KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 11

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Shot 11 ..
The Episode starts with next morning Twinkle woke up and sees her phone ringing and sees it’s from Aditi ….

Haan okay yeah I literally forgot you reached there I’ll be there too soon she ended the call and wore a white anarkali she went from there …

After sometime yuvi and kunj too woke up and got freshen up they decided to prepare breakfast today ..and went in kitchen both had a lot of fun …yuvi was teasing kunj alott taking twinkle name while he was just blushing they were done with cooking ..

Yuvi go and call twinkle too na kunj said while yuvi nodded understanding and went to find their room empty …

She is not there in room yuvi said while kunj looked on today we don’t have office too then also she is not at home he thought…they both sat and have their breakfast …

I am going to sleep again yuvi yawns and left from there while kunj decided to go temple today …

Soon he got ready too and left for the temple he went inside and prayed …after sometime he came outside and saw something he was shocked for a moment he quickly Ran from there and reached Sarna mansion he closed his eyes and recalled that again …

What was that man ???? When did that happen he asked himself why do I feel something is fishy I should call mom he said and dialed usha number …after some rings she picked up his call …

Haan finally my son remember that he has a mother and family too usha taunted him while kunj fisted …

He told something while usha was shocked till death …maa is there something you have hidden from me ??? Kunj asked in dangerous voice …

What are you saying kunj you are pointing finger on your mother I told you everything what was true usha said ..
But he was going to say and was cut off by usha …

I knew it kunj I knew it you will go back to India and fall for that girl again don’t know what black magic she did on you that you are pointing finger on your mother It would have been better if babajiii wouldn’t have given me son usha said crying from the other side …

Mom I just asked you why are you crying haan why everytime you drags twinkle in our every matter you don’t know how much I love you Bebe and everyone else Haan kunj too shouted unable to take his mother blames …

Yeah we know that you love us but more than that you love that girl now I got to know who matters to you I don’t want son like that usha said …and ended the call without listening to kunj …

Why is this too difficult to understand babajiii now what I need to prove she never understands me always taunts me kunj said angrily and started breaking things while twinkle entered their room and sees his state and the messy room ….oil spitted on floor creams fallen everywhere …she gets angry too and put the photo frame aside which she had in her hand ….

What the hell you are doing she said stopping him from breaking more things
Where were you ???? Kunj asked in low voice demanding an answer from her ..

Why should I tell you Haan who are you to ask me I’ll go anywhere I want twinkle replied him with anger filled voice..

Kunj pulled her with jerk and pinned her to the wall why you can answer me normally ever twinkle and by the way if you are forgetting then I must remind you I am your husband still we are not divorce he said angrily ..

I know and that was the thing which I regrets till today twinkle replied trying to come out of his grip ..

Even I am regretting till today WHY I EVER LOVED YOU I MADE MY LIFE HELL I AM STUCK BADLY PROVING MY LOVE to everyone kunj said and left her …

kunj sees a photo frame it had Twinkle pic with her parents (lert) without seeing the other side he broke that too while twinkle shouted he left the room angrily banging the door with a thud …

Twinkle ran and glass pieces pierced in her foot she got slipped unable to stand properly on the oily floor and fall on the table which hits badly on her waist she screamed in pain and somehow took her phone and called Aditi …

Hearing her painful voice Aditi got panicked too asked her to calm down ….I’ll reach there soon twinkle she said while twinkle was wincing in pain badly …
Kunj came downstairs he was very much angry yuvi sees him and holds his hands ..what happen kunj he asked while kunj looked at him and told him everything he too was shocked …

Why you vent your anger on twinkle Haan ??? Yuvi shouted on kunj ..
What else I would have done I asked her a simple question that too she didn’t answered properly and I behaved like a DEVIL with her kunj said tears gushing out of his eyes his face already red ..

Come with me and apologize to her right away yuvi said while kunj looked on and nodded they both went upstairs again and opened the door to find twinkle in that state ….

She was laying on floor with the support of couch holding her stomach wincing in pain badly blood oozing from her feets pale face …both were shocked to see her in that condition …

Tw..Inkle kunj said and stood there glued
What you are seeing kunj lift her we need to take her hospital right away yuvi shouted while kunj nodded and moved towards twinkle he bended to pick her while she moved back …

Don’t you dare come near me she shouted still with pain and low voice …
Twinkle see get angry with me later let’s go to hospital kunj said with tear filled eyes while she nodded in no ..

Never kunj Sarna ILL PREFER TO DIE RATHER THAN TAKING ANY FAVOUR FROM YOU SHE Ended while KUVI looked on shocked …

Twinkle see kunj is right plzz leave your anger aside yuvi said while she nodded in no ..no yuvi you don’t come between us she said …

Aditi and Ali reached there and sees her condition while Aditi bend and scolded twinkle can’t you take care twinkle how many times I had to tell you Haan still you are weak she said …

Aditi its not the time to scold her first lets us take her to hospital Ali said and they both give support to twinkle and left from there taking her …

Kunj sat there numbed her words were ringing in his mind I’ll prefer to die rather than taking any favour from you ..yuvi sees him and ask him to get up while he was lost totally lost between his mind and heart …
@ hospital :::
Ali and Aditi reached there In sometime and twinkle was taken to ICU while they both were very much worried for twinkle
Aditi cried badly while Ali consoled her ..

See na Ali I told her many times to take care of herself specially when she is staying there but she never listens she discontinued her treatment too see what happened now Aditi said crying badly ..

Our twinki is a fighter she will fight this time too dekhlena Aditi Ali said and hugged her ..while they both waited outside ICU …
@ Sarna house :::
Yuvi do me a favour plz go to hospital and see her na plzz kunj said folding his hands infront of yuvi …

Kunj what are you doing yuvi said and hugged him chal let’s go together your siyappa queen needs you kunj yuvi said ..

No she will not like if I come there kunj said while yuvi broke the hug ..
You are not in your senses you want her to die yuvi asked while kunj slapped him …see you love her come with me she needs you yuvi said ..

I am so sorry kunj said for slapping him while yuvi smiled these happens bro come he said and they too left for hospital soon they reached there too while Ali and Aditi looks on …they all decided to maintain peace …

Kunj was roaming here and there while yuvi was with him and Ali was with Aditi all are worried about twinkle …soon doctor came outside and all Ran towards him …

Doctor what happen is she fine ??? Kunj asked while doctor looks at them ..
We can’t say anything she is badly injured I want her previous medical reports soon to treat her he said …

Okay doctor I’ll bring it Aditi said and she left with Ali …
Can we see her yuvi asked while doctor nodded yeah but only one person can see her he said and left from there ..

I want to see her kunj said and went inside he saw her state lying on hospital bed with many machines connected and a oxygen mask …

Tw..Inkle he said helding her hand and kissed it again I behaved badly with you plz mujhe maaf kardena Yaar I’ll never ever behave like this just get well soon I can’t live without you for a second Teri ye nafrat Nahi dekhi jaarahi hai mujhse but I’ll not complain you can hate me as much as you want but get up Yaar taunt me fight with me I can bear your hatred but not your silence he said crying seeing her …but she wasn’t moving even an inch …I can’t see you like this uth na Yaar daant le maarle mujhe but aise na Kar he took her hands in his hands …while the doctor came back …

Mr Sarna plz go out we need to operate her he said while kunj wasn’t ready to leave her …after so much of insisting he left twinkle and went outside ..

Aditi bring her reports and handed it to the doctor while they left talking with Aditi …
This time we need to go for surgery so you have to sign the consent doctor told Aditi while she asked them to go ahead and she will sign the consent …they left

Aditi looked towards KUVI …who wasn’t able to understand what’s going on ..
I beg you kunj plzz go from here plz I don’t want to create any scene here plz she said while kunj looked on teard eye
But Aditi yuvi said ..

You can come later but plz go now Ali will inform you everything Aditi said looking down while kunj and yuvi left from there ..

Why you asked them to go?? Even they should know from what pain twinkle is going Ali said while Aditi looked at him ..
She told him that time but still he never cared for her and never returned back she has bear all of pain alone waiting for him to once come and support her in that serious time but he didn’t showed up and twinkle lost trust in him… After that she decided she will never tell anyone about her pain about her sufferings twinkle never wanted him to know about her pain that’s why she discontinued her medicines too before going to stay with him that why I asked them go ..

If they call you ..you informs them about her condition that’s it I even said this because somewhere I can feel that pain in his(kunj) eyes too or I would have never talked to him politely Aditi said and turned and left …

I pray that everything gets fine I had tried my level best to make things better now everything is in your hands Ali said praying …

KUVI came outside hospital and sat there only while kunj was lost yuvi shakes him …

Enough is enough kunj today you have to tell me about your past yuvi said determined to know everything while kunj too looks on …

It all started when we were kids kunj started the past while yuvi looks at him ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : pakka flashback ???
Error error ???
Yeah I know you all are desperately waiting for flashback but before that I have to give clue about the upcoming twist so couldn’t write more but yeah surely you will see the upcoming episodes in flashback …
Thanks to all who commented and liked love you all ???
Keep supporting ba byee ??

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    Twinkle’s injury and she has some serious disease. Don’t know how kunj will react after knowing all this.
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