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Finally we reached airport nd I saw Him.. Uv aka Yuvraj Luthra.. the one who was the reason of our separation.. who was the reason of my pain.. breaking my heart he was here with his happy family.. he has a cute little baby boy who was in twinkle’s arm nd both were looking very happy as they have got something special.. I have covered my eyes with goggle to hide my eyes who were red due to anger nd tears.. I couldn’t see that so I pretend to be on call… suddenly I heard a voice calling me.. he was Uv only my anger was on peak but I had to control myself bcz I didn’t wanted to create any issue.. so I cut the call..

“You are Kunj Sarna s/o Mr. Manohar Sarna.. right??”.. he asked for the confirmation…

“How do you know him??”.. asked Kartik being confused

“Don’t forget I’m also from Amritsar.. nd about Kunj Sarna.. who don’t know him??… he is one of the most eligible business tycoon of India nd son of Manohar Sarna famous businessman of Amritsar.. so absolutely I know him”.. he cleared his confusion making me surprised.. does he really know me just bcz of my name nd fame nd nothing else??.. why his behaviour was showing that he never know me before??

“Hey Kunj.. hi.. myself Yuvraj Luthra.. I’m Kartik’s friend”.. he introduced himself bringing me from my thoughts nd making me surprised again.. he is just Kartik’s friend??.. He really don’t know that Twinkle nd me….??… I looked at Twinkle who was looking like upset.. as she was trying to hide something from me.. I shakes my hand with him nd before we could talk further I got another surprise or can say biggest shock of my life when Kartik asked..

“You’ve come alone??.. where is BHABHI???..

“Your BHABHI is with her Devar helping him in some projects”… I didn’t know what was happening.. he was married to someone else??.. then what about Twinkle??.. nd whom all were talking about yesterday night??.. everything was like messed up.. nothing was getting clear.. what was happening here? I’m wrong or she is not the person she shows the world??.. all the thoughts were running in my mind..

“Hey Kartik! Me nd Twinkle is going in one car with Seher nd Survi .. you nd Rehan come with Kunj nd Aryan in another.. hope you won’t have problem?”…

“Oye! Why are you behaving formal?” Ofcourse I don’t have any problem”.. Uv nd Kartik discussed about it but I was still lost in my thoughts nd looking Twinkle only.. After some time all seated in car as planned.. I was on back seat with Aryan completely confused.. I know even Aryan’s condition was same.. my thoughts were broken by Kartik’s voice..

“What happened to you Kunj? Since you’ve met us you are behaving wired.. you are change.. In college time you never be quite for a moment also but now you most of the time stay silent.. what’s the matter?”..

“You are right Kartik.. even on airport his behaviour was strange.. you are not same Kunj we know.. you’ve completely changed”.. Rehan nd Kartik both were surprised by my behaviour nd ofcourse it was surprising for them.. but how to tell them what was bothering me.. what I was going through.. how I was feeling right now..

“No guys.. nothing.. it’s just some business issues I’m upset for.. don’t worry”..

“Are you sure?”.. I convince them but truth was I was more upset now.. I was more restless now than before.. I wanted to know about twinkle.. I wanted to know the truth.. I wanted to know who was at fault.. what was happening.. but couldn’t get courage to ask it to both of them.. I didn’t know how to ask about Twinkle’s relation with Uv.. but I can’t stay quite for more time.. I can’t handle it anymore… I had to know why she did this to me?.. so I let be nd asked to Kartik..

“Kartik! You didn’t told me about Yuvraj.. who is he to you nd…… Twinkle??”… I spoke Twinkle’s name with much difficulties.. Aryan put his hand on mine which I’ve kept on the seat.. I looked at him who was trying to make me calm.. I know even he wanted to know the truth…

“Oh sorry Kunj.. I forgot to tell you about him.. actually Uv is my nd Rehan’s business partner nd friend too.. as I told you that Twinkle is Survi’s friend so Uv is also her friend.. trio know each other from their childhoods.. but Twinkle nd Uv’s bond is very strong both are very close friends nd always be there for each other.. but now they have another relation between them”.. he was driving so for few minutes he paused making me restless..

“Uv was in love with Mahi, Twinkle’s cousin who loves Twinkle more than a real sister.. so bcz of Mahi Twinkle’s friendship with Uv turns in jija- sali relation.. For Uv most irritating relation”… he nd Rehan laugh at this increasing my curiosity to know why she lied to me.. why she accepted that she had an affair with Uv?..was she just playing with my emotions, my feelings??..

“But now both are going to make another relationship”.. his this statement made me restless again.. I know I should not think about her nd whatever she was doing in life, it shouldn’t affect me but I was helpless by my heart.. I was still praying that whatever I was thinking should prove wrong.. I’ve still an expectation from Twinkle that she’s not move on in her life.. Before I could ask about what they were talking, we reached our destination.. it was a farmhouse.. we entered in the house taking our luggage with us.. Uv has just reached there with all girls before us.. there was another lady or can say a married girl who was looking very pretty..

“Aa gaye sab??.. kabse wait kar rahi hun sabka”.. the girl said taking Krish from Twinkle nd greeting all of us.. Uv introduced us..

“Mahi! He is Kunj Sarna Kartik nd Rehan’s friend nd he is Aryan, Kunj’s friend”.. so she is Mahi??.. I thought in my mind..

“Nd Kunj! She is Dr. Mahi, Survi work with her in same hospital, bcz of her only I met Survi”.. Kartik explained.. we all adjusted ourselves on sofa while till then Mahi has served some deserts for us on the table.. she was perfect girl who has managed her family as well as professional life very well… we started our chit-chat while Survi nd Kartik started their complain to both of them for not attending their engagement nd they were trying to give clarification which was showing their bond, their love towards each other.. but my attention was on just Twinkle who was busy in her mobile looking upset..

“Twinkle! What happened?”..

“No.. nothing.. I’m calling him but he is not receiving neither even replying my messages”..

“I was in washroom yaar.. kabhi toh wait kar liya kar”.. I heard a guy replying to Twinkle from stares.. he was about my age..

“Khud to mera call receive nahi karti nd main aisa karun to tufan khada kar deti hai”..

“If you both want to fight then go to out of house bcz we’ve to discuss about functions”.. Rehan said seems annoyed..

“Ate hi kaam shuru??.. come on guys, take rest for some time then discuss”.. the guy replied to him coming to us..

“Leave it idiots nd meet my friend Kunj Sarna”.. Kartik said introducing us..

“Kunj! He is Yash Luthra, our duffer friend nd Uv’s twin brother, he is also doctor nd…”…

“Thoda mere liye bhi chhod de.. main bhi de sakta hun apna intro”… he said annoyingly making us laugh..

“So Kunj Sarna… son of Manohar Sarna? Who has donated a big amount to an orphanage charity in last month.. right??”… I wasn’t surprised that how easily My Dad has made a good image in society, people thinks that he has a good heart, he cares for others but reality was something else nd that’s only I know.. who don’t have time for his own child, for whom life is just a business nd nothing else..

“Actually we have also help them in medical treatment nd requiremets nd that how I came to know about your father.. anyways nice to meet you”… he said while shaking his hand with mine.. nd after that we did some further talk but since we have come here Twinkle was quite.. she was not talking to anyone nd don’t know why… nd this is what Seher also noticed nd so she asked it but she didn’t speak..

“Oye mother India! You are still angry with me??.. Arrey bola toh ab irritate nahi karunga”… Yash said while Kartik was teasing him but his one statement made me like I’ve lost something again before I could get it..

“You’ve still chance Dr. Yash.. refuse to marry with her otherwise your life will end in pacifying her”…. I was speachless, I was numb.. I didn’t know how to react on this.. I just looked at Twinkle who was looking back at me.. for the first time we look into each other’s eyes since we met.. her eyes have something to say which I was not able to understand or maybe I understand them but her eyes were lying to me.. I don’t know what she was doing.. only thing I was thinking or can say asking to God why he was doing this with me? I wish I had accepted Dad’s refusal nd hadn’t came here I would not have got this pain again.. I was again heart broken.. but no.. now it’s ENOUGH.. I can’t bear this anymore.. I can’t tolerate this pain anymore.. now I promise myself that I’ll get my answer, I’ll ask her why she did this to me, why she lied to me.. today I’ll find out the truth at any cost.. I was cursing myself for coming here but as it’s said that everything happens for a reason so maybe my destiny also want me to get my all answers I was waiting till now.. which was killing me from inside my heart..



Finally He got to know what I didn’t wanted him to know about.. I know he was surprised, he was shocked bcz it was all beyond of his expectations.. that’s why I didn’t wanted him to come with us but couldn’t do anything.. I know now he has lots of questions in his mind he wanted to ask but I was just wishing we would not come face to face.. after reaching Uv’s farmhouse he got biggest shock of his life YASH.. I don’t know how will he react.. I don’t know how I’ll face him.. I don’t know what I’ll answer him when his eyes will question me.. I don’t why God was playing such a worst game with us.. when he’s separated us then why he brought our past in our present.. I was looking at him nd I can feel his pain.. he was heart broken again nd could do nothing..

It was decided that day after tomorrow we’ll go to that house Uv has booked for marriage for a month.. Mahi ask everyone to take rest nd also told us about her evening plan that was dinner party in our favourite restaurant.. she shows to everyone their respective rooms.. all have separate room..I was going to my room which was on left side of first floor.. here was two rooms in this direction.. I was about to open the door when I saw kunj coming towards me.. I was shocked.. my heart beats increased on his each step he was forwarding.. then I realised that Kunj’s room was next to mine.. as he reached to me I entered in room closing the door..

I was breathing heavily don’t know why.. I know he will never hurt me intentionally but still I was afraid.. may be bcz I was not ready to face him, to look in his eyes nd say the truth.. I was trying to catch my breath nd after sometime I felt relaxed.. I went in washroom to change.. but all the time his face was running in front of my eyes.. after some time I thought to go Mahi nd walk out of room.. about four five steps I’ve walked when someone pulled me aside.. nd I know it was Kunj who pulled me in his room closing the door behind us.. his grip was tighten on my hand which he has twisted on my back from behind while his other hand was wrapped on my neck.. my back was on his front..

“What are you doing? Leave me”.. his grip was hurting me but still I was feeling peace in his embrace..

“No.. I will not leave you”..

“Kunj! You are hurting me.. please leave me”..

“Really? I’m hurting you?.. but what about me Ms. Taneja? What about my pain you’ve given me?”..

“Kunj! Leave my hand”..

“First answer me Twinkle.. why you lied me??.. if you never loved me.. if there was nothing in your heart for me.. then why you played with my emotions?.. you should’ve told me that I’m nothing for you main tumhein azad kar deta apne pyar se bina koi sawal kiye but you hurts me.. why twinkle why?.. why you lied that you love Uv?”..

“Really Kunj Sarna?.. I’ve hurt you??”…

“This is not the answer of my question.. tell me why you did this with me??”…

“Bcz I’m a Characterless Girl Kunj Sarna.. A Characterless Girl from a middleclass family who make relationship with numerous guys just for money..Have You Forgotten That Kunj??.. nd please leave me.. you don’t like to touch a girl like me.. look na.. maine apse pyar ka natak kiya phir Uv se pyar kiya nd now going to marry with Yash leaving you both.. nd maybe I’ll leave him too nd marry with someone else.. after all it’s my reality”…tears started drop down on my cheeks.. nd I know whatever I told him hurt him most.. but it was the word he has told me once.. I also know that what I’ve done with him was not forgettable nd forgivable but he also has not done good with me..

I don’t know he was guilty or what but he was speachless nd listening this he loosen his grip on my hands.. so I freed myself from him nd was about to run away from there but again he holds my hand nd pulled me towards him causing me put my hand his shoulder.. this time we were facing each other.. we were able to feel our breath on our face nd neck.. he has again twisted my other hand on my back.. we were looking into each other’s eyes deeply nd I can feel the pain he was suffering like me.. “Ahh”.. he tighten his grip more leaving no space between us nd making me winch..

“Kunj! Leave me.. it’s hurting me”..

“I’ve trusted you more than anyone else.. more than myself.. why you broke my trust Twinkle??.. why you…”… before he could complete his sentence I cut him in between.. nd give him sarcastic laugh..

“Trust?.. do you really think Kunj that you always believed me??.. Do you know the meaning of Trust??”…

“Twinkle…”.. he was about to say something but we heard someone calling me..

“Kunj please leave me.. I don’t want anyone see us like this? I don’t want to create any issue in this happy moment”.. he left my hand nd I stepped back..

“Oh yeah.. how can I forget that no one is aware about us nd you’ve a good image in their eyes so how can you ruin that.. right??”.. he asked sarcastically but I didn’t replied nd run away from there..

I came in hall where all were chit chatting.. I was still thinking about whatever happened in room.. He also came nd joined boys starring me..

“Twinkle! Have you nd Yash decided something about your engagement??”… Rehan asked bringing me back from my thoughts..

“No.. not yet”.. I looked at Kunj who was trying to avoid my gaze as it doesn’t affect him.. but somewhere it’s good for us bcz we were no more in relationships nd we both were moved on..

“What yaar?.. Jaldi se kuch plan karo na.. after Kartik nd Survi’s marriage we’ll get busy in our office work again”.. Seher said being sad but Yash convinced him..

“Hey Kunj, sorry I didn’t told you about our relationship.. well I’m sure kisi ne bataya bhi nahi hoga.. huh… anyways, we both are also going to get marry very soon”… this time I didn’t look him.. I’ve turned my face to other side.. I was going in my room back when I heard kunj congratulating us with wishes.. I don’t why but I was feeling bad.. As much as I was trying to forget everything, it was becoming difficult for me.. his presence around me was not letting me to do so.. nd without thanking him I left from there..

I was in my room writing something in my diary when I heard a knock on the door nd without looking at the person I permitted him to come in bcz I was trying to hide diary but then I heard door getting locked.. I looked up nd found none other than Kunj.. I think it was my mistake I should’ve check who was at the door but would he stop there only if I had tried to stop him.. I’m sure NO.. I was tensed seeing him in my room..

“What are you doing here? Nd why you locked the door?”..I walked towards him leaving diary on bed only..

“Arrey don’t worry Ms . Taneja.. I’m not going to do anything wrong with you.. I locked the door just for your betterment so that no one can know about our So Called EX- RELATIONSHIP”.. he said sarcastically..

“Why you came here?”..

“To congratulate you”.. he said while walking to the bed nd sat on it..

“You’ve already done it in hall”.. I said while rushing to the bed to take diary.. I kept it in my suitcase hiding from him.. I’ve not yet settled my luggage in cupboard bcz we’ve to sift in another house..

“Yeah.. but you didn’t thanks me”..

“Ohk.. Thanks for your wishes… now go from here”..

“Are you happy with him?”..

“It’s none of your business”..

“It’s not the answer of my question”..

“Nd why do you think I’ll answer of your questions”..

“Bcz I’m asking”..

“So??.. what do I do?.. who are you to me?”…

“Hmm.. nice question.. well I’m your ex- LOVER.. oh sorry.. correction please.. Im your Ex- FAKE LOVER.. so I’m worried about your future”… all the time he was just taunting me with his reply.. but I also gave him a sarcastic smile before speaking..

“Don’t worry Mr. Kunj Sarna.. you don’t need to worry about me.. I’m happy in my life.. so leave about me nd tell about you.. I’m sure you’re life is treating you well.. you would’ve married till now??”..

“Wow.. you still care for me?.. nice to know this.. well how does it matter to you anymore? I’ve found someone in my life or not, I’m married or not.. it’s none of your business”..

“It’s not the answer of my question Mr. Kunj”..

“Nd I don’t think it necessary to reply to your questions”..

“It’s also not the answer of my question”.. I stood there next to him wrapping my arms around my chest..

“Don’t try to be my gf.. you don’t have right to poke in my personal life.. get that?”.. he get up of the bed angrily nd hold my shoulders tightly..

“Even you don’t have right to interfare in my personal life.. so please stay away from me nd don’t act like my husband.. do you get that Kunj Sarna?”.. I also shouted back at him with same anger pushing him back.. for some time there was silence filled in room.. we looking eachother angrily, heart broken.. but I broke the silence..

“It’s my kind request to you Kunj.. please don’t mess up my life.. don’t hurt yourself as well as me by your such actions”… nd I walked out of the room weeping my tears off..


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