KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 15

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Shot 15 …
The Episode starts with flashback continues while kunj was looking at usha shocked and confused …
Mom what are you saying this can’t happen she can’t kill anyone maa she is such a nice lady no no this is not right kunj said ..

First your papa did the mistake by trusting that family now you are also doing this ahh how did I forgot she was your wife mother right usha taunted kunj …

Maa don’t bring twinkle in this and tell me clearly what happen kunj asked
Okay listen if you have that courage your papa wanted to accept you and twinkle whole heartedly he convinced everyone even foughted with me for it …he went to Amritsar to convince your Leela maa too but don’t know what happened there …

Your so called Leela maa had took the revenge and plotted his accident usha said angrily while kunj didn’t believe ..

This can’t happen she did accepted us she also said that if you people accept twinkle then she will also accept me why she will do this Haan she even named her Everything on our name kunj said ..while shanaya looks at kunj ..

See shanaya I told you na he will never believe me it’s waste to tell him truth it’s better I would have been died in place of your papa atleast kunj would have loved me then usha said starting her emotional drama again ….

No maa it’s nothing like that I just asked you some general questions he said …
If she plotted accident really then I’ll made sure that she will be behind bars kunj spoke while usha cuts off ..

That’s what your papa never wanted To hurt them kunj if you will do this your papa soul will not be at peace you know how much he cares for them usha said ..
Haan but kunj said and was interuppted by shanaya ..

Leave kunj we can’t do anything as it will hurt papa only in the end she said consoling usha …
But you can take revenge by some other way kunj usha said while kunj looked at her ??? What maa he asked ..

You have to leave twinkle then Leela will understand the pain seeing her daughter usha said while kunj looked on shocked ..
No I can’t do this what’s Twinkle fault in it no never I’ll never do this he said …she is my life he added looking at them with pain …

Mom leave na maa this enemity what we are gonna get by this shanaya said ..
Haan you said right what we will get by this even I lost my son today usha said while kunj looked at her..

Why are you saying like this maa I am your kunj he said ..
No you are that Twinkle’s kunj not mine if you were you would have agreed to leave her but no no babaji you shouldn’t had given me child rather then giving a child like kunj usha ended tears gushing out of her eyes …

Kunj got up from there and left while usha and shanaya looks at each other and hugged crying …

Kunj went to see bebe her condition was very much serious he didn’t had peace in those days just running from hospital to home …home to hospital even he lost his phone at hospital and had no way to contact twinkle once he called at his Mumbai house but the servants told that she went to Amritsar …

Usha was pressuring him daily about
Twinkle emotionally blackmailing him ..they were at hospital when Bebe got more serious ..kunj wanted to see Bebe but usha stopped him ….

Leave from here kunj it’s my family not yours usha said while kunj looked on ..
Maa it’s my family too let me see Bebe once he said pleading while usha nodded in no …

I don’t want that KAATIL believers to come near my family too usha said …while kunj falls on his knees …he didn’t wanted to loose bebe after losing Manohar …
Okay maa I agree I’ll leave twinkle bas he said while usha smiled …

Kasam Khao kunj that you will leave twinkle usha said …while he did and usha hugged him and let him go near Bebe …

Kunj had already promised usha and wrote that letter to Twinkle telling that he married for revenge and nothing more ..


He finally posted the letter after much difficulty after some months Bebe was fine and was discharged kunj met yuvi In mean time and they started working together …
Flashback ends

Then rest you know everything after some months shanaya di bringing armaan home staying with us he becoming my reason to live there her fear was true that we are gonna loose each other  I still had that guilt of breaking her promise  kunj said with teard eye …

Guilty ??? Kunj are you serious you had left her alone in India without even knowing in what condition she will be she was madly in love with you ..and what you did you shattered her now I got it why twinkle hates you this much anyone would hate the guy who betrayed her it would have been better if you choosen your family before marrying her after becoming her life you left her just because your papa was killed by her mother …hah yuvi said angrily while kunj looked on ..


Still kunj you shouldn’t hadn’t done that Yaar how did you stayed without her in these 2 years you never missed her ?? Yuvi asked …
I did missed her each n every second of breathe I was taking it was hell for me to live without her kunj said and covered his face with his palms ….

Wait ! That’s why you attempted suicide that day ??? When I saved you ?? Yuvi asked while kunj nodded …

Yeah I was dying from inside I don’t want to live anymore that’s why I tried to commit suicide but you saved me that day and became my friend kunj said crying and hugged yuvi … while he consoled kunj…

I thought after some days she will forget me and move on in her life instead she started hating me to that extent that she said kunj choked up in between and continued sh…e wi..ll di..e but will not take help form me kunj ended …

But kunj why you fought with her today that you were so angry yuvi asked kunj ..
You remember I went to temple today after praying i went to the other side of temple and saw twinkle and Aditi doing some havan for the parents soul to rest in peace …

It had photo of Aditi papa and maa and RT uncle but what shocked me you know kunj said and yuvi looked on ..
What he aksed ????
It had a pic of Leela maa too with garlands over it kunj said while yuvi was hell shocked (like you all ??)

Another mystery yuvi said and looked at kunj asking him to continue i called maa and told her Everything she denied saying she didn’t knew anything about Leela ma death and again her emotional drama continued ..I got angry thinking did I taken wrong decision 2 years back when Twinkle entered in our room and I asked where was she hoping to hear something which will make me prove wrong to leave her but again answered me with hatred I couldn’t control and behaved like that and because of me see she is in this condition kunj said while yuvi smiled consoling him he was happy that kunj still loves her which was proving now by his talks …


Really it is too difficult to understand he said chal let’s go home it’s late night we are talking from very long time ..
Haan I wanted to see twinkle once then we will leave kunj said and going inside ..

But Aditi said yuvi was going to say  ..
I don’t care what she says what’s important now is MY WIFE kunj said and left inside …

Aditi was already sleeping taking wall support feeling cold while kunj went and saw twinkle from outside …
I love you twinkle he said and was looking at her painfully …

Yuvi sees Aditi and wrapped his coat around her without disturbing her sleep ..
I have never imagined even you have bear so much in childhood he said and unknowingly he pecked her forehead and left from there ..

He took kunj too and they left back for Sarna house …
@ Sarna mansion
Kunj and yuvi entered they both were hell tired yuvi was feeling sad for kunj whose life is so messed up kunj went in their room and sees the room in same condition he picked up the photo drama and sees twinkle photo with lert he sees her dried blood marks on floor and touched it …

He cleaned his room in sometime and slept talking to her photo asking her to get well soon …
Next day :::
Kunj woke up and got ready to go back to hospital while yuvi came in his room ..
Are you going somewhere kunj yuvi asked him …

Yeah going to see twinkle he said while yuvi looked on ..
Aditi called me sometime before and said twinkle is fine she had even got conscious yuvi said while kunj got happy

Yuvi phone rang again it was Aditi call only he picked up the call …and talked to her …
Kunj is near you ?? She asked while yuvi replied yes …

Put it on speaker I need to talk to him Aditi said …while yuvi did …
Kunj I am taking twinkle with me to our house her condition is not like that to bear something more it would be better if she stays with me Aditi ended while kunj smiled ..

As expected he murmured ..
Okay take her and yeah take care of her don’t worry about the inspecting staff if they will come here I’ll call you then send twinkle back kunj said ..

Okay done she ended the call …
Atleast she will stay in peace for sometime kunj said and yuvi smiled …
Soon Ali and Aditi at night took twinkle back home they were treating her very well as doctor asked her to take bed rest for few weeks even Aisha came to see twinkle …

Meri bachi Kya halat banali hai tune she said while Twinklee smiled sheepishly ..
I am fine s*xy what will happen to me twinkle said and winked while all laughed tearfully …

I’ll make something for the mareez here Ali said teasing twinkle ..
I am not mareez okay you are going to get married na what happened …

We postpone the wedding till you are not fine Ali will not climb the horse aisha declared ..
Arey I am saying truth I am fine Twinkle tried to get up and failed miserably …

You take care don’t you dare step of bed or else I’ll show you real Aditi avatar she said while twinkle nodded ..
Abey jaldi thik hoja then i will climb the horse Ali said ..

You were not ready to get married now see Aditi said ..
Haan he liked Zoya very much hai na Ali aisha teased him making him red ..

Soon the teasing session continued and Ali and Aisha left after dinner…
Twinkle was thinking something deeply while Aditi shakes her and aksed ..

Kunj didn’t came to meet me once Twinklee said with sad and low voice ..
I only asked him not to come as I don’t want your condition to be revealed to him as per your wish ..Aditi said …

Haan you did right if he would have know he will think me as weak person which I don’t want to become I had to show him I didn’t need him now twinkle said tearfully …

Yeah now don’t think about that all have rest Aditi said while twinkle nodded they heard a knock on door Twinkle insisted to come out too with support of Aditi both went and opened the door to find someone with big cartoons of health drinks and fruits and a bouquet of roses

Who send it ??? Twinkle asked while Aditi looked on who ordered it she asked the delivery man ..
Mr kunj Sarna he replied while twiditi looks on ..Aditi went aside and called kunj ..

So finally it reached keep that give it twinkle daily till she stays with you it is good for her health kunj said ..
Why you send it Haan we don’t need it Aditi replied take it back she ended ..

Arey that’s wasn’t for you that was for my wife keep that without arguing or else kunj said ..
Or else what ?? She replied ..

I’ll take Twinkle back to Sarna house and then I’ll take care of her it’s actually good na he ended …decided what you have to do ..
No no I’ll keep it Aditi said ..

Better kunj replied and ended the call ..she came back and sees twinkle ..
What did he said ??? She asked ..
Your husband is such a sadu Aditi replied soon they took the delivery and that delivery man left ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : KUVI shocked ?
So how was the shot ????
I hope you all like it …
It’s so confusing right Leela die Manohar die don’t stress your brain so much guys I’ll reveal everything soon ..
So yeah one half of story is completed ??
Thanks to all who supported me ????…
Ba bye love you all ???
Allahafiz ?

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    Kunj’s concern for twinkle;loved it ???
    Aditi and kunj???
    Precap;KuVi shocked??
    Super excited for next
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    Stay blessed??

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    Maybe tomorrow itself plzzzzzzzz
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  3. So kunj still loves twinkle ?♥️ Can’t wait for other flashback n I think leela n manohar die together n that usha told lie to kunj just to separate twinj don’t know I’m right or wrong n post soon dear can’t wait n want to see kunj taking care of twinkle ☺️♥️♥️Bye Allah hafiz

  4. I think leela and manohar died on the same day. May be some kind of accident and all. ?
    Finally , most of the mystery is out.
    But whr is that Shanaya’s husband now?
    Poor Twinj ?
    So much they suffered.
    Kunj tried to suicide ??
    Great update it was

  5. Hi sam di finally u posted I was waiting for u kunj ka past wa sao painful and twinkle has suffered so much I too think that leela nad manohar does in the same accident amd usha just took advantage of the situation but cabt3 aur for the next update plss di psot soon love u take care psot sooon

  6. Missed this FF really… because u r the only superfast updater here……
    Loved this epi too much…Kunj did very bad with twinkle…..she shouldn’t forgive him easily…..Yuvi was sweet as always and right any girl would have hate him to the core

  7. awesome episode
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  8. Aamna_2690

    Sammie ??
    Episode was Super Duper Amazing ??
    Loved it thoroughly ❤❤
    Poor Twinj ?? They had suffered so much ??
    I HATE this Usha ??
    Always twinj suffers because of her ??
    I told you she will be the one behind twinj separation and I am damn sure that for her some own silly and stupid reason she might have made a fake story ??
    Or possibly she might had killed Leela ??
    How can she do this to her own son ??
    How can she torture him emotionally ??
    Literally I wanna kill her ??
    About kunj leaving twinkle ?? Yes he did really wrong leaving her but I don’t blame him completely ? He was emotionally blackmailed and pressurized to leave her ?? He tried to commit suicide ??
    You depicted his emotions through word’s so well Sammie ?? It was truly fantastic ??
    I don’t know if he should suffer more to get twinkle’s forgiveness ?? cause I think he had equally suffered leaving twinkle and then emotional drama of his mother ?? He didn’t wanted to leave her even after that but this Usha ?? I will strangle her neck with my own hands ??
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    I also think leela & manohar die on Same day …& usha took advantage of this situation & cook up a story to separate twinj…..I m too suspicious about shanaya & her husband too …
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  13. Anusha

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    Kunj’s pain ???
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  15. SSK

    It was an awesome episode dear. This F is becoming full of mystery now. So many secrets need to be revealed. And this Usha is so mean, she didn’t considered her son’s feelings also just blackmailed him to leave Twinkle. Post soon please as want to know how Leela and Manohar died, who was the real reason of their death and what as happened to Twinkle, all and everything. 🙂

  16. Anaya_Ali

    Hey sameera for late cmnt…?
    It’s so confusing… What happened in past want to know…
    What happened to twinkle…
    Feeling bad for kunj…
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  17. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Sam!! Gosh! I had missed out on so much of your amazing work! I’m finally done with reading all of that I had missed, and I must say, you have got more and more amazing with each article. I absolutely loved the way you have carried out the plot of each one of your stories… And this one is like the icing on the cake… I love it when you bring in a revenge saga, and this is fantastic!!! I loved Twinkle’s bonding with her friends, and her equation with Aisha… It’s all so beautiful! And about Kunj, his character too has been portrayed wonderfully… It’s exciting to see Yuvi-Aditi’s story developing too… And the mystery is gripping!!! Absolutely loved it!! Amazing work! Loads of love ???

  18. Superb episode sammu
    Sab iss usha aur shanaya ne kiya kamini kahi ki
    Yrr leela bhi dead kuch to suspense h isme
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  19. Superb episode sammu
    Sab iss usha aur shanaya ne kiya kamini kahi ki
    Yrr leela bhi dead kuch to suspense h isme
    Plzzzzzzz post soon dear plzzzzzz
    Luvvvv u dear??

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