Kaanchi : Hate to Love (Episode 7)

Hope you like the revealtion guys.

sanchi comes out of the hospital and tries to see the face of that lady.But her face is covered by veil so she can’t

That lady sees someone following her and turn to see and she finds sanchi there.



They hug each other and went to near by park to sit and talk.

At sdch:

kabir trying to find where is sanchi and her mobile is not reachable.

At park:

sanchi:neha, what are u talking with kabir?what is dangerous?

neha:nothing leave it

sanchi:no, i have to know and i dont know what happens to kabir in the marriage after meeting you and

fb shown:

kabir and neha in room:

sanchi goes through and saw both of them hugging and kabir saying i will take care now you dont worry.Iam here now.

sanchi heart broken after listening and thinks may be he is in relation with neha and she shouldnt interfere in between them and starts avoiding kabir.

fb ends

neha: sanchi. sanchi

sanchi comes to senses and her eyes are lightly wet and asks her to say truth and what happens to kabir and why he is behaving weird and i think its because of me but

now i think its more and asks promise on her

neha:kabir,rahul and i were best friends since childhood and when they going us kabir and rahul were planing to start an orphanage in india and both invested money and

both find a nice place and gives money to the landlord and buys the property.For some paper work they have to go and rahul goes and his car she cries

sanchi:please control yourself

neha:rahul die in that accident

sanchi consoles her

neha:rahul and i got engaged but after his death i cant control myself and one day some people came and ask about the papers and i say i dont give them and they warns

me and then i gotta know that ,that was nt accident and that was a pre planned murder and for the property.When i gotta know i think to inform kabir about it and i

came to your house in that night and kabir really feels guilty because of him his friend died and the paper work should be done by kabir but he in us so rahul went for

that and he died.And the people takes all the papers and now kabir feels guilty about that and he decides to take that papers from that people

sanchi:who are they?

neha:anand malhotra

sanchi:kyaa!anand malhotra..

neha: ha sanchi.aur mujhe laga thaki kabir ne tumhe sab batadiya hoga


neha:yahi ki jab mein tumhare ghar aayi thi that time he is very nervous and thinking what should u say if he propose you and i said to him not think too much and tell

about his feelings to you and he comes to you naa

sanchi:oh my god and thinks to herself.How stupid im.He is feeling for me and i misunderstood that he loves neha how foolish of me.

neha:sanchi where were u lost

sanchi:nothing, and i assure you that we will bring the papers asap

neha:k i gotta go.Bye and take care

sanchi and neha hugged each other and goes

sanchi comes to sdch and goes to kabir’s cabin

kabir:sanchi where were you and why your phone is not reachable .You could message me na where were you and ..

sanchi comes close to him and put her finger on his lips and said sshhhh.

kabir just struck by the sudden change in sanchi behaviour and keep calm

sanchi:meet me in parking lot at 8pm.We have to go some place.

and sanchi went out

kabir:thinking what happens to her and where were they going.

At eve:

In hostel

sanchi getting ready to go out with kabir and

pragya:what happens to you’

isha:tell us where was you in mrng we couldnt find you in hospital

sanchi narrates them whats happened and said them she is going to confess all her feelings to kabir.

pragya nd isha:thank god, you cleared all your misunderstandings and we are happy for you.

sanchi:k guys,bye for now.

kabir waits for sanchi and sanchi come by wearing white saree with silver earrings and loosen hair and kabir looks her and lost in her.

sanchi:kabir.. kabir


sanchi:where were u lost

kabir: in you

sanchi:what was u said

kabir:nothing .get inside

In car:

kabir:tell me where were we going ?

sanchi:just follow my instructions

kabir:im ur senior not u!

sanchi:do what i say mister kabir kapoor

kabir:k miss stubborn sanchi

precap:sanchi confess all her feelings. what will kabir say?

I hope you like the past.I dont want the past to be very bad one.Thats y i chose this one.Hope you like it.Please give your suggestions.Thanks for all the love.

  1. This is just awesome hema loved it a lot no words to praise ur writing this time not sanchi bt kabir is having enmity with malhotra. This suprb yaar plzz post nxt one asap. Bt plzz let kabir also confess his love for her.

    1. Hema69

      sure dear
      thankyou sooo much

  2. At last all misunderstanding is cleared . Which is fab .

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      thanks alot

  3. Lahari99

    It is really good. Waiting for the next episode

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  4. Neha7873

    Please write a longer episode . It was good and waiting for the confession

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      sure neha

  5. Abhilasha

    Fantastic yr…… U r really good writer… Very bad u hid this beautiful talent of urs but love this yr…… Keep writing!!

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  6. Really hema very interest and kabir will say yes ofcourse both are made for eachother

    1. Hema69

      yes,both r made for each other

  7. superb one …
    please update next one soon…

    1. Hema69

      i update next one but takes time to publish

  8. Moonlight25

    Hema it was really nice….glad that the mis understandings got cleared and hopefully Kabir will say yes and both of them will find the papers together…continue soon dear…??

    1. Hema69

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  9. It’s marvelous and outstanding

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  10. Awesome one

  11. Marvellous at last misunderstanding got cleared hope kabir except her proposal and kabir also tell his feelings BTW it was awesome

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  12. awesomeeee finally misunderstandings are clearout

  13. RuCh23

    Wow it’s great Hema I just love it hope Kabir accept Sanchi’s feelings ???

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  14. sorry for late comments dear…….but this part was too good………….hope kabir accepts sanchi’s proposal…….

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