Kaanchi OS: A match made in heaven

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A match made in heaven: (Kaanchi)
Marriage! How would you define marriage? Is it a lifetime promise that two lovers make? Or is it just another ritual of society tying two unknown people into a presumably life-long relationship? We have read so many stories about how couples eventually fall into love. But is it that easy? Does it just include a slow transition to love? Well, all of the love stories doesn’t necessarily need to start with hatred, or intense drama. It could just start off simply between friends, a comprise to shut off the endless ranting from the society around. Today, this is what our story is about. Two best friends who apparently had no romantic attraction to each other but still got tied into a relationship known as marriage just because of family and society. So, my dear readers fasten your seatbelts and get ready as I take through a whirlpool of intense emotions, familial and social standards, with huge amount of comedy and laughter and of course the beauty of love.
“Saanchi, if you don’t come within 5 more minutes, I am going inside the hospital without you” Kabir threatened his best friends as he waited for her outside SDCH. “Just a sec, Kabir I need to park my car” Saanchi replied from the other side. “Well, hurry up unless you want both, you and me kicked out of this medical internship because this might be our third tardy in one month” Kabir complained. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Finally you are here” Kabir looked back and saw Saanchi with a huge stack of binders. “A little help here” She said from behind. Kabir picked up a few and let Saanchi breathe. “You are despicable” Kabir rolled his eyes and they walked back to class. “Hey, I am still your best friend” Saanchi pouted. Both of them smiled and went to class.
Kabir and Saanchi’s family has known each other for years. Even though Kabir and Saanchi met each other only a few years ago, they become friends ever since. Boring family parties to being partners in crime has all been in the scene.
“We want you and Kabir together at home today after work” echoed on both sides of the phone. “Okay” Kabir and Saanchi silently murmured and looked at each other. “Well, what do you think is today’s topic?” Saanchi nervously chuckled. “Another stupid party or big bad family discussion how you and I should have been in their business and not doctors” Kabir nodded his head negatively.
Natasha passes by and Kabir looks at her. Saanchi observes the scene. “Looks like someone has a crush” Saanchi started teasing. “What? No! I don’t believe in such stuff” Kabir fixed his white coat. “Thank you so much for giving me a reason to annoy you for at least a month” Saanchi squealed. “Come on” Kabir dragged Saanchi away by the arm.
“We can survive this. Just act cool and calm” Kaanchi said together. They are meeting up at Kabir’s house. A house maid comes and opens the door. They see the entire family gathered in the living room. Uh-uh, this doesn’t look good. “Kabir, you are here” kusum greeted them happily. “Can we cut the chase, why are we here?” Saanchi bluntly asked. “We are here to discuss that you and Kabir are growing older as each day passes” Sunil popped up. “I think this is called being alive” Saanchi sarcastically answered. She saw Kabir glaring and stopped. “We are only 25(Saanchi) and 26(Kabir) mom, why the sudden age reference?” Kabir seemed confused. “Yes, a perfect time to get married” Mr. Kapoor finally was getting to the main point. “What, Kabir is getting married?? Woow. Great decision Uncle and Aunty. Kabir, my friend congratulations!” Saanchi have Kabir a side hug as he struggled out of her grasp. “What the hell?” Kabir protested. “So, who’s the unlucky, I mean the lucky girl?” Saanchi seemed pretty excited. “That girl is you” Jaya smiled at her. Saanchi’s smiles instantly turned into a big jaw drop along with Kabir’s. “What? Wait, is this a joke? How did you guys even decide this without first consulting with us?” Saanchi started firing. “Mom, dad, Sunil uncle and Jaya aunty, Saanchi and I are just friends. What is this?” Kabir started walking to and fro. “Enough with the childish act already. We have decided that this is in the best interest for everyone. After all, who can be a better life partner than your friend?” Mr. Kapoor reasoned. “No, you guys are forcing a life long relationship on us. What is this? the 20’s?” Saanchi stomped her foot on the floor. “Saanchi, we are not going on a fight about this. We have decided this and no denying unless you want to marry someone you don’t even know. Same goes for you Kabir” Sunil explained. “Dad, we are still young” Saanchi complained. “You and Kabir finished medical college and already started your internship. If not now than when?” All of the elders wouldn’t budge. “ it still doesn’t justify the fact why I should marry my best friend. Do you even hear how weird that sounds?” Kabir seemed irritated. “It sounds great to me” kusum replied. “Enough kids, we have decided this and besides remember both of us promised us that you will listen to one big wish of ours if we let you go to the medical field” Jaya reminded them. “Exactly, you skipped business, our ancestral profession and chose to be a doctor and promised us a wish. This is what we want now” four of them went on and on. “ we won’t say yes to this” Saanchi said. “Fine than, forget that you had parents” Sunil seemed really angry now. “Dad please” Saanchi started tearing up. “If you guys don’t agree, than Kabir you are getting married to Mr. Sharma’s daughter whom you dislike a lot” Mr. Kapoor threatened. Kabir moved his head negatively. “I say, be calm. Think this through and we’ll talk. But no more No’s should be heard” all of them went to their respective home.
“ Saanchi, we sh…” Kabir was cut off by Saanchi. “I’m going to blow off some steam. Can we talk after?” Saanchi walked away.
Timeskip to the next day:
This is the first time in their 5 years old friendship that Kabir didn’t wait for Saanchi to walk to class. Isha, Veer, Pragya and Riya noticed that both of them looked gloomy. “Hey best friend” Veer Cheerfully took a seat next to Saanchi. “Hi Veer” Saanchi replied with the least bit of enthusiasm. “Okay, what is going on?” Veer bluntly asked Saanchi, as The girls took over Kabir.
“Hey Kabir” Riya playfully smirked at him. “Riya, I’m not in a mood to listen to your crap flirtation today” Kabir looked annoyed. “ I wasn’t here for that” Riya rolled her eyes and the three girls took a seat.
“Are you and Kabir in a fight?” Veer asked Saanchi. “No” came from Saanchi and it echoed from Kabir’s side too. “Than why are you both looking like two demented cream sickles? Huh, you guys didn’t even repeatedly answer questions in the conference”Veer asked. “I’ll tell you guys later. I need to talk to Kabir” Saanchi grabbed her bag and went to the other side.
“Can we talk?” Saanchi looked at Kabir. “I have a surgery to take care of” Kabir tried to avoid her. “Assign to Pragya, she will handle it. Please, this is important” Saanchi looked as if she really needed to talk. Being her friend Kabir agreed.
“So, what do we do about our current situation?” Saanchi asked as they sat on the table. “ As far as I know our parents, they will never move back from the decision” Kabir admitted. “So, what are you saying? We should get married? Do you even realize how uncomfortable and weird that sounds?” Saanchi exhaled. “Listen, I spent 8 hours yesterday thinking about this. I don’t even spend this much thinking about a surgery. I don’t want to marry Mr.Sharma’s daughter” Kabir cringed. “And you are ready to get married to me?” Saanchi crossed her arms. “If you put it that way it does seem weird but think it through. For me, I don’t believe in love, second I don’t think our parents will let us slide, third the more we struggle the more our friendship goes down and that’s something I don’t want” Kabir smiled at her. “Yeah, let’s get married, no biggie” Saanchi sarcastically laughed. “See, you understand” Kabir explained. “Idiot, this is marriage, not a field trip they are trying to send us to” Saanchi lashed out. “I know. But who said we have to hold hands, and act all sappy and romantic. We can just be friends” Kabir suggested. “And that’s how you plan to spend the rest of your life? A loveless marriage?” Saanchi asked. Kabir thought for a while, “it can’t be that bad since I’ll have my best friend around. Let’s set all the jokes apart, think this through Saanchi” Kabir looked in her eyes.
“Mom, dad, aunty, uncle. We are ready” Kaanchi closed their eyes and forced themselves to say it. “Oh my god, really. Thank you kids. You’ll see this was a good decision” they said and got busy with all the preparations. “And now we get married” Kabir felt sick, and Saanchi had a sulking face.
Timeskip to a few weeks,
“ so the engagement is in a week, right?” Isha asked Saanchi. “Yes. It is. But can we skip this topic. Thinking about it gives me a headache” Saanchi rubbles her temples. “I always had a hunch that you and Kabir will be together, but this way. It’s interesting though, and of course romantic” Veer started day dreaming. “Hi, every….” Kabir couldn’t complete as he saw Saanchi abruptly getting up. “I need to go” Saanchi hurried away. “Is she ignoring me?” Kabir asked. “Maybe” the trio gave innocent looks. “This is enough. She has been acting like this since weeks. Doesn’t pick my calls, walks away when I enter, this has to stop. I will NOT lose my best friend” Kabir punched the table.
Kabir called Saanchi. “Not this stupid voicemail again” Kabir cursed as he drove towards her house.
On the other side, “Saanchi, who is repeatedly calling you?” Her cousin asked. “Ignore it. I’ll call back later” Saanchi looked at Kabir’s name flashing on the screen.
Kabir stood in front of Saanchi’s door and took a deep breath. “Calling 7 times in 2 weeks, and now coming to her house, should it be considered stalking? But she is pushing me away for no reason” Kabir shut his mind off and walked inside.
“Ah, Kabir. Nice to see you here” Jaya smiled at him. “Hi aunty. Do you know where Saanchi is?” Kabir looked around. “ see I told you, people eventually fall in love” she stopped when she saw Kabir grouching, “I mean, she was upstairs, let me call her” Jaya called Saanchi. Saanchi saw her mom’s name flashing on her screen. “Yes, mom” Saanchi replied. “Saanchi beta, where are you? Kabir is here to see you” Jaya looked upstairs. Saanchi took a gulp, “ kkaabir, um, tell him I’m not at home, I’ll take to him later” Saanchi hung up. Jaya thought ‘She was home a while ago. When did she go out?’. She looked at Kabir who seemed curious. “Saanchi is not at home” Jaya replied. “She isn’t? Okay, aunty see you later. Have a good day” Kabir made his way to the door. Jaya shouted from behind, “start calling me mom”. Kabir ran as fast as he could. Kabir came outside and looked up to a window of Saanchi’s room. He saw Saanchi walking to and fro in her room. “Not at home, huh?” Kabir murmured. He called her one last time to see if she picks up. She didn’t. Kabir thought, “I have two choices now. Act like her and ignore her or set it all right” Kabir smirked, “I think I like the second idea better”.
Saanchi came to her window and saw Kabir going away. In her heart she felt terrible to do this. But she was scared, and didn’t know how to act around him since now they are…. Even the thought is still uncomfortable.
Timeskip to two days before the engagement party:
Saanchi came downstairs and saw a lot of rooms being arranged and decorated. “Are we expecting any guests mom?” Saanchi asked. “Oh yeah, Since the engagement is in 2 days I have invited Kabir’s entire family over to stay with us until the party so that the atmosphere feels more like a wedding house. Also won’t it be fun to have so many people around? You can invite Pragya, Veer, Isha and Riya too” Jaya happily got busy with the preparations. “I should talk to Kabir. But, what if he already is super mad? It wasn’t right to shut him off like this but I just didn’t know how to react” Saanchi thought and started to get ready for work.
Saanchi and Kabir has a surgery together today. “Dr.Mishra pass the Metzenbaum Scissors” Kabir said. ‘Dr.Mishra, when did my name change into that?’ Saanchi thought.
Coming out of the surgery room. “Saanc…” Kabir saw Saanchi walking away.
[A/N: I think enough with the walking away from Saanchi. It’s getting annoying and I know. Let’s finally get to the fun parts.?]
It was 3 AM. As all of you might have hard, 3 AM-ish is also known as the witching hour. Kabir sneaked into Saanchi’s room. He dropped a sunglass case causing disruptions. He hid as Jaya was passing by. Saanchi woke up with a jolt and looked around. She looked at the clock. She gulped. “Oh no. Who threw that case? There is no wind” she looked around. “Stop thinking such jejune stuff, you are a doctor. Be rational” she thought and turned to drink some water. Kabir was hiding behind the nightstand where her water jug is on. Saanchi’s hand touched Kabir’s and as soon as she was going to scream Kabir came out and covered her mouth with his hand. Saanchi calmed down and Kabir removed his hand. “Are you trying get me beaten up by your family? Kabir complained. “What are you doing here crawling into my room like a snake?” Saanchi wipes her sweat. “ Yeah, because you were very inviting to talk to me before” he narrowed his eyes. “That doesn’t mean you will scare me like this. I thought it could be Pennywise, or the devil and even worse if it was Bathsheba or Annabelle” Saanchi names all the ghosts and witches she could. “Don’t worry. Even if they come here they’ll not harm you” Kabir said. “Why? Am I that brave?” Saanchi’s eyes shined. “No, because you are scarier than the ghosts” Kabir started laughing. “I hate you so much” Saanchi punched him. “Haha. Same here” Kabir rolled his eyes.
Two minutes of awkward silence…..
“So, the reason you are here” Saanchi knew it. She knew why he was here but it was a worth to ask. “Saanchi, why are you avoiding me?” Kabir’s voice suddenly became deep and intimidating. “I was not. It might look like that but I was busy” Saanchi denied. “And you think I buy that excuse?” Kabir seemed irritated. “Okay maybe I had. I didn’t know what to do. We are getting married Kabir. Do you realize that? Marriage? You are my best friend and I don’t know how to see our new relationship. I didn’t know how to take your transition from Kabir to kabirji” Saanchi said in one breath. “Kabirji. Eww. Don’t ever call me that” Kabir made a disgusted face. “Even you called me Dr.Mishra. Infront of everyone even though I am your best friend and apparently your fiancé. Do you how outcasted I felt?” Saanchi said. “No more outcasted than I felt today when you lied and than I saw you in your room. That was like a big stab to me. Also I haven’t talked to you since weeks. I don’t even know we were fighting” Kabir looked disappointed. “…” Saanchi stayed quiet. “And Saanchi if this continues, I’ll go down now and cancel the wedding. I don’t what consequences will happen but I’ll not lose my friend” Kabir got up but Saanchi pulls him down. “I am sorry” she slowly muttered as tear drops fell from her eyes. “No matter what Saanchi, we will always stay best friends. I don’t know how our life will change after the marriage but we will never stop being friends” Kabir smiled at her. “Promise” she gave him a side hug. Suddenly, they heard foot steps and Kabir immediately disappeared behind the nightstand.
Kusum came in. “Saanchi beta, who are you talking to?” She looked around. “No one aunty. No one” she shook her head. “But I heard your voice” kusum looked puzzled. “Oh, I was just telling Siri to set an alarm at 7 AM for work” Saanchi nervously chuckled. “But work? Tomorrow? It’s your engagement after two days.” Kusum smiled. “The thing is my shift supervisor is a very Khadoos person. He is very stingy at granting leaves” Saanchi made a sad face. “I thought your shift supervisor was Kabir” kusum thought. “Exactly” Saanchi laughed. “You are right on that. My son is a khadoos” kusum also laughed. “Good night aunty” Saanchi wished her. “Good night to you too beta. And you can start calling me mom” Kusum left.
“Khadoos huh” She saw Kabir standing behind and didn’t look very pleased. “The nurses are very sacred of you” Saanchi replied. “That’s their problem” Kabir looked unimpressed. “You have that scary, devious aura around you” Saanchi joked. She saw Kabir glaring and made a cute, sad face. “Good night khadoos” Saanchi wished. “Goodnight chudail” Kabir said, but before he left, he said, “it’s weird sneaking into your room. It’s like I’m your….” he stopped and got up to go. “Like?” Saanchi looked curious. “Nothing, I am sleepy” Kabir tried to run away. “No, complete what you said” Saanchi forced him. “ it’s weird sneaking into your room, as if I’m your boyfriend” Kabir said quickly. “Get the hell out of my room” Saanchi got flustered and threw a pillow at Kabir.
Timeskip to the engagement day:
Saanchi sat infront if her dresser and fixed her necklace. ‘This day came too fast’ she thought. She felt nervous. Saanchi was never the kind of girl who would plan her wedding or would look for a Prince Charming. She was more of a determined kind of girl. A lot like Kabir. Being a doctor was always their goal and they just worked towards it. Most people would consider Kabir as the perfect Prince Charming but Saanchi never thought about him in a romantic way. But some people always said they had a spark together. A match made in heaven?? Probably.
Kabir had similar thoughts in his dressing room. But Saanchi has always been that girl he spent most of his time with. Her presence would always make him feel happy. He loved her dedication to work. Does he actually like her?
Saanchi thought, ‘I know I won’t find anyone better than Kabir but do I like him? not talking to him gives me headaches and anxiety but isn’t that just friendship. I have always liked his personality but do I really like him?’.
Huge wave of thoughts rushed in their minds but they thought together, “I guess no backing down now”.
Everyone gathered in the middle. Kabir and all the guests were downstairs waiting for Saanchi to come. Saanchi walked down the stairs with most beautiful aqua blue gown and natural makeup. Her hair in a bun with side bangs on the front. Kabir wore a burgundy tux, his hair slicked back with a few strands out, on his forehead. Saanchi stood next him. For the first time Kabir noticed how beautiful she was. Just a simple smile on her face made her look like a fairy. But was the smile true or a facade?
“You look crap” Saanchi whispered in his ears. “Who said you look any better?” Kabir replies back. “Like seriously, how do I look?” Saanchi gave an innocent smile. “Okay-ish” Kabir replied. “You don’t know how to compliment” Saanchi pouted.
Kusum got the rings and Kaanchi’s eyes met. He took the ring out of the blue velvet box and forwarded his hand, after a second Saanchi put her hand in his palm and he slid the ring in. Everyone clapped.
Saanchi also made Kabir wear the ring.
Wow, officially Kaanchi is engaged.
After all the rituals they sat in a corner away from everyone. Veer and the others came. “Look who just got engaged” Veer teases them. “Shut up Veer” Kaanchi replied togther. “Anyways, congratulations guys. I know it’s kind of fast but I always knew you guys were meant for each other” Isha smiled at them. “Yeah, a match made in heaven” Pragya said. “I can’t breath in here. I am going to go out to get some air” Kabir said and went outside. Saanchi followed him. “You okay?” Saanchi looked Concerned. “Yes, I am just a little jumpy from everything” Kabir replied. “I understand how you feel” Saanchi a deep breath. “And you still need to show up for the surgery tomorrow” Kabir said out of the blue. “Ay Ay, Captain” Saanchi smiled.
Timeskip to a few months:
[A/N: I know there are a lot of timeskips but hey it’s an OS. Anyways, enjoy the rest]
Finally, it’s here. The night before the wedding ceremony. Engagement and all the other ceremony was hectic enough. It’s the last night before Saanchi Mishra becomes Saanchi Kabir Kapoor. It was weird enough to get a new name plate. From tomorrow she’ll have a new house. Even though she has been to the Kapoor house numerous times, it’s definitely different entering as Kabir’s wife.
“Kabir, What the hell am I hearing?” Saanchi shouted from the other side of the phone. “What happened?” Kabir didn’t have a clue on what was going on. “Well, I know we don’t have a lovey dovey relationship but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you run off with girls” Saanchi fired. “Girls? What are you talking about?” Kabir asked. “Why are you inviting belly dancers and strippers to your bachelor’s party?” Saanchi fumed. “What the…? Who gave you this stupid news? I swear it’s an all men event” Kabir sweat dropped. “Than why did Veer tell you guys are having girls over?” Saanchi revealed. “Looks like Veer wouldn’t be in a good condition after today” Kabir narrowed his eyes. “Good. Oh and I’m also having a bachelorette party” Saanchi informed him. “All girls I presume” Kabir laughed. “If I invite boys, would you be jealous?” Saanchi smirked. “No. After all I’m not the one who called with fumes and fires out of her ears on hearing a false rumor” Kabir teases. “Hah, why would I be jealous?” Saanchi denied. “Really?” Kabir laughed. “I have to go” Saanchi hanged up. Kabir’s 2 seconds of peace was disrupted by Veer. “This is so cute. You and Saanchi already talk like a married couple” Veer gave a huge grin. “Now, now Dr. Veer Malhotra. I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you. I have some very important matters to discuss with you” Kabir gave a evil smile and Veer gulped.
“What kind of crappy place is this Veer?” Kabir looked at the lodge which is supposedly the event for his bachelor’s party. “It’s very nice inside. It has a huge karaoke bar and a pub. I have arranged for others to come and we will enjoy your last night is single” Veer looked proud. “I hope you didn’t order strong alcohol. I don’t want a hangover the next morning when I have a wedding at noon” Kabir complained. “What’s a bachelor’s party without being a little drunk?” Veer reasoned. Kabir glared at him. “Hah, you are not my supervisor here. You don’t scare me Kabir.” Veer tried to act strong. Kabir laughed at his childish actions.
Saanchi was at her bachelorette party. “Guys, play some songs. Why is it like a mourning here?” Riya complained.
After hours of partying on both sides, the clock ticked 12. Saanchi thought to call Kabir. She picked up her phone but Pragya snatched it. “are you calling Kabir?” She showed a tongue. “Yes. Now can I have my phone back?.” Saanchi forwarded her hand. “Come on Saanchi. Have some patience. After all, you’ll be his wife tomorrow. Besides, don’t you know it’s bad luck to see your fiancé before the wedding?” Pragya and the girls laughed. “I just need to check if he is still sane, after the weird concoctions Veer and the boys made him drink” Saanchi snatched her phone back, “now if you excuse me”.
Saanchi went outside and called Kabir. “Hey Kabir” She said and heard a loud thud. “Are you okay?” She sounded concerned, “nothing, I was just talking to the vase and it fell” Kabir talked gibberish and laughed in the middle. “What?” Saanchi raised her eyebrows. “I never knew horses could fly” Kabir tripped again. “Kabir, have you gone crazy?” Saanchi walked to and fro. “Yes, *hiccup* for you *hiccup* I have gone crazy for you, my love” Kabir sounded really drunk. “Kabir, you are drunk, right? Geez, how can you fall in Veer’s traps?” Saanchi sounded angry. “I am coming to your house” Kabir screamed on the other side of the phone. “No..no. Kabir Don’t drive. Just stay right there. I’m coming. I said do NOT drive” Saanchi ran inside to get her car keys. “Pragya, control your boyfriend. His pranks are making me lose my sanity now” Saanchi stormed outside.
She parked her car and ran inside to see a drunk Kabir laying on the staircase steps. “Oh my god, you really are drunk. That too pretty badly” Saanchi looked at a half passed out Kabir. “I like to sleep” Kabir tried to doze off. “Get your back up Mister. We are going home” Saanchi dragged him. “You know what I like the most, watching butterflies sing. They have the most amazing voice” Kabir laughed like a child. “You actually have gone cuckoo” Saanchi tried to get him up. “You are a scary lady, I don’t want to go with you” Kabir pouted. “ you know what, I need to sober you up a little bit. Just come here and I’ll make you a lemonade” Saanchi made him sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen. “You have bad lipstick shades” Kabir pulled out stuff from Saanchi’s bag. Saanchi came out of the kitchen and saw Kabir trying to apply lipsticks. “God, this is precious” Saanchi pulled out her phone and started video taping Kabir’s drunk actions. Kabir applied a burgundy lipstick, “see! I look prettier than you”. Saanchi couldn’t control her laughter, “I am sure you do”. Kabir suddenly started to make paper balls and threw them around the room. Saanchi made him some lemonade. He drank it and fell asleep within a few moments.
Saanchi cleaned up a little and saw Kabir asleep on the sofa. ‘He looks cute and innocent when he’s asleep’ she smiled. ‘I didn’t just think that’ Saanchi cursed her mind.
Next morning Kabir woke up and saw himself on the sofa. He understood what might have happened. “Veer is dead today. Once I go to work.. wait, I don’t have work today. It’s the freaking wedding day. This came too fast.I need to get coffee” Kabir got dressed and went to a café. He saw Saanchi sitting on a table. “What are the chances of us being in the same place?” Kabir took a seat infront of her. “Well, now that’s a surprise” Saanchi looked extra cheerful. “I thought this wedding was not something we expected but you look pretty excited” Kabir raised his eyebrows. “Well, it’s not the wedding but last night when you were drunk..” Saanchi gave a ‘YouAreGoingToGetEmbarrasedLook’. “Oh god no” Kabir could sense mischief. Saanchi pulled her phone and first made him hear what he said on the call, ““Kabir, have you gone crazy?” -Saanchi. “Yes, *hiccup* for you *hiccup* I have gone crazy for you, my love” -Kabir.
“I didn’t say that” Kabir wanted to break the phone. “Wait, you haven’t been to the best part yet” she scrolled down and showed Kabir the video where he applied lipstick and danced around. Kabir’s entire face became red. “Give me that” Kabir snatched her phone and deleted the videos. “And you think I had only one copy of those memorable events. I have 3 other copies” Saanchi clapped. “Saanchi, the hell? This is embarrassing. Delete ‘em” he requested and practically started pleading. “Nope. I plan to keep them forever and show it to our parents, friends and our kids”…. hearing the phrase ‘our kids’ Kabir chocked on his coffee and Saanchi also started for ways to divert the topic. “Hah. That lipstick shade is hilarious” she laughed to her heart’s contented. Kabir was annoyed but still couldn’t ignore the fact how cute she looked.
Sitting in front of her dresser, the feeling of the wedding actually started to sink in. This is not exactly how she wanted her wedding but she didn’t want to spend one of the most important days of her life slouching and being unhappy. The wedding was arranged in a very extravagant and luxurious manner. After all it’s the Kapoor’s and Mishra’s we are talking about.
Saanchi had a burgundy and white lehenga with jewelries and a gorgeous white scarf. She fixed herself one last time and Pragya came to fetch her.
Kabir on the other side wore a blue Sherwani. Kusum came to fetch him.
On both side of the stairs they walked down, occasionally looking at each other.
The priest asked them to sit and he started the rituals. Kabir was asked to put the garland on Saanchi and Vice Versa.
“I would like the bride and groom to stand up for the rounds” the priest looked the pair. Kabir got up but Saanch was struggling with her heavy dress. Kabir forwarded his hand to help her. Saanchi put her hand and got up. They could hear ‘awws’ and ‘so cute’ around them.
They took the seven rounds as the priest repeated the vows. “The rounds are complete. Please sit down” the priest asked someone to bring the Sindoor and the mangalsutra. “Now the groom will put the mangalsutra on the bride” he said. Kabir picked it up from the platter and asked Saanchi in a very low voice, “You ready?”. Saanchi nodded her head in affirmative. Kabir put the mangalsutra and than filled her hairline with sindoor. “I now pronounce you Husband and wife. The wedding is complete” as soon as the priest said those words Kaanchi took a deep breath and got up to take other’s blessing.
Saanchi sat in the car scrutinizing her mangalsutra. She is officially Saanchi Kabir Kapoor now. “It’s weird how boys don’t get to change their last names” Saanchi spoke to start a conversation. “You could keep your last name if you want. I don’t have any complaints” Kabir smiled at her. “No, it’s fine” Saanchi replied. “So, are you coming to work tomorrow?” Kabir asked. “Really Dr. Khadoos? Can’t I get one more day of leave?” Saanchi groaned. “Yes, Dr. Chudail because even I am not taking a leave. Besides, we have the Gupta surgery tomorrow and she specifically wants you to be her surgeon” Kabir crossed his arms. “People love me, unlike you who the patients and the nurses are scared of” Saanchi showed a tongue. They reached their destination.
“We will continue all the remaining rituals tomorrow. Since Kabir and Saanchi has a surgery tomorrow” Kusum told the others. “What? There is more?” Kabir pouted. “A lot more” Kusum replied.
Now came the most awkward moment of their life. When they were sent to the room. Saanchi went to the restroom to change. Kabir went to a different restroom and came back after he was also changed. Saanchi entered. “Well, I have seen your room before but it looks weird today” Saanchi looked around. “The flowers and petals of course” Kabir tossed a rose away. “Whatever, I have to put my clothes in the closet”. She got a gigantic luggage full of clothes. “This won’t fit in” Saanchi complained. “Looks like you have an entire store with you here” Kabir laughed. “These are only a few. I still have 4 luggages left” Saanchi closed the bag. “You are kidding?” Kabir waved his hand in disbelief. “Get a new closet” Saanchi flipped her hair. “You have too many clothes” Kabir complained. “And you have too little and I am sleepy” Saanchi sat on the bed and lifted the balnket. “Wait up, that’s my blanket” Kabir pulled it from her. “Get yourself another one because I can’t sleep without a blanket” Saanchi snatches it back. ‘Mine’ chant continued for a while. When Kabir shouted, “fine, you can take half of it”. Saanchi smiled and got in the bed.
After some hours Saanhci started to get cold and saw the blanket missing and Kabir wrapped himself with the entire blanket. Saanchi pokes him, “hello, blanket please”. “The hell Saanchi?,go to bed” Kabir said in sleep. “I would if I wasn’t cold” Saanchi complained. But somehow she got a little part of the blanket and went back to sleep.
Next morning, Kabir woke up early and thought for a while. ‘Saanchi has to adjust to an entirely new life. I should probably try my best to make her comfortable’. He went downstairs and got coffee for both of them. He came back up and noticed Saanchi was in the bathroom. She came out with a towel wrapped around her hair. “Coffee” her eyes beamed. “Wait, Wasn’t I supposed to cook and do all the fancy stuff?” Saanchi took a sip from her cup. “I don’t mind doing this” Kabir replied. “Thank you, Kabir” Saanchi said with gratitude in her tone. “For what?” Kabir pretended to not know. “For making me feel, that it’s still home” she smiled at him.
A few months passed by. Each day Saanchi got to see a new side of Kabir. Like, caring for puppies, taking care of babies and also that he sang in the shower. Which by the way, he had a terrible voice. Kabir was her friend for sure but in these few months she got to know him more. Same with Kabir, he noticed that Saanchi is not only a bubbly girl with sarcastic comments but she knows how to love and care. Her one smile would make his all worries for the day go away. She was filled with positivity and good thoughts.
Are they falling for each other?
It has been 4 months since they got married. Being full time doctors has kept them busy but it was also working as a medium to bring them closer.
“Dr. Kabir, you are very handsome” the patient who was 65 years old purposely flirted with Kabir. Saanchi laughed seeing Kabir in trouble but got startled by Kabir’s intense glare. “Dr. Kabir, I wish we could get married” she held Kabir’s hand and looked at him. “Ms. Chopra, if you want I can call the priest today itself and find a day for the wedding” Saanchi did a high five with her. “What? Ms. Chopra even though you are a beautiful person but the thing is I’m already married” Kabir confessed. “Don’t worry Dr. Kabir, I was joking. Is it my age anymore to get married?” she laughed. Kabir took a breath of relief. “Aww, and I was looking forward to a wedding. What do you say Kabir? Get married again” Saanchi laughed and kept poking Kabir who crossed his arms and pouted. “Well, who is your wife?” Ms.Chopra asked. Now it was Kabir’s time to laugh. “Hah, you don’t know her. Tell her who Dr. Kapoor is?” Kabir moved Saanchi with his shoulders. Ms. Chopra looked at the couple in awe. After all, the fortune to see two of the best doctors tease each other wasn’t an everyday scene. “Ms. Chopra, meet my wife Dr.Saanchi Kabir Kapoor” Kabir pointed to Saanchi.
Saanchi suddenly felt different. Kabir’s name with hers sounded different but it was a good kind of different. Unknowingly she felt happy inside hearing that. “I could already see that cute couple. God bless you both” she kept fangirling over and again.
Whether they realize it or not this couple fell in love. To some people a few months is very less to fall in love. But true love can happen anywhere and anytime. Can happen in 2 hours, 2 days, 2 months, 2 years, 2 decades but for Kaanchi 4 months were enough. They just stepped into that arena. The realization of love was yet to come.
Saanchi was given a very critical Cancer Patient. A 13 year old boy. He was given radiation therapy and his cancer was presumably gone but in the radiation therapy they missed a spot on his arm and that’s where the Cancer came back and started to spread all over.
“ I think the only way to cure this is a second radiation therapy” Mr. Malhotra said in the meeting. Saanchi looked puzzled. “Dr. Saanchi, I would like you to start the procedures” Dr. Malhotra ordered her. “ we shouldn’t do a second exterior radiation therapy” Saanchi spoke. “And your suggestion is?” Dr. Malhotra spoke in a challenging tone. “If we do a second exterior radiation therapy the long term effects are terrible, he might not be able to walk, he might get paralyzed, bleeding and even death threat. We could do the radiation therapy from inside his arm, only that area so that is doesn’t affect the other parts of his body” Saanchi explained. “Firstly, it’s a very complicated surgery. Secondly, we have to spend a lot for that kind of advanced procedure. Do you know that it would result in a financial loss for the hospital?” Dr. Malhotra argued. “But he is 13. we can’t cripple him forever. He wants to stay alive to enjoy his life, not lay in a bed and lament” Saanchi fires back. “Dr. Saanchi. We are doctors and emotions shouldn’t play a part in our work” Dr. Malhotra was losing his calm. “Exactly, we are doctors. Not a business organization that we are thinking about profit and loss “ Saanchi said with a dangerous tone. “Dr. Malhotra Saanchi is right. We should try her tube therapy. I know it’ll cost the hospital more than usual but we can save a life” Kabir backed Saanchi up and supported her. “Dr. Kabir, Saanchi is your wife but that didn’t mean you’ll blindly trust anything she says” Anand crosses his arms. “No. I am not only taking her side. She was a very bright student and an experienced doctor. I know she can do this” Kabir smiled at her. “Really? Than probably you should run this hospital” Anand was getting mad. “Dr. malhotra please. I know we can do this” Kabir pressurized. “Fine, it’s a challenge than. You and your wife think that you both can do anything. Try this stupid surgery and I swear if this turns out wrong you, Dr. Kabir will resign from your post” Anand challenged him. “Bhai. What are you saying? Kabir is an asset. We can’t lose him” Anand’s brother whispered. “He thinks he can challenge me. Dr. Malhotra.” He fired out. “Accepted. Saanchi and I will make you proud. Dr. Malhotra” Kabir smirked. “Kabir, you will not drag yourself to this. Dr. Malhotra if the surgery goes wrong I’ll resign and not Kabir” Saanchi argued. “Shut up Saanchi. Let me handle the situation” Kabir told her. “Why are you doing this?” Saanchi pleaded him. “ I am standing up for what’s right and I’m supporting my WIFE. Now, I believe we have a surgery to attend” Kabir excused himself.
That day Saanchi knew that there was no one better than Kabir. That way he stood up for her infront if everyone won her heart. On the other side, Kabir was also moved by how Saanchi was ready to give up her position for him. Is it mere friendship or can we see a transformation to love?
They did the surgery and succeeded. The 13 year old boy was saved with minimal side effects and that day even Dr. Malhotra has to clap for their victory. Yep, definitely they belong together.
Everything was going perfect! But life doesn’t always stay perfect, and like every other couple they had a fight. But unfortunately a major one. And this was fueled by none other than Kabir’s useless and suspecting friend Arjun. He came in town and visited Saanchi and Kabir.
“Saanchi, we need to be there at 6” Kabir rolled his eyes. “But I told you, that I promised mom that I would help her pack. This one time please” Saanchi made a cute face. “Fine” Kabir narrowed his eyes. “I will go, get coffee. Do you want anything Arjun?” Arjun nodded his head negatively. “Wow, your wife has some control on you” Arjun spoke out of the blue. “She knows how to get my approval” Kabir smiled. “No , she is controlling you” Arjun forced a bad mindset in Kabir. “Shut up Arjun. There is nothing like that.” Kabir got annoyed. “ no offense bro. But she is the kind of girl who doesn’t care. She only loves herself and you are just dancing in her strings” he laughed. “I know Saanchi and you don’t need to do a character analysis for me. You can go now” Kabir looked away.
Even though Kabir ousted Arjun the thought has a small place in the back of his mind. There is no doubt Kabir loves and respects Saanchi. But People like Arjun are the kind of twisted pretzels and snake-ish demons who can reside in your mind without you realizing it. Sometimes people like this can affect your mind even though your heart doesn’t agree. True love can be a little shaken by these events but they can never be broken. Instead it can make them stronger.
“Saanchi, I think your shift ends early today right?” Kabir asked as he sat infront if his computer. “Yes, why?” Saanchi replied. “ we could go and grab dinner after” Kabir tried to act casual. “Oh my god. Is the Kabir Kapoor asking me on a date?” Saanchi teased him. “ I said dinner” Kabir defended himself. “Hmm, when two people go out on a dinner, alone, what is that called again?” Saanchi pretended to think. “ fine. It could be a date if you want it to be. So, are you coming?” Kabir asked. “Of course. But it better not be boring” she smiled at him. “Oh and please remind me an hour before. You know that I have a big surgery today and I forget everything when I’m nervous” Saanchi said. “Fine, I’ll give you a call” Kabir waves bye as Saanchi went away.
After the surgery Saanchi came out and completely forgot about the ‘date’. “Hey Saanchi, let’s go to the new ice cream parlor. I heard the mint chocolate chip ice cream is to die for” Pragya suggested. “Yes, But I feel like I’m forgetting something” Saanchi tried to think. “Come on, you’ll remember it later” Pragya dragged her. “But my phone. It’s in the locker.” Saanchi told. “We will get it after coming back. Now come on” The two drove to the parlor.
On the other side, Kabir was waiting for Saanchi. He called her but since it was in the locker she couldn’t pick it up. Arjun’s words constantly kept ringing in his mind. He finally left the venue.
Saanchi opened her locker and Checked her phone. “10 missed calls and 3 texts” Saanchi looked through and remembered that they had a date. “Oh no. He must be mad”
Saanchi rushed to the house and found Kabir in their room already changed. “Kabir, I am so sorry” Saanchi went to him. “ I was waiting there for over an hour like an idiot.” Kabir didn’t even look at her. “I forgot after the surgery and than went with Pragya and I left my phone. I’m so sorry” Saanchi apologized. “Shows how much you care” Kabir was hurt. “Look, I forgot. I told you before” Saanchi was confused why he was acting as such. “ it’s always about you. Why do I have to work so hard? For once in your life, Saanchi think about others besides yourself” Kabir rudely commented. “Ouch. That’s what you think?” Saanchi was deeply hurt by his actions. “I know this marriage wasn’t something we wanted but at least I’m trying to make this work and I see no effort from your side” Kabir kept firing. “I don’t what happened to you. You never act like this” Saanchi said in disbelief. “Because, I’m tired. So please leave me alone for sometime and let me be in peace” Kabir turned away. “Fine, I’ll let you stay in peace and alone” Saanchi grabbed her bag and went out of the house. She was sad on how Kabir acted and even more disappointed by the fact that he didn’t stop her from leaving.
Arjun’s venom was showing its effect. But as I said, nothing can break apart two lovers.
Next morning when Kaanchi met they tried to ignore each other occasionally with glares. Saanchi stayed over at Pragya’s and told her everything.
“Kabir, can I talk to you?” Pragya asked him. She took Kabir to a side and than literally started lashing out, “how could you be so stupid Kabir?” Pragya shouted. “I assume Saanchi told you everything” Kabir looked down. “No, she doesn’t need to. Because I was with her, and she forgot and you know when she is nervous she tends to forget things. Why are you being so childish on a simple matter? This is so not you kabir” Pragya admitted. “Well, how can she miss it? Why am I the only one trying? She doesn’t even care about this” Kabir justifies his side. “God, how much she cares? I can tell you that. The entire hour she was with me yesterday she kept talking about you. How you care for her, how you are so good and everything? Do you know how boring it is to hear the same praise again and again?” Pragya saw Kabir’s facial expressions soften. “And you are not just saying that,” Kabir looked doubtful. “She always keeps complaining how she feels that she is not taking care of you enough or that you try harder and she wants to do more for you” Pragya said much to Kabir’s happiness and a little dismay. “That’s not all. I think she loves now but she doesn’t know it” Pragya admitted. “Now, that’s taking it too far. Let’s just stay at the current situation” Kabir tried to avoid the infamous ‘love’ topic. “ What happened to you Kabir? I was so sure that no one can be as sensible as you and you are perfect for Saanchi. Why the sudden attitude change?” Pragya looked worried. Kabir thought for a while and all his rude and hurtful comments came back to mind. “I am so stupid. Damn that Arjun filling shit in my mind” Kabir cursed himself and Arjun. “Arjun?” Pragya seemed confused. “Long story” Kabir rolled his eyes. “So, now I need help from you to apologize to Saanchi” Kabir made a pitiful expression. “Hmm, I can’t help you with that. You are more in Veer’s territory now” Pragya thought.
Saanchi was in Pragya’s apartment. She heard the door close. “Pragya, you are early today. I thought you had a late shift” Saanchi said from the kitchen. She didn’t get any reply and went outside. “Strange, I thought I heard the door close” Saanchi looked around. She turned back and saw Kabir standing. At first it startled her. “Why are you here?” She said with annoyance in her tone. “We are going home” Kabir said. “No, you are going home” Saanchi started to go back but Kabir caught her hand. “Just listen to me, once” Kabir requested. Saanchi stopped. “I was stupid. I don’t know what possessed me. I swear I didn’t mean to do that. It wasn’t it me talking. Arjun’s stupid words took over and another Kabir from the evil world came and took over. I am sorry… also you can punish me!” Kabir went on and on. “Stop! I heard enough” Saanchi stopped him. “I am sorry” Kabir said one last time. “I know you are sorry, but all those things you said to me last night. I can’t forget them so easily. Why would you think that?” Saanchi looked disappointed. “ It was another Kabir talking. I know you are not selfish. You are my best friend and I know you” Kabir exhaled. “I tried a lot. I know it might seem less compared to your efforts but I want to give this marriage a shot” Saanchi confessed. “You don’t need to justify” Kabir could see the sadness in her eyes. “All the those things you said. You wouldn’t have said it, unless a small part of you believed it” Saanchi reasoned. “I don’t think anything like that” Kabir tried to comfort her. “I am sorry too” a tear drop left her eye. Something happened to Kabir. He couldn’t let Saanchi cry, heck,he couldn’t even see her sad. “Saanchi, please don’t cry. You are making me sad. I am the jerk here”.Kabir looked very gloomy himself. “No. I shouldn’t have forgotten about the date either” Saanchi now started to partly blame herself. Kabir cupped his hands around Saanchi’s face and said, “stop it! It wasn’t your fault and I don’t want to fight over this. Fights happens but let’s put that aside and come with me” Kabir looked in her eyes and Saanchi could see herself drowning in it. “Only on one condition” Saanchi came out of it. “What?” Kabir asked. “This time I get to arrange the date” Saanchi smiled at him. “Of course you do” Kabir picked up her bags.
At that time the door got wide open and veer came with a huge flower bouquet. “Wait, where are the decorations? Kabir you didn’t get the flowers and chocolates” Veer looked around. “I realized, this wasn’t valentine’s day” Kabir sarcastically said. “So you didn’t need to take my advice” Veer pretended to look hurt. “I thought Saanchi would rather like a genuine apology from me rather than distractions by these flowers” Kabir thought much to Veer’s dismay. “You know me very well Kabir. I’m impressed” Saanchi smiled. Kabir had a look of pride on his face.
There it was. The day of the date. Their first date ever! Saanchi was very excited, which did surprise Kabir a little bit. But he was happy. In his heart he could feel happiness and nervousness at the same time. A rare feeling, it’s the kind of emotions he never got before.
“Yes, you have to be blindfolded” Saanchi said for the umpteenth time. “Why? Why can’t be a normal date like other couples?” Kabir complained. “You know, I was never the kind of girl who would dream about Prince Charming coming on a white horse or anything like that. I didn’t even think about dating” Saanchi said. “I certainly know that” Kabir fixed his collar. “Let me complete. But now that I think of it. I do want a first date. I know our marriage was in unfavorable conditions but I can’t lament on it forever. I want my first date to be perfect.” Saanchi said dreamily. “So you never had a date before?” Kabir asked with a like bit of surprise in his tone. “No. I didn’t have time for this. Being a doctor is hard my friend. And of course you know about it since you are one. Wait, did you date before?” Saanchi said with curiosity and jealousy which didn’t go unnoticed by Kabir. He thought to play around a bit. “ I used to have a new girlfriend every week in high school. Too bad we weren’t friends that time” Kabir smirked. “I didn’t know you were a play boy” Saanchi crosses her arms looking unimpressed. “I was just kidding. I’m a doctor too. It’s my actually my first date ” Kabir put his hand on the back of his neck looking a little flustered. Saanchi’s face instantly lightened up.
Saanchi took Kabir to the place. Kabir had no clue that where he was but he could feel warm sad under his feet and a light but cool breeze around. It was like 8 PM so that sun was down. Saanchi opened the blindfold. Kabir looked and saw the beach. He looked a little to the side and he saw a beautiful tent house and food. “Wow” escapes his mouth. He was mesmerized seeing the setup. Even more captivated after looking at Saanchi. She looked absolutely stunning with minimal makeup, hair set down in beautiful curls and her tanned skin shinning in the moonlight. “It’s beautiful” Kabir said looking at her. “I worked hard on it” Saanchi looked proud. She thought Kabir was talking about the setup but it was her simplicity and a bright smile that enthralled his heart.
They walked around the beach. “Do you want to go inside and have dinner?” Saanchi pointed at the big tent house. “Sure” Kabir said. Saanchi observes Kabir for a while. She noticed he was in a thought, not necessarily gloomy but Saanchi got worried. “You are not liking this, are you?” Saanchi said with a disappointing voice. “What? Of course not” Kabir jumped up. “You look gloomy” Saanchi pointed out. “No I am not. I was just thinking that you did everything so beautifully and I just don’t know how to thank you! Thank you” Kabir smiled at her. “Rule number-1 no thank you’s and sorry’s in date” Saanchi cheerfully said. “When does dating have rules?” Kabir asked. “Starting now” Saanchi relied.
For the next hour they talked. They had dinner that Saanchi cooked along with Kabir. Yeap, you heard it right. Kabir helped cook who can’t even make a dough properly. “And I always loved 98 degrees when I was a kid” Saanchi started to really open up. “I was more for the New kids on the block?” Kabir also shared. “Wow, you liked music” Saanchi laughed. “The Backstreet Boys were pretty good too” Kabir ate the Pie. “I love them. Hey, how come I never knew so much about you before? I thought we were best friends” Saanchi asked. “Well, best friends don’t share everything. And we focused more on studies” Kabir explained a probable reason.
They talked more, and with each hour they got to more about each other. They were similar which made them compatible but they were also different in certain aspects that kept them individual and didn’t make the conversation boring or montone.
“ you know what Kabir, When we got married I felt like How will I go through this all my life and I won’t be able to handle it” Saanchi looked at him. “What about now?” Kabir looked in her eyes. “It’s not so bad anymore” Saanchi sarcastically said. “Not so bad huh?” Kabir played along. “It’s going much better than I thought” Saanchi admitted and Kabir nodded positively.
They looked at the time and it was getting late. They cleaned up and drove back home. After months, for the first time Kaanchi slept peacefully with smile on their faces.
[A/N: Hi, I’m back. You probably are getting bored. Sorry for that, but guess what, it’s not the end at all. By now you must have realized the fact that Kaanchi fell for each other and they pretty much have a normal relationship. But we all need a confession don’t we. They were like the couple who were in love without saying. But, what’s a love story without confession. But before we get to that let’s take the story to a little exciting direction. But don’t worry, it won’t be that long. Also this segment will have some unexpected stuff but please don’t bash me because it was a part of the competition prompts. Anyways, Enjoy the rest of the story]
It’s been like 6 months since Kaanchi got married and what they haven’t still been to is a honeymoon. Yes, don’t we all need it to spice things up a little.
“Mom no. No. No. No.We have surgeries to attend. Patients to take care of” Kabir threw fits like a kid and complained. “How many No’s will you use in a single sentence?It’s already been 6 months. You both need a vacation” Kusum insisted. “Aunty. I mean ma, I know you have good intentions but we have patients relying on us” Saanchi explained with a bit of more maturity. “I am not telling you to go there for a decade. Just 2 days please. You go one day, stay there for another and come back the third day. Simple” Kusum explained. “That’s three days of leave” Kabir acted as if it was three years. “You are such a Khadoos. Please Kabir” Kusum made a sad face. Saanchi saw how excited Kusum was. “It’s just three days Kabir. Let’s do it” Saanchi finally agreed. “But three days, I don’t think I missed that many days even for the wedding” Kabir complained. Kusum and Saanchi laughed. “Fine” even Kabir agreed.
Kabir and Saanchi settled down in their seats, Kabir still salty about the fact that he had to miss 3 days. “Okay, when will you stop making that face?” Saanchi asked annoyed. Kabir suddenly without saying a word held Saanchi’s hand and looked in her eyes. “Saanchi, this trip made me realize how much I love you” he flattered his eyelashes trying to be extra dramatic and pretentious. Saanchi jerked her hand away. “Could stop this acting?” Saanchi rolled her eyes. “Why? Aren’t you enjoying the honeymoon vibes? You agreed pretty easily for this” Kabir started roasting Saanchi. “I did it to make Kusum aunty happy” Saanchi stayed facts. That time an old couple in their 60’s came and sat infront of Kaanchi. Since they were in business class there were only 2 seats together.
“Such a sweet couple. Just like us. See” the old women pointed towards Kaanchi. “Get ready to reveal everything about your life. They ask a lot of questions” Kabir Warned and pretended to read a magazine. “So, how long have you guys been married?” The couple asked. “6 month-ish” Saanchi replied. “Going to your honeymoon?” They asked as soon as Saanchi replied to the first one. “Yes” She said. “Adorable. What do you do as a profession?” They kept the rapid fire going on. “We are doctors in SDCH” Saanchi wanted to run away. “Wow, that’s a very reputed hospital” they kept going on and on. Saanchi pokes Kabir, who purposely doesn’t answer. Saanchi excuses herself to go to the restroom. “Have fun” She whispered in his ear and walked as fast as possible. “So, your wife is very sweet” they said. “Yes. she is” Kabir sweat dropped. After a good amount of time Saanchi came back and still saw Kabir caught up in the ‘discussion’. She went to her seat. “Well, what do you guys plan to do when you reach your destination?” The old woman asked very curiously. “You know go to the beach, probably sightseeing and that’s all” Kabir replied very professionally. “That’s all?” They didn’t look convinced. “Yes” Kabir replied. “What about romance? Going to couple parties? Singing songs for each other?” They suggested together. “Singing songs?” Kabir made a very unimpressed and weird expressions. “When we went to our first honeymoon, it was so romantic. We were together 24/7. Especially at night” they cracked jokes and laughed. Saanchi suddenly started to feel weird. “Hah, we will leave you two alone” they finally backed off. “Did you enjoy their 70’s honeymoon story?” Kabir laughed. “Of course not. They destroyed my perfect vision of traditional couples.” Saanchi pouted. “What Vision?” Kabir seemed puzzled. “You know, I like to think of them as the old fashioned way. Which is separate bedrooms” Saanchi laughed at her own jokes and Kabir joined her. “See, I cheered you up” Saanchi exhaled in relief. Kabir was really happy and grateful at the fact that Saanchi always knows how to make him laugh.
Kaanchi reached the hotel and checked in the room. “What the…” Kabir dropped his bag and stared at the room for a good 2 minutes. “This is a honeymoon suite. Who booked this?” He nodded. “Pretty sure it’s your mom” Saanchi gave a nervous chuckle. “I am tired” Kabir said and immediately crashed on the bed. It didn’t take them long to fall asleep.
Tomorrow is another day.
Next morning:
“So, where do you want to go now?” Kabir asked as they ate breakfast. “I am okay staying at the hotel unless you want to go somewhere” Saanchi casually replied. “We should go to the beach” Kabir suggested. “Beach sounds fun” Saanchi got excited.
The entire day they hung out together starting with the beach. They took a lot of snaps and actually enjoyed the day.
They sat on the sand and watched the sunset. “It’s beautiful” Saanchi said. What they didn’t realize is that, their hands were entangled the entire time. Kabir noticed it but he didn’t move his hand away. They stayed for some more time. “I had a good time, to be honest. We should sometimes go on vacations” Kabir confesses. “Me too” Saanchi said. They looked at each other and of course there was an eye lock. Saanchi could stare at him for hours but suddenly she got a call. “It’s mom” Saanchi said. “Yours or mine?” Kabir asked. “Mine” Saanchi picked it up. “I’ll see you at the hotel” Kabir said as she left.
Kabir stayed at the beach for a while recalling all their moments together. Just her company make him feel thrilled and ecstatic. He loves the way she smiles and feels calm when he is with her.
“There is no denying Kabir, You love her” he thought.
He went back to the hotel and saw Saanchi in the restroom. “Kabir, can you come here for a sec?” Saanchi called him from the bathroom. “What happened?” He put the laptop down. “The shower isn’t working. Can you help me?” Kabir heard Saanchi trying to get it open. “I’m coming” he tiptoed towards the bathroom. “Let me see”. He got inside the shower room and started to pull and move the handle. “It seems stiff” he said. But he kept on trying. Suddenly water game gushing out drenching both of them.
Exactly readers, a romantic and steamy scene indeed. They looked at each other and had an eye lock. And the next moment,both of them kept coming closer. They don’t know what happened, why they felt an attraction but of course we know it, don’t we? They are in love with each other.
Kabir put his hand around her waist and Saanchi put her hand around his neck and their Lips meet. Saanchi responded to the kiss and 70 seconds later Kabir suddenly broke away. “I… nee..” he was getting speechless and Saanchi just kept quiet breathing heavily as a dark shade of pink took over her face. “I need to take a shower” Saanchi finally spoke up. “I have a patient’s report to look at” Kabir excused himself and went out.
“What did just happen?” They thought.
Kabir sat outside thinking how did he let himself loose control. “How can I fix this? What if she gets super mad? But I wasn’t the only one who kissed? Damn it Kabir, why are you so careless?”he cursed himself.
In the shower Saanchi kept thinking. “The kiss, why am I not sad or disappointed at myself? Why don’t I feel bad? Infact, the kiss didn’t make me unhappy at all instead it was… it was somewhat expected. Oh my god, have I fallen for Kabir?” She kept thinking.
Saanchi entered the room and tried to lighten up the tension. “We should go to that hill before leaving tomorrow” Saanchi suggested. “Yes, we should” Kabir got quiet again. ‘I guess we should just avoid this incident. But didn’t the kiss mean anything to her?’ Kabir thought. ‘I need to find a way to confess my feelings to Kabir’ Saanchi thought and scribbles something down. “Well, I’m sleepy so good night” Saanchi wished Kabir and went to bed.
After going to the hill top they spent some quality time and things went back to normal. Kabir seemed more cheerful. Does he have a plan in mind? I guess we’ll wait and see. After the exciting and unexpected adventures in the short 3 days honeymoon, they finally went back home.
[A/N: I didn’t want to drag with the honeymoon track as much since it would get way boring. And I know the kiss was unexpected but hey don’t we all need a little surprise. I’m sorry for the boring author’s note after every segment. Also we have reached the OS climax/ finale. Yeah, you guessed it right. It’s confession time ?]
“I think I do need help at confessing” Kabir told the group. “What? You haven’t confessed yet?” They got a little surprised. “Kabir, do you love her or are you in love with her because those two are different things” Pragya questioned. “I am in love with her” Kabir smiled and the rest of the group also got very excited. “True love” Veer wipes off a fake tear. ““Hmm, what can we do?” All of them thought.
They all came out and saw Saanchi outside. “I hope she didn’t hear anything” Isha prayed. “I need to talk to you guys about something” Saanchi looked nervous. “I think I have fallen for Kabir” Saanchi admitted. “Like you slipped on the floor” Veer joked. “This is serious Veer. The more I get closer to him, the more I want to confess how I love him, a lot” Saanchi blushes again. “Sit right hun! Probably you both will confess at the same time. Just give him a little time to figure things out too” Pragya purposely made Saanchi Wait. “I think you are right. What if he doesn’t love me yet and I crack things open?” Saanchi accepted their advice and returned back to work.
“I love this couple” they all squealed.
“Saanchi, I need you to take over case 7s3 in the critical care building” Kabir handed her some files. “Okay, what about the patient in room 9z54?” Saanchi asked. “Isha will take care of him” Kabir said. “And wait, I need you to get home as early as possible and get ready” Kabir smirked. “Get ready for what?” Someone needed to fill Saanchi in. “ we are going for dinner” Kabir tried to make it sound like a casual date. “Anything special?” Saanchi’s heart starting beating fast. “Nope. Just the usual chit chat” Kabir pretended and he saw darkness falling on her face. “Oh” she said in a monotone voice and went outside.
Time-skip to the Saanchi reaching home:
She went inside their room and saw a package. “Wear this to the date” it said on the top. Saanchi smiled and changed into the gown. “Kabir, are you coming to pick me up?” Saanchi called him. “No, I’ll text you the location. Can you come by yourself?” Kabir asked. “Okay. I’ll start the car” Saanchi hung up. ‘That’s strange. We usually go together’ Saanchi thought but her whirlpool of thoughts were stopped as she started driving. She reached the address and saw a simple but elegantly set-up restaurant. Kabir was waiting for her at front and he helped her get out of the car. “So, you like this place?” Kabir asked her. “It’s sweet and simple” she replied with a smile. They walked to a reserved table and sat down. The waiter came and took their orders. “We will both have a steak, medium rare” Kabir ordered. “And for dessert mint chocolate chip ice cream” Kabir completed the order and the waiter went away. “How did you know I wanted steak?” Saanchi was impressed. “I know you too well” Kabir remarked. After dinner and dessert they started talking.
Suddenly, Kabir got serious. “Saanchi, this wedding, is probably not what we wanted” Kabir started and with each words Saanchi’s heart started racing. “It’s probably for the best that we be honest with each other” Kabir went on. “Yes we should” Saanchi included in the middle. “I am letting you go free from this unwanted relationship. I don’t want you get suffocated in a responsibility out of obligation and not love” Kabir concluded. Tear started falling from Saanchi’s eyes and Kabir also started to get emotional. “I thought everything was going well between us” Saanchi sniffed. “I know. But a loveles marriage can’t go on forever” tears shined in his eyes. “Well, I guess there is no love from your side than, and Here I thought” Saanchi stopped. “No love from my side???Thought what?” Kabir suddenly got excited and confused. “Doesn’t matter. I guess you made your decision” she got up, “I am going home” she didn’t say another word and started heading home.
Kabir immediately called someone, “she is going there. Is everything ready?” Kabir smiled. “Yes sir” a voice which very much sounded like Veer was heard. “Now at least I know she loves me” Kabir smiled.
You should do something very unexpected. Make a move that she wouldn’t think about at all and than confess to make the confession even more fun and memorable” Riya suggested. “How about make her feel that you won’t confess and than do it all of a Sudden?” They suggested. “Hmm” Kabir thought.
**Flashback ends**
Saanchi drove the car and kept thinking. ‘How could Kabir do this? I thought we were bonding but all of a sudden this. This was not expected from him. Why would he arrange a date to say this on my face’ she reached their home.
She walked to the door and opened it to find absolute darkness. “Hello, Anyone home?” Saanchi looked around. Suddenly she saw a beam of light and someone coming. “Kabir” She was a little startled by his sudden appearance. “Saanchi, I know this wedding was in unfavorable conditions” Kabir continued but Saanchi cut him off. “I understood it. I heard what you had to say” Saanchi but her lip to control her tears. “No. You will hear it now. But ever since since I got to know you more than as a friend, I understood how unique and special you were to me, and as time passed we started to grow closer and I started to love everything that you do. Starting from your annoying pout to heartwarming smile, everything melted my heart. Now, I have never said it to anyone but only you” Kabir kneeled down infront of Saanchi and she was still clueless what was going on, “Saanchi, I love you! And I want you to be my wife in true sense” he finally said. He saw Saanchi crying again. “What did I do now?” Kabir got up only to get a punch from Saanchi. “You jerk, why would you scare me like that?” She smiled. “I wanted to surprise you” Kabir hugged her. “I love you too! And as I spent more time with you I knew you were the one. I’m very happy to have you in my life” Saanchi enjoyed their embrace.
“Good morning” Saanchi said. “I love it when you are extra sweet” Kabir kissed her forehead. “Don’t get too used to it” Saanchi joked. “Wouldn’t dream of it” Kabir smiled.
They entered the hospital together and everybody observed that they are extra cheerful. “So I guess it all worked out” the gang did high fives. “So, can we get a treat for helping?” Veer asked. “Sure, Veer. Your shift has just been increased by an hour” Saanchi gave an innocent smile. “Wait, why am I getting punished?” Veer pouted. “For filling him up with crappy ideas and nearly giving me a heart attack before he actually confessed” Saanchi rolled her eyes. “Kabir, come on. Explain that it was for the good” Veer pleaded. “Do I know you?” Kabir ignored Veer. “I hate you all” Veer walked away. “Like husband, like wife” Riya commented.
And after all that drama, adventures and romances it all came down to a simple confession of love and that’s how the love story of Kaanchi progressed.
And if you thought this was the end, you are wrong. You always need a sneak peak to the future. So let’s move on to Kaanchi’s life after 3 years.
3 years later:
Kabir and the others are now in higher ranks and Kabir is also a member of the hospital board. Saanchi, Riya, Veer, Pragya and Isha are senior doctors and intern mentors.
Even though Kabir is the soft romantic husband for Saanchi. At the same time he is the scary mentor who new interns are scared of. He is super strict and also very caring at the same time. Slacking off infront if him is not a option.
A new intern was talking to Saanchi. Kabir came out of nowhere and the intern looked constipated. “ I hope everything is going good. You are a bright student. Lose focus and you will lose your job” Kabir said in a scary tone to the intern. “Stop this intimidating appearance Kabir” she smiled at her husband’s actions. “I do that so they don’t get distracted. I’ll see you later” Kabir gave Saanchi a peck on the forehead and returned back to his work.
“Looks like Dr. Kabir isn’t as bad as the rumor has been spreading” the intern said. “Of course not. He is not that bad at all” Saanchi paused for a second, “because he is worse” she laughed. The intern gulped. “Don’t worry, as time passes all of you guys will grow to love him when you see how much he cares” she looks at a Kabir who is apparently making two interns observe a surgery.
Suddenly, Pragya came and whispered something in Saanchi’s ear. And hugged her. “I need to tell Kabir” Saanchi got up and called Kabir. “Kabir” Saanchi tapped his shoulder. “Can’t talk now. I’m busy” he started typing something. “ it’s important news” Saanchi closed the laptop. “What?” He looked at her and smiled. “I’m Pregnant” she said and instead of hearing Kabir say something he had a long 5 minutes pause. “You are pregnant? Oh my god, I’m going to be dad” he instantly hugged Saanchi. “Thank you soo much. I can’t express how happy I am” Kabir continued, suddenly he saw Saanchi’s eyes glistening. “Why are you crying?” Kabir asked. “I’m just really happy, to be with you. To have this beautiful life, a prefect job, super helpful and annoying friend and now this baby” she touched her womb and smiled. “Now, I believe you need to take a leave” Kabir said. “Not now. I can still work” Saanchi laughed at his concern.
They cracked the news to everyone. “Congratulations you two” the gang hugged them. “Oh no, we have an orientation to start for the new interns” Saanchi reminded them. “ Saanchi you grab the computer, I’ll set the conference hall. Riya and Isha get the presentations ready. Veer and Pragya gather all the interns” Kabir ordered. The gang saw Kabir and Saanchi quickly setting everything up. “ I don’t know who is fiercer than the other” they laughed looking at the couple.
Love can happen to anyone, at anytime. Who would have thought that Kabir and Saanchi would get together. From friends to married couple to lovers. Such a huge journey but we got to see the beauty of love and how it grows even if you don’t plan it beforehand. There are challenges and hurdles but in the end true love prevails. Kaanchi was unique and such a beautiful love story. Even though having so many obstacles towards the end we finally see a cute loving couple. And after reading this story we have to say, “yeah, it’s a match made in heaven.
I can’t believe I finished this. I know there has been moments where you got super bored but if you have made it to the end Than congratulations!!! I am so happy that I could the chance to write something like this even if it was bad ?. I have been working on this baby for like a week and finally it’s done. Anyways, I hope you liked it and don’t forgot to vote and give it a big thumbs up if you did.Also do drop your precious comments and constructive criticism and suggestion. I love you all so much and it has been a blessing to have you all as a part of my life.
Always keep shining and remember that you are limitless and special.
With that, I take your leave and love you all so so much.

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