Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 1

I know some of you must be shocked to see first shot of this SS again so let me clear your confusion. Actually I’ve deleted this SS also with my ff (ishq chupta ni chupane se) but as now I’m continuing my FF so this SS too. So here is the first chapter again.. if you’ve read it before then you may ignore it. You’ll get Fresh nd new chapter from 4th shot.

So let’s start…

Kash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS)- Shot 1

I was in my cabin discussing about the new project of my company with the employees.. nd then my phone range an unknown number making me angry.. nd I could see my employees gets scared bcz they knew that I hate it.. I hate when someone disturb me when I’m busy.. but I control my anger nd received the call..

“Hello.. who’s there?” I asked in hurry but no reply.. actually I didn’t give him chance to speak bcz I again asked..

“If you don’t want to talk then why you called me?”.. I was too annoyed nd was about to cut the call but..

“Hello… may I talk to Kunj Sarna?”… it was caller’s question..

“Yes I’m Kunj Sarna.. Who are you?” I asked in serious voice..

“Kartik.. your college friend.. I hope now you haven’t forgotten me?”..

“Obviously he has forgotten us.. after all he is one of the successful nd most eligible businessman in India nd top businessmen are his friends”.. it was other one’s reply.. I was surprised cum happy.. a big smile appears on my face nd I could see my employees shocked surprised face.. bcz they hardly find me happy nd smiling… I’m an arrogant rude man they think.. well I asked them to leave me alone we’ll do rest discussion some other time.. as they left I continued the call but I was not speaking..

“Abe, kuch bolega?.. pehchana ya nahi?”..

“Tum kameenon ko main kaise bhool sakta hu?.. puri duniya mein mujhe itni respect to sirf tum hi de sakte ho”…. I was feeling like I’m back in my college life… they were my best friends Kartik nd Rehan.. my partners in everything.. after completing our college we went to our respective home towns. .. nd now we were talking after about three years.. now we were on video call.. we asked each other’s well wishes nd about some personal details..

“So.. now can you please tell me what did make you remind me after years??”.. I asked taking off my blazer nd putting it on chair nd went to couch to sit there peacefully..

“What are you doing next week?”.. he asked instead of giving me Answer..

“Oye.. first tell me what I asked”.. I said to them..

“First tell me.. you’ll get your answer”… he replied..

“Obviously my daily routine.. Office work, meetings and all… why”…I asked in curiosity to know the reason

“Can you take leave for me for a month?”.. he asked making me shocked..

“What??.. a month leave??. Are you mad? how can I take a leave for such a long time??mujhe barbad karne ka irada hai??”..

“Itna bhi bhao mat kha.. kuch din kaam nahi karega toh koi tufan nahi aa jayega.. nd he is not going to ruin you but himself.. so usi ke gam ko celebrate karne ke liye tujhe bula raha hai”… Rehan said dramatically making me confused..

“What do you mean?.. say it clearly.. Wait…. don’t tell he is going…”… first I couldn’t understand what he was saying but then I realised nd I was surprised nd just wanted to confirm my curiosity..

“Yeah you are right.. he is going to get marry next month.. all the rituals will be start from next week.. so we thought to invite you”.. Rehan cleared my confusion..

“Thought? … matlab mujhe bulane ka mann nahi hai??”… I asked dramatically

“Abe saale drama band kar aur bata tu aa raha hai ki nahi?”.. Kartik asked being irritate..

“Na bolunga to tu maan jayega na… of course I’m coming.. but who is that unlucky girl who is going to marry with this duffer??”… I asked to tease him..

“Akar khud dekh le”.. he said annoying making me nd Rehan laugh…..

“So it’s done that you are coming next week.. toh baaki baatein yahin hogi… bye.. see you soon”..said Kartik bidding me bye..

“Yeah bye.. see you there”..

“Nd As you are still single so we’ll search a girl for you too”… both giggled.. their intention was just to tease me but I didn’t like it..

“There is no girl made for me.. so don’t waste your time.. concentrate on your marriage..”… I said in a serious voice trying to control myself..

“You’ll get your love here only.. it’s my bet”.. he said making me angry but I didn’t said anything

“You don’t want me to come? ”

“Oye, why are you getting hyper? Just kidding mere bhai.. sorry.. tu bas aaja”…

“Come soon”.. Rehan asked nd cut the call… I was so happy after talking with them.. all old memories flashed in my mind.. After completing studies I went back to Amritsar as dad’s order was.. Kartik nd Rehan started their own company.. both has stabilised it together… bpth are business partner nd now doing very well.. I wish I was also with them but it was in my fate..

Well I pick up the phone nd call someone. After some time I picked my blazer nd car key nd left my cabin. I come out of office nd went to my car, I sat in it nd drove off. After half an hour I reached to Sarna Mension. I went in nd found my dad sitting on the couch talking with a boy of my age. He is Aryan, dad’s PA but my best friend. He is too protective about me nd can do anything for me, he is the only person I trust most in this world. I asked dad for leave but he refused.. he was not allowing me to go anywhere leaving my work in office.. but after lots of insistence he agreed.. he gave me permission to go but on a condition that I’ve to take someone else with me.. I was too angry.. can’t he let me enjoy my life on my wish.. can’t he give me some space?… he didn’t allowed me to go alone so Aryan said that he’ll come with me.

“Don’t worry sir.. I’ll go with him”.. Aryan said trying to handle the situation.. he was the one who always stand between us nd control our angers… I agreed with it.. I didn’t have any problem with him.. infact I love his company.. its decided that we will leave next week for Bhopal.


Finally we landed on Bhopal airport. Kartik has came to pick up us.. we were going to Kartik’s car when I bumped with a girl nd some stuff fell down from her hands.. she apologies while collecting her things but I got angry on her..

“Oh stop it your sorry nd all.. I know you middle class girls very well.. you all are same.. always try to trap rich boys by your this so called sweet nd innocent face nd behaviour.. nd when you get successful in your target you betray them”

“Excuse me?.. here I’m apologising even though it’s not my fault nd you are insulting me?.. who gives you right to talk abot my class??..don’t know what’s your problem but one thing I can say that I’ve never seen a boy like you who doesn’t respect a girl.. I too know that all rich boys are same.. arrogant nd egoistic”.. she replied with same anger.. but who cares?..I was not interested in her lecture.. so I was about to speak but..

“I apologise for his behaviour.. Please forgive him”.. asked Aryan interrupted me.. he drag me from there.. we sat in Kartik’s car nd left for his house.

“What happened to you Kunj?.. why were you behaving like that.. you were not like this.. you never compared between rich nd middle class people.. you used to respect girls.. even we’ve heard that you’ve become too arrogant.. what’s the matter.. why did you changed yourself??”… Kartik asked shockingly nd surprised with my behaviour.. oh God how much questions he asked in one go?.. I thought in my mind while looking at Aryan with irritating face.. don’t know what’s everyone’s problem.. I didn’t replied to him but Aryan handle the situation. I don’t know what happen to me whenever I face such situations with any girl..

After some time we reached to his house.. his parents met me I take their blessings. I met with his sister nd brother too.. they were so sweet like before nd I felt like I was with my own family.. Kartik led me to a room which was for me.. it was beautiful room of purple nd white combination.. I asked Aryan to stay with me instead of some other room bcz he didn’t knew anyone there nd I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable nd lonely.. I didn’t want him to feel he is just an employee..

We rest for some time. Rehan too comes nd did lots of masti.. In the evening I asked Kartik about his would be wife.. first he denied nd said that I can meet her in his engagement mean next day but I being so stubborn didn’t listened him nd finally he agreed.. in night we all went in a club where I saw her.. she was pretty beautiful.. Kartik introduced us.. her name was Survi such a beautiful name like her.. we all done some casual talk, some masti.. after few hours we left for Kartik’s house.


Next day all were busy in the preparation for engagement.. I too help them while doing some fun nd teasing Kartik..

“After a long time I’ve found old kunj.. nd I’m very happy to see you like this.. please don’t change again”.. Aryan said being emotional… he was right I was really very happy.. I left that Arrogant nd rude Kunj Sarna, a business tycoon, in Amritsar only nd here I was just a fun loving carefree Kunj Sarna.

It was evening nd after sometime engagement ceremony was going to start.. we all were getting ready for that.. I was dressed in royal blue suit with white shirt nd black formal shoes while Aryan was in grey suit with white shirt nd black formal shoes.. Kartik came to us to call us in party.. I asked him to wait just two minutes I’ve to call to Dad for something important.. so he left with Aryan..

I was about to walk out of room but I felt something different.. windows opened itself due to wind nd it touch my face as it was kissing my cheeks… my heart beats increased as someone special close to its, was coming towards me.. after a long time I was feeling HER presence around me.. I was feeling like SHE is so close to me.. my heart was not ready to stop beating.. my breath wanted to feel HER fragrance.. my eyes wanted to see HER.. I don’t know why but I was feeling like today I’m going to meet HER.. After a long time I was feeling like I used to feel being with her..

“What is this happening with me.. why my heart was saying that SHE is here only around me??.. No kunj, she can’t be here.. it’s just you always think about HER.. but why my heart is not listening me??..why it is saying that today I’ll gonna meet HER??.. No this can’t happen.. I don’t want to meet HER.. I don’t want to see HER face..I don’t even want to imagine HER.. I hate HER”.. I was trying to convince myself.. I was trying to make understand to my Heart.. but it was not listening me.. it was cheating me.. it always betrayed me.. if I could, I would’ve throw it out of my body so that it never cheat me.. so that it never beat for anyone.. but I can’t nd neither my heart stop beating for HER.. I was too dispersed to go in party.. but I’d to go.. I didn’t want anyone be upset bcz of me.. so I ignore my heart nd left for party..

I came in party.. all the guests have arrived including Survi nd her family.. she introduced me to her family members.. I meet my some other friends too..just then I saw Rehan coming to me with a girl.. I was shocked nd surprised seeing her.. she was Seher our classmate nd my only friend in girls.. I used to flirt with her nd she too do to irritate Rehan..

“Hey kunj, Nice to see you after three years.. how are you?”..

“I was good until you come.. now I’m so sad”.. I replied dramatically..

“Why? Mere ane ke baad kya ho gaya?”

“You broke my heart in hundreds of pieces by coming with him.. you accepted this Rehan instead of me?” I said dramatically pointing at Rehan..

“So, what should I had to do?.. after college ended you never talk with me.. so I have only option nd that’s Rehan”..She too replied like me dramatically by holding Rehan’s hand who was smirking at me.. I nd Rehan, both of us used to say in college to Seher that I’ll marry with her.. she was never my love neither my crush.. it was just I used to make fun of Rehan.. nd today I was happy for both of them..

We chit-chat about our lives.. after some time I asked Kartik to began the ring ceremony but he said that they were waiting for a special guest who had came few minutes before only nd was getting ready in a room.. we asked about her nd he just told that she was Survi’s best friend..

After few minutes our wait ended.. finally she came nd don’t know why but again I felt same attraction, same connection I felt in room.. again my heart beats fasten nd I was feeling HER presence around me.. she came down in hall nd I was about to see her face but my phone range so I went out to receive it.. after some time I came back nd ceremony has started.. I was going to Kartik nd Survi suddenly a girl bumped with me nd was about to fell down but I hold her in my arms.. nd thought in my mind “What the hell is this, am I the only person to bump with everyone?”..then I looked at the girl nd what I saw left me shocked, surprised nd what not.. my eyes filled with tears nd my heart beats again fasten seeing her.. she was none other than SHE.. my LOVE my LIFE my HEART BEATS my everything.. Same face same eyes same lips same cuteness same innocence nd same attraction I’ve fallen for… She was the one I LOVED most nd now hate most but my heart Still I LOVE HER, it still beats for HER.. she was my GIRL who used to love me once nd who also betrayed me..

We both were shocked.. I couldn’t control nd let my tears drop down on her eyes due to which it was looking like she was crying which can never happen.. she can’t cry for me bcz she never loved me.. we both were still in same position nd were unaware of everyone’s gaze upon us.. we came back in senses bcz of Kartik..

“Hey kunj, where did you went?.. I was waiting for you only.. anyways meet my special guest Miss TWINKLE TANEJA, one of the best Wedding planner of Bhopal nd Survi’s friend.. nd Twinkle meet my best buddy KUNJ SARNA, one of the most eligible business tycoon of India.. he is also from Amritsar”… he introduced us unaware of the fact that we already know each other.. infact we only know about each other COMPLETELY.. both of us behaving like strangers, greet each other… Aryan comes to us nd I can say that he was also shocked by seeing twinkle..

“Hey Twinkle! You here?”.. asked Aryan making Kartik nd Survi surprised..

“Do you both know each other?”.. asked Survi.. Aryan looks at me nd I nods him no..

“Wo.. wo.. actually.. we both are from Amritsar na so one day I met her in my friend’s birthday party.. so I know her”.. he lied to them.. I didn’t wanted them to know about our broken relationship.. I saw her face expression which has no shame no guilt nd that’s what I’v expected from her… Aryan asked to her about her life nd her family while she too asked about him nd his family’s nd indirectly she asked about my life.. why she was asking about me? Why she was pretending as she cares for me?.. I was getting bored nd irritate with their conversion… well finally the time came we were waiting for.. they make wear rings to each other.. we congratulates them…

Then Seher asked me to sing a song like I used to sing in college.. I denied but she didn’t listened me nd others too demands for a song.. I didn’t know what to sing.. I looked at twinkle who was busy with other people.. I was with mixed emotions.. I was happy that she was in front of me but I was angry too bcz I didn’t wanted to see her.. I wanted to tell that how much I love her but also I wanted to show her my hatreds for her in my heart.. my mind nd heart were fighting with each other.. heart was saying to tell her that I still love her, missing her but mind was saying to tell her that I just hate her nd there is nothing for her in my life.. All were waiting for me to sing.. the song I was going to sing was just for HER.. who betrayed me.. I began to sing…

Here is the link of the song ?


《I was looking at twinkle with pain in my eyes but she turned to other side avoiding me nd whenever she was looking at me without any emotions on her face still we both sharing an eye lock》


《I was pretending to be smiling but I was hurt from the core of my heart.. I could sense all my friends were surprised by my behaviour, they were confused why I selected that song.. no one know that I was trying to say to her about my pain but I know it’ll never affect her.. she was talking with other girls while smiling》



《I closed my eyes nd only thing I can see her going away from me nd when I opened my eyes I found her coming to me.. she hugs me nd I reciprocate but I then I realised that it was just my imagination》



《My eyes again filled with tears but I closed my eyes to not let them drop down for a Betrayer.. she was talking with Aryan nd Rehan while having dinner nd ignoring me, my feelings》


《All the time she was just enjoying the party.. I was sad but she was happy.. I was crying but she was laughing as she was happy on my condition nd laughing at my fate.. I was heart broken but by looking her it seems like nothing happens between us. . Nd it was proving me right that she never Loved me.. she is a Betrayer》

I finished the song nd excuses myself for a call nd went to my room nd shut the door behind me….

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