Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 2

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Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 1


I came in room nd shut the door behind me nd punch my hand on the wall.. my eyes were red nd don’t know why.. bcz of anger that I’ve to face my Betrayer for whole a month or bcz of tears which were filled in my eyes when I saw her, touch her after a long time.. I sit down on my knees there only nd again punch my hand on the wall which causes my hand bleeding but I didn’t care about that bcz it’s pain was nothing in front of the pain of my heart.. the pain she has given me..

“Miss Twinkle Taneja.. why you’ve comeback in my life? Why are you not leaving from my life, from my heart, from my mind?.. I thought to live my life like before for some time atleast but you didn’t let that happen.. you can’t see me happy??…” I shouted while punching my hand on wall again nd again.. I let my tears drop down which I’ve hidden from everyone.. I closed my eyes nd recalls our best moments.. when she told me “I love you kunj”..when she hugged me.. when we were staring in each other’s eyes.. when she kissed me on my cheeks.. when she fell down upon me.. a big smile appears on my face but then I again remind myself her leaving me forever.. her betray her cheating.. which brings me sense that she never Loved me.. she is just a Betrayer.. she broke my heart.. I was recalling today’s incident how we met.. my presence didn’t affect her..

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door nd I wiped off my tears quickly.. it was Aryan.. I opened the door nd found him staring me with concerns nd has took a plate of dinner for me.

“What are you doing here nd why is this?”.. I asked pointing at the plate.. he came in nd put the plate on the table nd then comes to me..

“What was that?? Nd what is this.. you again hurt yourself??..”.. he was tensed looking at my hand’s condition.. he take me to bed nd take out first aid box.. while dressing my wounds he continued his questions like a brother but he was not just asking but scolding me as well like a true friend..

“Kunj.. what do you want han..prove kya karna chahta hai?.. tujhe kya lagta hai tu khud ko hurt karega toh tere saare dard dur ho jayenge?.. why are you doing like this?.. when you don’t love her, there is no more feelings for her in your heart toh phir tujhe kyun fark pad raha hai uske hone ya na hone se?”.. he bandaged my wounds while I was silent.. how to tell him that it affects me.. her presence around me remind me the moments we have spend together.. it reminds me her betrayal.. it gives me pain only.. it’s hurt me..

“Kunj.. you still love her??.. your heart still not believe that she betrayed you.. right??.. then why don’t you give another chance to her..why don’t you give another chance to your relation??.. kunj I don’t know why but I think there is something which is separating you both.. please think once again bcz life has given you both another chance to save your relation..” He said

“No I don’t love her nd there is nothing for her in my life anymore.. she doesn’t matter to me.. nd I don’t want to see her that’s why I was angry on her as well as on myself for loving her once”..I replied being emotionless… for a moment there was silence filled in room… then suddenly I give him a serious look nd he asked “What”

“Waise Kabhi kabhi tu mujhe mera dost kam wife jyada lagta hai.. itna care itna love nd itna long lecture”.. I said pretending to be irritating..

“Hahaha very funny..” He replied annoying “waise I also think same”.. he again said in a serious voice looking at me… then we both burst out into laughter.. we both were just trying to divert the topic.. he was the one who knows how to change my mood, how to make me smile.. then I had my dinner but still I was sad nd thinking about her only..



I too left the party nd came in room locking the door behind me nd stood there only with the support of door… I was in shock.. a major shock.. what I’ve saw outside left me in trauma… I met HIM???.. why???… I’ve never expected that I’ll ever meet HIM again in my life.. but it happened… I met to HIM.. I was in HIS arms today.. after a long time… after a long time I saw him… today again my heart beats fasten which have stopped that day only.. I felt HIS breath on me.. I listened HIS heart beats after a long time.. today what happened I never wanted it to be… hardly I’ve made understand to my Heart to forget Him.. not remember Him… I always tried to hide my tears, my emotions, my feelings from this world.. I always behave like nothing has happened with me… nd a happy girl.. but seems like no one wants me to be happy..

Today from the morning I was feeling like some unexpected thing will happen with me nd when I came in party venue it happened.. as I reached there I felt something different or can say something special… I was feeling like HE was so close to me. I was feeling HIS presence around me.. my heart beats increased as it was listening HIS heart beats.. my breath can feel HIS breath.. don’t know why but I was feeling like I’m going to meet HIM today which I don’t want.. I really did’t want to meet HIM.. didn’t want to face HIM.. I was just praying that it should be just my illusion nd imagination nd nothing else… I was praying HIM never to come in front of me.. nd I always pray for this.. I don’t want to be heart broken again.. but as my fate also want hurt me.. I met to HIM.. unexpected thing happened.. I’ve never imagined I’ll meet him again but I met.. I didn’t know whether I should be happy that he was in front of me nd I was in his arms too or I should be sad that my past have entered in my life again???..

I always tried to be strong in any situation.. but today I was feeling weak… seeing him in front of me I felt like I’ll lose my strength.. being him around me I felt like I won’t be able to control my emotions.. tears I’ve hidden from everyone till now I felt like today they’ll drop down in any moment.. but I control my emotions nd hide my tears.. His each word was killing me directly on my heart.. he was hurt so was I.. his pain was visible in his eyes, in his voice..

I collapse on the floor nd was crying my heart out… collecting all the memories of the party I was just crying… my tears were not going to stop..

“Baba ji.. why you do this to me always?.. what wrong I’ve done?.. what is my fault? Why you always hurt me?.. why you always snatch my happiness?.. whenever I think that now I’ll get happiness.. I’ll live in peace.. you always destroy it… why baba ji.. why?…” I paused for sometime nd recalling kunj’s face.. his painful eyes.. his bitter words.. nd everything…

“First you bring him in my life.. I didn’t wanted him to come to close me but you do that… I was not ready to fall in love with him but you made me fall for him.. nd when I was dreaming about my future with him, you break my dreams my heart in sudden.. why you did this to me?.. when you’d to separate us then why you bring us close???.. you always hurt me… but I didn’t complaint to you.. I accepted your wish nd tried to move on.. tried to forget Him but you didn’t let this happen also.. you bring him in my life again.. why baba ji???.. can’t you see me happy?.. why you gives me pain nd just pain??..”… I was completely breakdown.. I didn’t know what to do… just one thing I could do that is go away from him AGAIN… I can’t face him again.. I won’t be able to control my emotions and feelings anymore…

(WAFA NE BEWFAI KI HAI- femal version from TERA SUROOR will be in bg—- it’s just for to show her pain.. do listen while reading if you have this song)

《”Kunj I’m sorry today I hurt you AGAIN.. if I’d known that you are coming here.. they are your friends, I wouldn’t have come here.. I would’ve refused to attend this party… I know I’m the reason of your today’s behaviour.. I know you want to lots of answers of your questions but I can’t say that… I know you hate me but I still Love You nd can’t say it.. kunj I don’t want to see hatreds for me in your eyes but I don’t even want to see love also in your eyes bcz they will make me weak nd I’ve to be strong nd pretend to be heartless.. but kunj I’m not Betrayer.. I’m not cheater.. I never used of your love.. I’m not Betrayer…》


《My destiny has played a big game with me.. first it separate us nd now when I’m trying to live without you.. forget you nd our memories from my mind nd heart it again made me to meet you… as far as I’m trying to go from you I’m coming to you more..》


《I’m trying hard not let my love overcome your hatred.. bcz our love is too weak to break anytime… but don’t know why my heart is not ready to accept this truth.. it always remind me you.. nd it always betray me..》


《KUNJ I don’t know who was at fault of our break up.. I don’t know what happened to our understanding.. our trust for eachother that we went away so far from eachother that we are not able to face eachother.. we are standing in different ways.. we are so close yet so far nd behaving like a strangers.. nd I’m finding myself alone everywhere even in crowds nd this is what always hurt me… kill me inside》


《But don’t say me betrayer.. I’ve never cheat on you.. in fact you also hurt me in the same way I’ve done with you.. I trusted you more than myself.. more than anyone else but you broke my trust.. I’d full faith in you that either anyone else support me or not.. understand me or not but you’ll be always there for me as a support system.. but you proved me wrong.. you left me alone.. you didn’t even tried to find out the reality.. kunj if I’m cheater then you are also a cheater.. if I’m Betrayer then you are also a Betrayer… if I never loved you then your love was also fake.. you too never loved me… you never trust me.. you are Betrayer of our story..》



I heard a knock on the door.. it was Survi… who asked me what I was doing that didn’t replied her since 5 minutes.. I looked at watch nd found it was 8 in morning.. I was shocked how I slept till this late… then I realised that I slept last night on the floor only resting my head on table while crying.. Survi again knock the door.. I didn’t wanted to open it bcz of my condition as my eyes were red nd swollen due to cry whole night.. I didn’t wanted her to know about me.. I told her that I’m getting ready nd will join her after half an hour… I gets fresh nd dressed up in a simple light blue kurti with white leggings.. I came to dinning table where all were having breakfast including Kunj nd except Survi nd Seher.. both were waiting for me.. they look at me nd we greeted good morning.. then both sat for their breakfast nd asked me to join them.. all seats were full except one which was next to Kunj..

“Twinkle.. come nd have a seat” Kartik asked who was sitting next to Survi.. I didn’t wanted to sit besides kunj.. so I refused for having breakfast..

“No.. Kartik.. I don’t want to have it.. actually I’ve headache so not feeling like eating..” I lied to him.. for what I was feeling guilty but I didn’t wanted to have my breakfast separately nd I didn’t wanted them to do doubt so I lied..

“Then have medicine nd take rest.. bcz we’ve to go Mumbai tomorrow ..so take care of yourself as you know na all the wedding preparations responsibilities are yours..?” .. said Survi with concern.. I nodded nd went in my room… all the time kunj’s gaze was upon me only.. as he wanted to ask something from me… nd may be I know that…


In the evening all were in the hall nd talking about each other’s life, career nd all… Survi called me too to join them.. kunj was also present there nd was just staring at me.. but I ignored him.. nd sat with Seher…

“Twinkle you know what we nd kunj were in same college.. we did lots of masti nd were partners in everything.. our friendship was famous in college nd aslo our group of four of us.. nd also he was most romantic munda of our college.. right Rehan??” Seher said excitedly to me introducing their bond.. making Rehan jealous nd kunj smile.. nd yeah she was right.. but I don’t want to listen anything.. I wanted to go away from there but was unable to do so…

“Nd he was mad about her only… he always used to flirt with her.. nd for that he nd Rehan used to do arguments”.. said Kartik looking at kunj nd Rehan pulling their legs…

“There was nothing like that.. I know that he was doing it just to irritate me” Rehan replied.. but I don’t know why they were saying this to me?.. I just wanted to change the topic but don’t how to do.. but I guess kunj understood that nd he himself change the topic.. sometimes I felt like he know me more than myself, understand me more than anyone else but again I felt NO… he doesn’t know me, he doesn’t understand me.. otherwise he would’ve supported me that day..

Suddenly my phone range.. I was about to receive the call but Survi snatch phone from me..

“Jiju’s call?”… she shouted happily nd received the call

“Hey Jiju.. how busy you are?? You didn’t attend my engagement”.. she complain to him being sad but he said something to her on which she just said ok nd then give back the phone to me.. I talk to him nd cut the call..

“Kartik.. He was saying that he has managed everything in Mumbai.. as per your plan he has booked that house for one month which is next to his farmhouse.. nd he’ll join us there only bcz his last meeting is day after tomorrow”.. I explained to Kartik what He told me on phone.. nd felt relaxed..

“Thank God everything is going according to plan.. I was really very tensed.. thank you so much Twinkle for supporting me”..

“Don’t thanks to me.. it’s all His afford.. so thanks to Him”..

“Nd how is Krish??.. I’m missing him so much” Survi asked to me with a cute smile..

“You are going to meet Him tomorrow.. then see him there only.. how lucky he is Rehan.. he is just one year old but he has make all the girls crazy for Him”.. said Kartik being irritate nd annoyed..

“Say na you are feeling jealous of Him”.. replied Seher making us laugh..

“Jealous?.. aur wo bhi usse??.. then you are wrong miss Seher.. we are saying it bcz whenever he use to be with you all.. you girls never think about us”… Rehan said making a pout..

“Wo toh hai.. after all he is our beautiful bestie’s cute son nd we are his Masi.. so how can we ignore him?”.. Survi said acting to be proud..

“Waise Twinkle.. he has also called me in morning nd was saying that you were not receiving his call.. you are still angry on Him??”.. asked Kartik

“No.. it’s nothing like that.. actually I was tired so slept till late in morning”.. I cleared his confusion..

“How beautiful couple you both are twinkle.. I mean me nd Kartik also best couple but one thing is different in your case that you both fights with each other for your partner’s betterment, for your care towards each other”.. Survi said praising US…nd I just give her a smile..

Suddenly I remembered that Kunj was also present with us who was listening our all conversations… how can I forgot him??.. I turned my face to Kunj nd found him looking at me being shocked with his teary eyed which was red also due to anger.. as I look at him he closed his eyes with force as he was controlling his anger nd trying to calm himself.. “Baba ji.. what is happening with us… why are you doing this to me?.. he is also going Mumbai with us.. he’ll meet HIM too.. what if he got to know the reality??.. no.. this can’t happen.. he should never know.. please baba ji do something.. I don’t want us to face same pain again”.. I was just praying this only in my heart.. I can’t bear more troubles in our lives.. bcz I don’t know what he was thinking nd what will be his reaction..

“Hey kunj, what happened to you?.. you are not saying anything?”.. asked Rehan to Kunj bringing me in my senses..

“No.. nothing.. actually I’ve to do an important call.. so I’ve to go”.. he replied nd left for his room.. I was tensed about next day…



I entered in room banging the door behind me nd throws the phone on bed.. “what was that?.. jiju?.. son?.. couple?.. was it related with her??.. is she move on in her life?.. is she married now?… is my mind right that she never Loved me?.. she just used me?.. she just played with my emotions?”… these were the thoughts running in my mind.. these were the questions my heart was asking to me.. in the morning when I saw her don’t know why I felt that there is something she hiding from me.. may be I’m wrong but No.. I was right.. she is not the girl I have loved.. she is a cheater..

I didn’t wanted to go with them..nd just bcz of her.. I can’t bear her anymore.. nd also I don’t want to see HIM.. I was just thinking how to make an excuses nd refuse to with them.. just then Aryan comes in room nd I didn’t wanted to face him so I went in washroom nd turn on the shower.. I came under it to calm myself… water was dripping on my body but I couldn’t stop myself remembering her.. all the time their conversions was running in my mind.. after some time I came in room nd dose off in sleep without uttering a word to Aryan.

Next day▪▪

All were getting ready but I was thinking how to say that I don’t wanna go… just then dad called me.. I answered the call… he called me to ask about the file of our new project which was very important for our company… I told him nd cut the call… suddenly something stuck in my mind nd I again called dad nd asked whether my absence will affect the meeting??.. He said No but if I’ll be there it’ll be good…

“Ok Dad.. I’m coming there today only”.. I told him nd ofcourse he was happy listening this.. it was the best idea I thought.. I know Kartik will be hurt but I don’t have any other option.. I didn’t wanted to hurt myself again… so I’ve to do this…

I went to dinning table nd had breakfast.. after that I told him that I can’t go..

“What do you mean you can’t go??.. you are coming nd that’s final”… he said not listening to me..

“Try to understand yaar.. it’s an important deal.. I’ve to be present there.. Dad has called me to say this”… I was trying my best to convince him but he being stubborn didn’t listened me nd take my mobile nd called Dad… nd requested him to handle the deal by himself bcz he didn’t want me to go nd Dad agreed..

“Look Kunj.. if you’ll not come with us I’ll not marry until you get time for your friend”… he said his final decision being upset making me shocked, speachless nd helpless.. I could do nothing but agreed… may be God also want hurt me.. after some time we left for airport…



I was coming from my room when I heard kunj saying to Kartik that he can’t go… I was feeling bad nd don’t know why.. but onething I’ve understand that he was also trying to stay away from me.. but Kartik didn’t listened him… we reached airport.. after some time flight take off for Mumbai.. our bad luck or whatever we’ve to sit on same seat together which was uncomfortable for both us… we didn’t utter a word.. others were having some fun but we both were silent whole journey.. only thing I was thinking that what I didn’t want to be, now that was only going to happen..

We reached Mumbai nd waiting for Him.. bcz he’d told that he’ll receive us… After few minutes some one called me from behind nd I know it was His voice.. we turned nd found him with a cute baby boy, Krish.. he comes to us nd Krish without wasting his time came in my arms.. He was so happy seeing me nd others too.. I turned to look at Kunj who was on call.. I don’t know what he was feeling but definitely he was hurt like I was.. he has wore a glass to cover his eyes which have hidden his all emotions…



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