KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 19

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Shot 19 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle and Aditi were ready twinkle wasnt willing to go but somehow Aditi convince her to come they both went downstairs KUVI sees them kunj finds twinkle somewhere lost ..

Somewhere before she was so happy playing with water ….preparing tea in kitchen they enjoyed the time now she is not like before …

Shall we leave ? Yuvi voice brought them back from the trance and they all nodded ADVI were walking ahead talking to each other while twinkle was standing still kunj holds her hand …she looks at him ..
Are you fine ?? If you don’t want we will stay at home he said ..

No I am very much fine very much without you see she said painfully and left from there removing her hand from his hold …

She is hell impossible to understand … kunj said and followed her ..
Twinkle came outside and take a deep breath no twinkle you are not going to get affected …he can’t break you again no no just calm your nerves behave normal she said and sat in the car while advi was in front twinkle sat on back seat kunj came after her and sat beside her while yuvi started driving …

All the while kunj gaze was on twinkle but she didn’t even looked at him once as she was busy staring outside …
Soon they reached Ali hotel in which their dinner was planned after calling ranveer Aditi took them inside

They went and met ranveer and Ali all greeted each other …
Arey twinkle what happened Ali asked side hugging her while she nodded in no ….

Nothing well what’s special today twinkle asked trying to behave normal ..
You all didn’t met Zoya right I invited you all to meet her today Ali said ..

Wow that’s good she didn’t came till now ? Aditi asked ..
I am so sorry for the delay they heard a magical voice and turned around to find Zoya (imagine anyone you all want)

Meet she is Zoya khan soon to be Mrs Zoya Ali Qureshi Ali introduced her to them while all hooted …

She met all of them and was developing a good bond mostly with twinkle and Aditi
They all were sitting on the table waiting for their dinner while the girls were still gossipping and boys was like eww seeing their endless talks twinkle behave as normal as she can …

Soon their dinner was served all started having it while teasing the to be couple ..
After sometime their dinner ends with the desert girls went in side while the boys stand together …

See guys I know it’s little awkward for us but let’s just become friends what say ? Ali asked yuvi and kunj while they both nodded ..

Friends they said and joined ranveer too joined them in a group hug shocking KUVI ..
While the girls were talking again ….

Ali has talked about you both alott and seriously I liked you both alott Zoya said smiling while Aditi and twinkle too smiled ..

Even we liked you alott let’s have a girly gang what say ? Aditi asked while Zoya nodded …and twinkle Aditi and Zoya hugged …

They had fun whole night teasing them they were back home soon it was too late at night Twinkle asked Aditi to stay with them only she wasn’t willing to but agreed …

Twinkle and Aditi was sleeping in twinj room while KUVI was in yuvi room ..yuvi was continuously talking about ranveer good boy behaviour towards them which he liked the most ..while kunj was silent …

They slept after sometime as next day they had to complete the works before going for an holiday …
Next day :::
All wakes up KUVI decided to make breakfast twinkle and Aditi came after sometime and sees them ..
Come girls we will have breakfast it’s prepared by me yuvi showed up his collar while Aditi smiled ..

You guys carry on I’ll have some work twinkle said but stopped by yuvi ..
But twinkle have something atleast he said ..
I don’t wish to yuvi last night i had so much she said and left while they looked on …
@ twiditi enterprise ::
Twinkle was early and started working taking Kavya and rishi with her she wanted everything to get completed …

Plzz look at these files too I need it early I know I am giving so much work but plz do it twinkle said while Kavya nodded ..
It’s okay mam I’ll do it she said and left while twinkle continued working again ..

Soon KUVI and Aditi too reached there ..kunj entered in twinkle cabin and took his seat he too was working …
He got up from his place and moves towards her table and placed a cheese roll on it ..

Have something and continue your work I know you are starving I have work with yuvi so I am going there he said and left after placing the roll …

Twinkle took it after sometime and have it with tears in her eyes making their way to come out any time soon but she was hell strong …

Whole day they did work without break and wrapped up their schedules for few days …
Yuvi dropped Aditi to her house while twinj went back to Sarna mansion …

Twinkle slept being tired after having her medinices while kunj was restless seeing her he was not getting what happen to her suddenly …

Kunj pov ‘”
Why she is behaving like this babaji she didn’t glanced at me once after that night why she hates me this much ?
His though came to a break when heard a knock on door he opened to find yuvi standing there ..

Aren’t you guys coming for dinner ?? He asked while kunj nodded in no ..
She slept already kunj said ..and came out of room ..

What ? She is fine na she didn’t had breakfast now skipped dinner too she is not even talking with anyone yuvi said…

Yeah that’s what I am thinking too just went on her silent mode now i feel nothing is gonna be fine between us I just have 3 more months left to be with her I don’t know what will happen after 6 months kunj said ..

Kunj trust on babaji he will make everything fine yuvi said ..
Hmm kunj nodded …
You come and accompany me for dinner atleast yuvi said ..

No even I didn’t want to have anything kunj said yuvi left after understanding his situation ..

Kunj went and laid beside her “she will continue to hate me all of her life ” I am not able to live with this hatred my twinkle who used to love me like anything see now she hates me very much he said ??? soon sleep took over him too …
Next day :::
Aditi came and took twinkle with her to Ali house as Aisha called them for shopping while KUVI too went for shopping whole day they all had fun selecting their attires everything was going on so fast ….

They had to pack their luggage too as they are leaving for “AGRA” for the destination wedding …

Their were done with everything and all settled in the bus in which they were going the bride side as well as groom side together …the whole bus decorated ….

They all settled in the seats and started their fun twinj sat beside each other …
Chalo let’s play something ranveer suggested while they all agreed and they played games for sometime …they stopped at the dhaba …it was near morning time when sun woke up …welcoming them in AGRA ..

They all came out of bus and had their breakfast enjoying each n Everything ..
They make a circle and started their lassi competition ..

Twinkle yuvi Ali Aditi ranveer kunj Zoya and some of her friends and cousins they were having so much fun together …
Huhu I won twinkle said finishing the last glass as early compared to others and raised her hand in victory …

They all were going back in bus when Twinkle slipped while climbing inside kunj held her from waist supporting her ..they had a cute eye lock ..

Becareful he said and took her with him after sometime they settled in bus and reach the guest house they had booked for the wedding …

Bride side and groom side guest houses was opposite to each other ..all were given their rooms …
Twinkle you are going to stay with kunj ? Aditi asked …while kunj and yuvi looks at her …

Arey Aditi what are you taking she will obviously stay with kunj na Ali said winking at twinkle ..
Yeah I was just asking Aditi said and smiled too …twinj went inside their room

I am going to sleep now kunj said laying on bed while twinkle looks at him ..
Move even I want to sleep she said while Kunj smiled ..
No I won’t let you sleep he said ..

I’ll kill you then twinkle mumbled gritting her teeths ..
Okay you can I’ll die happily kunj said n winked …

Just shut up and let me sleep she said adjusting beside him as the bed was not that big ..
Huhuh it’s so small twinkle said more like a complaint while kunj pulls her closer ..

Sleep now he said while she looked at him not willing to argue more she slept while he wrapped his arm around her and pecked her forehead…
@ other side :::
Aditi went to Aisha room and talked with her for sometime while coming back she sees yuvi who was having his coffee loking at the view of Taj Mahal from the corridor of the guest house …

She went and coughed inorder to gain his attention while he looks at her ..
Arey what happen you haven’t slept ? He asked while she nodded in no ..

Well it’s good see the epitome of love seeing so beautiful na he said smiling while she smiled seeing that too …
What you are thinking Mr yuvraj Luthra she said while yuvi smiled ..

It’s looks so odd when you takes my full name he said while both laughed ..
You know I was finding a perfect girl for me since long and I had a wish that I would propose her Infront of Taj yuvi said ..

So you found that girl ? She asked ..
Uhmm wo ..yuvi didn’t know what to reply while they were interuppted in middle by Aisha who called them …

Few days went since the rituals to be start they were enjoying their holiday fully visiting many many places …having fun capturing each n every moment making memories …

Kunj was enjoying each n every second with twinkle while she was too behaving normally ..the relation of kunj yuvi and ranveer was also getting good they were understanding each other being together ..

The first function started haldi ..all were amazingly dressed up looking stunning twinkle and Aditi being the bestest buddies of Ali was handling and helping Aisha in everything KUVI too was contributing to them …

Ali was made to sat in the middle while the rest were there seeing him Aisha was really very happy that finally her son is gonna settle in his life which she wanted from long back …

She gets tears in her eyes seeing him while twinkle and Aditi smiled ..
Aisha aunty don’t cry we will not send him anywhere we will not do his bidaai ranveer said making her laugh while Ali passed a death glare to ranveer …

Yeah aunty continue now yuvi said while Aisha applied him haldi all cheered with happiness …
May you get all the happiness of this world my baby Aisha said pecking his forehead while all smiled a perfect capture is taken ..

The rest continued to bath him in turmeric while he was not willing too but somehow they made him have bath while he cried like a little baby making everyone laugh …twinj who had poured whole bowl on him hifi …

You both are so so so bad Ali said in cry baby voice while twinkle laughed and kunj side hugged her laughing with her ..
Awe so sorry Ali but it was needed Twinkle said and showed tongue …

I am gonna avenge you for sure Aditi Ali said and she laughed ..
We will see that poor baby go now have bath Aditi said and laughed ..all teasing him like anything while he went ..

The rest functions continued everyone enjoying each n Everything every second every minute of it…
Soon it was last function left then the wedding (nikaah) All left for their rooms to rest …

Twinkle was in her room balcony gazing at the Taj while kunj comes there and keeps hands on her sides as if back hugging her …she turns being scared and sighs of relief on finding kunj ..

You literally took my soul out she said while kunj laughed ..
Oh my god you were scared he said..they both stand seeing the view …

Finally one more function left and then wedding we are here since many days Twinkle said
Yeah but I had the best days of my life here kunj said and smiled ..
They continued talking to each other …
@ Terris …
Ali and ranveer was laying on the mattress kept on the Terris while looking at the pictures in ranveer mobile ..
Twinkle and kunj looks so good together na ranveer said ..

Yeah they look perfect together ..Ali said and both smiled ..
I wish our this attempt doesn’t fail I literally want them to be together that’s why I humiliated kunj that day in London ranveer said …

Haan because of your humiliation only he came back Ali said and smiled ..
As per our plan ranveer said and both smirked …

Flashback shows …
Ali was back from twinkle house while he called ranveer to talk with him …
Ranveer was in a business party he picked up the video call and both started talking ..

How’s twinkle and Aditi now ? Specially twinkle Ranveer ask ..
They both are fine now twinkle is also fine she met with an accident 2 days back leading to an internal injury Ali said ..

I don’t know why she is bearing this much pain I seriously want to do something for her ranveer said …
Wait ranveer just move the screen aside Ali said and ranveer did …

That’s kunj right ?? He asked while ranveer nodded in yes ..
How do you know him ? He asked confused ..

Arey he is Twinkle’s husband sometime before only I saw their wedding pics in Aditi room Ali said ..

What he is ? Are you sure ??? Ranveer ask ..
Damn sure Ali said ..
Flashback ends ..

Since then I am keeping an eye on him if he is right for our twinkle or not but he passed …he never ever went for any other girl even if many girls die for his single glance always been professional …
After examining for 3-4 months I decided that I’ll try to unite them for sure ..
I was finding for a way as to send him back to twinkle I couldn’t have directly confronted him and asked why you left Twinkle ….when I got to know about that project I got a perfect opportunity to humiliate him and that hits in exact goal and see he is here ranveer said ..

Yep Yaar huh it was too difficult when he came Mumbai he didn’t knew where twinkles live I had to give him her right address secretly Ali said and both laughed …

This was heard by someone who coughed while Ali and ranveer both were shocked they turned …
Screen freezes …
Precap : let’s have twinj romance before melodrama ??
So how was the shot ???
I hope you all like it …
Well thanks to everyone who all supported me on last ?my black n white mail worked …
So yes many of you were right about ranveer he is a friend not foe ?…
Want advi confession ?? ? Will Aditi reciprocate to yuvi feelings or ? His heart will break ???
Do answer let’s see ??
Bye allahafiz ?

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    Post soon

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    Loved it a lottt

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    Superb episode sam
    loved it so much
    So it was ali and ranveer plan to make twinj one so cute
    it is very cute episode loved it lot dear
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  6. it was superb….
    ranveer & Ali are so good they r planning to unite twinj so sweet of them ….
    ya definetly we want to see advi confession…it’s going to be great ..
    every thing was perfect..luved it.
    luv u
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  7. Fantabulous episode
    Twinj’s cute moment???
    Aditi calling UV by full name…??
    Ranveer and Ali planning to unite twinj…..superb???
    Poor Ali…got a good tumeric bath??
    Precap; Oh my Allah – super excited
    I cannot wait??
    Plz post ASAP
    Love u loads❤
    Stay blessed?

  8. Kiya1234

    Awww what a episode yaar too good??.
    Sad for twinkle ?????.. twinj little moments and aditi and yuvi ?????.
    The most shocked Ali and Ranveer together Ranveer is not feo ???????.
    Kunj pain ???.. hope they both didn’t separate this time now..
    let’s see what’ll happen in Ali nikaha.
    Hell excited for darma ????
    Fabulous babes..
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  9. Anaya_Ali

    Feeling ad for twi…?
    Excited for drama?…
    Ranveer and Ali plan was shocking revelation…
    Yes we want twinj romance in nxt…
    Sorry for not commenting in previous epis…
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  10. Sorry sorry Sam Di par all result Aaye the is liye mom dad ke dar see phone Nahi liya and when they got to on own I got 90, percent they were happy and even I was bit then my sister didn’t give me phone for the whole day even usko paap see maar bhi PADI but she is a bigdi ghodi can’t do anything but the episode was fantastic twinj finally realised and I thought this ranceer is negative bit he is positive rally happy that he took the initiative to reunite twinkle and I am really eager to know mystry behind twinkle accident plss psot soon Di love you take care

  11. Baby

    wwoohooooooooooooo soo all my guesses were correct ????
    sammiee u r the best as always amazing ?
    ranvi and ali want them to get together uffffffff
    loving it ???
    twinj behaving soo cutely and romantically uff awesome n superr sweet ?????
    post as u get time ?
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  12. SSK

    The episode was really awesome, totally loved it. So Ali and Ranveer planned to get Twinj together. I wish their plan works and Twinj are together. Twinkle and Kunj are awesome, waiting for their romance. 🙂

  13. Awesome amazing superb
    Ranveer is a sweetheart and Ali tooo

    Such a lovely episode

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    Ali aur ranveer ne kya masttt planning ki twinj ko milane ki awesome
    Ab kisi ne sun li h inki conversation
    Plzzzzzz post soon dear
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