KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 14

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Shot 14 ..
The Episode starts with twinj reaching taneja mansion Leela opened the door to find them married she got teard eye see her little princess in wedding attire while twinkle had guilt in her eyes she wanted badly to apologize to Leela …

Leela left from there inside while Twinklee ran behind her maa plz plz wait listen to me na maa twinkle said and hugged her from behind ..maa plz I am sorry plz forgive me maa twinkle said crying while Leela couldn’t see her princess crying and turned she too hugged twinkle back …

Don’t cry Mera puttar I am not angry with you beta Leela said while twinkle looked at her and sobbed …Leela looked on from top to bottom ..

You are really looking like an angel my angel she said and pecked twinkle forehead while aditi came and stand beside Leela and smiled …

Now Leela maa is mine only she teases twinkle while Leela laughed and called kunj too there he was nervous ..

Why you are shying kunj I am not seeing your first time Leela said and smiled while twinj touched her feets and took her blessings …

I pray that you both stays happy always she said and smiled…they all were talking …
So maa you accept us ?? Twinkle asked while Leela nodded in no ..

No twinkle I’ll accept you the day your in-laws will accept you and that’s my promise Leela said and smiled while twinj was confused …

Kunj went asside to call Manohar and informed him too he was much nervous finally he call and told Everything …I had no option left dad rather than marrying plz forgive me kunj ended …

I am happy that you are married kunj I always wanted twinkle to be my daughter in law but your mom kunj you know how she is he said from other side ..

Yeah papa I know kunj said
So where are you both going to stay ??? Manohar asked while kunj looked on .
We are going tomorrow to Mumbai I’ll take a flat and we will stay there only that company offered me a job too kunj said …

No you are not going to take my daughter in law there you remember I bought a house there for you take twinkle there and about job you do job for sometime in that same company till then I’ll make your mom agree to accept you both he said ..

I love you so much papa kunj said while Manohar smiled and ended the call ..
Twinj changed into their comfortable clothes Leela wanted to spend time with twinkle before they goes to Mumbai kunj decided to give them space he was in room resting while Leela Aditi and twinkle were taking and chatting …

I’ll prepare pasta then we will chat again Aditi said while Leela and twinkle nodded
Twinkles sees Leela tensed and asked her about it …

What happen maa what you are thinking twinkle asked …you got married twinkle and I am happy with it but I don’t know why I am getting negative vibes ..


What do you mean mom she said tears eye while Leela wiped her tears you will know it with time twinkle …she ended ..
This was all heard by kunj too who was confused with her words ….
Flashback ends …

What was the meaning of that words why your mother in law said that ??? Yuvi asked ..

I still didn’t got it may be she was very well aware what’s gonna happen in future may be she knows maa will never accept our relation the insecurity and anxiety was visible on her face kunj ended and yuvi looked on ..

After that twinkle Aditi and Leela maa spend all night together soon it was morning and we were gonna be back to Mumbai …

Flash back shows :::
Twinj were ready to leave for Mumbai and came downstairs Leela sees them and smiled …twinkle come here she said and gave her all the things which she has collected for twinkle from long time to give in her wedding ..

Maa what’s the need for this she said while Leela cuts her and said it’s needed …

She called Aditi and kunj too forward and gave them some documents … I am naming my everything to you guys she said and showed them ..she had distributed one half of property to twinj and other to Aditi …

Now no one will say anything Leela strictly said them while twinj looked at each other …
Now we will take a leave maa Twinklee said and hugged her she cried badly ….

Leela maa Aditi spoke slowly
What ?? You also wanted to go Mumbai with them she joked while kunj looked on and made faces she sees it and ignored …

No maa I got a job offer from Delhi and I wanted to do it so can I go she asked ..
Now you will also go leaving me she said while twinkle and Aditi hugged her she gave permission to Aditi but asked her to visit sometimes ..

Twinj came outside and sees them kunj touched Leela feet taking her blessings while she blessed him …plzz take care of my daughter she said and folded her hands kunj nodded in no ..

No now she is my responsibility kunj said while Aditi looks at him and smirked …
Oye jallad If anything happens to my twinki na then I’ll see you she said …
She is mine now kunj replied ..
Chale twinkle kunj ended while Aditi faked a smile to kunj he did the same Infront of Leela

after sometime they left and reached Mumbai …
Kunj blindfolded twinkle while she was confused he took her to Sarna mansion and opened her blindfold while she looked at him …and then at house ..

Kunj these house ??? She asked ..
Yeah papa bought it he had ordered me to take his daughter in law to this house only kunj said …

To chale Mrs Sarna he said and lifted her in bridal style while she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck …soon they entered there …

Twinkle for some days I’ll be not able to give you the life you wanted but I’ll work hard he said ..
No I just want you kunj your love that’s it she said and they hugged …

Finally we are together both said together smiling at each other …
Days passed by kunj was working really very hard his salary was less but they were adjusting in it twinkle was saving the money and was decorating their house with full of love she wanted her dream world to be perfect …

Kunj’s love increases for her day by day he also asked her to work if she wanted to but she denied ..
Work now ?? Never I am not going to office ever Twinkle said ..

Why ? You had done internship you had got experience too then why you are not doing work ??? Kunj asked ..

Arey I did internship on maa insistence she said that It’ll help me in future so I learned the basic business twinkle said ..
Ohh ?kunj said ..

And yeah why I have to work I’ll live a queen life and my king will give me everything she said and winked while kunj too smiled …

Yeah of course my love he said and hugged her they were each others life
Their small family their cute fights filled their romance kunj pacifying her treating her really like a queen he planned to take her on honeymoon …

Their were sitting in their room while twinkle was thinking something …and looked at kunj …
Kunj you remember what’s Tomorrow ?? She asked him while he nodded in no…

Twinklee let me work I have to finish this soon he said and continued working while she made a pout kunj was smiling all the while noticing her from corner of his eyes ….

Twinkle went downstairs to bring water and got busy talking to their house caretaker while kunj got up and said how can I forget baby it’s your bday he said and decorated their room ..

Twinkle entered and was shocked to see their room she smiled while kunj hugged her from behind ..
Happy birthday to you happy bday jaan he sings a song for her while she smiled ..

Liar you remember my bday twinkle said with happiness while kunj too smiled..
Come with me he said and took her on bed and take out some of the tickets of different places …he blindfolds her ffom his hand and asked her to choose anyone from them ..while she kept her hand on Greece kunj removed his hand and twinkle smiled ..

GREECE She read while kunj nodded ..what is this kunj twinkle asked him ..

Twinkle don’t you want to go on honeymoon he said and winked while she blushed …and was going from there when kunj pulled her on bed and came above her …

Shy as much as you want twinkle but still I am not going to leave you once we are there he said in sensuous voice while twinkle blushed more ..

You are the best she said wrapping her arms around his neck while he smiled pecking her forehead I know he replied and they laughed …

The very next day they reached Greece before Twinkle bday ends kunj planned Everything before itself and they celebrated her bday ..they enjoyed each n every second of their honeymoon site seeing romancing shopping etc …

After few days they were back home …kunj was again back to work and twinkle was at home learning new new things for him ..she loved cooking for him and he also used to cook for her both were madly in love with each other …

One day they were having dinner while kunj gets a call from usha and he picked up quickly …

Kunj Bebe is in very serious condition usha spoke crying while kunj got worried for Bebe he had not met them anyone after running away from home…

he ended the call after talking to usha …he went back on dinning table and saw Twinkle waiting for him he smiled and sat ….and feeds her with his hands while having the fake smile on his face ..

Twinkle sensed the pain behind his fake smile and held his hand asking him what happen while he told about her talk with usha to twinkle …

I have talked to maa after so many days he said and smiled while twinkle too ..
You wanted to go London ??? She aksed while kunj looked on ..

Yeah I want to but how can I leave you here he said ..yeah she replied and they both continued having their dinner ..

Twinkle I need to go there I am hell worried for Bebe kunj said and got up ..while twinkle hugged and consoled him …

Why I am feeling something bad going to happen I should stop kunj twinkle thought and told kunj not to go I am feeling like I am gonna loose you kunj plz don’t go …

Twinkle it’s about Bebe life how I couldn’t go he said angrily while twinkle smiled sadly and went from there kunj after booking his tickets realised that he shouted on twinkle for first time he went and saw her standing in balcony …

Twinkle and kunj was in room balcony while twinkle was standing and kunj came and back hugged her …

Still angry with me twinkle but trust me I have to go you know na Bebe is ill her condition is serious plzz let me go kunj said still Twinkle didn’t turned ..

I promise I’ll be back soon and see it’s good I’ll go and see Bebe then I’ll convince everyone to accept our wedding too he said while Twinklee turned ..

Do you think they will ever accept our relationship ??? She asked with tears in her eyes while he wiped ..

Dont ever let this fall twinkle and I’ll convince them anyhow though they are angry that we ran away and got married but trust me I’ll make them agree he said

No no plz don’t go how I will stay without you I can’t even stay for a second twinkle said while kunj smiled..

That’s why I love you so much he kissed her cheeks while she pouted ..
Don’t worry I’ll be back soon and I wanted sarnas to welcome their daughter in law with much love he ended she hugged him tightly …

Now lets go I’ll help you in packing twinkle said and they both packed his luggage soon they were laying on bed ..
Twinkle on top of kunj not wanting to loose him for a second while he was caressing her hairs …

You know kunj when we married and went to meet mom she said that this path will lead to my destruction ..she looked at him teard eye ..

Haan I heard that too he said but that will not happen kunj said assuring her ..now sleep my baby tomorrow morning I have to catch my flight too ..

Haan good night she pecked his lips while he smiled wrapping his arms around her pulling her more closer to himself …good night he wished her too and both slept ..

He talked to her and apologize and said promised that he will be back soon soon they spend their time together next day …(flashback of shot 4 )

Next day kunj was leaving twinkle done his packing while he looked at her she was very much upset and scared too..
He hugged Her to calm her while she looked at him …

Saying truly I am not feeling good this time kunj as if I am going to loose you forever twinkle said and tears escaped from her eyes …

No twinkle nothing such gonna happen trust me I’ll be back and conviced everyone there too he assured her …he brings his face closer to her and they kissed fear was clearly visible in both of their eyes …

Now shall I go he asked if I continue like this my flight will leave me and go he said and winked while Twinklee laughed and hugged him again …
Miss me okay she said while kunj pecked her nose ..

I’ll he kissed on her cheek and she dropped him to airport he left from there ..
Flash back ends ..

That was my last moment with twinkle her fear was true she said true somewhere I only failed to keep up my promises kunj said sadly …

When everything was going on fine you both were happily married than what happen that you both are today here like this ??? Yuvi asked …

Yeah Everything was fine we were happy but It can be said the SILENCE BEFORE THE STORM Kunj said …

Flash back shows ..
Kunj reached London and without wasting a single second he reached his house he enters to find no one present there …

He asked one of the care taker about everyone …where is mom Bebe dad ?? Kunj said ..
They all went to hospital as Bebe health got more worse the caretaker replied ..

Which hospital kunj said and got the address he was going from there …when he saw shanaya there he smiled seeing his sister in his house after so much happened he hugged shanaya and then usha …

Next thing what shocked him was the ward boys from other hospital was bringing manohars dead body he was hell shocked he never imagined his dad in that condition he moved forward and sees him …they all cried …

Kunj did the final rites of Manohar crying badly he finally asked usha how did that happened …

It had because of that LEELA TANEJA she has MURDERED your papa kunj usha said and cried while kunj looked on shocked ..

What maa ?? Leela maa did this no she can’t  he said while usha angrily looks at him ..
Leela maa nahi KAATIL HAI WO TUMHARE PAPA KI Usha said in angry voice while kunj was confused and shocked …
Screen freezes ..
Precap : end of flashback
So how was the shot ????
Hope you all like it ..
Yeah next one will reveal the rest ? let’s see what’s happens …
Thanks to all for their reviews ???
BA byeee ???

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  1. Suspense ke upar suspense….u will kill me with this….
    Loved the shot soo much….

  2. Anusha

    Awesome episode dear
    Leela murdered manohar can’t believe it
    i think usha telling lie in phone she didn’t told anything only abt bebe she told excited to know further
    and twinj life after marriage was cute and beautiful ????
    one call from usha changed everything
    Post soon dear cant wait

  3. Awesome shot……loved it a lottt

  4. Soo Kunj was the one who left Twinkie…..
    How can Leela be the kaatil…..
    Soo many questions…..plsss post early

  5. Amazing shot
    Loved it
    Kunj’s birthday surprise for twinkle…..??
    Twinkle’s fear did come true??
    As for manohar, I think usha cooked up the story that leela murdered him to make twinj separate
    Super excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed???

  6. awesome

  7. Shalu Choudhary

    Uperb episode dear plz post soon i think usha tell lie to kunj nd leela is not kaatil

  8. Hi sam di sorry di for late commenting but kal mom ne ghar se nikal diya aur phone bhi nahi diya pata nahi kaise maa milee hai jab dekhi daant ti hain leave it the episode was so mind blowing and this usha I know she is lying and shyad isse ne aar diya hai manohar ko and kunj bhi bina kuch samjhe maan gaya par twinj ka romance itna pure tha ki maan kar raha hai baar baar padho plss di next jaldi se psot kar do taki paata chale aage ki kahani aapke zubani love u take care psot soon

  9. Awesome amazing
    Superb yaar.
    Twinj moments were cute. Loved it
    Manohar is dead.
    Oh my god. How did this happen?
    Post soon
    Felt bad for Kunj

  10. it was amazing ….twinj bond was so cute…lovely …his birthday surprise was superb…
    but little bit shocked …bimar bebe thi or manohar is dead …I think this usha had cooked some story …to separate twinj ….
    can’t wait to read next …
    luv u

  11. Anaya_Ali

    Hello sorry for not commenting in previous epi…
    Little busy Due to Ramadan…
    Twinj fb was cute their scenes were Awsm..
    Let’s see what happens in nxt…
    Post soon

  12. Oh damn, manohar is no more. But how come leela is his kaatil. ??
    Another tension wali thing is that even leela is no more now.
    Flashback was so cute.
    Loved all the Twinj scenes.
    I think leela was well aware of some major thing. maybe that’s why she said those lines !!!
    Can’t wait for next update.
    Post sooner

  13. Aamna_2690

    Sammieeeeeee ???
    Look who is here ??
    And the first FF is yours in which I am commenting ?
    Waise I haven’t read from start so Abhi I won’t say anything about this ?? Once I am done reading previous episodes Tera comment box bharne wala hai meri baaton se ??
    Waise I so wished another season of KAATIL ?? and jab itne time baad TU open Kiya toh saw this ?? I am so happy you are back ??
    Chal abhi ke liye itna Bakbak kaafi hai ??
    Baaki story parhne ke baad karungi ??
    But yeh episode has intrigued me to read your story as soon as possible ??
    Love You ??

  14. Lovey_kz

    it was emotional yet superb ?

  15. Woww…Superb
    loved it…
    reading this one for the first time and totally fell in love with it..Will soon complete reading it from the first episode..U are a brilliant writer dear..
    hats off to u..Loved twinj scenes and their life after marriage..And I also think thay usha lief to kunj to seperate twinj..
    plzzzz post next one soon..
    lots of love

  16. Nice and emotional episode.

  17. Kiya1234

    Awww world best episode yaar..
    amazing yaar shocked ? ???..
    I don’t have words for you raj..
    Usha b*t*h she separated twinj hate her..
    marvellous episode yaar
    Love you babes post soon

  18. SSK

    It was an amazing episode. I am getting really excited to read what happens next ?

  19. Superb mindblowing amazing episode dear
    Twinj scene awesome dear
    Yrrr ye manohar ko kya ho gya bimar to bebe thi na
    Aur ye usha isne hi kuch kiya
    Yrr wAit nhi hoga ab
    Plzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvv u dear

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