Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 8

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Hi friends, here is your most awaited part of this ff with shocking nd unexpected revelation ?? 

It’s a belated birthday treat of Vibhu nd Manshi, I’m sorry guys, I couldn’t post it on your birthdays but I’m sure ise padhne ke baad you won’t be sad??

It’s too long update, longer than previous posts so read it with patience ?


Link of previous part ????

Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 7


Part 8

Twinkle’s Dairy in Author’s pov

Twinkle never felt as happy as she feel with Kunj. He has become her lifeline. Her day would start with his morning phone call nd end with a good night hug. Everything looked like a beautiful dream which brought a new happiness everyday. But as it is said that nothing stay forever, so it seems like there happiness was not afford by even their faith.

One day, when Twinkle was in Usha’s room nd checking her medicines, Manohar came to her.

“Sir, I was just checking the medicines that were finished”..

“Twinkle, don’t worry I didn’t came to you to ask about Usha’s medicines. Actually, I came to you for something else”

“What happened sir? Have I done any mistake?”

“No no.. you are doing your job very good nd I’m impressed by your dedication towards your work. I wish Kunj was also like you, I wish he also understands his responsibilities like you”..

“Why are you saying like this Sir? Kunj understand his responsibility well and also try to fulfill them well. He just needs some more time to adjust himself in this”

“Looks like you know him very well”..

“No.. no.. sir I.. I was just…”

“Hey, do not panic, I was just asking you. I know you both are good friends nd I’m happy that he taking good decisions nowadays. Life become motivated, when there is a friend like you in someone’s life”… Twinkle felt relaxed that he was happy with her

“Twinkle, I want a help from you”..

“Yeah sir, say how may I help you?”…

“Twinkle, as you know that Kunj is not taking this business seriously. He is not interested in it. He want to make his career in singing, he want to fulfil his dreams. Twinkle I don’t have any problems with his dreams or singing, I’ll be glad if he fulfill his dream but Twinkle what is the sense of ruining what is already you have in the way of fulfilling your dream. Nd He also know that he is the only heir of this house and after me he has to handle everything. I just want him to learn everything well in my presence only so that he wouldn’t have to face problems in future. But he is not understanding it. He is not ready to understand that everything is not as easy as he understands. If he succeeds in business once, he can fulfill his dream after this also bcz he will have everything he needs to fulfill his dream. But without any support either financial or something else, he can’t achieve anything in this world, no matter his desires are big or small”…

“Sir I know what you want to say nd don’t worry I’ll talk to Kunj about this nd will try my best to convince him”…

“Twinkle I’m sure you’ll succeed in this too bcz I’ve noticed that Kunj never ignore you nd neither he tolerate your ignorance. You’ve made an special place in his life. I’ve seen many time that how he try to convince you when you get angry with him, how he try to impress you when he do something which you don’t like, how he try to make you smile when he see you sad or upset. In short everything related to you matter for him a lot. Twinkle, after Usha’s accident, I never allowed him to make friends. I never liked them bcz I always felt insecure for Kunj, I always felt like he would go on wrong path being with them. But I never felt like this about you. You are one of those who always do best for their friends. Nd that’s why I trust you nd believe it that you can only help him”…

“I’ll try my best sir”…

“Twinkle, main chahta hun tum Kunj ke saath waise hi behave karo jaise main karta aya hun aaj tak. I mean usse rudely baat karo, strictly behave karo, use iss baat ka ehsaas dilao ki wo abhi kuch nahi hai uski koi pehchan nahi hai”…

“Main kuch samjhi nahi sir aur ye sab aap mujhse karne ke liye kyun bol rahe hain?”..

“I know it’s a bit difficult for you to do something like this with Kunj but it’s only way to get him on right path. Twinkle, I know like others tumhe bhi yahi lagta hai ki main Kunj se Pyar nahi karta, uski care nahi karta ya mujhe usse jyada business ki chinta hoti hai but aisa nahi hai. I know he is not a kid anymore, I know he knows what is good nd what is wrong for him, he is mature now. But Twinkle I’m his father aur mujhe achhe se pata hai ki uski kamojori kya hai aur kisme uski taqat hai. Bachpan se uski adat hai jo usse pyar se kuch samjhata tha to unki baaton ko wo lightly leta tha, ignore karta tha aur baad me sorry bolke mana bhi leta tha. Uski adat se pareshan hokar kabhi kabhi Usha bhi usse strictly behave karti thi aur tab apni Maa ko khush karne ke liye uski baat maan leta tha aur waisa hi karta tha jaisa wo chahti thi”… Twinkle was listening everything carefully. For the first time Manohar was sharing something personal with her which he never say to anyone. Today she was going to know some more things about Kunj, from his childhood which even Kunj didn’t know.

“Usha ke accident ke baad main akela ho gaya tha Kunj ko sambhalne ke liye. Mujhe dar tha ki meri thodi si laparwahi se Kunj ka future na kharab ho jaye So I decided to change myself for him, for his betterment. Bcz mujhe lagta tha ki mera pyar ya mera use jaroorat se jyada chhoot dena use bigad na de aur jiddi na bana de. I became rude with him, I put objections on him, gave him limits, never let him do anything without my permission. I know my behaviour always hurts him it was increasing distance between us day by day but I have no other option. I just wanted to make him a good person nd I know even after my bad behaviour, he respect me a lot nd always try his best to satisfy me. Nd today I’m happy that he is a good human being, he doesn’t have any bad habits”… Twinkle was happy to know his feelings for Kunj, she felt relieved that his father is proud of him. She was wishing that Kunj should have prsent here nd seen this side of his father

“But I’m still worried about his future. He’s not made any final decision about his career. He feels everything is easy in this world. Twinkle you’ve seen in fact still facing a struggling life, you know importance of life’s necessaries but he doesn’t know. Twinkle I can be rude with him, I can apply strict rules and regulations on him, yahan tak ki main uski nazar me ek bura pita bhi ban sakta hun but use life ke struggle, chijon ki importance batane ke liye aisi life nahi de sakta jisme use problems ho, taqleef ho. Ye mujhse nahi hoga. Though I tried to do this by taunting him saying bitter words to him but I guess he is habituated of it now. My words, my taunts don’t affect him anymore. But I think ye kaam ab sirf tum kar sakti ho, use iska ehsaas tumhe dilana hoga nd I’m sure Kunj tumhe ignore nahi karega”… Twinkle was feeling uncomfortable. She was not sure whether she can do it or not bcz she knew it would hurt him a lot nd she can’t see him in pain. She didn’t want to do it with him. She also want his betterment, a secure life for him but not like this.

“But sir, Kunj would be hurt by this. Unka dil tut jayega, shayad dosti par se bharosha bhi. I don’t think I would do it”…

“I know that Twinkle, nd trust me I also don’t want to see him in pain but it’s the only way I can see now. But if you have any other options you can share with me without any hesitation, I would love to know your opinion”… Twinkle was silent bcz somewhere she also knew that whatever Manohar said, was truth. The was Kunj was taking his life it was really dangerous for his future.

“Don’t have any other way, have you? Twinkle you’re from a medical field nd you also know that every patient have different abilities or deficiencies so their treatment is also based on it only. You know how to treat them. So just consider Kunj as your patient. Nd rest is your choice, I won’t force you to do it”…

“Twinkle, I know you must be thinking that why I’m saying this to you suddenly. So let me tell you this also. Actually I’ve decided to start a new business nd launch Kunj with this. All the formalities nd preparadtions are almost done nd after 2 month I’ll announce about it nd launch it. Nd before that Kunj have to prepare himself for this completely bcz our community members nd business partners would work on their projects with this new company only when they will get satisfy by Kunj’s presentation. If they would found Kunj better for this business then only they would permit Kunj to be their partener in this business otherwise they will cancel their deals. Nd that’s why we all have decided to do some meetings, presentations with Kunj before the launch of the business”

“That’s a great news for Kunj. I think it’s a best decision for his future, for his career. I don’t know Sir ki main ye kar paungi ya nahi but main try jaroor karungi Kunj ke betterment ke liye”

“Thank you so much beta, you didn’t disappointed me. Nd yeah, one more thing, don’t tell him about this business or any planning for this. Bcz once I talked to him on this matter nd overreacted nd said he would never do this business nd that’s why I’m tensed that if he’ll know about it before all the preparations, he may ruin it. It’s also a surprise for him”

“Don’t worry sir. I won’t let him know about this at least not by me”… he left from their leaving Twinkle in deep thought.

“Aunty, maine sir se bol to diya ki main try karungi but I really don’t know how”… she said to Usha who was laying their like a lifeless body. After that Twinkle was too upset. Later, when Kunj was back to home as he was out for some important work Manohar has sent him for, he noticed this nd asked about it but she made excuses of headache.

In the night when she went to her house with Kunj, there also she was upset. After Kunj left from there, Leela who has been noticed that, she asked the reason. As it was a big nd a serious matter nd also she never hide anything from her Twinkle narrated her whole conversation with Manohar nd ask for her suggestions.

“Twinkle, being a father Manohar ji is right on his place. Being a single parent, especially a father, it very difficult to raise his child all alone nd give him good manners, make him a good person. But he has done his job as a father very well, he made Kunj a good person, gave him good manners. If people are proud of Kunj, it’s just bcz of him. Nd in future also he’ll take best decisions for his son even if he will have to be strict for his betterment”…

“But Mom, Kunj itne bhi irresponsible nahi hain, he always do his best to make his dad happy. Ab thodi bahot galtiyan ho jati hain iska ye matlab to nahi ki unse aise behave kiya jaye. Mom Kunj ko bahot dard hoga wo already bahot alone feel karte hain, ek main hi hun jisse wo apni saari baat share karte hain, itna trust karte hain, jiske saath wo khush rehte hai. Agar maine bhi Kunj ka sath chhod diya to wo to toot jayenge. Aap bhi janti ho meri har chhoti se chhoti baat se Kunj ko fark padta hai. Main nahi kar paungi aisa kuch bhi Kunj ke saath”..

“I know Twinkle, Kunj isse bahot hurt hoga but beta tune hi to promise kiya hai na Manohar ji se ki tu koshish karegi?”

“Han Mom maine promise kiya bcz I couldn’t resist him that time but I can’t do Mom he’ll be hurt”…

“Twinkle, Manohar ji Kunj ke pita hain aur unhone ye faisla soch samajh kar hi liya hoga, unhe bhi achha nahi lagta hoga aise decisions se but still he is doing just bcz of a hope that maybe by this he’ll make Kunj like he wants to see him or what is better for him. Sometimes we have to make some tough decisions to get something better in life. Like Doctors give bitter medicines or unbearable treatment to cure their patients, even if it hurts them”…

“I don’t know why Mom but kuch ajeeb sa dar lag raha hai, kahin aisa karne se sab galat na ho jaye. Aur Kunj ne mujhse baat karna chhod diye to? I’ll not be able to withstand his displeasure”…

“Why are you thinking negative Twinkle? Itna kamzor hai hai tera pyar? Bharosa nahi hai apne pyar pe ya Kunj pe? Tu hi bolti hai na ki tu agar Kunj se kuch galat behave karti hai to Kunj use kabhi negatively nahi leta in fact uska solution nikalta hai ki kaise tera mood sahi ho jaye, to abhi kyun itna upset hai? Twinkle, ye maan le ki shayad aisa karne se Kunj aur Manohar ji ke bich ki duriyan khatm ho jaye? Tu yahi to chahti hai na ki Kunj ko uske Dad ka pyar mile wo khush rahe? Kya pata sab theek ho jaye”…

“But Mumma I can’t understand what’s the need of all this? Uncle apne hi bete ke saath aisa kaise kar sakte hain? Mumma Kunj jiju sirf apne career ko hi to serious nahi lete nd we all know why. Nd maybe as time will Pass, he’ll take over this responsibility also in future. But aise jabardasti kyun kar rahe hain? Mumma everybody knows that he is not like other guys who waste their dad’s money on useless things, do clubbing or do any kind of intoxication or wrongdoing. He is a very cultured, decent nd good man. Respect everyone. He even do the things he doesn’t like just for his Dad so can’t uncle support him also? It’s very ridiculous mom. I don’t agree with you or Uncle. Kunj jiju will be hurt”…

“Sanchi, beta why are you getting hyper? Jis Kunj ki itni tarif kar rahi hai aur jiske liye itni respect hai tere dil me wo uske Dad ki wajah se hi hai. He raised him all alone by himself. Either good or bad, every decisions were his only. He is his dad nd like till now he did best for Kunj, in future also he’ll do best. Don’t raise questions on his upbringing nd mannerisms. Don’t you want his betterment, don’t you want to see everything good between him and his Dad? You should support Twinkle instead of discouraging her”..

“But Mumma, I can’t see him sad”…

“Hey waheguru, kya karu main iss ladki ka? Don’t know why she is so possessive about him? Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai ye meri beti hai hi nahi, but kunj ki behan hai”

“I also think same Mom, mujhse jyada ye Kunj ki care karti hai”…

“Mumma!!! Aap dono ye baat hamesha kyun bolti ho? I’m your daughter only. It’s just..”..

“Just what?”..

“It’s just… bcz he is too good he doesn’t deserve such pain”

“Aur main to worst hun na jo mujhse ye sab kaam karne ko bola ja raha hai”..

“Maine aisa kab kaha Di?”

“Tu kuch keh bhi mat warna sab use bata degi.. Kunj ki chamchi”

“Kya bola? Mumma dekho di ko kya bol rahi hai mujhe”

“Sahi to bola usne, thodi si problem hui nahi ki jake bata diya Kunj ko. Khud use tension deti hai phir uski tension leti hai”

“To kya karun jhuth bol diya karun? Mumma apko pata hai hmujhse nahi hota ye jab bhi unka sad face dekhti hun ya upset dekhti hun to mujhe bura lagta hai isliye sach bol deti hun”..

“To jhuth bolne ko kaun keh raha hai? Bas sach nahi batane ko bol rahi main. Itna to kar sakti hai na?”

“Pata nahi”..

“Kuch nahi ho sakta iss ladki ka”..


“Kya mumma? Twinkle ko achha lagega ye sab karke? But still she is ready to do it just for him nd you can’t support her?”..

“I’ll try Mumma”..

“Nd Twinkle, don’t be afraid, trust on Kunj. Everything will be fine. It’s just a matter of weeks”…

“I’ll think about it once again Mom”.. she left from there nd came in her room. She was not able to sleep properly. Whole night spent just thinking about Kunj nd Monohar’s every word. She was unable to decide what is right or wrong.

Next day when she went Sarna house, she thought a lot about her decision. Manohar, Leela nd Sanchi’s every word was echoing in her mind. After thinking a lot she decided that she’ll do what Manohar asked her to do, not bcz of Kunj’s best future but to end the distances between father nd son. She was going to do it just to give Kunj his dad’s love.

It was the day when it all started. She was in Usha’s room when Kunj came to her

“Twinkle, I need your help in this file”

“Kunj I’m busy I can’t help you”..

“Just 2 minutes Twinkle, please”

“Kunj I’m not free for even 2 second I’ve so much work to do”

“Is that important than me?”..

“Yeah, it’s most important”… it hurts Kunj nd Twinkle knew it but she has to do it.

“Ok then, help me when your IMPORTANT work is done, I’ll be waiting for you”… he left sadly without any argument or questions. Whole day passed but she didn’t went to him. She knew that he felt bad nd she was hurt more than him but she was controlling her emotions. Nd after going back to her house, she let her tears fall from her eyes. She didn’t even showed that to Leela bcz she knew if her Mom would see her condition on just a little rudeness towards Kunj she would stop her from doing this bcz she doesn’t like tears in her daughters eyes, she wants them to be strong and not weak.

Next day when she went Sarna house, she knew she has to face Kunj with so many questions. She was sure Kunj was depressed nd want to know her problems which she can’t face. So she thought to ignore him completely nd she did it. Kunj was getting hurt nd so was she. But still, whenever she used to be around Kunj or he used to come to her, she always used to pretend to do any work, she try to show him that she is so busy.

Two days later, when Twinkle was in kitchen nd Kunj also came there for water. Since she started to do it with Kunj, she started becoming depressed, lost and disturbed. She was not feeling to do any work.

“Twinkle, I want to talk to you”..

“Kunj I’m busy”…

“Twinkle what happened? Why are you avoiding me?”..

“Kunj why do you give so much importance to yourself all the time? Apko aisa kyun lagta hai ki agar koi apko time nahi de pa raha hai to iska matlab wo apko avoid kar raha hai? Kuch aur bhi baat ho sakti hai Kunj, kisi apni koi problem ho sakti hai? Kab samjhenge aap ye?”…

“Then tell me Twinkle, samjhao na mujhe ki kya problem hai? Aise chup rehne se koi solution nahi nikalta. Batao mujhe ki itni upset kyun ho?”..

“Kunj apko har ek baat batana jaruri hai? Apke paas apna koi kaam nahi hai? Hamesha meri life, meri problems ke baare me sochna rehta hai apko? Kunj main apni life apni problems ko handle kar sakti hun, apko jyada sochne ki jarurat nahi hai. Aapke paas bhi bahot kaam hai uspar focus kijiye, use kariye na dusron ke bare me sochne se kuch nahi hoga”.. she said this to him with fake anger, she knew how badly she hurts him by her words, she was emotionless in front of him, she was rude to him nd she knew it very well but he didn’t know that she could feel his pain, he didn’t have idea that his now Emotionless Twinkle was crying from inside. He didn’t know that how much she was cursing herself, if he was hurt then she was also hurt nd more than him.

It’s been routine of their life nd time was passing like this. One day when Kunj dropped Twinkle at her home something happened that broke his heart.

“Kunj will you please stop visiting my house every day? It’s very embarrassing”..

“Embarrassing? Really Twinkle? Ab tumhe mere yahan ane se bhi problem hai?”

“Han, I don’t like when people talk shits about us. Yahan log ajeeb ajeeb batein bolte hain apki wajah se aur main thak chuki hun ye sab sun ke. Unhe chup karana to possible nahi hai par apka yahan na ana to possible hai na?”..

“Oh so this is bcz of this society? Twinkle maine bola tha tumse logo ka kaam hai kuch na kuch bolna par humara kaam hai inhe ignore karna. Kyun nahi samajhti ye baat?”

“Bcz mujhe achha nahi lagta. Kunj aap ignore kar sakte hain is society ko lekin main nahi kar sakti. Mujhe fark padta hai ki koi kya bolta hai humein. Hum kitni bhi koshish kar le logon ka muh nahi band kar sakte but apni limit me to reh sakte hain na? So now I’m doing that only nd you’ll have to also follow this”..

“But Twinkle..”

“Kunj please, I’m begging you, please don’t come here from now. Don’t create trouble in our lives”… saying this she left while Kunj kicked the car door angrily nd in frustration. He also left while sitting back in the car nd slamming the door. He was hurt nd Twinkle knew this. As she was about to enter into her house, she found Sanchi on the gate while crying..

“Di aisa kyun kiya? Why did you stop him from coming in our house?”

“Tune hi to bola tha ki Kunj yahan ate hain to tujhse unka dard dekha nhi jata? Tu ek din Kunj ko sab bata degi? So maine Kunj ko aane se hi mana kar diya ab koi problem nahi hogi”… she sat down on the floor there only while crying

“Di… I’m sorry, mera wo matlab nahi tha. Main apko hurt karna nahi chahti thi”… she back hugged Twinkle while sitting behind her. Both were crying nd trying to convince each other. After that Kunj stop himself from going there. He would come there to drop Twinkle, but never entered into the house.

After few days, it was Twinkle’s birthday. It was her first birthday with Kunj nd she wanted it to be special nd memorable but she knew it’s not possible. She was sure that Kunj will try to make it special for her but she has made sure that she wouldn’t let him do anything which will waste his time. When she went in Sarna house, Kunj said nothing to her nd left somewhere. She thought he is angry on her nd felt bad but she knew she can’t even complain. It’s been about 5 pm when Manohar came to her as he didn’t found Kunj since morning.

“Sir I don’t where is he. I’ve not seen him”..

“This boy, he always disappoint me”..

“What happened sir?”

“Twinkle, you know that we have very less time for the meetings get start nd I’ve some files to complete today only for the presentation. I want Kunj to do it so that he wouldn’t face any kind of problems for his preparation, but he is not seen anywhere”… Twinkle was quiet as she also has no idea where Kunj was.

“Nd you are also not doing anything which would force him to concentrate on this business. You’d promise to me for that but I’m not seeing that”…

“Sir, main koshish kar rahi hun..”

“Kab tak? Twinkle agar koshish hi karti rahi to kuch nahi hoga. Kunj par tumhari baaton ka koi asar nahi dikh raha hai mujhe, in fact he is depressed now. Nd I need passion rather than depression. Why don’t you understand? It’s about his future”… He was angry as nothing was going according to him. Twinkle felt bad, she didn’t know what to do to make him pay attention to his career instead of somewhere else.

Kunj was back after sometimes but Twinkle didn’t asked anything. Manohar asked nd he said that he was with a friend whom he met after years. He scolded him nd then asked him to finish the work he gave him. So Kunj gets busy in that. In the night when they were going back to Twinkle’s house, he drove her somewhere else making Twinkle confused.

When they reached, there was too dark nd as Twinkle entered there Kunj lit the lights he has arranged for her. Seeing the scenario Twinkle’s happiness has knew no bounds. She was amused by the decoration. She wanted to cry in happiness, she wanted to hug him tightly, she wanted to thanks him it’s not bcz he made her birthday special by this surprise but bcz everything was done by Kunj only. Kunj has decorated the whole place with so beautifull nd heart touching messages, even cake was made by Kunj nd she knew it very well afterall she know him better than anyone else. Nd so she wanted to appreciate his efforts too but Manohar’s words didn’t let her do that. She stopped herself.

“No, I can’t show him my excitement, my happiness bcz if today I would do it then it’ll distract him nd my all efforts, hard works to make distances between us will be waste. Till now whatever sacrifices I’ve done for him that will be no use. Just for his betterment, I’ve hurt both of us a lot. I can’t disappoint his Dad. I’ll have to be rude with, I’ll to tell him that it’s useless. I’ll to make him realise about his responsibilities towards his dad. But how? Should I treat him the way Uv was treated? What if it turns out opposite of my expectations? But I’ll have to take risks for him”… she felt helpless, she felt like crying but she unable to show him her feelings.

“I’m sorry Kunj, I know what I’m going to do with you, will break your heart, you’ll be hurt but I don’t have any other option. I’ve to do it for you. I’m just doing my job. A job what a life partner do, what a daughter-in-law do. I’m doing this just bcz of my faith in you, in our love nd I hope you’ll support me”… she looked at Kunj. The sparkle in his eyes were showing how much excited he was to know her reaction. But he didn’t have any idea about what was going to happen.

“Kunj, you’ve been doing this since morning just to give me birthday surprise?”… she asked rudely

“Are you mad Kunj? How can you waste your time? Next week you’ve to attend your life’s first nd most important meeting nd instead of preparing yourself for that you are wasting your time in these useless things?”…

“Twinkle, is this useless for you? It’s your birthday Twinkle nd I thought to make it special for you. It’s not a waste of time Twinkle…”… his words was making her weak but she has to be strong.

“Kunj Birthday hi hai jo ki har saal ata hai, kabhi bhi special bana sakte hain ise but your career, iske liye jo karna hai abhi karna padega, phir se iska time nahi ayega aaj kuch nahi kar paye to kabhi kuch anhi kar paoge. Why don’t you understand this Kunj?”

“I understand everything Twinkle but you are not understanding. You are making it a big issue. I just want to make your birthday special nd nothing else but you, instead of enjoying it you are ruining this.”

“Yeah, I’m not happy with it Kunj bcz it’s not just a waste of time but also waste of money. Kunj what’s your problem? Life me kabhi kisi ki baat na sunne ki kasam kha rakhi hai? I know you don’t want to become a businessman but Kunj you only choose this field nd you can’t back off now, you can’t be careless anymore”

“Twinkle I’m not becoming careless. I just don’t want to take over this responsibility right now”

“Why Kunj? Why are you running away from responsibilities? Why don’t you understand that life is not that easy. Without struggle, hard work nd dedication you won’t get anything”… her own words were already killing her but she was getting more frustrated when Kunj was making it more complicated by his questions nd arguments nd was forcing her to say those things which she didn’t want to say. She was stuck in a situation where she doesn’t want to be but she can’t go back either.

“Twinkle I can’t understand what happened to you? Why are you saying all this to me on this special occasion? I’m already fed up of all this, dad’s lecture on this topic, now you don’t start this. I want to spend some time with you nd that’s why I planned for this”

“I’m not giving you lecture Kunj, I’m just trying to make you understand. Nd even I’m fed up of your carelessness nd irresponsible nature. Kunj life agar sirf pyar se chalti to kabhi koi problem hi na hoti but aisa nahi hai. Life me aur bhi chije hain jinke bina life impossible hai. But you won’t understand bcz you never suffered from the lack of anything of your need. Your Dad always provide you everything you want in your life that’s why you don’t care about all this, for you life is just a timepass”

“Twinkle, tum kehna kya chahti ho? Come to the point”… she was silent, how to tell him that what she wants to tell him..

“Twinkle now don’t be quiet nd answer me what’s your problem. Why are you creating issues for useless topic”

“This is my problem Kunj that everything is for you just useless. Why Kunj, kis baat ka ego hai apme ki har ek baat apke liye faltu hai? Kunj never forget one thing, abhi apki koi pehchan nahi hai. Log apko apke Dad ki wajah se jante hain, unke naam par hi apki pehchan hai. And Kunj, nothing is hidden from anyone about your nd your Dad’s bitter relation. Nd I’m sorry to say but what if he stop doing any favor for you in future bcz of your these behavior, childish nature, your opposite thinking nd all. Then what will you do Kunj? How will you fulfill both ours needs? When everything is useless for you, not for you then what will you do? You’ll go with your dream, You’ll make your carrier in Singing right? But how will you do that? What do you think becoming a singer without any financial support or any famous person’s support is very easy?”… Kunj was shocked nd she knew it. He was hurt by her words nd she was more than him. She was also surprised on her own behaviour…

“What do you want me to do Twinkle?”

“Kunj, you really want to know what I want? Then listen, I just want you to get settled in your life, make a successful career. Kunj I’ve always dreamed for a happy nd stressless life. Ek aisi life jahan apko apni success ke liye struggle karna pade, life ki jarurato ko pura karne ya kisi majaboori me nahi. Like my Mom, Sanchi nd I’ve been struggling. Kunj I’ve always wish for a life partner whom I can feel proud of, a life partner, whom I can proudly introduce to my friends, to my relatives that he is my husband. A life partner who would assure me to give a perfect life. But I don’t think you can do this Kunj bcz even you are not sure about your aim. You don’t know what you exactly expecting from your future. You are..”… she said those pointless things to him keeping ston on her heart. It really never matters for her, she never cared for this bcz she trust Kunj but today she had to say this to him for his Dad.

“I can’t believe this Twinkle, you are saying all this? I really can’t believe. Tumhe mujhse jyada ye sab matter karta hai?”

“Kunj, apko jo sochna hai socho but jo sach hai maine wahi bola hai. Ek aimless life kis kaam ki hoti hai? How can I trust a future with you which is baseless l, which is insecure?”… she felt like crying, she was wishing Kunj should leave from there as soon as possible. It was unbearable for her now. She wasn’t able to take it anymore…

“It means you don’t trust me?”

“Have you ever done something to make me believe you that I’ll have a secured future with you?”… she could feel his pain, she could see his tears which he was trying to stop in his eyes. Today she broke him completely, he was shattered nd she could do nothing. She can’t even tell him that she is with him always.

“Now I’ll come to you only when I’ll prove myself. I won’t talk to you until I’ll become as you want me to be”… saying this he left from there leaving her alone.

He didn’t turn back to see her, he didn’t bothered to look into her eyes nd feel the pain she was going through. He didn’t look back to see her condition behind him. He didn’t even realised what she’s been doing to herself while saying all those bitter words to him. She’s has been held the knife in her hand which was kept near the cake nd he didn’t see it. Her hand was bleeding but he never noticed it. He left her there all alone. Though Twinkle was also hurt but she didn’t felt bad. She thought that she deserves it, She need to get punish for her deeds nd that’s why she was hurting herself. She was not crying as was angry on herself.

“I’m sorry Kunj I hurts you a lot. But I know you’ll never let my sacrifices waste. I know you’ll keep your promise, you’ll do what I want you to do. Kunj I’ve hurt you so much nd I promise whatever punishment you’ll give I’ll accept that happily but right now I need your support. I need your trust on me, in our love. Once you’ll fulfil your Dad’s wish, I’ll tell you everything. I’ll never hurt you again, just try to understand my point of view”… she didn’t want to cry but tears weren’t in her control yet she was wiping them off again nd again. She looked at the cake nd then all the decorations while smiling brightly with teary eyes…

“Thank you so much Kunj, it’s so beautiful. You made my birthday special but I ruined it. I’m sorry. Thank you for everything. Don’t worry I won’t waste your efforts”… she again look at the cake nd muttered…

“Happy birthday to you Twinkle”.. she ate a little bite of the cake by her forefinger nd collapse on the floor. Few minutes later, she packed the cake in the box which was next the cake. As her hand was bleeding, she tied her scarf on it so she can took it to her house. She then collected each nd everything which was used for the decoration nd packed them too. How can she leave them there nd let it destroyed by someone else, Kunj has brought it for her nd everything was both of their favourites. Lights, flowers, curtains, balloons, nd some more things in their favourite colour combinations.

After some time she reached her home nd Sanchi opened the door. Leela wasn’t at home as there was any function at their neighbour’s house so she has gone there. Seeing Twinkle’s condition, her swollen red eyes nd bandaged hand she panicked..

“Di what happened? You’re crying? Aur ye bandage, ye chot kaise lagi? Di bolo na”.. Twinkle didn’t replied her nd went into her room followed by Sanchi.

“I’m asking something Di, what happened?”..

“I hurt him a lot today. Kunj ne dil se sab kuch kiya tha, mera birthday plan kiya tha lekin maine unka dil tod diya Sanchi”… she said almost crying while hugging the packets..

“Di kya kiya tumne? Aur apna ye hath… khud ko hi hurt kiya hai na? Di bolo na, kyun kiya khud ko hurt?”… finally she burst into tears nd told her everything…

“Are you mad Di? How can you do this? He is already upset nd now… aisi batein itni kadvi baatein kyun boli? Di kya jaroorat thi iski? Aur unki chhodo, khud ko dekho.. kitni hurt ho. Di tum Khud ko bhi punish kar rahi ho. Aur wahan shayad Jiju khud ko. Di kyun kiya aisa? Jaise chal raha tha waise rehne diya hota. Ye sab bolne ki kya jaroorat thi jiski koi value hi nahi hai?”…

“I was helpless Sanchi, trust me main Kunj ko kabhi bhi aisa kuch nahi bolna chahti thi but Sir, unki baton ko sunke aisa laga jaise maine aaj tak jo bhi kiya sab waste ho gaya. Sanchi main bhi chahti hun ki Kunj successful ho aur shayad mujhse jyada khushi bhi kisi ko nhi hogi but he thinks that I did nothing to fulfill my promise. Sanchi main promises todne walo me se nahi hun but Sir ki batein mujhe aisa hi ehsas kar rahi thi. Main kya karti? Aaj agar maine Kunj ke sath normally behave kiya hota to shayad Kunj phir se mujhpe hi concentrate karne lagte. Shayad wo Sir ko phir se disappoint karte. Main un dono ki bich ki duriyon ko kam karna chahti hun, unki badhti duri ki wajah nahi banna chahti”… she was breakdown. She was crying, tears were flowing uncontrollably from her eyes nd so was from Sanchi’s eyes. She hugged Twinkle

“Di please don’t cry, you know I don’t like tears in your eyes. I can’t see you like this Di. Please ab bas karo, mat karo aisa. Hum Jiju ko sab bata dete hain na. I’m sure he’ll understand you. But di stop this. I can’t see you hurting yourself”… she was caressing her back nd hair

“Kya batayenge hum Kunj ko, ki ye sab unke Dad ne humse karne ko bola hai? What do you think he’ll let it go easily? Maybe he’ll understand me but he’ll also go against his Dad. He’ll be angry on him. Un dono ke bich ki duryan aur badh jayengi. Aisa hone dun main?”… she broke their hug

“But Di aise to khud ko bhi to hurt kar rahi ho na? Ye sahi hai?”

“I don’t know. I’m just doing my job aur agar ye sab karne se mujhe thodi si takleef hoti hai to wahi sahi”…

“Di.. pagal ho? Promise karo tum ab khud ko hurt nhi karogi. Otherwise I’ll tell him everything”..

“Sanchi you won’t say anything to him”..

“Di uncle se promise tumne kiya hai maine nahi”..

“Sanchi please try to understand me”..

“If hurting yourself is must then I don’t want to understand you Di”…

“Sanchi, it’s just a matter of some more days nd after that everything will be fine”…

“Some more day? Matlab tum khud ko tab tak hurt karti rahogi? I’m sorry Di, but you’ll have to listen me otherwise I’ll stop this drama right now”..

“Sanchi no. I promise I won’t hurt myself anymore”… Sanchi again hugged her to relieve her pain though she herself was crying nd hurt. After few minutes Twinkle shows her all the things she has collected from that place.

“You know what Sanchi, Kunj ne sab kuch waise hi decorate kiya tha jaise mujhe pasand hai. Everything was the combination of our favourites. Nd this cake, Kunj ne iss khud banaya hai sirf mere liye. Sanchi main Kunj ko Thanks bhi nahi bol payi. Kunj ne itna sabkuch kiya mere liye aur main sab barbad kar diya”… she was cursing herself, she was crying while saying this. She was showing her each nd everything like a mad..

“Di.. sambhalo khud ko.. kya kar rahi ho?”… Sanchi again hugged her to make her feel better. When Leela returned home they didn’t told her anything as they didn’t want to give her stress. Next day when Twinkle went on job, she had to hide her injured hands from him, she pretend as what she did with Kunj, doesn’t matter to her. But she felt happy that Kunj was trying to fulfill his promise to her. He was concentrating on his preparation for meeting.

Two days before Kunj’s first meeting, Twinkle went hospital for Leela’s report as she was again admitted in hospital bcz of same health issue. When she went in doctor’s cabin nd ask about report she found him tensed unlike always.

“Sir, what’s in the report? Is there any problem? Day by day I’m feeling like her health is getting worse, she is unwell but reports are always normal. What happened to her?”… she asked being tensed.

“Twinkle, I don’t know how should I tell you that your Mom…”

“Sir what happened to Mom. Please tell me. Is everything ok?”…

“Twinkle, your Mom has BRAIN TUMOR”… it made her shocked.

“What? But how’s this possible? I mean she has been going through all the check-ups time to time nd it was always normal then suddenly, how? I think there is any misunderstanding, you should check the reports once again”.. she was frightened. Too shocked nd scared. Tears welled up into her eyes.

“Twinkle I can understand that you’re going through. But nothing is in our hands. Twinkle you also know that in some cases of brain tumor, initial checkup does not detect the correct diagnosis of illness but it is found on the third or last phase nd same happened in Leela Ji’s case. I had occasionally doubted from the symptoms which were visible in her, but because of the generalization of the report, I felt that this was a common issue. But this time her reports shocked me too”.. she was crying silently. It was like a thunderstorms.

“What should I do now? How will she be cure?”

“Twinkle, she is almost at the third stage of her tumor. The sales stage is very fatal when reaching the third stage. Sales appear to be extremely unusual and spread rapidly in the tissues surrounding the brain. At the third stage, the brain does not work properly. The patient also starts to get problems to balance the body. Well, Radiation therapy is possible in this stage nd we’ll have to get her treatment as soon as possible”… she was silent nd just sobbing. Her heart ached listening about her Mom’s condition. She didn’t know what to say. She just wants her Mom’s healthy life.

“Twinkle as your Mom has worked here nd used to be one of the best nd honest employee nd I’ll always wish best for her. I would love to help you as much as I can do Twinkle. So never hesitate to ask for anything. Nd yeah, I know one of the best surgeon of Mumbai so if you want, I can fix your appointment with him easily”..

“Thank you so much Sir. That’ll be really a great favour on us. I’ll tell you tomorrow after talking to Mom as she’ll only decide what to do”..

“Yeah, sure. Nd Twinkle, don’t be panic she’ll be fine. There are lots of chances of her recovery. Be strong nd just make sure that she wouldn’t worry about anything or do a work which will pressurise her mind. It may harmful for her brain. She needs rest as much as she can”..

“I’ll take care of her. Sir, how much it’ll cost of her treatment?”.. she nervously asked

“Around 10 lakh. Her surgeries nd therapies would cost around 10 lakh”… Twinkle was shocked again, she knew treatment will be costly but she’s not expected this much amount. She didn’t know how should she react. She left from there shattered. She has never imagine that her Mom would face such worst phase of life, not even in her dream.

She went back to Sarna house as she has not taken leave. Though it was hard to concentrate on job. She was sobbing in Usha’s room, in kitchen not letting anyone know her situation. She was helpless. Her Superhero, her superwoman, her ideal, her strength her Mom who has been protecting them from everything, today her own life was in danger nd she can’t help her mom. She wanted to share her pain with Kunj but she was unable.

After reaching home when Sanchi saw her upset she asked the reason but Twinkle said nothing. Leela understood that it might be bcz of her report..

“Twinkle, what happened? What is in my report?”… Twinkle shockingly looked her..

“Ma hun tum dono ki, tum dono ka chehra padh ke bata sakti hun”.. Twinkle just hugged her tightly while crying..

“Twinkle, kya hua? Why are you crying?”..

“Di bolo na kya hua?”..

“Why does everything happen with you Mumma? Kya aapki kismat me khushi nahi likhi hai bhagwan na? Hamesha apko problems dete rehte hain?”

“Baat kya hai Twinkle?”… she asked breaking their hug

“Mumma… you have brain… tumor”…

“What?”.. Sanchi yelled shockingly. Even Leela was shocked but she tried to be calm

“Di how’s that possible? Mumma ko brain tumor? No… di doctor ne report sahi se nahi dekha hoga, unse bolo theek se dekhe. Mumma ko koi bimari nahi hai”… she was crying uncontrollably. She side hugged Leela tightly as she was leaving them..

“Sanchi it’s true, he said that Mumma is almost in third stage of her tumor”… tears were continuously flowing from their eyes. While Leela was just watching her both scared daughters. She needs to be strong for them, she needs to make them relax…

“Why are you both crying? Tumor hi to hai, kuch surgeries honge, treatment hoga aur phir sab theek ho jayega. Isme darne ki kya baat hai?”..

“Mumma ye sab apke sath hi kyun hota hai? Abhi to apko thoda aram karne ka mauka mila aur Babaji se wo bhi nahi dekha gaya?”…

“Sanchi, beta aise nahi bolte. When all the paths are closed, then God shows us another path. He never leave us alone. So never blame him if anything wrong happen to you, he will always give you strength to come out of your bad situations”… she takes both of them in her embrace

“And why should I worry when I’ve world’s best daughters? Don’t be afraid, mumma ko kuch nahi hoga. Apni bachchiyon ko chhodkar kahan jaungi main?”… both snuggled up to their mother as never want to leave her…l

“You are lying Mumma bcz you never take care of yourself. Aap humari baat kabhi nahi manti”.. Sanchi complaint while sobbing..

“She is right. You know what? Sir also said that you’ll have to take rest nd don’t pressurise your brain, don’t need to worry about anything bcz it’ll affect your health. It’s dangerous for you but I know aap aisa karne se kabhi nahi manogi. Tension to aap jaroor logi”.. Twinkle also complained…

“Arrey, why do you feel that I always worry about something? Main aisa kyun karungi? Nd what to worry about when I’ve such a lovely, responsible nd mature daughters?”… she left them nd then cupped their faces

“Aap humara dil rekhne ke liye bol rahi ho bcz you don’t consider us like that that’s why you always worry about us”..

“Obviously Mom, what’s the need to worry about us? We’re not kids, we can take care of ourselves. Aur ab to Kunj bhi hain humare, life ke moment achha ya bura, Kunj hamesha humare saath hote hai to phir kyun aap humari itni tension leti ho?”…

“Aisa nahi beta, tum dono ko aisa lag raha hai bas”..

“Mumma”… Sanchi annoyingly stare her

“Ok baba, I promise jaisa tum dono bologi waisa hi karungi. I’ll take care of myself, I won’t be tensed for anything. Happy?”..

“Thoda sa”… Twinkle again hugged her.

“Mom, apne jo savings ki thi wo kitni hogi?”.. Twinkle nervously asked. Leela understood why she was asking.

“You want that for my treatment?”

“Mom, your treatment would cost around 10 lakh rupees nd..”

“Don’t you dare to think to spend those savings in my treatment. It’s for your future”.. she warned them angrily

“Is that money is more important than your life Mumma?”. ..

“Han that is important than my own life bcz this is not just money but it’s your Papa’s blessings which I’ve kept for you since he left us. Tumhare papa ne ye savings tum dono ke liye ki thi, he always wanted to use them in your marriage. But now when he’s not with us then I’ll fulfill his dream”…

“But Mumma..”..

“Sanchi, I don’t want any argument on this topic”..

“Mom aap please gussa mat karo I just asked about that savings, apko hurt nahi karna chahti thi. Hum wo paise kahi nahi use karenge but we can use insurance amount at least?”..

“Han use le sakte hain nd I think installment of the insurance will also be completed, let me check”..

“Mom wait, I’ll check it. You stay here”… Sanchi said nd went to bring the insurance papers from the cupboard. When they saw it, trio were disappointed as One last installment of insurance is to deposit and then its amount will be paid after one month. As luck wasn’t with them. They didn’t have any other source of money.

“Mumma, we should take help from Mamu nd..”

“No, I can’t take their help. You both also won’t tell them about my health, get that”..

“Mumma don’t be self-esteem all the time. If you take help from someone, it won’t hurt your self-respect”…

“Sancrhi, kaise baat kar rahi hai Mumma se?”…

“To kya karun di? Aaj tak Mumma ne kisi se koi help koi support nhi liya sabkuch akele hi face kiya hai. I’m not saying that it’s wrong but di today, it’s the matter of her health nd she can’t take risks for the sake of her self-respect”… Sanchi was scared nd was clearly visible in her eyes nd in her voice. She just wants her Mom’s better health nd no matter how.

“Sanchi it’s not about my self-respect or ego, there is something else that always stop me to do it nd you don’t know. But I think now I should tell you also”.. Twinkle nd Sanchi both were confused that what could it be which she never told them..

“When your Papa’s accident happened he was badly injured nd later doctor said that he was cardiac dead. There was just only way to save him that was Heart Transplant. Nd for that we needed 25 lakh rupees. It was huge amount. We didn’t have even its 10 percent as he was also working in same hospital nd I was a house wife. Tumhare Papa ki salary bhi itni nahi thi ki usse treatment ka amount jama ho sake. Nd if I would’ve sold my jewelleries those were also of no use. I felt helpless, he was in hospital fighting for his life aur tum dono ghar par thi in sabse anjan. Nd the most important nd wosrt thing was that it’s treatment used to be in Chennai that time nd couldn’t afford to go there immediately. Then Raman gave me some money. As being a teacher he didn’t have also enough money to complete the fees but tried his best to afford as much as he could, he tried to get a loan for your Papa’s treatment but time was very less to get loan. But his reputation was good among his staff, so his manager himself gave him loan but only five lakh. We still needed big amount as well as an emergency flight nd I knew that it was impossible for me”… she paused for few seconds. It was painful to remind those memories again.

“Was it the reason of Papa’s death Mumma?”… Sanchi asked scared nd with the same painful heart..

“No, Anita nd Surjit bhaisahab gave me the remaining amount. Kehne ko to Surjit bhaisahab ek well settled, rich businessman the lekin Tumhare Papa aur unki dosti bahot achhi thi, There was never a difference between the two because of the status or reputation. Life me hamesha ek dusre ka sath dete the but your Papa never did transaction of money in relations as he thinks these were the only thing which ruins relationships. Nd I knew he won’t like if I would take money from them but I didn’t have any other way either. I had to take those money from them for treatment but as a loan. I told them that after his recovery, we’ll return their money anyhow. First they didn’t agreed but later gave in bcz of my insistence. They only booked emergency flight tickets for me, your papa, Raman nd also for themselves also. You both were here only with Pinny mami. Everything was good now. God, our luck nd everything seems in our favour. When we reached there, all formalities was done by Anita nd Surjit Bhaisahab nd his operation started by experts in very less time. I’ll be always great full to them for their help nd favour on us”…

“Well, I was just praying for his successful operation. Everyone was praying for him. Nd when doctors came out of operation room with the news that operation was successful, my happiness has no bounds. I feel like I’ve got a new life. I went to see him, he was still unconscious but best thing was that he was fine now. But I never knew that this happiness wouldn’t last for long time. After about an hour suddenly his health began to worsen again, heart beating began to get faster and he was having trouble breathing. Nd before doctor could check him everything was finished. He had gone Forever leaving me, leaving you both alone. Aisa laga jaise humare saath koi majak hua hai. I didn’t know what to say. Ek jhatke me humari puri duniya jaise khatm ho gayi. I was feeling like kill myself but tum dono ka chehra samne aa gaya. Maine socha isme tumhari kya galti hai, tumhe kyun saja mile aur isi baat ne mujhe jinda rakha aaj tak”… she was shattered, sitting on sofa while crying nd so was Twinkle nd Sanchi.

“Us din tumhare Papa ko to kho diya humne lekin wo paise jo Raman aur Surjit bhaisahab ne diya main use bhi wapas nahi kar payi. Aur isi baat ka mujhe hamesha afsos hota hai. I know that they’ll never ask for their money but I am living under this burden that I have such a big debt. Phir aise unse aur help lena wo bhi financial, ye mujhse kabhi nahi hua aur na kabhi hoga. Main aur karz nahi seh sakti, itni himmat nahi hai mujhme”… she broke down. Sanchi felt bad for being rude with her. She just hugged her…

“I’m sorry Mumma, maine apko itna hurt kiya”… she was crying a bit loudly. Twinkle didn’t know what to say to her Mom. She was really very strong woman. She has been gone through such worst phase of life but she never let it affect her both daughters life. She was feeling proud on herself for being her daughter.

Well, now they didn’t have any way to get the amount for her treatment. Sanchi was now more scared after listening about her father’s incident. It was like all the way for them has been closed now.

“Mom ab ek hi rasta hai, Manohar sir. I’ll borrow money from him”..

“But Twinkle…”..

“Mumma No, ab iske liye mat rokna. I’m talking about loan which I’ll repay from the salary he gives me”..

“Twinkle main ye bol rahi hun ki kya wo denge itna bada amount?”…

“Yes Mom I’m sure wo denge”… she said confidentially. Now she felt a bit relieved.

Next day first she went on job but couldn’t talk to Manohar as he was busy for the meeting with Kunj. In evening, taking break for sometime she went hospital to talk about appointment with the surgeon who’ll do Leela’s treatment. After talking to the Surgeon, doctor told her that the surgeon is out of country with his team for a research nd will be back after ten days. Twinkle felt disappointed. But he assured her that after his return she’ll be his first patient. He said that if she’ll go to other doctors, it may also take almost same time to get their appointment. So she should wait for him nd also 10 days will not be late for her treatment, they can wait. So Twinkle agreed to wait for him. It is also bcz she has not talk to Manohar nd arrange the fee yet.

She talked to Manohar about the loan after the meeting ended as he wasn’t free nd also Kunj used to be with him. So next day after Kunj’s meeting she asked for the money to him, first he was shocked to hear about such a big amount but when she told him about Leela’s health he didn’t question her nd gave her money right there. Twinkle was happy as well as surprised. She knew that he might not refused but she never knew that he’ll give her those money immediately. Finally everything was going well.

She was tensed about her Mom’s health all the time that she couldn’t realise that Kunj has done a great job in his first ever meeting with experts. She forgot to congratulate him for his first successful presentation nd appreciate him for his dedication towards his work. She was just concentrating in her as well as his Mom’s take care. She again hurt Kunj, he didn’t deserve it, he needed her encouragements but she disappointed him unintentionally. She felt bad nd thought to apologise to him but now he was too busy to focus on her.

One day, when she was in kitchen preparing massage oil, she got a call from Uv. As her hands were not free so she put the call on speaker nd greeted him nd so did he..

“Twinkle, where are you now?”..

“On job, why?”…

“I’m in Amritsar nd want to meet you”…

“Amritsar? Why?”..

“Kitna question karti hai? Huh. Tujhse milna tha to aa gaya”..

“Really, tum utni door se yahan mujhse milne aye ho? Unbelievable”..


“What? Main achhe se janti hun tumhe”

“Ok fine, you are right. Actually my new business partner is from Amritsar nd today’s his parents marriage anniversary nd they had a small party with family members nd close friends, so he invited me too nd I couldn’t resist him as I wanted to meet you”…


“Yeah, but you’re not at home, my bad luck. Wait, we can meet in the park, can’t we?”..

“No, we can’t I’m busy nd BTW, tum mujhse milne ke liye itne eager kyun ho rahe ho?”..

“Bcz Mahi want it”..

“Don’t tell me you proposed her again?”…

“Of course yes”..

“So, what do you want to do Uv”.. she asked lazily though she knew the answer

“I wanna propose you right now”..

“Are you mad Uv? You wanna propose me Right now? What if someone see us?”…

“The sooner I’ll propose you, the more soon we get married. Nd don’t care about others let them also see how eagerly I was waiting for this”..

“You are mad Uv”..

“Of course nd you know that”..

“But I’m on duty right now”..

“So? Can’t you take out some time for me?”..

“Uv, main yahan patient ke treatment ke liye hun, kaam se break lene ke liye nahi”

“Twinkle just half an hour please”..

“But Uv…”..

“No excuses Twinkle. You are coming to me that’s it. Otherwise I’m coming to you. Ab ye mat sochna ki mujhe address nahi pata to nahi aa paunga I can find out it nd you know that”… Twinkle gets tensed as he said this bcz she knew he will find out where she work nd she doesn’t want him to come there bcz of Kunj. She knew that Kunj wouldn’t like anyone else proposing her. As they are not talking to each other since many days, so she can’t tell him about Uv suddenly, he might get angry

“No no.. don’t come here. I don’t want anyone see you like that with me. Ok fine, I’ll be there in an hour”…

“That’s like my Twinkle. This is why I love you”

“Nd I hate you”…

“But mujhe to love hi sunayi deta hai”…

“Shutup Uv”..

“Ohk sorry. I’ll be waiting for you come soon”.. they cut the call nd Twinkle went in Usha’s room while locking the door nd started to give her massage. After about fifteen minutes, Mahi called her nd she has to again put it on speaker..

“Aap hi ka intezar tha Mahi Madam”..

“Oh thank you”..

“Chupkar thanks ki bachhi aur bol ab kya karna hai Uv ka?”…

“Han bol de”..

“Really? Tu Sach me han bolna chahti hai?”..

“Of course yaar”..

“Arrey phir se soch le na, aur bhi test lene hai to le sakti hai. Itni bhi kya jaldi hai han bolne ki?”..

“No Twinkle, it’s enough now. I can’t trouble him anymore”…



“Thank God, ab mera peecha to chhutega tujhse”…

“Hawww, itna irritation hota hai tujhe?”

“Aur nahi to kya. Tu aur tera Uv. Madam ko pyar hai par han nahi bolna, use sad nahi dekh sakti lekin pareshan karne se peeche bhi nahi hatti aur phir bich me mujhe le aao kawab me haddi bana ke”…

“Arrey tu aise kyun bol rahi hai? Ye sab maine use sahi rasta dikhane ke liye kiya hai”…

“I know that aur usne tere sare conditions ko bahot pehle hi pura kar diya tha lekin nahi.. ab madam ko aur bhi test lene the.. matlab hadd yaar.. itna kaun karta hai.. 5 baar tune uska proposal reject kiya hai ye bolke ki it was a boring proposal, kuch romantic aur unique style me propose karo aur phir decision lene ki responsibility mujhe dedi but sirf Uv ki nazar me, use to ye bhi nahi pata ki use han ya na main bolti to hun par wo tera decision hota hai”…

“Han to, tu behen hai meri, main bas yahi to chahti hun ki tujhe bhi pata ho ki usne mujhe kaise propose kiya, achha tha ya nahi ye janna chahti thi”..

“Main kya karungi tera proposal janke? Pyar tera, shadi bhi tu karegi, bachhe tum dono ke honge to mera kya kam hai isme?”..

“Tu har baar bachhe pe kyun aa jati hai?”

“Bcz shadi ke baad jo result ata hai na wo bachha hi hota hai”… she said controlling her laugh

“Twinkle tu has mat samjhi”..

“Arrey main kahan has rahi hun?”..

“Mujhe samajh me nahi ata ki kisi ko tera ye side dikhta kyun nahi, sab tujhe itni shareef ladki samjhte hai lekin tu kitni besharm hai ye sirf main janti hun”…

“Sikhaya tune hai to pata bhi to tujhe hi hoga na?”…

“Twinkle Tu..”..

“Kya? Bol to aise rahi hai jaise khud sharafat ki dukan hai, huh. Last time tere chakkar me wo uncle-aunty ne mujhe aur Uv ko couple samajh liya tha, Uv ko ring bhi de diya tha mujhe pehnane ke liya. Pata bhi hai kitni mushkil se humne unka confusion dur kiya tha?…

“Han pata hai”.. she giggled

“Jyada has mat, tum dono ke pagalpan me main phas jati hun. Ye bachho ke jaise game khelna kab band hoga tum dono ka, kaun karta hai aisa?”

“Hum. Aur BTW, ye pagalan tu bhi karegi jab tujhe pyar hoga”… Twinkle said nothing but smile brightly thinking about Kunj nd the way she confessed her love to him

“Twinkle you’re in love, aren’t you?”..

“Who told you? It’s nothing like that ok?”.. she asked surprisingly

“Oh madam, don’t lie. Pehle main jab tujhse ye baat bolti thi to tu gussa hoti thi but aaj nahi, you’re quiet, maybe missing him right now, am I right?”..

“No you are wrong”..

“Don’t lie, tell me who is he? He is not Yash I’m sure about it. Bol na kisne tujhe impress kar liya?”..

“Don’t you want me to go to meet Uv?”… she tried to change the topic

“No no no, main rakhti hun phone, tu ja uske paas, teri story kabhi aur suna dena. Aur han.. please yes bol dena merri maa”..

“Jaisi apki agya madam”.. they hanged the call while giggling. After talking to Mahi she was feeling relaxed nd stressless. Mahi, Raman Mamu’s daughter nd her best friend more than a cousin. Whenever they talk or would together, they have just endless chatting on any topic, sometimes nonstop dirty talks too which was their secret, no one knew about it not even Sanchi or Kunj.

Though Kunj nd Uv were same, both were crazy, psycho nd possessive about their girls, for both of them their girl matters a lot but there was one different between them Kunj is a responsible, caring nd understanding guy, he knows he duties he just never show any interest in his dad’s business bcz he never want to be a businessman nd that’s why he has been careless about his career but Uv wasn’t like him. Uv used to be most careless nd naughty boy since his school days. His mind was neither in education nor in any other work, he just enjoyed doing mischief nd bcz of his this habit his parents used to be worried nd also angry on him. He used to say that his Dad has provided him a life where he doesn’t need to work or job. His dad give him everything. It was ridiculous. He was most careless, irresponsible guy anyone has seen in their lives. He never care for his future until Mahi became strict nd rude with him to show him his real place. Her words, her behaviour hurts him so just to impress Mahi he did everything, his parents nd Mahi wanted him to do. As time passes he understood the value of life, he realised how wrong he was, he understands that he was ruining his life by his own. So with his dedication, his hard work he achieved his goals nd made his family proud on.

Nd when he has completed her each nd every condition, he proposed her with the hope that she’ll now accept him but now again a condition to impress her bcz she still wants him to prove that he won’t become like before again bcz his career has just started. As she didn’t have any excuses now so she took Twinkle’s support. She asked him that he’ll have to propose Twinkle nd if she would impressed with him then she’ll also accept him. So like always, today also he called her for that.

Twinkle nd Mahi both did the same thing to their boys but there was also a different, Mahi was not told by Uv’s parents to do this with Uv nd Uv knew the reason behind Mahi’s behaviour towards him but Kunj didn’t have idea about Twinkle behaviour. Twinkle was forced by his Dad to be rude with Kunj.

After sometimes, she left to meet Uv making excuses of Sanchi’s college when Manohar asked where she was going. She reached in the park Uv has called in. He was already there on phone.

“Uv..”… she called out his name

“Wait a minute Twinkle”.. he said as he was talking to someone on phone. After hanging the call he came to her..

“So, you got the time for me?”…

“Yup, but just half an hour. I won’t stay more than it”.. she said while placing her her bag on the bench next to her

“Thank you. That’s enough for me”… he said bowing his head down before her making her chuckle. She sat down on the bench

“BTW, didn’t you get any other place? Phir se public place par bula liya na? Uv iss baar agar kisi ko misunderstanding hui to trust me main tum dono ki shadi sach me nahi hone dungi”.. she said annoyingly

“Don’t worry meri hypertension, iss baar aisa kuch nahi hoga isiliye to iss park ko choose kiya bcz yahan jaldi koi nahi ata”… he said pulling her cheeks while irritatingly pushed her hand away

“Don’t lie, ye park Mahi ka favourite hai isliye yahan bulaya”..

“Twinkle, kabhi to maan liya kar meri bat, huh. Nd btw, I have planned to come to home only but tu wahan thi hi nahi aur jahan job karti hai wahan tu mujhe bulana nahi chahti main kya karun?”.. he complained annoyingly while sitting next to her

“Whatever”… she rolled her eyes


“Nothing, ab dikhaiye apni acting ka talent”..

“Twinkle, acting to mat bol. Apne dil ki baat bolta hun”…

“Han, tabhi to aaj tak impress nahi kar paye”.. she chuckled at him

“That’s my bad luck. Shayad kisi aur ladki ko propose kiya hota to ab tak Shadi bhi ho gayi hoti”… he made a sad face

“Maine to pehle hi warn kiya tha ki Mahi se pyar mat karo”…

“Really? As much as I remember once you caught me praising a girl nd then you only warned me if I’ll do this again on her back you’ll kill me”.. he asked raising his eyebrows while Twinkle bit her lips

“Wo to main…”..

“Han bol na”..

“Tum yahan time pass ke liye aye ho? Then you stay here I’m going”… as she has nothing to say so she faked anger while getting up but Uv help her hand

“No no no no, don’t go please, ok I won’t say anything else sirf kaam ki baat. Okay?”..

“Yeah”.. she sat back on the bench while Uv gets up nd knelt before her. At this moment Twinkle felt something wired, she felt Kunj’s presence around her nd she even turns to check but didn’t found her. So she ignored he thoughts..

“Will you marry me Ms. Taneja? Will you like to be Mrs. Yuvraj Luthra? Please say yes. Dekh iss baar tu mana nahi kar sakti. You’ve already made me wait for years, now I can’t wait for more. Ab to maine tere saare conditions bhi pure kar diya hai”… Twinkle wanted to laugh on this but she control herself but couldn’t answer him nd just said..


“What? You can’t apply another conditions. I’m done with it. First you made excuses of studies. Then you said you can’t accept me bcz of my immature, irresponsible nature so I improved myself. I had to struggle so much to win your heart nd trust. I hardly even talk to any other girl bcz I know, whether you say or not, you never liked me being close to them. And when everything was done you applied another condition. Hard work and become a successful businessman like my Dad, you know I never took my studies, my career seriously. I was never interested in all this, maybe bcz I never felt importance of this, maybe bcz I got all the things I wanted, without any struggle. But you always wanted to marry a guy who has made his career on his own without any of his parents or relatives support. A guy who can provide you a happy life by his own money nd not his father. Nd look I passed in this too. I did what you want. I’ve my own identity nd this is all bcz of you. I’ve everything except you, please come in my life. Be my life partner”… this time she couldn’t stop nd burst into laughter. She was laughing at the way he was proposing her, with full history geography. It was like he complaining for all the tortures Mahi has been doing on him. Nd she felt it funny more than a proposal..

“You are laughing? Yahan meri jaan nikal rahi hai aur tujhe hasi aa rahi hai Twinkle? Look whatever you want to do you can do but please say yes. Teri ek yes par meri life ban jayegi. Please try to understand”..

“Uv when you want to listen Yes only then what’s the need of this proposal? Ye to jabrdasti wali haan hogi na?”… she was trying hard not to laugh but that was not looking possible

“Twinkle, stop laughing. I’m serious”…

“Okay okay, so you want to know my answer? What if I say No? Phir kya karoge?”

“Kidnap karke shadi”


“Try kar ke dekh le”

“That’s a crime Mr. Luthra. Jail chale jaoge”

“Who cares. Shadi to ho jayegi na?”… on this she smiled brightly..

“Hayee.. how romantic. You know what tumhari issi cuteness ki wajah se maine bahot pehle hi tumhara proposal accept karne ko socha tha but nahi kar payi”…

“I know that, teri behen ne mana kiya tha har baar”… she was surprised that how did he knew about Mahi but didn’t asked


“Arrey, why are you sorry? I’m happy. Bcz of her decisions only I’ve my own identity”… she felt happy that Mahi was going to have such an understanding nd decent guy as her husband. She happy for her..

“Really? I mean do really feel thankful to her for her favour?”..

“Hundred and one percent. But will you please tell me your answer. I’m waiting my knees are in pain”.. he begged innocently causing her chuckle again

“Pyar me itna dard bhi nhi jhel sakte?”…

“Ek baar han bolde phir tu mujhe jo dard dena chahti hai dena puri life haste huye seh lunga but abhi jaldi kar”..

“Patience Mr. Luthra”…

“Aajtak wahi to kar raha tha”…

“Hmm ok.. so….”


“So my answer is…”.. she said showing some attitude


“Let me complete Uv”..

“I’m also waiting for your answer only”


“Yes what?”..

“My answer duffer”..

“Ohh.. wait what? You said yes? Really?”… his eyes lit up with the happiness

“Yes Uv, you don’t have to wait for marriage for more time”..

“You mean now we can marry? Oh thank you so much Twinkle. You don’t know what you’ve done by approving our relationship. Thank you so much Twinkle”… he hugged her in excitement still sitting

“I’m so happy so excited Twinkle. I want to share this news with every special person of my life. Nd right now I’ll start with Leela Aunty. Let’s go to her. I’ll tell her this news face to face”… as he said this Twinkle get tensed nd break the hug immediately



“Actually.. she.. she is not at home”..

“Where is she?”…

“She is out of city from yesterday for a function at one of her staff member’s house. She’ll be back tomorrow”… she lied to him. She knew if he would home to meet her Mom then he’ll find out about her health, which her Mom don’t want. She has warned them not to say about her health to Uv, his family or Raman’s family. So she lied to him

“Ohh my bad luck. Aaj itne time baad Aunty se milne ka chance mila wo bhi miss ho gaya”


“But Sanchi? I can meet her at least”..

“Wo bhi Mom ke saath gayi hai. Will be back with her only”… she again lied to her

“Kya yaarTwinkle. Unhein abhi hi jana tha?”.. I was shocked to hear this. I never knew that she is such a big lier. I mean how can she lie to the person, she has just accepted his proposal. Neither Leela Aunty nd nor Sanchi, none of them went out of city. Both were at home, today in the morning only I talked to them on a phone. Why she was lying to him.

“Ok no problem, if can’t meet them then I can have a phone call with them. Let me call Aunty”

“No Uv, don’t disturb her. After a long time she met her friend, let her enjoy her moments with them”…

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll call Sanchi”… she didn’t stop him from calling Sanchi bcz she also won’t tell him truth. As while coming to meet Uv she called Sanchi nd informed her about Uv’s arrival nd told her that if Uv Would ask about Mom she will lie to him. So now she did same, lied to him…

“Why didn’t you told her?”… Twinkle asked as he didn’t told her what he has called her for

“I thought to tell her later. Btw you were saying that you’re planning to come Mumbai, when are you coming?”…

“Next week, why?”… she again lied to him. She was going on this weekend only

“Just thinking to finalise the engagement date after you reach there, after all without you our engagement is impossible”..

“You are right”… she said with a proud smile on her face.

“Waise ye suddenly Mumbai ane ka plan kaise ban gaya?”.. Twinkle didn’t know what to answer him

“Umm, I don’t know, It’s Mom’s plan”..

“Oh, anyway, let’s go for panipuri competition”..


“Nahi next week huh, of course abhi mood hai. Kyun dar gayi”..

“No way, let’s go”… both went for the panipuri. Since Twinkle came here, she was feeling restless, as something was wrong but she didn’t know what.

After meeting him she went back to Sarna house. But since she returned she was feeling something wrong with Kunj. His eyes were saying something which she was unable to read. She was feeling an unknown change there but she avoid it unaware from the fact that Kunj has seen him with Uv nd misunderstood the situation.

When she went back to her house, Mahi asked about the moment she spent with Uv nd she told her nd Leela everything which both enjoyed. They even felt bad that they had to lie him. But what they can do. After talking to their Mom nd giving her medicine nd completing other works both went in their room nd started their conversation again while lying on the bed…



“Uv bhaiya ko Sarna house Jiju ki wajah se nahi bulaya na?”..


“I knew it”.. she giggled..

“To isme hasne ki kya baat hai?”..

“Nahi main soch rahi thi ki if by chance Uv bhaiya Sarna house chale gaye hote aur Jiju ne unhe apko propose karte huye dekh liya hota to kya hota?”..

“Sanchi stop nd so jo”…

“Ruko na di, let me imagine. Jiju Uv bhaiya ke saath pata nahi kya karte ki bechare dobara tumhe sapne me bhi propase nahi karte ab wo apni pyari si Twinkle ke liye itne possessive jo hain”..

“Aisa kuch nahi hai, Kunj Yash se jealous hain Uv se nahi”..

“Aur jiju ko kaise pata hoga ki ye Yash bhaiya nahi Uv bhaiya hain? Wo to itne psycho hain ki aaj tak Yash bhaiya ki achhe se information bhi nahi li, matlab itna jealous kaun hota hai at least naam to pata karlena chahiye”.. she was laughing continuously..

“Tujhe bahot maja ata hai sabka majak udane me?”… Twinkle also couldn’t stop herself from laughing

“Main kahan majak uda rahi hun main to bas bata rahi hun. Tumhe aur Mahi di dono ko hi psycho boyfriends mile hain”…

“Tu chup karegi ya nahi”.. she said glaring at her while Sanchi put her forefinger on her lips innocently…

“Di I think you should tell Jiju about Mom’s health”..

“Pagal hai? Kunj will be disturb”…

“I know Di but if he’ll know about Mom now, he’ll have time to manage the situation but if you’ll tell him later he’ll surely be distribut nd wouldn’t be able to focus on his next presentation nd most important thing is he’ll be hurt nd think that you don’t trust him isiliye to unse itni badi baat chupayi”..

“But Sanchi…”…

“No but di, main aur koi baat batane ko nahi bol rahi hun, just about Mumma’s health. Even Mumma said to me that we should tell him. Di tumhi socho jab hum Mumbai jayenge to kya bolenge Jiju se? Aur unhe pata chal gaya kisi aur se to? “..

“Ok, I’ll tell him”..


“Promise”… both decided to tell him. Since she has asked him to don’t come to her house, Kunj never came to them nd that’s why he couldn’t know about her health.

As always next day she went to Sarna house nd was doing her job nd tried to tell Kunj about her Mom’s brain tumor but couldn’t get the courage to tell him. Which makes Sanchi annoyed. Twinkle again promised her that she’ll tell this time nd when went on job she again couldn’t tell him. She was feeling strange the way Kunj used to look her nd then avoid her. There was something which was upsetting him but she didn’t know. Nd Sanchi again get frustrated.

“Di ab tumse nahi hoga na, ab main khud hi bataungi Jiju ko”..

“Sanchi kal main sach me bata dungi Kunj ko, promise”…

“Tum na rehne hi do di, ab main nahi sunne wali tumhari baat I’ll tell him”… she argued with Twinkle. Poor girl didn’t know what was going to be next day.

Next day she went there making sure that this time today she’ll tell him. He was in living room working on his laptop, Manohar nd Alisha were also there. First she hesitate but then get the strength to tell him. She knew he’ll be angry on her but she was ready for any punishment he’ll give her..

“Kunj, I want to tell you something”… she said nervously

“Yeah, say what do you want to tell me?”… he said as he was not interested

“Kunj, can we talk in alone?”… she asked as she didn’t want to talk in front of others

“No, I’ve a lot of work to do. So tell me here only otherwise leave it”… his voice seems arrogant

“Ok, if you want me to tell you this in front of everyone then I don’t have problem. Actually Kunj, I’ve hidden something from you nd today that’s what I want to confess to you bcz I don’t want you to know this from someone else”…

“Kunj, I know what I’m going to tell you, would make you angry, maybe you would never forgive me for this but Kunj, I didn’t have any other way. I was helpless, nd I had to do this for a reason”… she didn’t know how to start but…

“Stop beating around bush Twinkle, nd come to the point. I don’t have time for your useless things”… his words hurts her

“Sorry Kunj. Actually Kunj.. I want to tell you that… mo..”… before she could complete Alisha interrupted her with a shocking nd fake story

“Oh come on Twinkle. Why are you hesitating? Tell him that you’ve an affair with your friend nd with in few days you are going to marry him. In simple word, you cheated on Kunj”..

“Excuse me? What nonsense you are talking about Alisha?”

“I’m saying what is the truth”…

“Alisha, I never say anything to you that doesn’t mean you’ll use such cheap words for me”…

“Don’t pretend to be innocent Twinkle. I know how cleverly you’ve been using Kunj”… Twinkle felt like slap her on her face

“Mind your languages Alisha. Don’t poke in my life”…

“Mind your language Twinkle. You’re talking to an important member of this family”… Kunj yelled at her making her shiver bcz of her loud voice..

“Oh I’m sorry Kunj, for a moment I forgot that I’m just an employee of this house. But just bcz you’re paying me for my job that doesn’t permit you to say anything about me”… she felt crying, his behaviour towards her shocked her..

“Ok fine, if I’m lying then what’s about this? Is this video is also fake?”… Alisha showed her a video which has recording of her nd Uv’s fake proposal. She couldn’t understand that from where she get to know about Uv nd how she recorded it. She was even confused that what she wants to prove..

“What is this Alisha? Nd from where you get this? What do you want to prove showing me this video?”..

“Oh come on Twinkle, stop your drama at least now. Truth is in front of everyone”

“What truth you are talking about? Nd Kunj, why are you quite? Why don’t you say something?”.. Kunj’s silence was hurting her more than Alisha’s words

“What would he say Twinkle? That he has seen you with your so called friend or can say Boyfriend? What are you expecting from him to say that he has seen your Boyfriend proposing you nd you accepted him in front his eyes? What do think how should he respond after knowing that you’ve been cheating on him, you’ve been playing with his feelings since the day first you both met nd now when you get bored of him, you’re going to marry your Boyfriend? What would you say how should he react Twinkle Taneja?”… Twinkle was completely shocked to see that Alisha has made a new story to ruined their relationship nd Kunj wasn’t saying anything to her. She didn’t know how to respond

“What? No. That’s not true. That’s just a misunderstanding Kunj. Aap jaisa samajh rahe hain waisa kuch nahi hai Kunj”…

“Phir kaisa hai Twinkle? I’ve seen you both together. I’ve heard him proposing you, I’ve heard you saying him yes. Everything was clear Twinkle. There was no misunderstanding”… what? He also was there? She thought looking Kunj with widen eyes. Her assumption was teue, Kunj was there seeing everything

“Every coin has two sides Kunj. Nd you shouldn’t judge me until you see truth of my side”… she cried, tears were continuously flowing from her eyes

“Twinkle don’t try to trap him in your words he is…”..

“Wait Alisha, just bcz I let you speak that doesn’t mean that you’ll completely take charge of my life. It’s all about me so let me handle it”… she was glad at least he stopped her from interfering between us, he didn’t let her be third person between us

“So Twinkle, now you only explain me what’s the matter. Tell me the truth of other side of coin. Tell me that the girl I saw there enjoying a romantic date, proposal, was not you. Tell me that whatever I heard there that was my imagination”…

“Kunj aap mujhe doubt kar rahe hain?”…

“Doubt ki to baat hi nahi hai Twinkle. Kyun ki doubt to wahan hota jahan confusion hota hai lekin yahan to sab clear hai. I’ve seen everything by my these eyes”…

“Don’t you trust me Kunj? Itna kamjor hai apka bharosa apni Twinkle par?”… now she was breaking down from inside. She always felt proud on herself that Kunj trust her he’ll never doubt on her, but today it was broken, her proud seems just her imagination, he doesn’t trust her that’s why he followed her nd without knowing the fact he made his opinion on her

“Bharosa hi to kiya tha Twinkle. Aur isi bharose isi vishwash ki wajah se maine sab ignore kiya. Your wired behaviour, your bitter words. I thought it was all for my betterment, for my best future but when I heard same thing from your that childhood friend my trust my confidence everything was gone. Do alag alag insan se ek hi conditions kaun rakhta hai Twinkle?”…

“Kunj, I know I’ve been rude with you from past few days, I’ve been ignoring you, saying bitter words also. Nd I know what I did with you was completely wrong nd I’m really sorry for that. But Kunj, there was a reason behind my behaviour. I had to do that bcz I…”.. again Alisha interrupted her with a fake statement

“Bcz she took money for that from Uncle, Kunj. Nd not a little amount but a big one, 10 lakh rupees”..

“What do you mean?”…

“Actually Kunj, uncle found out about your relationship. Nd he was very happy that you love a good girl like Twinkle. He told me too about this. But then he also got to know her real face, that she is using you. But instead of telling you about this, he decided to talk to her just for your happiness. He requested her that she shouldn’t take advantage of your trust on her. But her reply was shocking. She said that you are only giving her this chance so why shouldn’t she take advantage of your”…

“What nonsense Alisha, why are you lying?”.. Twinkle knew that Alisha doesn’t like her but she never knew that she would do such cheap act to put her down in Kunj’s eyes…

“I’m not lying Kunj trust me this is true. This girl whom you love unconditionally, is using you just for your money. Uncle asked her when she loves someone else then why she’s faking love with you, why don’t she leave you, you know what she said? Agar chhodna hi hota to Kunj se pyar ka natak hi kyun karti. Nd when Uncle requested a lot to her, pleaded in front of her that don’t ruin your life, leave you then she demands for 10 lakh rupees”…

“No, that’s not true Kunj. She is lying. You know I’ll never do this”..

“Kunj you can ask to Uncle whether I’m lying or not”…

“Alisha, itni ghatiya baat kaise bol sakti ho? Han maine Sir se 10 lakh rupees liye hain lekin…”

“Look Kunj, now she accepted it. Tumhe chhodne ke badle isne itni badi amount ki demand ki aur uncle ne de bhi diya bcz for him you matter most. He didn’t tell you bcz he never want to hurt you nd also this girl said that after taking money she will go away from your life without informing you or hurting you. But she didn’t leave nd continued her drama. Uncle didn’t want to create a problem for you so he quite. Nd today also, if I had not heard her conversation with her boyfriend, you would not have known her reality”… Alisha was not letting Twinkle speak so that she wouldn’t clear the misunderstanding Kunj has did. She was just making the situation as complicated as she can do.

Kunj looked at Twinkle who was saying no for the blames Alisha has put on her then he looked at his Dad

“Why don’t you say anything Dad? Why are you quiet? Did you gave her 10 lakh?”…

“Yes. I gave her money, she asked for”…

“Why? I mean what Alisha said, is that’s reason or something else?”..

“Alisha is right”… it was done now. What should she say, how should she react. A person who started all this, who emotionally forced her to do every bad things with Kunj, today he lied, today he proved her wrong before Kunj nd she doesn’t have any proof of her innocence. If she knew that someday she’ll face this situation, she wouldn’t have followed his Dad. But she never knew nd now her life seems getting ruined..

Kunj again looked at Twinkle nd then went to close her looking into her eyes which have uncontrollably tears. Twinkle also looked into his eyes nd there she couldn’t see herself. She could feel that he believes his Dad nd not her…

“Is it true Twinkle?”

“Would you believe me whatever I’ll say?”…

“I don’t know. But I want to hear from you now”…

“Ohh, so if I’ll say that what your Dad nd Alisha told you about me is true, would you believe me?”…

“Twinkle you can’t answer me with question. Tell me yes or no?”..

“Would you trust me if I’ll say no”…

“Twinkle yes or no?”..

“What do you think Kunj am I such type of girl?”…

“If I had not seen you with him, then maybe I would’ve say that you’re like those girls”.. here she got her answer, she understood that there was no trust between them, never was.

“Just bcz I was with another boy, you changed your opinion for me Kunj”…

“No Twinkle, matter is not that you’re with another boy, but it is that you lied to me, you hide everything from me, matter is that you never trust me, you always treated me just for time pass, just for your benefits. I never matter for your in fact I never exist in your life”… a person who can come to the conclusion just listening someone else story or just seeing the half of the story then what else should she expect from him?

“Mujhe nahi pata tha Kunj ki apka bharosa itna kamjor hai ki ek pal me mere liye apki soch hi badal jayegi”… as he was about to answer back her but just then Sanchi also came there nd silence filled there looking at her.

“Sab itne serious kyun ho aur mujhe kyun dekh rahe ho? Any problem?”… Sanchi asked being confused.

“Sanchi, what are you doing here? Ghar ja tu hum baad me baat karenge”… Twinkle didn’t want her to see this, especially Kunj’s this side. She knew she’ll be hurt..

“But what’s the matter Di?”..

“Didn’t you heard me? Go home right now”… Twinkle yelled at her nd Sanchi shivered nd turn to leave but Kunj stop her

“Wait Sanchi, you wouldn’t go”…

“Kunj, your problem is with me. Don’t involve her. Let her go”…

“She is already in Twinkle. I don’t need to do that”…

“Stop it Kunj. Why are you blaming her. Whatever you want to say me, you can but don’t you dare to raise a finger on my sister”… Twinkle warned him to stop him to do this drama in front of Sanchi, she wouldn’t bear it

“Why? You both sisters can do anything with me nd I can’t even questions about that?”…

“What’s going on Di? Have you both a fight? Wait, Kunj Bhaiya do you know the truth now? Are you mad at Di for that? Actually you should be, I’ve been telling her that don’t hide it from you but she never heard me. I told her that you would be hurt when truth will come out. Well, finally she told you. But bhaiya don’t be angry with Di, she lied to you bcz she never want to create problems in your life. Please forgive her”… poor Sanchi didn’t know that the person she was concerned for, has something else in his mind. She has no idea what’s his opinion for her…

“Wow, I’m impressed by your concern Sanchi. What a great actor you are. Itna sab kuch ho jane ke baad bhi itni normally baat karna, that’s great. Do you really think she deserves forgiveness after what she did with me? Or I should say you both did with me? Was my life a joke or am I a joker for you both?”…

“What are you saying bhaiya?”… she asked being confused..

“Kunj please stop it. Don’t say anything to her, please I beg you”… Twinkle tried to stop him but he ignored her…

“I never expected it from you Sanchi. I always considered you my sister, I loved you like a elder brother do to his little sister. I always trust you, give you a special place in my life, give you importance more than anyone else but what you did with me? What you give me in return, pain nd cheating?”…

“Bhaiya what are you saying? What’s my fault?”… she asked almost crying

“Your fault is your this innocent face which have such a mastermind behind it. You know what I used to think many times that what type of sister you are. I mean you’re the only girl I’ve ever meet in my life who always support an outsider boy instead of her own sister. Who always encourage me to propose her sister instead of stop me. Who never mind me flirting with her sister. In fact, you used to tell me your secrets more than your Di. It was really complicated more than confusion. Kaun si behen aisa karti hai but then I thought maybe I’m really very special for you. Maybe you trust me. But I never knew that there has been a cheap planning behind all this drama. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki mere saath itna bada dhokha ho raha hai. I never knew that you both are Such a big Gold Digger”…

“Kunj!! Hosh me to ho? Do you know what are saying?”..

“Yes Twinkle I know what I’m saying nd I don’t regret on my words”…

“Kunj..”.. Twinkle went to Kunj nd tried to make him understand by holding his hand but he jerked her hand away..

“Don’t you dare Twinkle, don’t you ever try to come to close me or touch me. I hate a CHARACTERLESS GIRL LIKE YOU to be around me, it’s far away from touching me. So stay away from me”… now it was enough for her. Everything has been finished. Till now she was trying to tell him truth bcz she thought there was a misunderstanding nd can’t let their relationship break just bcz of this. But now it was over. Now it was the matter of her respect which she has lost in his life. A relationship without love, trust nd respect doesn’t exist. Nd these three are absent from this relationship now.

“Bhaiya!! What happened to you? How can you use such a cheap word for my Di. You are using these words Just bcz she hide from you that..”… Sanchi was crying seeing her sister’s insult in front of her by the one who has once promised to defend her honour. She was going to tell him truth but Twinkle stopped her..

“Wait a minute Sanchi, let me talk to him nd thank him for giving me this much respect”… Twinkle said sarcastically. She no longer wanted him to know the truth. He has not only doubted her but has questioned her respect, her character, has insulted her family, insulted her mother’s parenting, and the sister who gave him so much love, so much respect, Give him a special place in the her heart, he hurts her only, called her Gold Digger. She can tolerate everything but can’t bear her family’s insult, can’t see tears in their eye for their no fault.

“Kunj, I knew that you overresact fast nd you take all the decisions in haste without giving it a thought whether it’s right or wrong but I never knew that you characterise someone’s character also in a moment. Glad to know your this talent Kunj. But Kunj, I didn’t accepted anything till now what your Dad nd Your Special family Member has blame me for nd just listening them you called me Characterless so can you tell me if I had accepted it then what would you have called me?”… Kunj sad nothing.

“Well, if you think I’m a Characterless girl then let me prove myself worth it. So what do you want to hear that I fell you prey in my Love nd have been playing with your feelings bcz you’re a rich parent’s only child? So listen, yes I did this. I played with you just for your Dad’s Money. Nd we did this with full planning. From the starting till now, I just took advantage of your goodness and perhaps your stupidity”… she told him what his dad wanted to prove her, what he wanted to hear bcz she knew there was no need to tell him truth, he won’t believe her nd she was sure about it. Nd most important thing was his dad broke their relationship by his one lie but she can’t separate a father nd son by her truth. It’s not her Mom has taught her.

“You want me to admit that I’ve an affair with my childhood friend nd I have double crossed you? So yes, this is also true. Nd Today I accepted him you know why? Bcz he is a successful businessman now. Bcz He has his own identity now. Bcz he can give me everything I need without anyone else’s objections or interruption as he owns his empire. Bcz he is sensible more than you, he understands me more than you do. He is crazy but in my love but not in his obsession like you. In short he has everything I want in my life partner so how can I reject him for a person who is Good for Nothing? Nd do you know what’s the best thing? we’re getting married within few days. So are you happy now as I’ve confessed everything?”… a person who didn’t wait to know her side of story, who didn’t let her clarify the situation, he doesn’t deserve to know truth

“Wait, it’s not done yet. Last thing, you wanna know that I took money from your Dad to leave you? So yes, this is also true. I made a deal with your Dad that if he want me to leave you without hurting you then he has to give me 10 lakh rupees nd I’ll leave you forever nd go without letting you know about anything or without any further interruption in your life anymore. But Kunj don’t you think that I have dealt with our love very cheaply, sold it much more cheaply. I mean you’re so precious, your love is very expensive, your feelings, your emotions, your time, your care, your trust nd all the thing about you is so expensive, so costly. Nd when everything is so precious then prize should be also expensive, shouldn’t it?”… she was revising everything so that Sanchi would know that what do her so called Jiju think about her nd her sister. So that she would take right decision that whether he deserves her love, her respect nd concern or not. Twinkle didn’t want her to be in any misunderstanding about him.

“Twinkle!!! If I knew that You are a very cheap person and your thinking is very down I would’ve rather die than love you. Before I do something wrong, just go away from my sight. Leave my house right now”…

“Kunj bhaiya oh sorry Kunj Sarna, you know what I’ve so many things to tell you right now but wouldn’t say bcz I know that they are of no use. But I would say one thing for sure that there is no difference in you nd Priya di’s boyfriend. You both are same in fact all the guys like you are same, selfish. You guys just care for your happiness, your feelings nd your time pass. What others feel, what other think it never matter to you guys”… Sanchi said coming close to him while whipping her tears off. She was not crying anymore. She has understood that the person whom she has been trying to convince from the very moment, actually he doesn’t want to hear that bcz it doesn’t matter to him. So she also didn’t clarified him.

“Sanchi let’s go. Don’t waste your time on him”… Sanchi avoid her.

“Nd one most important thing, I Hate You more than I ever Loved You Kunj Sarna”… this time she let her tears drop. Twinkle drag her to leave but she stopped her

“Wait di”.. she took Twinkle’s purse nd take out an envelope nd handed it over to Kunj..

“So Kunj Sarna, here is Your 10 lakh rupees I’m giving back you bcz I don’t need a money by which My Di’s character has been auctioned. So take it with you”…

“Sanchi, what are you doing? Why are you giving it back to him”… it was only source of the fee of her Mom’s treatment which she brought today to deposit in the bank. But after seeing her Twinkle’s insult Sanchi returned it to him

“Exactly Sanchi, why are you giving it me? Look at your di it seems uski jaan in paison me hi basi hai”…

“Jaan to meri bhi inhi paison me basi hui hai Kunj Sarna but you know what we don’t take anything by cheating. Nd Di has make deal that after taking this she won’t do anything that would hurt you. But look what happened, you know everything now, you are so hurt, you are in pain nd that’s what your Dad never want. Nd that’s why he gives this money to us”… she said sarcastically nd also taunting him nd left while holding Twinkle’s hand but stop listening Kunj…

“Wait a minute Twinkle, do Leela Aunty know about this or should I tell her?”…

“Don’t you dare Kunj to drag her in this matter”…

“You can’t order me Twinkle”…

“Kunj, if you’ve ever thought her as your Mom too then I hope you would never do this”… saying this both left from there. He didn’t stop them, he didn’t asked once about their helplessness. He let them go forever. That was the last time they saw him.

Both were walking on the road silently, heartbroken holding hand in hand, no words were spoken just Kunj’s words were echoing. Both have never expected something like this from Kunj. As both reached in lonely place, it was the place behind a temple, Twinkle was shattered nd fell on the ground nd cried her heart out. Tears were uncontrollably following from her eyes. Sanchi couldn’t see her pain she also burst into tears nd sat down before her trying to control her. She hugged her tightly. Both were crying..

“I’m sorry Sanchi, today I again hurt him”…

“Diii.. have you gone mad? Why are you sorrry? Do you really think that I would still care about him? Yeah it’s true that he was important for me but Di he was never than you. If I loved him, if I was caring and supporting him then it is bcz you love him”… she said while cupping her face

“Sanchi, Kunj has promised me that he’ll never be the reason of my tears but today he gives me tears for lifetime. Kunj ne promise kiya tha ki wo kabhi bhi mere character, meri self-respect par kisi ko sawal nahi uthane denge lekin aaj to Kunj ne hi mujhe characterless sabhit kar diya. When he can’t keep his promises then why did he promised me?…

“Sanchi, I know Kunj ne jo bhi dekha hai shayad unki jagah main hoti to main bhi yahi sochti but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t let him speak. Kunj ne mujhe ek baar bhi bolne ka mauka nahi diya, jo dil me aya mujhe suna diya, kyun?”…

“Aur wo paise.. wo paise to Mumma ke treatment ke liye tha Kunj ko chhodne ke liye nahi. I didn’t cheat on him Sanchi, I didn’t take advantage of him. I really love him”…

“Di chupp, tum kise bata rahi ho ye sab? Mujhe, apni behen ko? Di I know why lied to him bcz tum Kunj Sarna ke dad ko unki nazro me nhi girana chahti, I know that di. Aur achha bhi kiya bcz agar sach bol bhi deti to kya guarantee hai ki wo insan tumhari baat par bharosa kar leta?”..

“Sir ne jhuth kyun bola Sanchi? If he don’t like our relationship then he should’ve tell me but why he played with my feelings?”…

“Di sambhalo khud ko”…

“Sanchi tune wo paise wapas kyun kiya? Mumma ke treatment ke liye tha wo”..

“Kyun ki un paison ki wajah se aaj tumhari itni insult hui hai aur waise bhi di jo insan tumse pyar ka itna dava karta tha aaj usine tumhare baare me itni ghatiya baat ko maan liya ek baar bhi nahi socha ki tum aisa kabhi nahi karogi usse help lene ka koi matlab nahi hai”..

“But Sanchi, Mumma se badhkar hai ye sab? Ab kahan se layenge itna bada amount?”

“I’m sorry Di”…

“Don’t say sorry, hum koi na koi rasta dhundh lenge but just make sure Mumma should not know about today’s incident in Sarna house”… Sanchi nodded nd again hugged her nd then both went to the Temple to wash their face nd then sat on stairs of temple. There they met to their neighbour, Pinki Aunty who gets tensed to see their condition nd asked the matter but they refused to tell her but on her insistence Sanchi told her everything. As she has bad experience about rich boys so she always used to warn Twinkle to stay away from Kunj nd after listening today’s incident she wasn’t surprised but she was like she knew it. As she knew about Leela’s health so They also told her about the money Sanchi gave back to Kunj.

“Twinkle, beta don’t be upset. Tumhari Mumma ka treatment paison ki wajah se nahi rukega. I’ll give you”..

“But Aunty apke paas kaise…”

“I’ve some jewelleries, priya ki shadi ke liye rakha tha lekin ab wo to hai nahi to.. usse Leela ke treatment ki fee mil jayegi”…

“But Aunty, Mumma wouldn’t like it”..

“Jab unhe pata chalega tab na? We won’t tell her”… Twinkle nd Sanchi both didn’t know what should say, they needed this money but were confused that whether it will right to take money from her..

“Aunty we can’t…”..

“Why are you hesitating? Take it as a loan nd pay back me whenever you want or you have money”…

“Beta mujhe achha lagega tumhari help karke. Till now Leela has been doing favour on us, when whole world was against us, questioning our upbringing nd raising fingers on Priya’s character, Leela was the one who stand by us, supported us, gave us strength to face that worst phase of life nd you both also always pampered Priya, encouraged her. Jitna tum logo ne kiya hai humare liye utna to koi apna bhi nahi kata hai. Aaj mauka mila mujhe bhi kuch karne ka, now it’s my turn to stand by you let me do this”… Twinkle nd Sanchi both hugged her while crying..

“Aunty, thank you so much. You’re like an angel”…

“Arrey ab ye kya baat hui, main parayi hun?”.. both nodded no

“Main to ye paise pehle hi dena chahti but when you said that you’ve arranged from Sarnas so I didn’t said anything”… she said with a smile while Twinkle nd Sanchi gets sad

“Achha ab dono apna mood aur face sahi karo aur ghar jao, if Leela would see your miserable state, she’ll be upset”… both just smiles nd talk to her for some more time nd then left from there. After reaching home both pretend to be normal. As it was not the time of Twinkle’s return so both knew that their Mom would suspect it so Twinkle lied to her that she has taken leave for some days till then there is someone else to take care of Usha. Her reply wasn’t satisfied yet Leela believed her. After giving her medicine nd having some conversation both left in their room.

Both were lying on their bed, silently. None of them speak a single word. Both were just remembering about the worst moment in Sarna house. Unable to sleep yet trying, crying silently. After sometime, Twinkle heard a noise of sobbing she understood that it’s Sanchi. She sat up while switching on the light. Seeing Sanchi’s red eyes nd nose due to tears her heart ached.

“Sanchi..?.. before she could ask Sanchi wrapped her arms around her waist still lay down.

“Di, I didn’t support him to get you for his money, I’m not a gold digger. I really never had a bad intention behind my love for him”.. Twinkle knew that her sister was too hurt nd broken bcz of Kunj’s words yet she tried to be strong nd consoling her Di till now.

“Sanchi ye kya bol rahi hai tu? Sab ko pata hai meri behen aisa kuch kabhi nahi kar sakti”..

“Phir Jiju ne aisa kyun bola Di? Mujhpe, tumpe itna ghatiya ilzam kyun lagaya di? Meine to unhe apne life me wo jagah diya jo kabhi kisi aur ko nahi diya phir kyun mere pyar aur respect ki insult kiya unhone?”… she said while crying..

“Sanchi forget it as a nightmare, don’t hurt yourself for him”

“But it’s not a nightmare Di how can I forget that he called you Characterless? How can I forget that our love, our respect, our emotions are fake for him? Is it possible for you to forget him or whatever he did to you?”.. Twinkle was quiet nd let her tears flow

“Di it’s all my fault that I believe him, I thought he is different from others, I forced you to love him. It’s all fault, I made your life miserable”…

“Kya bol rahi tu Sanchi? Aisa kuch nahi hai samjhi? You never forced me to love him but it was my decision, So stop blaming yourself”.. she scold her with concern while she tighten her grip around her. Twinkle put her head on her while crying…

“You did very wrong Kunj. I told you that don’t involve her in this but you didn’t listen me. You knew that my mom nd Sanchi matter to me most nd hurt them only. Apki wajah se aaj Sanchi ki aisi halat hai. Usne to apko selfless pyar aur respsct di aur apne use dard de diya? I’ll never forgive you for this Kunj, kabhi maaf nahi karungi meri behen ki ankhon me aasu dene ke liye. She didn’t deserves it. Today you proved that there is no heart to heart relationship exists”… she said in her mind

Next day Twinkle went Pinky for the arrangements of money while making excuses of hospital to Leela. Sanchi has to go to her colleague for something important related to her notes, she didn’t want to go but Leela assured her that she’ll take care of herself so she also went. Twinkle nd Pinky were in bank to get gold loan as it was more safe than other places nd they were not disappointed. They got the full amount of her Mom’s treatment fee. Twinkle was happy that her luck was in her favour.

It’s been evening to both of them to go back to home. While returning home Twinkle received Sanchi from her colleague’s home nd then went together. As they reached, they found Leela’s health unstable. Both runs to her..

“Mumma, what happened to you?”..

“Look Di, that’s why I was not ready to go”.. Sanchi complained while tears formed in her eyes..

“Twinkle, from where you arranged the money for my treatment?”..

“Mumma, didn’t I told you that Manohar Sir gave it me”.. she lied..

“But you gave those money back to Kunj”.. she said angrily making Twinkle nd Sanchi shocked..

“Mumma aisa nahi hai”…

“Don’t lie Twinkle, Sarna house me tum dono ki itni insult hui, Kunj ne tum dono par galat ilzam lagaya, apne ghar se bhi nikal diya aur tum dono ne itni badi baat mujhse chhupayi, mujhse jhuth bola, itna kamjor samjha apni Mumma ko?”..

“Mumma aap galat samajh rahi hain, nd wait who told you about this?”…

“Kunj Sarna”… Sanchi said angrily..

“No.. Kunj nahi.. he didn’t said anything about this incident.. Alisha nd..”.. she was feeling difficulties while speaking as she has headache very badly so she held her head…

“Mumma please aap baat ma maro. It’s dangerous for you please Mumma”.. Sanchi said scared while Twinkle make her laid down on her bed

“This is the reason I didn’t told you anything Mumma, aap stressed hoti. Sanchi call the ambulance immediately”..

“Twinkle, I.. I want to tell… you something about.. Kunj nd..”

“Mumma no, abhi nahi please.. aap please khud ko sambhalo. Hum baad me baat karenge”..

“Twinkle it’s very important”..

“Mumma nothing can be important more than you. Sanchi what happened?”…

“Di, I’ll take them about half an hour to reach here”..

“What? No we can’t wait till then. Call Pinky Aunty, go”… she yelled completely scared of her Mom’s condition. Till now Leela was passed out increasing her fear. When Pinky came to see her she also gets tensed nd called her husband who reached there few minutes later with a car to pick them to the hospital.

As they reached there, doctor did her checkup nd told them that she has a tremendous shock from something that has a lot of emphasis on her brain and her condition has become serious, so we should get her treatment as soon as possible, otherwise the danger will increase. Twinkle was shocked..

“But Sir, there is three more days for her appointment with Surgeon to do her treatment as they would return India three days later”..

“I know that Twinkle but we don’t have any other option nd neither she has time. I’m sorry but you’ll have take her to some other doctors bcz can’t tell exact problem in her brain it can be identify by experts only”… Twinkle didn’t know how to respond, she was unable to decide but Sanchi didn’t waste time nd called Uv who didn’t received her call so she called Yash nd he received it nd listening her voice he gets tensed..

“Sanchi what happened? Are you crying?”..

“Bhaiya can you please book emergency flight tickets of Mumbai for us?”..

“Emergency tickets? What’s the matter..”..

“I’ll tell you later bhaiya, we don’t have time. Please book the tickets as soon as you can”…

“Okay okay, don’t panic, I’ll book it nd call back you”.. she cuts the call while thanking him nd look at the Twinkle who was staring her..

“I’m sorry Di, maine..”.. Twinkle cut her off while putting her fingers on her lips..

“Chup, sorry kyun bol rahi hai? Tune kuch galat nahi kiya. Mumma’s treatment is most important right now”.. both hugged each other trying to be strong. Their flight was 3 hour later. So both left while packing their bags nd taking Leela’s reports nd some more important things. Nd doctor also gave them some documents which will be needed at airport. He also gave some medicine nd injection to Leela so that they wouldn’t face trouble in their way of Mumbai as Leela was still unconscious.

While leaving Both thanks to Pinky nd she told them that she would look there house after them. She also said to them to call her on time to time.

“Nd don’t worry, Mumma would be fine. Just be strong like this”.. both nodded yes..

“Nd yeah, I’ll never tell Anyone that where are you or why, if anybody would ask”… she indirectly mentioned Kunj but Twinkle didn’t react on it…

Both sisters were completely shattered, they never go through such situations nd by chance they faced something like this, their Mom was always with them as a shield. But today her own life was in danger. She can’t help them, can’t encourage them. Both were feeling lonely, today they needed Kunj a lot by their side to support them, assure them but unfortunately or fortunately somewhere he was the reason if their this situation.

As Sanchi was upset nd scared while talking to Yash so he understood that she was in problem nd told this to everyone nd when Twinkle nd Sanchi reached Mumbai with Leela, it’s been night, nd they found Yash with Uv, Mahi, Raman, Pinny, Surjit nd Anita at airport to pick them as all were concerned about them so all went to reciev them nd seeing them both couldn’t hold their tears nd let it fall. All were shocked to see Leela’s conditions, unconsious on wheelchair. They knew that there is any problem with them but none of them have idea about this. Mahi runs to them followed by others nd hugs Twinkle while Uv to Sanchi.

“Twinkle what is this? Kya hua bua ko? Wo aise kyun?”… she was also scared..

“Twinkle Sanchi kuch bologe dono? Kya hua Aunty ko”… asked Yash nd instead of answering them both cried their heart out at airport only which was increasing their tension. But few minutes later Twinkle told them everything leaving them in daze. But didn’t told them anything related to Kunj

“Itna sabkuch ho gaya tumhari life me aur tum dono me se kisi ne bhi hume batana zaroori nahi samjha?”.. said Mahi angrily

“Now I get it why you didn’t let me meet to Aunty when I was in Amritsar. Aisa kaise kar ho yaar tum dono? Aunty ki life ka matter tha koi majak nahi”…

“Twinkle, ek baar to bataya hota hum achhe se Aunty ka treatment karwate. Aisi halat to nahi hoti unki. How can you be so careless? How can you hide it from us?”.. Yash also complains annoyingly while both were just crying silently while bowing their head down. They have nothing to say.

“Don’t be mad at them. It’s not their fault. Achhe se janta hu Leela ko usi ne in dono ko mana kiya hoga hume batane se ya help lene se”… Twinkle nd Sanchi hugged him crying loudly

“But Papa, bua ke mana karne se kya hota hai Unse chhupkar bhi to bata sakti thi? In dono ko kya lagta hai, life ek fairytale hai ki koi magic hoga aur sab sahi ho jayega? Sab akele hi face kar liya. Hume apna samjhe to bataye na”..

“Aisa nahi hai Mahi, we just didn’t want to depressed Mom”…

“Guys it’s not a time to do argument, hume Leela ka treatment shuru karwana hoga already bahot late ho gaya hai”… Anita said while reminding them..

“Mom is right, we shouldn’t waste time. Dad, your friend Dr. Mehra, he is also a surgeon, isn’t he? I think you should call him nd tell him about Aunty”… said yash

“Yash is right Dad, Dr. Mehra is also one of the best surgeon of Mumbai”… Uv agreed to Yash.

“Yeah, let me call him”… he called the surgeon nd told him about Leela. After consulting with him he cuts the call nd told them that he is a ready to do her surgery. Twinkle nd Sanchi both smiles with teary eyes..

They reached hospital nd admitted Leela. Twinkle handed her reports to doctor. Seeing her reports nd CT scan he was worried but said nothing to them. Nd after some time started her surgery. Neither Twinkle nd not Sanchi, none of them was speaking a single word, not even thinking or imagining anything else. Both were just praying for their Mom’s recuperation nd so was others too. As both have not eaten or drink water since evening nd weakness was clearly visible on their faces, so Pinny asked them to have some food nd juice but both refused nd said once their Mom’s operation will be done they will eat. Everyone felt bad for them. They were just trying to make them feel better nd stay positive.

Some time later Doctor comes out of OT nd told them that her condition is very complicated. Some cells of her brain has been damaged. There was very less chance to save her but still they were trying their best to make it successful. It increased both sisters fear yet both tried to stay strong nd just praying for her. Her operation goes on for almost four hours. Nd this time when doctor come out of OT Twinkle nd Sanchi runs to him immediately…

“How’s Mumma doctor? May I meet her?”.. Sanchi asked with so much curiosity

“Why don’t you tell me Doctor, how is Mom?”.. Twinkle asked fearfully

“She is.. I’m sorry we couldn’t save her”…

“Naiiii, you are joking, you are lying. My Mumma is fine I know”.. Sanchi angrily shouted at him while Twinkle fell on the chair kept on there, like a lifeless body.

“It’s true beta, she..”.. before he could complete Sanchi pushed him away nd runs into Leela’s room who was laid down on the bed without oxygen mast.

“Mumma, look what doctor is saying, you left us. Mumma tell me what he is lying. Mumma bolo na”.. she pats her face to get a response..

“Mumma no, you can’t leave us, you have promised to us that you’ll take care of yourself nd never leave us alone. You can’t break your promise. Mumma please open your eyes, Mumma baat karro na mujhse, aap apni betiyon ko aise akele chhodkar nahi sakti. Ye cheating hai. Utho na Mumma. Mumma!!!!”… she begged to her, shouted at her, shake her lifeless body to wake her up which wasn’t possible. Her Mumma has left her forever nd never will be back. Everyone has entered in the room nd all were crying seeing her condition. Mahi tried to calm herr down but she didn’t listened he..

“Mahi di aap bolo na Mumma se ki mujhse baat kare”.. Mahi hugged her to relieve her pain but she didn’t let her do nd went to Yash..

“Yash bhaiya aap to Mumma ke favourite ho na aap bolo Mumma se ki aise na jaye wo apki baat jaroor manengi”.. he also couldn’t say anything

“Mamu aap Mumma ko dantna chahte the na to abhi danto unhe aur bolo ki wo galat kar rahi hai”.. seeing everyone not responding on her request she again went to Leela nd tried to wake her up

“Mumma please open your eyes, I promise main apki sari baat manungi, I’ll never argue with you, apko irritate bhi nahi karungi. Please don’t leave me Mumma”.. suddenly she realised that Twinkle wasn’t there. So she run outside of the room nd found Twinkle sitting on the chair like a statue. Though tears were continuously flowing from her eyes but she was quiet. No response from her, no words from her. Her life, her world everything ruined in no time.

“Di, what are you doing here? Chalo na, Mumma se bolo baat karne ko”… she said crying while kneeling before her.

“Twinkle, kuch to bol”… said Madi while shaking her..

“Kya bolun main Mahi? Sab humein chhodkar chale gaye. Itne bure hain hum”… her one line was enough to tell her nd everyone how much hurt she was. Her teary eyes nd painful voice was enough to describe her broken heart.

“Twinkle, kya bol rahi hai tu? Koi nahi gaya hai tum dono ko chhodkar, hum sab hain na?”…

“But Mom to nahi hai na Mahi?”… she asked very calmly. Her words were more affecting nd painful. Mahi said nothing nd just hugged her nd Sanchi. They were innocent soul, never did bad to anyone, always loved people around them but their fate ditch them. Never gave them even a percent of it in return. Sometimes later she also went in her Mom’s room to see her but her expression was still same, just crying but saying nothing. But Sanchi still begging to her Mumma to don’t leave them. Nd in this while she fell unconsious. Yash check her nd said it was bcz of weakness, nd shock of her Mom’s death. She was taken to another room nd was given medicine. Nd when gained her conscious, Leela’s body was handed to her family nd after about an hour they all left for Bhopal for her funeral instead of Amritsar as Twinkle didn’t objected on it.

After some hours, her funeral started nd Twinkle was still quite. As they say that silence kill more than words so was here. Her condition was hurting everybody a lot. It was not like she didn’t want to react like Sanchi, but she has only question that who would wipe her tears of, who would scold her, who would make her quiet bcz the person who was doing this she left her. She broke her promise. She left them all alone in this cruel nd selfish world. She wanted to cry her heart out but she didn’t know how should she response. She was unable to find the words to complain to her Mom. She buried her feelings, her emotions, her pain, her words in herself. But Sanchi couldn’t sustain it. She was continuously crying.

“Sanchi, beta Mumma saath nahi hai to kya hua unke blessings hamesha tum dono ke sath hong. Don’t cry otherwise she wouldn’t be able to be in peace”.. Said Pinny

“Aur hum bhi to hain na tumhare paas. Hum hamesha sath rahenge tum dono ke saath, tum dono ko khud se dur nahi karenge. I promise”… Raman said

“Naiiiii.. promise nahi. Sab jhuth hai. Promise bhi aur promise karne wale bhi. Pehle promise karke hume jhuthe sapne dikhate hain phir use tod kar chale jate hai. First Papa then Ku..” Sanchi yelled at him nd was about say Kunj’s name but stop..

“Then Mumma, everybody left, no one loved us. No one care for us, our feelings, our love never matter for anyone. Everybody broke their promises nd left us alone. Promise nahi karna, kabhi nahi”… she said while side hugging Twinkle. Today Twinkle wasn’t not stopping Sanchi or trying to console her. She didn’t even asked her to be quiet. Not even once both tried to wipe their tears off.

Raman ask them to do the funeral though they were girls but till now they were only doing all the duties of a son so practically both have full rights to take part in every ritual nd situation. Sanchi wasn’t ready to do nd neither Twinkle..

“Mumma, aap to kabhi haar nahi manti thi na phir aaj kyun haar gayi at least humare liye ye jung jeet liya hota. Apne to hume bhi hara diya”.. said Twinkle crying.
Her every word was heart-piercing. Both perform the funeral of their mother with a heavy heart. Sanchi couldn’t see it nd run away from there, seeing her Yash also followed her nd shouted her name loudly but it was too late. Sanchi was continuously running without seeing here nd there or listening anything or anyone else. A car coming to her in speed hit her causing her fell on the other side of the road. She was lying there in pool of blood. Twinkle was taken back. Her sister, her only lifeline was there lying on the road, with no response, a lifeless body with blood oozing from her body. Everything was ruined. Her life was destroyed. Her world has been shattered. Her destiny played worst game with her.

Within three days, she lost every important person of her life. Her Mother, Kunj nd then Sanchi she lost everyone. She was left all alone. These three days were the dreadful moment of her life which. Seeing her condition, anyone can wish that God never show such day in anyone’s life. It was really painful. Twinkle is too strong to handle this phase of life or should say she was forcefully doing this. If someone else was on her place, she would have lost his courage long ago.


Finally, khatm hua ?? so, how was it? Shocking nd unexpected na? ? sorry to everyone who wanted some more scenes of Sanchi?? she has to go ?? but in today’s part she got more space than Twinkle ??

Ok, no more bakwas, so now say what’s your opinion? Whose fault was in this story? What do you think Twinkle was wrong or Kunj was wrong? Why did Manohar lied to him? What do you think where would these souls life lead. After knowing Truth, what would be Kunj’s reaction, what would be his decision? What should he do now? Did Twinkle deserves it or Kunj deserves it? Was Twinkle’s decision right or wrong? So many incident nd a lot of questions. Now you’ll have to guess ??

Well, I would’ve post it earlier but this story was deleted from my device automatically nd I had to right it again ?? itni long story soch kitni mehnat karni padi mujhe?? nd main problem is that I forgot some scenes nd dialogues which I’ve written first time ?? waise I’m surprised ki itni jaldi likh diya mane ?? now it’s your turn ?

Hit the like or dislike button , share your views in comment box? long cmnt, okay? ??

BTW, last time you guys response was overwhelming, dil khush kar diya tha mera? nd that’s why I finished their past in this part only otherwise I’ve thought to make it’s also two parts ? I hope in this part also I’ll not disappointed? thanks to everyone who commented on previous part ?❤ specially Vibhu, Yashu, Sameera, Ramya, Muhammad murtajiz, Me_rp_27 nd TwiNjFanForever for long comments nd your assumption ???❤ khush to bahot hoge ki most of yours guesses are true???? aur han Vibhu achhe kaam ke liye jyada sochte nahi, jitna long cmnt karna ho kar do isme puchna kya ?? nd Sameera look finally Twinkle’s diary ended in 7 month?? aur isi century me post bhi kar diya? June ke baad July me ? Well Leela ki tension tumhe jyada thi lo bata diya ?

Jyada bakbak ho gaya. Now it’s your turn in cmnt box ??

Sorry for the grammatical or typing error. No proof reading.

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  1. Amazing episode dear and I’m also confused about who is right and who is wrong please post soon

  2. Itni lambi kaise likh leti ho??Scroll kar kar ke mere haath dukh gayi.Aagli bar thoda short mein likhna??Entertaining post.Waiting for the next ??

  3. Wow simply outstanding I am speechless after reading your FF I am confused now who to blame but one thing is for sure twinkle and sanchi suffered a lot in this without any mistake just to help their loved ones they sacrificed their own lives..
    Sad that Leela and sanchi both are dead and twinkle is all alone now …
    About Manohar and Alisha they surely did very wrong because of their lie twinkle lot her mom and sister …
    Now I am damn curious to read Kunj’s reaction after reading her side of story…
    Twinkle’s decision regarding Kunj in her life…
    Please post sooner next time really because the curiosity makes us bit impatient …
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    Now according to me first their was twinkle fault she hided things whatever his dad demanded from her….if she would have tell him nicely…definitely he would have understood her & his dad point of view…….
    Secondly kunj is fault because one side he promised her & her sister that he will trust them ….but what he did he misunderstood her & her family …..he pointed finger on her character & her family as well…….i totally understand whatever he saw & his dad told him he will believe them ….but what about his luv ….he would have atleast given a chance to explain her point….so for me kunj is more faulty …….
    Then the question is why manohar did it right ..so obviously he will do this …..arey for him his business is more matter then his son dream…..that’s why first he took twinkle in the confidence so that she may any how will convince him to focus on his business & when twinke asked money from him for her mother treatment…he took this as a golden chance & used it for separating twinj ….& may be imanohar is involved with alisha….. …
    One person who suffer alot in this is twinkle…….she lost her mother , sister & her luv ….
    I don’t think twinkle deserves kunj ….but ye dil kya kre twinkle still luv him….whatever she had lost it will be only recovered by her luv only. …so yeah …..this is my point…..???
    Don’t know what’s in ur mind …..????
    But plz haan post soon this ….?????
    Luv u ????

  5. TwiNjFanForever

    Its here! Yaayay. I was waiting for it and its here , I am super happy but sad as well, you know, the chapter was quite shocking, I mean their lives destroyed in those three days as mentioned. Leela and Sanchi died,why? NO!??? I loved her so much. ???? This was so unfortunate.
    And also, Manohar pagal hai kya? Dimaag se aidal ekdum.??I mean really? That man asked Twinkle to behave rude with him so that he can focus on his career, like really?? Agar woh usse pyaar se bhi bol deti na toh woh bhi kar deta woh! ? ? Sab kuch ulta pulta kar diya. Yes, Kunj wa damn rude! but if we see, he accepted what was presented before and anger blinds you anyway, aur ek min , he did ask Twinkle many times, the reason for that behavior of hers, both of them have suffered, shayad Twinkle ne jyada Kyunki she lost her family and the one she loved. It is messed up , circumstances are to be blamed in real sense. Anyways, I really want to see Kunj’s reaction when he comes to know of the truth.
    It was amazing, you write really well. Post soon ?

  6. Vibhu

    Oh god! At this point, I’m just speechless.
    Both Sanchi & Leela are dead..! It’s all due to Kunj. Had he trusted his love once, the consequences won’t have been so worse.
    I hate Manohar & Alisha to the core of my ?
    Apne bete k pyaar mein itna andha ho gya ki twinkle Ko jhootha sabit kr diya.
    I’m sure Alisha asked him to do all this. ?
    According to me, Twinkle’s only fault was that she wanted to decrease the differences between Kunj & his father. And Mr. Manohar Sarna took advantage of this. ?
    Gosh.. I hate this man.
    Poor twinkle
    I guess vo kuch jyada hi acchi bn gyi sabke liye.
    This world is so cruel ?
    Sabse jyada kharab tha uska luck… Pehle doctor ki appointment nahi mile phir paise arrange nahi ho paye aur jab ye dono cheezen hui toh it was too late. ?.
    I’m sure this blo*dy Alisha knee about Leela’s illness and even then came and told Leela about everything.
    She’s a witch.
    But don’t know what Leela wanted to tell about Kunj in her last time. Is it something important??
    I badly wanted to read it more. I just want to read Kunj’s reaction after knowing twinkle’s side story.
    He should regret for whatever he said to twinkle and especially SANCHI.
    She toh called him ‘Kunj bhaiya’ and even then he called her gold digger.
    Damn …. I’m hating him at this very moment.
    Actually Shalini, as a Twinj fan I would love to read a happy ending but deep inside I don’t want twinkle to accept his apologies anytime soon.
    I want him to regret that day & to suffer to the level twinkle suffered. ??
    I know both of them have been suffering but I feel it’s twinkle who suffered the most & also lost her family even being at no fault.
    Her only mistake was that she trusted Manohar. ?
    PS: Here’s the super long comment. I know it doesn’t contain any appreciative words, coz I don’t think I can express it in words.
    I’m sure you will be able to estimate the level of my anger after reading the comment.!
    Sorry, couldn’t control it yaarrr!!!!
    KEEP writing ❤️
    Bye (till you post next)
    July still has 7 days, post in these days (if possible) ?
    Super greedy fan! ?

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  8. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Bht hi zyada emotional tha ????
    Ye manohar to bht chalu hai twinkle ko apni Baaton m le liya…
    Aur ye twinkle madam iske kya kehne bhai… isko mahan lady aatma ka tag dena chahye. ???
    Dekh bhi rahi hai manohar Ka behavior Kunj k saath kesa hai phir bhi nahi samajh rahi…
    Are Yaar is alisha chodail ko bahar nikalo mujhe iska mun todna hai ??????
    And i knew it I just knew it… uv mahi ko hi propose karne k liye hi ye kar raha hai…
    But mujhe is me puri tarha se kunj ki to koi galti nahi lag rahi…
    Saari galti is chand manohar aur alisha ki hai ?????
    Aur is alisha chodail aur manohar ko Kya zaroorat thi jab twinkle kunj ko mana Kar k gayi thi k leela ko na batae to indono ko kya zaroorat thi leela ko batani ki… ??????
    And OMG sanchiiii nooo nooo nooo kyu akhir kyu kiya aesa kyu kyu kyu kyu…. ??????????????
    Is story m twinj k baad woh meri sab se favorite thi…
    Is manohar aur alisha ki kaaaran teen logon ki life barbad hogai… leela aur sanchi nahi rahe…. ??????
    Twinkle aur sanchi poor souls ????
    Bhale hi kunj ki koi galti na ho phir bhi story ke point of view se Kunj50% galat hai bhi aur nahi bhi…
    But sab se zyada twinkle ne suffer kiya…
    Yaar us bichari ki kya galti thi ????poor soul…
    Twinkle taneja yash se shaadi Kar hi le… ab pata nahi agar kunj ko sach pata chalega toh bhi apna sacrifice karega ya phir twinkle se maafi mang kar use manaega….


    Araam se karna…
    Kyu k isme itni mehnat jo lag gai…. ????

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  10. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fabulous episode dear all scene is too good and emotional also felling bad for Twinkle please post soon

  11. Fantastic episode dear and in all this I think Twinkle is wrong bcoz every time when Kunj ask him anything she never give right answer she always give confusing answer and it’s happen in real life also when you hide secrets it’s create misunderstanding and problems and about to trust when Twinkle do all thinks for Kunj that time she also not trust their love and do what Kunj father told him. And in the uv proposal case I don’t understand when she decided that Kunj never trust him their she never told anything atleast that time use her mind. Twinkle looks so dumb,deaf person. Why she makes friends? if she never take their help when she face very big problem in her life everybody feel bad about that’s things if you’re a friend. Well it’s just my opinion don’t feel bad and negative in this waiting for next part post soon

  12. Sameera

    I don’t know what to say yaar Di ???????????????you just made me damn speechless ???????????felt bad for both Leela and Sanchi really very much though Leela had a natural death but why Sanchi ???what she had done to deserve this type to death ???????? Whyyyyyy it was really very unfortunate that the most cutest character of the story died this way really feeling sad I couldn’t stop my tears rather than twinj Sanchi was my favourite in this story her selfless love for Kunj became a night mare for her Kunj had done really bad with her his anger his complaints was with twinkle why he involved Sanchi in ?????….
    Such an amazing episode everytime I wait for your this story like anything and every wait is worth after reading your next chapter which leaves a curiosity about next as well….now WAITING FOR KUNJ REACTION AND WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO. ????????????
    Haha yeah ??yehi century me post kardiya and I was jumping with happiness and chupke se raat ko time nikala hai read karne ?…
    So about your questions who was at fault ???? Either twinkle or Kunj I think both of them their love was weak to overcome any circumstances …
    Twinkle being Mahan followed Manohar the jerk blindly and gave Kunj that rude treatment even after knewing he was the type of guy who was hostile towards everyone she made a wall in his heart entered there made a place and then cause a blockade is she serious ? Does she really expected Kunj to believe her when she herself put that situation infront of him ????? So yeah twinkle mistake was that her character was already certified by Kunj she could have taken money got her mom’s treated worked hard and then with interest slap that money back on Kunj and his so called father face …the jerk who played a game very well ????????
    Ahaan not only twinkle was at fault so called lover boy who was feeling betrayed was also at fault …why he couldn’t saw her emotions when he trusted her this much why he didn’t let her explain once why he put Sanchi too in the conversation without knowing anything too immature right ..if his love was so selfless he could have believed her once rather than just standing their silently and then acting like the one who got a betrayal ???? he should have confronted her about everything without keeping anyone in between …
    Really sad that both of them at fault and was way too immature ? and obviously they did very well in ruining each other loves …
    And now who is at the fault ???? Uhmm hamari pyari writer ???? serious ek note to dedeti na di ?read at your own risk keep atleast a box of tissues ???
    ???I am feeling very bad in all those who suffered was Sanchi she was feeling her sister pain at every instant ?
    Though what happened with twinkle was really very unfortunate but she was the one putting herself in that condition …she could have told Kunj too regarding Leela but as usual she was trying to be a goody girl and didn’t disturbed Kunj ? great …
    Ishq ache me nahi bure me saath dene ka Naam hai ?
    Such an emotional episode it was felt really very bad don’t know what’s further but I just hope ❣ all’s well that’s end’s well ????…
    Babyeee love you ??????
    Thanks for posting ?
    Waiting for another century ?to pass ?????
    Now’s whose bday coming ahead ? ?Don’t tell me Oct wali ka hi Haan ?
    Tata see you love you miss you ??

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  14. Outstanding epi
    Really felt the pain of twinkle
    Why did u end sanchi’s character
    She is such a sweetheart
    Post soon pls……….☺☺☺☺☺

  15. ?????bahut hi jaida emotional tha yrrr mtalb jab last me sanchi ki death huyi na to ruk hi nhi payi khud ko????

    Sabse pehle twinkle ka fault h kisne kaha tha usko itna accha banner ke liye matlb hadd hoti h ek limit Tak ye kaisa aacha pan tha jisme usko PTA tha ki usko bhi pain hoga ????

    Aur ye Alisha kamini ek no. Ki sab kuch barbaad KR Diya sab jhut dikha dikha KR ??????Mann to kr Raha tha Mar du usko ??????

    Aur qns. Ye h manohar me Kyu jhut bola Kya vo bhi Alisha ke saath iss plan me tha ????

    Aur mere ko ye batao aisi demand Kon rakhta h aap Meri sister ko purpose ko Meri jagah?????vha se hi sab kuch badal gya

    Aur kunj ka bhi fault h usko thoda sa to believe krna chahiye tha twinkle pr aur manti hu situation aesi thi but ittu sa believe to hona chahiye tha
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    Sanchi ka character best tha mtlb pehli baar twinkle ki jagah sanchi ko dekhne mtlb read krne me mza aaya????
    Aur Leela ??????last time Tak himmat nhi haar rahi thi kisi se help nhi le rahi thi???????

    Ek request h vo Teri Marzi h tu Puri kregi ya nhi ????plzzz sanchi ke character ko khatam mat kr plzzzzzzzz thoda sa story change kr de usko coma me bhej de ya kuch bhi kr de vo Teri Marzi pr usko khatam mat kr ????

    Mere ko dekhna h kunj aur sanchi ke Bhai -behen wale bond ko aur plzzzzzzzzzzz???

    Suspense bahut h aabhi iss ss me jaise ki manohar??

    Fantastic fabulous episode full package emotions ?????????
    To plzzzzzzzz Devi ji post soon plzzzzzz

  16. Aur haan thank u itni aachi birthday treat ke liye ☺️☺️☺️☺️aur haan me sad ho gyi hu isko read krne ke baad kyoki itna emotional Jo tha yrrrr????

    Okkk bbye

  17. Shalu02

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear feeling really bad for Kunj and specially twinkle. I think both Twinkle and Kunj are wrong

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