Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 4 (New)

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“It’s my kind request to you Kunj.. please don’t mess up my life.. don’t hurt yourself as well as me by your such actions”… nd she walked out of the room weeping her tears off.. she was angry, hurt nd disappointed with my behaviour.. I know she was in shock bcz of my this side.. even I was surprised on myself.. I was behaving like a psycho.. it was my hatred towards her or my obsession for her even I don’t know, but all the time I was just rude with her.. her ignorance, her mysterious side was just making me to go mad.. all these have overpower me this much that I was ready to become a Beast.. my emotions, my feelings nothing was in my control.. I just wanted to know why she ditch me.. why she left me.. why she broke my heart.. nd to get my answers I was ready to do anything bcz now my heart was in my mind’s control nd I could do nothing but following my mind…

I was in my room nd just thinking about her, our past was flashing in my mind nd when I dose off in sleep I don’t know nd after about two hours I came in living room where others were gossiping, but Twinkle was not present.. well I thought to ignore her.. I also joined them..

“Where is Yash?”.. Uv asked who has just come in from outside..

“He nd Twinkle has gone to meet the house owner bcz he has called for something important”.. Kartik answered him… as much as I was trying to avoid her, it was getting more difficult for me listening her name specially with Yash.. I was trying to be casual but nothing was working..

Well after some time she came back with him.. both were together looking happy while doing funny talk increasing my anger.. it’s really very difficult to see your love with someoneelse..

“What was he saying? Is any problem?”..

“Nothing is serious Uv.. actually a room’s lock is defective nd not working well.. sometimes it sealed door nd hardly unlock it.. so he has called me to check it bcz he is going out of city”..

“Oh.. that’s good that he informed us on time”.. their chit chat their conversation was continue so I left for my room.. I’ve nothing to do there.. I was in balcony when I heard Yash talking with Twinkle in the garden.. I thought to leave from there but don’t know why I couldn’t move..

“Twinkle what’s the problem? Why are you upset?”..

“Nothing Yash.. I’m not upset.. why do you feel like that?”..

“Twinkle, don’t lie to me.. you know you are very dumb in this”.. a sarcastic smile scape from me listening this.. he didn’t know how big lier she was..

“Yash, why don’t you believe me? I’m fine.. don’t think much”..

“Twinkle, you know if you won’t tell me, I can find out it very easily from your d..”

“Yash, don’t you dare to do that I’m really gonna kill you”.. she interrupted him nd was beating him by her purse nd he was protesting..

“Oh my mother India, I was just trying to blackmail you nd you know that then why are you beating me like this”..

“I’m warning you Yash if you dare to do that I’ll kill you”… their bond seems strong.. I was angry on both of them but at the same time I was jealous.. yes I was feeling jealous seeing him with Twinkle.. I was feeling like kill him but I can’t do that when she was not bothered with it, when she was interested in him then why should it matters to me.. I left from there leaving them to enjoy their own company..

In evening, we left for the restaurant.. It was not just restaurant but also a pub.. well they’ve booked two tables, one for me, Rehan, Kartik, Seher nd Aryan nd other one for Twinkle, Mahi, Survi, Yuvi nd Yash.. as there was time to prepare foods, we’ve ordered, so we have nothing to do but have chit-chat to pass the time.. but we’ve ordered some soft drinks.. I was again trying to not look at Twinkle, to not observe her..

On the other side there was a dance floor nd many people were dancing there…

“Hey guys, let’s have a dance until our order is getting prepared”.. Uv asked to everyone..

“Even I was thinking same.. yeah, let’s go”.. Kartik said while asking to Survi.. Rehan nd Seher also agreed to them nd went to the dance floor..

“So, may I have an honour to dance with this beautiful lady?”


“Please yaar Twinkle mana mat karna”.. I was watching my Love getting proposed for a dance by another guy in front of me nd I could do nothing but sitting idle nd helplessly.. I was angry on her, on myself, one my fate for my messed life.. she looked at me, maybe to see my reaction but I turned my face other side to pretend that I don’t care what she’s doing in her life but it wasn’t fact I know she was aware of this specially bcz of my morning behaviour.. nd she left with him nd I could do just watch her..

Kartik was insisting me too to join them nd I couldn’t resist nd went to them Aryan was also there.. All were dancing there while couples were romantically so was Yash with Twinkle nd I couldn’t see their closeness, the way both were dancing, the way he was touching her, was increasing my temper high.. it was just killing me from inside on my heart.. I was not able to see them like this so I left from there nd sat on the chair.. I was alone nd trying to divert my mind, to control myself but that was unbearable nd anger has over power me that much that I was just tightening my fist.. I didn’t even care about the glass I’ve held in my hand nd I don’t know when I broke it into pieces in anger.. I realised it when Aryan shake me while calling my name..

“Kunj! Have you gone mad?.. tu pehle chal yahan se before someone see your this condition”..

“No Aryan, I’m fine”..

“Yeah, I can see that.. your hand is bleeding, your beautiful face is glowing with anger, obviously you are fine”.. I could do nothing but give a death glare to him but it didn’t affect him.. he was as angry as I was.. he was scolding me in low voice..

“Kunj, don’t stare me like this it doesn’t work at me.. nd let’s go from here otherwise I’ll tell everyone about you nd Twinkle”..

“You won’t do anything like this Aryan”..

“If you are going from here”.. I couldn’t argue with him but gave in.. he drag me from there without caring what others will think..

“Now hurt yourself as much as you want.. I’ll not say a word.. take it.. Kunj, hold it nd hurt yourself”.. he yelled at me angrily giving me a glass bottle.. we were in parking area..

“I’m sorry Aryan, I was just.. I..”..

“Khud ko hurt karne me tujhe maza ata hai na? To ab kyun ni karta?.. I won’t stop you.. why should I care.. it’s your life, do whatever you want.. hurt yourself or kill.. who care”…

“Aryan don’t say like this.. I’m sorry”..

“What sorry? What are you doing Kunj? What do you want to prove? Tu hi bolta hai na tujhe uske presence se koi fark nahi padta phir kyun tu aisi harkate ka raha hai? Can’t you ignore her? Why are you behaving like a psycho?”..

“Yeah, I can’t ignore her.. specially when that Yash is around her, with her.. I’ve mixed feelings in my heart for her.. I don’t wanna see her but whenever I see her I can’t take off my eyes on her.. I hate her.. I hate her so much but my love overpower me nd I just can’t move on.. I don’t want to remember our past, I want to forget that once she was my love, I always want to remind myself that she is nothing to me nd I always try to stop my feelings, control my emotions, I always try to pretend that I don’t care about her, her presence doesn’t affect me but No.. I’m not able to do so.. I’m unable to get out of all this mess.. I can’t forget those times.. I can’t ignore that she used me, played with my feelings.. I’m unable to pretend to be happy.. I know she cheated on me still I can’t see her with someone else.. I hate her but more than it I still Love her madly”… I was broken nd sat on the floor with the support of car bonnet… Aryan came to me with a first aid box, I think it was in the car.. he tried to bandage my hand but I jerk his hand away while getting up on my feet..

“I don’t need it Aryan bcz this injury is not as deep as she gave me in my heart. I feel very bad that the girl whom I love deeply, is with someone else in front of my eyes nd I can do nothing but just to pretend to be happy nd stranger. I wish I could go back to Amritsar, I don’t have enough courage to face all this. I just want to know Aryan is she had to leave me, she never had feelings for me then why she showed me a dream with her? Why she showered her fake love?.. I’m tired of all this”… today I told him my feelings my inner pain.. I was about to speak again but interrupted by Aryan’s phone ring..

“It’s Kartik.. now say what to tell him?”.. he asked annoyingly nd received the call.. I said nothing to him but grabbed his phone..

“Aryan, where are you nd Kunj.. we are waiting?”..

“I’m in parking area.. don’t worry I’m coming there only”.. I answered him while cutting the call nd hand over phone to Arayan..

“Have you gone mad or what?.. what will you answer them about your injury.. Kunj, you are not going back in restaurant”..

“Nd what do you think I’ll run away from here, then problem will be solved?”..

“Kunj tu ye sab na bol to hi theek hai.. problem create kisne kiya hai?”..

“Maine kiya hai to main hi solve bhi karunga.. nd why should I leave from here just bcz of her?”..

“Bandage to kar le mere bhai.. please”.. I chuckled at his request nd couldn’t resist.. then we went back to all.. nd there I’ve to face their questions.. but like last time again I made excuse I hope they believed.. luckily I was injured in left hand otherwise it was difficult to eat my dinner by right hand.. well we did our dinner nd left from there..


After few minutes of our dance we come back to our table nd didn’t find out Kunj there.. nd I know where he was.. he was injured nd Aman took him out of restaurant.. I was feeling bad but I can’t do anything.. nd when he returned his excuses were amazing in which he was expert.. I was angry on him for doing such stupidity.. I don’t know why he was making our lives complicated.. I pleaded him not behave like this but he didn’t care of anything..

We were back to our place after having our dinner nd going to their respective rooms butI I was outside only nd stop Kunj too..

“Why are doing this Kunj?”.. I asked to Kunj who was going into the house..

“What I’m doing?”.. he pretended as not understanding what I mean.. I also didn’t react much but pointed to his bandaged hand..

“What? It’s just a injury in my hand.. so?”..

“Kunj, why are you doing this?”..

“What I’m doing?.. wait a second..don’t tell me that you are thinking that I did this in jealousy?.. oh come on Twinkle.. if you are thinking something like this then please.. come back in reality.. I don’t care what you doing or with whom you are.. it was just an accident.. don’t give so much importance to yourself in my life.. you don’t matter to me”..

“Nice to hear it.. that’ll be better for..” ..

“You don’t need to care about my betterment Twinkle Taneja”..

“Relax Kunj Sarna.. don’t be impatient.. first let me complete my words.. you also don’t give yourself so much importance in my life.. that’ll be better for Me bcz I don’t want any problem in my life anymore.. please let me live peacefully.. don’t behave like you did in morning”..

“Then I’m sorry Miss Taneja, bcz I’m not going to let you live peacefully until you answer my questions, until you tell me why you played with my feelings.. you don’t matter in my life then it doesn’t mean I’ll forgot what you’ve done with me.. I’ll always remind you your betrayal, how selfish nd cheap you are”… what I should do what I should say to him.. I didn’t have that much power to argue back to him nd if I would do that, issues will just increase.. so I just gave up nd was listening his taunts, his bitter words.. I left from there without uttering a word.. nd another night passed with crying nd praying to God to show me a way to come out of this storm of my life..

Next morning, we’ve to move to other house so after having our breakfast, we engrossed in packing our bags..

“Twinkle, Chinki is coming to meet you.. she needs your help”.. Mahi inform me.

“But how can she come leaving her sister’s marriage?”..

“She didn’t told me anything just said she’ll tell us after meeting”.. I was tensed that is there any problem with her.. well, I can’t guess anything I just have to wait for her.. after half an hour we heard doorbell nd Survi went to open it nd she was Chinki only.. she was looking nervous as well as tensed.. she greeted us nd so did we.. all were in living room bcz we were about to leave the house..

“What happened Chinki? Aise suddenly kaise aa gayi?”..

“Twinkle, actually..”

“Bol na?.. what happened?”..

“Twinkle, I need your help I’m in a very serious problem nd only you can help me out”..

“But what’s the problem?.”..

“Twinkle, actually the wedding planner, we’ve hired for my sister’s marriage, has faced with an accident nd she can’t move anywhere at least for a month bcz of the fracture in her leg nd her coworkers are not ready to handle the marriage preparation without her”… I was listening her problem while she further added

“Nd now major problem is Rayna’s in-laws, they are an exhibitionist, love show off their lives nd you know marriage is day after tomorrow nd it’s almost impossible to find another wedding planner nd tell them about the marriage plans in such less time”

“Yeah, you are right”.. Survi said understanding her problem..

“Chinki, don’t tell you want me to handle this”.. I said realising her intention..

“Please Twinkle, don’t refuse only you can help me”

“Chinki, I’m sorry but you’ve to manage it by yourself, I can’t help you. I’ve promise to Survi that I won’t take any contact for a month, till her marriage nd you know that, I’ve already told you”

“Yes Chinki, she can’t go, you should ask someone else. Bahot mushkil se is Twinkle ne mujhe time dene ka promise kkya hai now you can’t ruin it”..

“Survi, please yaar, at least for Rayna let her go with me.. please”..

“This is not fair, you can’t emotionally blackmail me”.. I have nothing to say bcz it was all up to Survi nd if she agreed her I don’t have problem, I would go with her. And I knew she won’t refuse her nd yeah, she agreed nd give permission to take me with her. But now problem was that my team members were not there to help me bcz they were on leave as I asked them that I’ll call them after a week nd now I can’t call them immediately from Bhopal.

“I think you should take someone for your help among us only”.. Rehan said. It was good idea yet it wasn’t possible. Mahi can’t go with me bcz of Krish nd Uv was dealing some important projects now a days nd wasn’t free for a week more. Yash has a meeting with some expert doctors next day. Seher nd Rehan has also some important work. Everyone has their own work to do so now I’ve to do it all alone.

“Twinkle, I think you should take Kunj with you as your partner, he would help you better than us bcz he used to do this in college sometimes nd he has a good experience about it”.. Kartik said. I winded my eyes in shock, what he just said unknowingly. I looked at Kunj who was near the window nd his expression was also shocking. Our eyes met nd then broken by Seher

“He is right Twinkle, you must take him with you for your help. He gives really good ideas”..

“Yeah, nd trust me you’ll enjoy his company”.. Rehan said.. trio were not giving me or Kunj a chance to speak.. how can I go with him? How easily they said me to take him with me even knowing that he isn’t less than a stranger for me..


“Kunj, I hope you don’t have any problem? It’s just a matter of 2 days”.. Kartik again interrupted me. I didn’t want him to be with me not even for 2 minutes, 2 day was not less than years. I don’t know what he was going to say but I can’t wait for his answer.

“It’s ok Kartik, I’ll manage Chinki will help me she also know about this”..

“I’m so sorry Twinkle, but I can’t help you bcz I’m not with you but I’ll be there by tomorrow evening bcz I’ve very urgent work to do in Mumbai nd I can’t go without finishing it”..

“What?? But Chinki how can I go without you? Marriage is in Jaipur but not in Bhopal nd I don’t even know anybody else except you nd Rayna”..

“I’m sorry Twinkle, I never meant to trouble you but I’m really stuck in a mess. Please try to understand. I know you can go alone it’s a big deal for you but Twinkle just for the support, If Kunj don’t have any problem please go with him”.. I was totally frustrated with the situation. She was in a trouble nd I can’t refuse her but I can’t even go with Kunj, I don’t need his help. I can manage it myself but no one was understanding me what I’m feeling nd I don’t even have a valid reason for refusing his help. So I gave in with the hope that Kunj would make any excuse but I was wrong, he also said yes. I was just looking him helplessly.

Everything was discussed so I’ve to prepare for that but before that we’ve to shift in other house so went there. Nd I don’t know why this was happening with me, why God is against me, as far as I want to go from Kunj he was bringing us close. Here also our room was next to each other. My heart just wanted to cry out on my helplessness but I can’t, I was unable. I was feeling like to hate my faith. Kunj was in front of me, we both staring each other with no words spoken.

I packed my necessary luggage for the trip nd come out of the room to ask about the flight time as it was booked by Rehan. Nd it was after 2 hours. Chinki told us that she has asked someone to pick up us from the airport bcz we don’t know the location, we’ve to go. Unwillingly nd hiding my pain in my heart nd faking a smile on my face I left for the airport with Kunj in Uv’s car. Kartik nd Rehan were there to bid us bye. Since all this happened, there was no conversation between me nd Kunj. Well we both were in flight nd like nothing was going in my favour, so obviously our seats were together. I was on window seat while Kunj was next to me. An uncomfortable, awkward moment I was facing. Just to distract myself, I put on my earphone nd closed my eyes keeping my head on headboard.


We both were in flight with no conversations, like strangers. I know she was uncomfortable with me even I was not interested in going with her anywhere. I wanted to refuse to go with her but if I had denied, I would’ve to tell the reason nd I never want to create any issue. I knew very well that being with her will always remind me our past nd it’ll just hurt me but I’ve to bear this for my friends. She was listening music, maybe be while I was sitting idle nd lost in my thoughts. A thought, should I trouble her with my behaviour again? Or I should just behave like nothing to her? My mind, my heart both jave this conversation with no final decision.

Finally, we landed in Jaipur. There we saw someone, holding a nameplate of our name in his hand. It was strange though, we can’t be one in real but on a paper at least we were together, our name was written together, TwinkleKunj. I couldn’t understand how should I feel. Seriously, God was playing such a bad game with us, huh. Well we went to him with our bags nd after our introduction he lead us to the car nd seated on the back seat bcz there was someone else also with the boy. Again together huh, what the hell is going on with me. Where I was stuck?

We reached to our destination. It was a big house actually a bungalow. We went into it nd saw no decoration. It wasn’t looking like a wedding house. It means, Twinkle has a lot to do in very less time. I turned to her to look at her nd she was just staring everywhere nd nervousness was clearly visible on her face. I wanted to make her calm down but I didn’t have guts to show my concern for her nd BTW, why should I care for her? It’s her job nd I’m sure she has experiences to handle such situations nd if not then that’s her problem not mine.

“Hi Twinkle!”.. a girl came to us nd hug her

“Rayna!”.. oh so she is Chinki’s sister? I thought in my mind. She was pretty beautiful.

“How was your journey?”.. she asked breaking their hug. Twinkle gives me a disgusting look while saying it was ok. I understand what was the intension of her that look. Huh.. as I was enjoying her company, for me it was not less than stuffiness. I turned my face other side to avoid her. Rayna greeted me too.

“Hi, I’m Kunj Sarna” I introduced myself while shaking my hand with her. He expression was confusing.

“Why I’m feeling like I’ve heard this name?”

“Bcz I’m most famous in the world”.. I joked on her question making her laugh. Just then some more people came to us. We were in living room. They were Rayna’s parents nd her in-laws. She introduced us. They belong to a royal family nd wedding theme was also royal as Chinki told us but Rayna’s in-laws are not as bad as I imagined. Meeting her in-laws, I was also confused as I’ve seen them before also. But couldn’t remember. It seems all the guest nd friends have arrived. Just preparation was on pending.

“Twinkle Kunj, come I’ll show you your room”.. she proceed to the first floor followed by both of us. Our room was in the very last nd in front of each other’s. I went into my room nd had a shower to reduce my exhaustion as we’ve to go to understand everything about their costumes, their rituals nd traditions so that we can start all the preparation as we’ve very less times. After some time I come out of room nd went down in living room nd I was shocked to see Twinkle there. It was a miracle or what or I’ve become lazy nowadays? She was there before me? She took just twenty minutes to get ready unlike girls usual habit. She was discussing with them I also went them.

“Rayna, where is your fiancee? Won’t you introduce us?”..

“Oh sorry Twinkle, has gone out for some work, he must be coming anytime”.. as she said this, we heard someone calling her name from outside. As we turned I was shocked to see him..


“Hey Kunj, you here?what’s a pleasant surprise dude”.. he came nd just hug me..

“You both know each other?”..

“Rayna, I have told you about my hostel friend in school time, Kunj Sarna? He is the one my partner Kunj”..

“Oh yeah, that’s why I was thinking that why his name is familiar”..

“Even I was wondering why I’m feeling like I’ve met your parents before also”.. finally my doubts was clear. Sachin nd me were in hostel till our 12th nd were beasties. After finishing our school we left for our respective home towns nd after that we were not in contact. He introduced himself to twinkle nd so did Twinkle. Everyone left from there to do their work leaving me nd Sachin alone.

“Well Kunj, tu abhi bhi waisa hi bilkul nahi badla”

“Par tu pura badal gaya hai, saale shadi kar raha hai but mujhe hi invite nahi kiya”..

“Kunj, I know you won’t believe but you also know we were not in contact after school nd trust me when I heard about your success nd all I tried many times to be in your touch but I was failed nd after my marriage fixed, I again tried nd my good luck I got your contact number nd I called you but it was your father’s nd he said you are busy in your business trip nd this is what he said 2-3 times so I left the hope”.. listening him I couldn’t said a word, no conversation bcz I he was right. It was not the first time that I heard something like that nd I was habituated of this. It was Kartik nd Rehan’s good luck or what but both called me directly when I wasn’t too busy instead of my Dad otherwise I wouldn’t have come here. Well, we did some chit-chat nd then I went to Twinkle, who was not doing all the preparation. She was instructing all the servants for the decoration.

“May I help you?”..

“No thanks, I can manage”

“But I’m here to help you only but not to sit idle”..

“I didn’t asked you to come, you only come with me”..

“I was also not introduction to come with you nd you didn’t even stop me”..

“So? You should’ve refuse why did you agree with them”..

“Bcz I also don’t want to hurt my friends like you so please don’t argue with me on this topic”… we both were just showing attitude to each other. She didn’t argue back nd left. I was also looking all workers how they were following her instructions.

“Hey Kunj, where is Twinkle?”.. Rayna asked in hurry

“She was here only, any problem? May I help you?”..

“Actually, here is the list of some important rituals which she’s to be careful for, I’ve to give her”..

“Give it to me, I’ll handover her”.. she gave me the list nd left to search her but was nowhere looking so I thought she might be in her room nd I left for her room.. I knocked the door but no reply. I was about to go but found door was slightly open so I entered into the room. But she wasn’t there. I was about to leave then my gaze fell on the bed, where her diary was nd it reminds me that she was writing same diary when I went to congratulate her for her wedding.

“She started writing Dairy? Should I read it or not? It may contain her privacy”.. I asked to myself. Reading a girls personal diary is not a good manner so I drop this thought nd started to leave but again stop. .

“What if I get my answers in her diary? I think I should read it”.. I was confused nd fighting with my mind nd heart. I thought a lot nd end up with I should read her diary. I don’t know whether she has written everything true or just what she wants to show but still, I’ve to read it. I lead to the bed to pick up the diary but just then I heard a noise in washroom,

“She is in washroom? If she would see me then I won’t be able to read her diary. I’ll have to go from here before she come back into the room”.. I thought myself nd pick her diary nd was about to walk out of room but..

“Kunj!!”… she called me coming from washroom. My bad luck has decided to follow me everywhere.


I hope you like it. Sorry if it was boring. Nd thanks to everyone who has commented on previous part 😊😊

Well, response I’m getting on this story, is very disappointed. If I will get response like this then I’ll discontinue it for sure.

Sorry for grammatical nd typing error. No proof reading.


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    Plzzzz post soon
    Luvvvvvvv u chudail πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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