KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 episode 44


Episode 44 …
The episode starts with sidhant went to search for jasmin he went near her vanity …and searched but didn’t found her he saw her driver lying in floor …
unconscious …

He sprinkle water on his face and aksed him about Jasmin ..
He took her he took the driver told in a very shattering and trembled voice
Who he said ???? Before driver could response he got a call ..

Tch tch tch my baby sidhant come here soon if you want to see your lovely wife Alive he heard and anger took over his nerves ..

I won’t leave you today .. sidhant screamed with blood red shot eyes ..He looked at the driver and called someone to take him to hospital while he left for the place …
On the other side :::
Twinkle and Kunj got a call from Rohan that they have reached safely they don’t need to worried about them they asked about Avni too ..

Bhai how’s Avni now ? twinkle ask as she was very much sad while leaving from there everyone tried to make her understand to stay but she didn’t want to as she thinks that Neil didn’t trusted her once …

She is fine kinda upset but will be fine too soon Rohan said from the other side
Hmm okay bhai we will talk later Kunj said and they ended the call …

Why she went from here I tried to make her understand alott twinkle said worried ..
She needs time twinkle let her we have tried our level best Kunj said assuring her

He too got a video from the same person who called sidhant and they were shocked finding Jasmin on the same cliff tied with the ropes ..
Jasmin Kunj said his eyes popped out seeing her in the video ..

Twinkle got panicked seeing her like this while Kunj calmed her down ..
Where is she Kunj ?? What’s happening why are we getting tested again n again twinkle said she was on the verge of crying while Kunj tried to recall the place ..

It was the same cliff twinkle he said while she too looked at it and they ran as soon as they can ..
@ cliff :::
A person in his mid 50 was sitting on the chair infront of tied Jasmin on the cliff she had a mark on her forehead which had stained blood and handprints on her hands …

Hahaha I am so happy papa seeing her in this condition she and her so called sister pushed me from the balcony vihan said to the same who was revealed to be his father Viraj both had smirks on their faces ..

Today Viraj Gupta will end this game forever I was behind sidhant because of property as bhai has named his everything on his son name and didn’t even consider to give me a single penny but this Jasmin too came in between and what a perfect thing she was daughter of twinkle and Kunj because of whom my business was ripped …he smirked revenge ..

Today the whole revenge story will be completed I am gonna end this game forever he said while Vihaan too nodded ..

Soon sidhant reached there he was attacked by goons who held them tightly they took sidhant to Viraj …

Oh so you are here my baby sidhant Viraj said getting up and moving towards sidhant whose hands were tied up with the ropes ..

Don’t call me baby you were my idol but what you did Haan I hate you alott sidhant replied in a dangerous voice ..

Ohooo your anger is just like your chachu sidhant even I want the things I expect but what to do bhai (Arav) made me hate you or else I had no reason to hate you ..Viraj said ..

Huh it was you who filled wrong things in my mind for my dad are you not ashamed you did so many things to Destroy me still not at all guilty sidhant said ..

Why I’ll be guilty Haan your mom saved you or else it would have been you behind bars Viraj ..

Waise you wanted to kill that twinkle and Kunj sarna and married their daughter only I am impressed father had crushed on mother and son love her daughter wow
he winked at sidhant ..moving towards Jasmin

Dare you move towards her or else I’ll forget I had a relation with you sidhant roared ..

Oh seriously Vihaan said moving towards sidhant with an ugly smile on his face ..
I pity for you Vihaan who had such devil dad sidhant said ..

Just shut up I won’t listen anything about him atleast my dad is with me in everything and I was with him what about you Haan he said .. sidhant was quite as he was right ..

What happen ??? Now say na say na ?? Vihaan twisted the conversation ..

What I’ll say Haan ?? Haan it was good that your father was with you …but you had a brother too who loved you like real you forgot him Haan you were here to revenge me because I sent chachu to prison ..don’t forget I gave you the things when you needed not your this FATHER sidhant said ..

Huh whatever Vihaan said ..
You both think if you tie me like this I can’t do anything right ?? I know your weakness very well my so called chachu
Sidhant smirked making them shocked ..

What do you mean ??? Viraj asked him ..
See the practical itself sidhant said kicking Vihaan hard while he fell on the floor and Viraj was shocked sidhant came out of their cluthes and removed his rope ..the goons started walking towards sidhant and they all indulge in fight .. sidhant was fighting with the goons ..

Viraj sees Vihaan on floor whose head had been bit with rock he was angry with sidhant he looked at Jasmin …and see sidhant fighting with the goons the other side ..

Stop it sidhant or else I’ll shoot her Viraj made an unconcious Jasmin stand and pointed gun on her ..
Don’t do anything with her sidhant roared at him ..

I got to know about your weakness too he smirked back at sidhant ..while Vihaan too tried to get up ..
Kill her papa and show this sidhant hell Vihaan said ..

Yes I’ll for sure Viraj said with anger overempowering his senses ..
He looked at Jasmin and trigger his gun while sidhant was shocked he tired to come out of their grips again ..but failed ..

Viraj looked at sidhant it’s your gift he said and was going to fire when a rock hits his hand and his gun fell on the floor ..
@ London :::
Kiara and adee decided to meet their friend while Avni too was with them they all decided for a reunion and went to coffee shop Avni was sad and angry too she was having mixed feelings she didn’t had the reason why …

They went back home after sometime while Rohan told them that one pg(paying guest) is going to stay with them for few days as he came to London for a visit ..

Adee informed Avni and Kiara too the same while they were least interested ..ahaan was showing the room to the man … while Avni went back to her room ..

She started crying remembering Neil and her moments yes I have done the correct thing to get away from him ..I have to distract myself anyhow to get rid of his memories everything is ended now you have to focus on yourself Avni just yourself ..she said crying and felling asleep …

@ cliff :::
Vihaan looked at the person it was Kunj “I have spared you once but not this time Kunj said angrily while twinkle and Sakshi too was with him he looked at sidhant and they smiled ..

Sidhant remember while driving how he got the video and send it to Kunj ..
So whole family is herre your end is near Viraj said ..

It’s not our end but it’s yours twinkle said they started moving towards him ..while he was shocked ..he ordered his goons to catch them too while they tired to catch them only to be get beaten up by them with stones Kunj and sidhant started fighting while Viraj sees the game going out of his hands he pushed Jasmin while Sakshi and twinkle held her in Nick of time he tired to escape from there but Kunj held his neck from back ..

Not today Mr Viraj Gupta ?? I am going to show you who is kunj sarna you have awaken the sleept devil inside me ..he looked at Jasmin and her wounds his anger increased ..he started beating him black and blue without Caring anything about twinkle Sakshi sidhant everyone was shocked Jasmin was gaining senses slowly …

She looked at Kunj beating him Vihaan tired to hit Kunj too with the same rod by which he had hit Jasmin but sidhant held in Nick of time they were beating them not leaving a single place for them ..while they were protesting too ..

Kunj sarna you will pay for this Viraj said they both helding each other collars ..
I have payed for more things I don’t regret Kunj said twisting his hands badly ..

Kunj leave him he will die twinkle said but he nodded in no ..
You stay away twinkle today he tired to kidnap you first and kill you and today he tired the same with my Jasmin they are my life I won’t let you hurt my family more Kunj said gritting his teeths while Viraj was trying to come out of his grip badly ..

You have done so much with me Vihaan it was good Neil was with me to save me from your evil deeds you made everything possible even send that Lisa so that my reputation will be spoiled I trusted you like anything and you have shatterd it badly I won’t forget this today … sidhant said ..

Sidhant you are not like this police will punish him Sakshi said ..
No mom I’ll give him punishment today punishment for betraying me sidhant said angrily ….

sidh..ant sto..p Jasmin went towards them while he looked at her and her wounds he stopped for a second while Vihaan smirked ..

Sidhant touch Jasmin and sees all the marks on her face cuts and her imprinted hands his blood boiled ..

Leave them papa sidhant plzz Jasmin said …while Kunj too stopped hearing her voice he looked at her back while Viraj pushed him everyone was shocked sidhant held Kunj and they see Viraj having the gun again which he picked up
Dare you all touch me and Vihaan come here he said while pointing gun towards them everyone was looking at them angrily .. Wind started breezing they were not able to have a clear view also ..

You are a coward Kunj shouted …
Huh I’ll come back to show my dareness Kunj sarna he replied back smirking .. trying to flew from there ..

You will come back when you will get a chance right they heard a voice they all looked at the direction ..

While the Person starts coming forward as soon as the view was clear they all were shocked ..
A…r..a..v Sakshi said shocked while others too ..

Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other and recalled that day how Arav tried to kill Kunj by twinkle and his plan ..

Sidhant too was shocked for the first he was seeing his father infront of him while Jasmin was still standing with his support ..
You…you how you came here ?? Viraj asked …

Huh I came here to end whatever it was started and I’ll end it today which I wasn’t able to do before he said looking at twinkle ..

Even I won’t leave that chance today LET THIS STORY FINISH Kunj too said .. snatching the gun from the goons ..

Arav and Kunj both looks at each other while sidmin were shocked seeing them ..
This is just the start Arav said his and Kunj gaze was locked at each other …
Screen freezes …
So how was it ???
What will be the outcome of this revenge
Will sidmin ever be able to unite ???
Arav n Kunj together infront of each other ..???
So yeah next one will have your answers
Thanks to all who commented on last
Probably by next the story will be finished πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Sorry for making you all wait really busy guys ..
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz 😘😘😘

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