KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 17

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Shot 17 …
The Episode starts with KUVI saying “Ranveer” together both were shocked to see him they looks at each other in confusion …

While ranveer and Twinkle broke the hug and he cups her face ..
How’s you ??? He asked ..

I am fine now after seeing you more fine where were you Haan now you got time to meet us after whole 5 years twinkle said while ranveer bites his to tongue ..

Haan twinkle you said right he was so much engrossed In making his career that he forgot us Aditi too joined them ..

Apologies madams apologies bas I was busy Yaar that’s why didn’t came but now I am here and you both are scolding me that’s not fair huh …ranveer said

Huhuh it’s complete fair scold him more twinkle Aditi said Ali coming from behind while ranveer and Ali hugs again ..
Now you don’t start with them ranveer said and his gaze went on KUVI standing there …

They are here ??? Ranveer asks while Aditi looks on confused ..
Come I’ll make you meet them aditi said and they went towards KUVI …

This is ranveer my cousin brother she said pointing towards ranveer …
And they are Aditi was going to complete while ranveer cuts her off …

“Kunj Sarna” and “Yuvraj Luthra” ranveer said smiling at them while KUVI too faked a smile …
Arey you know them twinkle asked while he nodded in yes ..

They are very good friend of mine hai na yuvi he winked at yuvi …
Yeah yeah of course yuvi said …

Hey kunj nice to see you here I was very much missing you in London ranveer said …and you are here why ? He asked ….

Arey they are here for the merger between twiditi and KY and kunj is twinkles husband too ali said …while ranveer was shocked ..

What ??? He turned towards twinkle and asks her is that true twinkle ..
Yeah leave all these come we will all talk twinkle said ending the conversation there while all nodded …twinkle Aditi and Ali left to aditi’s cabin while ranveer told them he will be there in a minute ..

Woah I never knew that twinkle will be the girl whom you left after marrying ..ranveer said ..
That’s none of your business okay and stay in your limits kunj roared silently ..

Huh huh kunj kunj I am in my limits only lets just stay in peace I don’t want any drama here …so asking you politely I am not your business rival here ..just your business partner (aditi) cousin okay ..ranveer told …

Hmm it would be better if you stay at peace only kunj said in stern voice …
I wanted to keep calm only or else I would have told twinkle why you are here actually for ranveer said and left …
KUVI was shocked they too left for yuvi cabin …
@ aditi’s cabin ..
They all were seated having their conversation ..it’s so good to see you all I was missing you so much ranveer said ..
Liar ? Aditi said ..

Waise suprise was good twinkle told and smiled …
There is nothing like suprise guys he wouldn’t have come here even now I called him to accompany me in my wedding shopping Ali said while ranveer smiled sheepishly ..

Hawww both Aditi and twinkle said Together …
Now don’t tell me you are going back within 1-2 days Aditi said angrily while ranveer nodded in no ..

No guys I am on a huge leave till Ali gets married I am gonna stay here only and enjoy my besti(Ali) wedding ranveer said …
You all talk I’ll be back twinkle said ..

Arey twinkle but first tell me how you got married ?? And that to that kunj ranveer said ..
Thats a long story I’ll tell you some other time twinkle said while he nodded …
@ yuvi cabin ::
Both were worriedly pacing here and there thinking about his words if he really told twinkle that kunj is here because he got humiliated once …

She will hate me even more if he really tells her kunj said …while yuvi too nodded in yes ..
He said na kunj he will not do anything like that just stay calm yuvi said while kunj sat on chair …

What a twist man ranveer (our business rival) is our “saala”(brother in law) yuvi said palming his face …
“Our”??? Kunj asked turning to yuvi while he bites his tongue ..

I mean your kunj if Aditi is his cousin so as twinkle will also be his sister na yuvi said while kunj thought…
It will be better if her becomes “bhaiya” only or I’ll crush every bone of his kunj said while yuvi laughed loudly ..

Scared of the thought that you have one more sautan yuvi said while kunj throws file at him …
Nahi not at all kunj replied ..

But we should be thankful to him kunj yuvi said while kunj looks on questioned
Why ??? He aksed ..

See if he would have not disclosed the truth in that meeting that you are married and would haven’t humiliated you …we would have never taken this decision …to come back India so basically my point is somewhere he was the one who started this and we are here in India yuvi said ..

Yeah actually but he did that to humiliate me okay kunj said and yuvi nodded ..
Chal let’s get back to work bye kunj said and left …

I am going to check next time while doing enemity with anyone if that person also revealed to be one of aditi’s relative like ranveer urghh what rubbish I am thinking yuvi said and got back to work …
@ Aditi cabin ..
Twinkle left to see work as she has been in office for so long Ali too went to make a call leaving Aditi and ranveer alone ..
I am so happy Aditi that you made this far without anyone’s support ranveer said ..

No why without anyone’s support I had Leela maaa and twinkles always beside me and this everything is twinkles hardwork aditi said while both smiled ..

Papa is still guilty of sending you orphanage that time ranveer told while Aditi nodded in no …

No I am not at all angry on Chachu if he would haven’t send me to orphanage Leela maa would have never adopted me aditi smiled …

Haan that’s true if you and twinkle need my help anytime I’ll be there for you both always as i have my two sisters now …he said …
Yeah I know that waise where you are going to stay ??? Aditi asked ..

At Ali place ?? ranveer replied soon Ali joined them and they had fun ..
Ali and ranveer left from there after sometime Aditi too started working …

{Note : Ranveer khanna paternal cousin of Aditi son of the same uncle in flashback who had send Aditi to orphanage as Leela never differentiated between twinkle and Aditi like that even ranveer also never differentiated he thought both of them as his sisters was busy in settling in London }

Twinj were present in their cabin kunj was showing her everything what all they had done in her absence ….soon it was lunch time …
Kunj I’ll see everything after having something twinkle said while he smiled ..

Come let’s go and have something he said while twinkle too nodded …
They both went from there and entered the lift while kunj click ground floor button they were looking on other sides suddenly lights went off ..

What happen to these lift why lights went off kunj started panicking while twinkle was smiling ..
May be some current problem you are scared so much why ??? Twinkle asks ..

Dont pretend as if y..ou d..on’t know twinkle kunj said again panicking someone plzzz open this lift we are stuck here he said ..
Oh my god your this habit didn’t went still nothing will happen kunj it will start again in few minutes twinkle said …

Til..l the..n I’ll die twin..kle kunj replied
Oh kunj sit on the place where you are she said while he did she too sat both on the each side of lift it was so dark …

Suddenly they heard a voice and kunj moves towards twinkle … twinkle opens her phone torch and sees kunj who was sitting beside her he looked at twinkle while they both had eye lock she senses the fear in his eyes …

Okay okay calm down it’s nothing kunj just relax twinkle said and held his hand ..while he smiled and looked on ….
On the other side ::
Aditi too was done with work she was moving to twinkle cabin to talk to her when yuvi blocked her way ..
Yuvi you ?? How’s you she asked ..
Fine waise where are you going ?? He asked ..

To have lunch with twinkle she said ..
But she is not there in cabin may be went for some work with kunj as he has taken the responsibility of showing up all the process that were done in her absence yuvi said ..

Oh yeah come we will go for lunch then what say ? She asked ..
Haan let’s go he said and they left ..
In lift :::
Twinj was still sitting beside each other none of them speaking anything ..kunj was still rubbing his palms while Twinklee decided to initiate a conversation ..

Kunj ??????
Hmm twinkle
Can I ask you something ..
Yeah sure you can ..

So do you had a girlfriend in London ?? She asked ..
Are you serious you are asking your husband if he has an girlfriend or not kunj replied …

Oh yeah it’s just a normal questions as you are hot s*xy and wouldn’t have been single it’s the another thing that you are married …

No I don’t have any ..I AM A ONE WOMAN GUY kunj said while twinkle looks at him ..
Ohh hmm okay she said ..

You tell me did you had any boyfriend even you are not less hella beautiful ..kunj said …..

Haan many have proposed me but I never went for any twinkle said casually ..
You have done good siyappa queen or I would have ripped off the flesh from his body kunj said ..again lifts starts kunj looks on scared while twinkle hugs him tightly rubbing his back ..he too hugs her back the lift came to halt they sees the doors opening and broke the hug …
Arey when this lift will open I asked the maintenance many times to keep a check on it if anyone gets trapped here then Aditi said …

It will open Aditi wait yuvi said and the lift opens revealing twinj who was sitting ..
They both came outside while kunj was still cursing ..

Twinkle you was trapped there Aditi asked while twinkle nodded and that to with him ??? She ended while kunj looked on …

What do you mean by that too with him ? He mimicked Aditi She was stuck with her husband(stretching) not with any other man okay kunj said ..
Yeah whatever Aditi replied ..

We are again back on this Floor twinkle said ..
Come we will go for lunch Aditi said entering the lift while twinkle too nodded and went inside ..

No I am not going again in this lift huh kunj said ..
Arey kunj who will go by stairs yuvi said and dragged kunj inside …twinj were stealing glances of each other which didn’t go unnoticed by yuvi who smirked naughtily …

Soon they were downstairs and all went to the nearby restaurant to have something …they went by walk
The lunch went by them discussing about their project while it was time for the desert …

What would you like to have ladies ?? Yuvi asked ..
Anything you want twinkle said while Aditi too nodded ..

Let’s have mango ice cream yuvi said all agreed and he call the waiter to take his order ..
Mango ice-cream for 4 he said while interuppted by twinkle ….

No bring just for 3 and one butter scotch she said …kunj smiled turning his face on other side ..
Butter scotch for whom ? Waise here mango ice-cream is very famous twinkle yuvi said ..

Yeah but kunj doesn’t like mangoes twinkle said while kunj smiled widened more ….
What what who doesn’t like mangoes Aditi said while kunj looked at her ..

Me ? Any problem he asked …
No why would I have any she said now yuvi fully understood why kunj was referring to Aditi as his sautan ..he started laughing shocking everyone ..

What happened yuvi why you are laughing Aditi asked ???
No my friend told me some joke regarding his sautan so I just remembered that yuvi said while Aditi was confused twinkle understand and looks at kunj while he looks back at twinkle …

Soon their Ice cream comes and they finishes off their lunch and went back to twiditi enterprises .. twiditi was walking ahead while KUVI was walking behind them ..

“What’s going on bro romance in lift”
“Secretly admiring each other in lift”
“Bhabhi caring about your likes and dislikes”
Uhmm what’s going on ?yuvi asked ..

It’s nothing like that my day went normal only it’s just that she was also not showing that much hatred kunj said ..
But I am toh loving it I wish you both stay always as I can see that hidden love in both of your eyes he said ..

Acha you are knowing many things about love who is scared to confess till now kunj said ..
Huh when you will know who is the girl you will only ask me to back off he whispered ..

Did you said anything ?? Kunj said while he nodded in no ..
Today’s weather is so good so romantic na …yuvi teased kunj again while they reached twiditi and were back to work again ..
@ London :::
Armaan was playing cutely with his toys while Bebe was with armaan caretaker (Naina) a man enters and tip toes towards armaan and picked him up in his arms …armaan got scared and looks at the man he got happy …

Oh my baby is so much happy it means he had missed me alott man said caughting Bebe attention too ..
Haan Varun puttar he had missed you alott Bebe said and smiled ..

(So yeah man was revealed to be Varun )
Even I missed you so much armaan see I bought you many chocolates and cookies he said kissing his cheeks while armaan got happy …

Where is shanaya and mummy ji Bebe Varun asked while Bebe was going to say when heard a voice from the back ..
We are here Jaan ..

Varun turned and looked at shanaya and smiled …he gave armaan in Bebe hands and towards shanaya and usha and greeted them too ..
Where were you shanaya I told you to na take care of armaan he said ..

Woh I went for his shopping only she said and usha too nodded ..
Oh okay then he said and they went inside again Varun took armaan with him and went to his room while shanaya too went behind him …

Finally he is back from his Business trip after 3 months usha said ..and Bebe too nodded …
Let them have their family time Bebe said and left with usha …
India (Sarna house)
Twinj were back early today as they got to know that inspecting staff is coming to check if they are staying together or not ..
They changed their clothes and kunj sat waiting for them to come …while twinkle was in kitchen …

Kunj in mean time decided to have a video call with Bebe he called her she picked the call soon ..
Haye Mera puttar I was missing you so much you called after so many days ..Bebe said ..

Haan Bebe I was stucked up in work kunj said and even told about twinkle accident..
Hows she now kunj ?? You are taking care of her na ??? Bebe asked

Yeah Bebe don’t worry about that where is Arman ? Kunj aksed ..
Varun came back so he is with him Bebe said ..
Thank god anyone’s is there to take care of armaan I have no expectations from Di as she always stays busy in her parties and fashion shows ..kunj said frustrated …

Kunj don’t say like that it’s her passion you know na Bebe said ..
Yeah Bebe no one is restricting her from fulfilling her dreams it’s just that we want her to take care of armaan too well why are talking about this again she will never listen to us he said …

But she will listen to Varun he is there now you don’t worry about armaan okay Bebe said ..
Yeah she went completely on mom kunj whispers while Bebe too heard him and both laughed …

Arey see your ladla is here Bebe said and picked up armaan she made him sit on her lap and adjusted screen Armaan sees kunj and started jumping …

Hold on hold on champ meri Jaan don’t jump so much kunj said ..
Ku…armaan replied while kunj smiled ..
Uhu I am missing you so so much he said Bebe smiled seeing them …

Cho..cy Ku armaan said …
Always chocy ..huh naughty armaan when I’ll meet you na pakka I’ll give you chocy kunj said ..
Yuv…armaan asked ..

See him Bebe he can’t say my name but can say yuvi very well Haan kunj said .
Hahaha waise where is yuvi wo to dikh hi Nahi Raha hai Bebe said …

Haan he is at office working well I’ll talk to you later kunj said and Bebe nodded ..
Bye bye love you umaah ? kunj said ..

Twinkle who was passing from there heard kunj n stops she sees him busy in video call and was trying to peep in …
Kunj ended the call and turned and sees twinkle ..she gets shocked …

What ?? He asked ..
N..o nothing she said stammering ..
You are stammering as like thief when he gets caught kunj said …

Huh shut up twinkle said and went from there ….
What happened to her kunj thought and reacalled his last words oh my god was she jealous ?? she will never improve “my jealous baby”
Screen freezes on kunj smiling face ..
So yeah done with this shot ??
See I am posting early for who all commented and liked on last one thank you all soooooo much ..????
So yeah how’s was the shot ???share your views ba byee love you all ??
Allahafiz ?

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  2. Hi sami very much loved the episode it was really cute and the lift scene was awsm really liked it I thought that ranveer would be the one who will be liking twinkle and because he want twinkle he must have told kunj to divorce twinkle but it’s totally different really liked it ple post soon dear love ?☺️

  3. Shalu Choudhary

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    Awwww today my babes come early great
    Whole episode was world best ..
    I just loved kunj and aditi nok Jhok really ?????????Both didn’t leave single chance to taunt each other’s man..
    Ranveer Yuvi and Kunj brother in law Yuvi is too fast???????????.
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    update soon
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