early armaan teach something to that yuvi too he said while armaan giggled yuvi who just entered kunj room listened him ..

Huh so mean kunj hah armaan my baby yuvi said and he started jumping to go in yuvi arms while he picked him up …
Champ I so so missed you he said while kunj too joined them in group hug ..

Arey it’s miracle how you wake up today ??? Kunj asked while yuvi looks at him because I didn’t slept whole night as I had been working on that India walA project so yuvi said ..

Ohh very good kunj said and the trio boys had fun soon they get freshen up and went downstairs while kunj sees usha and asked her about his sister …

She has left early for some work usha said ..
Mom I don’t know why di does so many works she should been taking care of her baby na kunj said frustrated ..

Arey kunj you know na how modern she is she is not like a typical mother ..yuvi said while kunj fisted angrily ..

Naina (armaan caretaker) comes there and took him with her while he waved a bye to kunj and he smiled his anger vanished soon kunj and yuvi left for their meeting which was going to be very very important for them …

They reached there a number of business man was present there all reaching out to get this project ….
Soon they all were in conference room while the investor was going to announce the name …

So this project which was very much important for everyone to know the “IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN’S” goes out to MR KUNJ SARNA AND MR YUVRAJ LUTHRA he announced while kunj and yuvi smirked looking at their rival (ranveer) who fisted his palm angrily

All the others went from their after congratulating kunj only ranveer his pa kunj yuvi and investors were present there ..

You are doing a big mistake sir by giving this project to kunj Sarna ranvir said ..
What you wanna say Investor asked him ..

How he will know women IMPORTANCE sir when he had been married a innocent girl and left her he said smirking while kunj and yuvi was SHOCKED as no one knows that kunj is married …except kunj family

Whatttt ????? The investors got up and looked at kunj …
Is that true Mr kunj Sarna ?? They asked while kunj looked at ranvir angrily ..

YES he replied bowing down his head ..
So where is your wife ??? he asked …
That’s none of your business ranveer ..kunj said ..

Yeah it’s none of my business but it’s important for the investors to know your reality he said smirking back ..
Now tell us Mr Sarna where is your wife ???? Investors asked kunj while he looked at them ..

What he will answer sir he doesn’t respect anyone dont know in what condition he  left that innocent soul ranveer said igniting the fire among kunj more ..

Just shut up ranvir enough is enough yuvi said …
WE ARE NO MORE together due to some reasons kunj said …

It’s okay kunj we just wanna know and I wanted to give you one advice if you are not staying together then don’t left your wedding affect your career he said and left from there while ranveer too left smirking at them ..

I’LL KILL HIM kunj said while yuvi holds him
Hold on kunj they said right only yuvi said

What right Haan what right kunj said and left from there while yuvi too followed him soon they reached Sarna mansion while kunj went inside and Bebe and usha saw kunj and was shocked seeing his anger …

What happen they asked while yuvi narrated them everything and went to kunj room he was breaking all the things here and there …
Kunj stop what you are doing calm down yuvi said and made him sat on bed ..

Why they are behind my personal life Haan I left her nah now wht more I have to do he said while yuvi looks at him ..

Kunj it’s right if you don’t want to stay with her anymore  “SEPARATE FROM HER COMPLETELY” yuvi said ..
But we are already separated we don’t stay anymore together …

Yeah but there is one thing which still connects you both that is your WEDDING you both are still married and no one can change this truth yuvi said ..
But kunj started speaking ..

You have to take a decision kunj “EITHER YOU STAY WITH HER HAPPILY”
OR “YOU GET SEPARATED FROM HER COMPLETELY” yuvi said while kunj looks at him …and I want you to choose 1 option as I know you still love her yuvi said ..

No I don’t love her kunj said while usha and Bebe entered his room and looks at them ..
My kunj doesn’t love her and kunj I’ll find a good girl for you more better than her usha said while kunj looked at her …

You had to take a decision kunj either STAY TOGETHER or get DIVORCED yuvi spoke and left from there angrily while kunj kept hand on his face …Bebe and usha too left from there …

Yuvi was in his room doing his packing as he had to leave for India …I know kunj you still love her but you will not admit it but this time you have to take a decision yuvi murmured angrily …

All the things were running in kunj mind
How can I divorce her ????? No I can’t do this but …he closed his eyes …

Finally after thinking so much he went on a conclusion …he went downstairs and sees yuvi leaving for airport both of them hugged and yuvi left …
Screen freezes ..
Precap : “KUVI” in India ??? AdiVi first meet ?
So how was the shot ???
Thanks to everyone who all commented I loved your reviews …
Comment comment and share your views ????
BA byeee will post next one soon Insha’Allah  ..

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  1. Amazing episode
    Loved armaan an kunj’s bonding??
    Twiditi were awesome??
    I think somewhere usha is also responsible for the rift between twinj or maybe her anger and hatred for twinkle is bcz twinkle did something
    Loving UV at the moment. He is always there to support kunj 🙂
    There are so many mysteries to be revealed…it is so exciting
    Cannot wait for next
    Plz post soon
    Love u loads❤❤

  2. Hi sam oh m g kunj and twinkle are still married I thought divorce ho gaya and u think kunj sister is connected wid twinj separation and y does kunj wants to get divorced fall the things are so much knotted that I can’t even guess what will happen next plsss post soon can’t wait my love bye take care post soon

  3. Cheena2001Cp

    Heyaaa!!!!!! ????
    It was AMAZING!!!! Excited for the next part!!!
    Awww Armaan and KuVi!! ??

  4. Superb episode dear post soon love twinkle avni n ali bond post soon I can’t wait to know the reason why they are separated? Anyway post soon

  5. Presha

    Osm di

  6. wow !superb epi …
    armaan & kunj bond was so cute & lovely ….
    uv is such a sweetheart …….
    too much mystery in twinj relation…..
    want to read more …
    exited for their first meeting….
    luv u

  7. Awesome epi…….

  8. SSK

    It was an amazin episode, Waiting for the next episode. 🙂

  9. Vibhu

    Superb update dearr
    Waiting for the Twinj mystery to unfold.
    Kunj’s sister seemed suspicious to me.
    Post soon

  10. superb epi
    love the bond between kunj and his nephew
    love how uv always be asupport system to kunj and love the bond they both shared
    love aditi and twinkle bond as well as ali bond with the girls how he understand his friends well
    whats the mystery of twinkle and kunj relation
    can’t wait for aditi and uv meeting as well as twinkle and kunj face off
    update soon

  11. Anusha

    Superb epi sam
    loved it so much
    I am addicted to this ff like people addicted for drugs
    loved kuvi bonding with cute armaan
    And how uv will be always supportive to kunj
    and usha hates twinkle
    Loved twiditi bonding with ali
    eagerly waiting for next one
    post soon
    love you

  12. awesome

  13. Kiya1234

    Late sorry amazing episode marvellous yaar great it’s different from first season haa. ???❤️??loved everything.
    And kunj anger uff.
    Usha never find girl like twinkle ever huhh ??.. now curious what actually happened between Twinj make them separate from each other.. ????..
    divorce hehheeh nooo. Let’s see what will happened in India.
    Post soon love you raj

  14. Awesome episode sammu amazing dear
    Ohhh to aabhi twinj ka divorce nhi huva h
    Kuvi bond mindblowing
    Armaan & kunj scene superb
    Ali & twiditi scene fantastic
    Aur twinj ke separation me sayad kunj ki sister h
    Yrrrr bahut mystery h
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart ????

  15. Awesome episode sammu amazing dear
    Ohhh to aabhi twinj ka divorce nhi huva h
    Kuvi bond mindblowing
    Armaan & kunj scene superb
    Ali & twiditi scene fantastic
    Aur twinj ke separation me sayad kunj ki sister h
    Yrrrr bahut mystery h
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart ????????????

  16. Awesome Amazing
    I’m just loving the trio bond.
    And kunj playing with that champ was so cute.

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