KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 10

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Shot 10 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle coming out of kitchen and sees kunj with her tea how dare you touch my tea she said angrily while kunj looked on confused ..

Twinkle came forward and kept the cookies plate on table and snatched tea from kunj hand …

This is my tea understand she said and took a sip of tea while kunj remains shocked and looked at her more confused ..

But you never liked tea na then how it’s your tea Haan it’s my tea as I have saw it first and     by the way it’s not your tea it’s ginger tea kunj said and snatched the tea again and took sip from it while Twinklee gets more angry ..

It’s my wish I’ll like anything huhuh no courtesy at all still you took my cup she said and took again and take a sip …their fight continued yuvi sees them and enjoys their fight he came tip toes and sat on the table and started eating cookies ??while twinj were still fighting …

See I am taking this tea end of the fight you prepare another one for yourself kunj said while Twinklee looked on ..

Haha guys continue twinkle you know Bebe Kya kehti hai he said while twinkle looked at yuvi …kunj gestures him to shut up from behind twinkle ….

Husband and wife k kuch share Karne se unka pyaar aur bad jata hai he said and winked at kunj while twinkle huffed and turned to kunj ..

When you took my tea then keep these cookies with your self too she said and gave him the cookie plate ..

Okay kunj said and left taking it while yuvi too went …
This guy is unbelievable ahhhh babajiii twinkle said and sat on table ..

Soon twinkle yuvi and kunj sat to have thier dinner twinkle started to share a good bond with yuvi too ..even yuvi likes her and was impressed with kunj choice …

After dinner they left for their respective rooms while kunj laid on bed doing something in his phone while twinkle was seeing some of her clothes when she gets a call from Ali he joined Aditi too on call twinkle kept the phone on speaker ..

Hey how are you both ??  Twinkle said while Ali and Aditi too greeted ..
We are fine they said while twinkle smiled and continued her work ..

Why did you call at this hour Ali ?? Aditi asked him ..
Huh wo I went to meet that girl he said while twinkle and Aditi hooted kunj was also eavesdropping without twinkles notice …he was curious to know more ..

So do you like her ?? Or this time to REJECTED twiditi said together and laughed …

Hmm na this time SELECTED he said while they gets happy but the more happiest was kunj of course one person is left from his jealous category ..

Wow twinkle and Aditi said together …while twinkle was done with her work she offs the speaker mode …

The trio talked for sometime teased him alottt and decided to meet the girl they were very much happy for Ali that finally he got his girl ….

Soon twinkle got up from her place and sees kunj who was still pretending to be busy she made faces and went to sleep while kunj too slept after sometime ..
Next day :::
They all are sitting in the conference room of twiditi enterprise kunj yuvi Aditi along with other members while twinkle got up ..

Congratulations guys our first merger is successful this is the first success of twiditi with ky twinkle said while all clapped …

Let’s get to work like this with full dedication we will make this projects in the top economies till date twinkle ended while all clapped and nodded in agreement …

So you all can proceed with your work aditi said and was interrupted by yuvi ..
Guys we have got our first success it calls for a celebration right he said while the rest nodded twiditi looks at each other

Yeah yuvi is right we should celebrate it kunj too agreed with yuvi while twiditi nodded too …
Okay then I’ll arrange for a party twinkle said and was cut of by kunj ..

No no we gave this idea so we are gonna arrange you all just chill he said while all again hooted and left back to their works they had half day leave today after lunch so as to prepare for the party …

Twinjraj too left for Sarna mansion while Aditi to her house yuvi and kunj was arranging everything to celebrate their success in a very grand way …

Soon the day passed twinkle went to take bath after sometime she thought maybe be kunj is busy with arrangements so she just wrapped a towel around her and came out of washroom ..

Kunj was sitting their talking on phone instructing when he sees twinkle she too sees him and got shocked ..kunj smiles shamelessly …

She was going to washroom again being shy when kunj ended the call and looked on at her and smirked ..

You are shieing as if I am seeing you like this for the first time he said while twinkle stopped and turned towards him ..

If you are forgetting let me remind you I have seen you whole….na….he was going to complete when twinkle cuts off his sentence …

Don’t fly so much I just forgot something there so was going to take it I am not shying or blushing so nothing more she said and kunj smirked ..

Okay okay he said and laughed silently while twinkle went inside calm her raging heartbeats …soon she came back dressed and was checking what to wear in party kunj went to take bath while Twinklee selected a perfect attire for her and got dressed up soon she was looking damn hot it was an off shoulder dress she was struggling with his zip when kunj came out and sees her he was mesmerized to see her look and was moving towards her he stood behind her while they both share a eye lock through mirror his cold fingers touched her bare skin of nape and he moves his hands slowly slowly downwards while twinkle was lost in his touch their eye locked with each other kunj zipped her dress …and moves her hair aside while shiver Ran down her spines he brings his face closer to her shoulder and kissed her ..while she blushed seeing his intense gaze he turned her and looked on from top to bottom and kissed her forehead gently while she moved more closer to him he bites on her cheeks and looked at her lips they were moving towards each other when they heard a knock on the door and separate they were shocked to see each other …

While twinkle went from their in balcony and kunj opened the door to find yuvi who asked him to help they both went in yuvi room twinkle came back and got ready …

Aditi came to pick her while they both left after sometime KUVI too left and reached the pub ..

While the party was going on in full swing everyone were congratulating twinj and advi for their success all smiled soon brings one cake and aksed the 4 to cut the cake …

Advi stands together beside Aditi twinkle stand kunj came having no option left he stands beside Twinkle Aditi took the knife while twinkle and yuvi holds her hand kunj too keeps and hand on twinkles hand they both looks at each other and again turned red soon they cut cake and feeds each other while the party continued Ali too came and congratulated them both while the trio stands together..

Where is she Ali ??? You didn’t bring her Haan Twinklee asked while he nodded in no …
No meeting before wedding mom said he ended making puppy face while they both laughed ???

So what’s her name Aditi asked while he replied Zoya and showed them her pics while they both complemented all trio smiled …

They went on dance floor Ali and Aditi went together to break the dance floor while yuvi asked twinkle for dance she agreed and he went winking at kunj ..one of the employee asked kunj for dance and he too went …

They were dancing together twinj was stealing glances of each other same case was with advi soon the partners changed and they came together Ali left from there after meeting twinkle and Aditi while twinj and advi was dancing together …(Teri jhuki nazar plays in bg ..)

What happen yuvi ..Aditi asked while he looked at her uhmm wo nothing you are looking so cute today he said while Aditi smiled …

You are also looking amazing she complemented him while they both dancing with full swings ..

Kunj turned twinkle and back hugs her and rests his chin on her shoulder her breathe hitched on their close proximity …

Uff I so missed this aroma he said inhaling while she looked on and turned and wrapped her arms around his neck after sometime the song ended and they left each other and went ..

They were drinking chilling having fun together they came out of pub in open area which contained a bar too they were having fun there too

when the same guy entered whom Aditi kicked hard before sees twinkle and Aditi there ..
Oh so these two are here it’s right time to take revenge he smirked and calls his gang …he went near Aditi ..

Hey hello miss beautiful remember me he said while Aditi looked on how can I forget you I think you forgot who I am she said while he smirked …

No I didn’t forgot anything I should continue which was left that day he said and pulled Aditi twinkle too sees them and got shocked KUVI too sees it and got angry …

What the hell he is doing yuvi angrily fisted seeing the guy so close to Aditi …and was moving there when kunj held his hand ..

Wait wait yuvi don’t go kunj said and smirked ..

What the hell kunj we need to save them he said when kunj nodded in no ..just sees the picture kunj ended …

Aditi looked at the guy and smirked she moves her hand around his neck scratching his neck badly with her nails while he screams she pushed him badly on floor while twinj smiled and yuvi looked on shocked …

So what you were telling Haan I think you forgot last time what happen she said and kicked him on stomach while he tried to stand other guys too surrounds them twinkle too was in between the guys while kunj looked on …Aditi again kicked the guy …

Awwwww both kunj and yuvi exclaimed and now it was twinkles turn ..

Go go siyappa queen show them hell kunj murmured while Twinklee to slap them hard they both were pulling their hairs scratching by their nails KUVI smiled seeing them

Twinkle turned towards kunj having a alocohol bottle in her hand while kunj looked on shocked soon he understands and bend on floor she throwed the bottle and it hits in the guy who was behind kunj while he falls on floor ..

Nice hint kunj said and smirked at twinkle soon KUVI too joined in beating that guys while they all left from there before cops could catch them ….

Hah what’s was that guys ??? Yuvi said looking unbelievably at twinkle and Aditi
We are like this only yuvi we never let anyone escape who tires to hurt us Aditi said …while kunj too looked at them smiling ..

After sometime the party ended they left back to their house yuvi went to drop Aditi while twinj came back together ..
Twinkle being tired slept after changing kunj sees her and smiled caressing her face gently …

I got carried away today I need to have control on myself what I can do she was looking damn cute today he smiled and changed too ..
On the other side :::
Thanks Aditi said while yuvi nodded in no I am getting impressed with you day by day he winked at Aditi while she smiled ..
It’s Late yuvi I think you should go she said while yuvi nodded and left ..

Bye he said and went from there while Aditi too smiled ..

Don’t know what’s so special in him each time I sees him his eyes shows something else I have never been this much close to boys except Ali and HE but yuvi is different why I am getting so close to him huh anyways leave it …she said and went soon she too slept ..

Kunj keeps on admiring twinkle somewhere he wanted to pull her in his embrace and sleeps tightly hugging her but something stops him …

He decided to leave room and sleep somewhere else he went and knocked on yuvi door …
Yes come in yuvi said and looked at kunj
What happen he asked ????

Wo I wanted to sleep here today kunj said
Kyu your wife had kicked you too yuvi teased him while kunj laid on bed shut up he said and they both were praising twiditi …

Oh man I never knew Aditi is this much wild yuvi said ..
You haven’t seen her she is much more wild they both are like this only since childhood he said ..

You know them since childhood yuvi asked while kunj nodded …
Tell me na more yuvi insisted ..

I am very much tired I’ll tell you tomorrow because we had an off tomorrow na kunj said while yuvi too agreed and they slept …
Screen freezes….
Precap : kunj doubt by something twinkle hospitalised …start of flashback ?
Finally I completed my 10 shots ???
Oh my seriously yeah yeah ???
Thanks to all so much who all commented from the start I am glad you all liked the story ???
Yeah I’ll definitely write for those who are supporting so don’t worry ..
Today shot had nok jhok flirting romance action ???
So wait is gonna end soon ???
Do commenting liking ????
Bye bye ?????

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  1. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode ? dear love? aditi and twinkle bold side? and twinj? romanc?e is to good??

  2. Everything include in today’s episode di superb episode twinj war on tea n uv enjoying that haha n twinj romance twiditi n ali bond n wild twiditi beating goons n uv shocked
    Waiting eagerly to know the past post soon

  3. Fantastic update??
    Loved it??
    Tea fight between twinj???and UV taking advantage of the situation and started having cookies?????. Moreover UV dialogue bebe kehte gain HUSBAND AUR WIFE K KUCH SHARE KARNAY SAY UN KA PYAR AUR BARH JATA HAI??????.
    One person less from kunj’s jealous category..???
    Aditi started liking UV….ohhh????
    Twinj moments…..??????
    Twiditi fighting with guys irritating them…??????
    UV shocking reaction seeing them..????
    Poor kunj???…had to sleep out of the room?
    As for the precap…rocking ?and shocking?
    Twinkle hospitalized…????
    And finally start of flashback??
    Super excited for next
    Cannot wait
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads??❤

  4. Vibhu

    Amazing update
    I totally loved it
    Can’t wait for next part
    Post asap

  5. Anusha

    Amazing episode dear
    Loved it lot
    everything is perfect
    twinj fight on tea awesome and uv took advantage of it superb
    cant wait dear pis post soon

  6. Omg Sam This episode was awsm and really funny twinj scene were cutest still laughing and twiditi were awsm all the girls should learn from them and even I want to know there child hood now really excited about the next Episode and congrats for the 10 Episode our ff queen bye take care post soon love u

  7. Congo Sam for completing 10 episode …
    twinj fight was quite funny ….
    twiditi rock kuvi shock …amazing …
    it was totally awesome..
    waiting for next epi …
    luved it so much .
    luv u

  8. Awesome epi……loved their romance….

  9. Superb epi,….
    Loved it a lottt…..

  10. Will Kunj tell flashback to Yuvi in next epi……oh god am sooo excited……

  11. Superb episode everything in one episode fantastic awesome yaar do how you do it post soon di can’t wait to read flashback??♥️♥️♥️?

  12. Awesome Amazing
    It is filled with everything like romance nok jokh
    And specially what fight.
    It was like superb.
    I’m amazed.

  13. Kiya1234

    Amazing episode yaar tea part marvellous Hell funny Yuvi dialogue uff Bebe ????????????… he having cookies.
    Everything is perfect finally kunj ki ek tension dur????twinkle and Aditi rock it.. wooooo.,, man ??????????..
    Each and everything was out of the world. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.
    Mast hai yaar tu tohh::::?????..
    now waiting for flashback…
    post soon babes love you

  14. SSK

    Loved the episode. Kunj twinkle n uv scene was too good. ?

  15. Awesome episode sammu
    Twiditi ne kya maara h yrrr gajab superb
    Post soon dear plzzzzzz plzzzz
    Luvvv u sweetheart

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