Kaanchi : Bad boy meets the princess, Part-1: (Pilot) Senior year

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Hi Sweeties! I’m back. And the polls were kind of a tie. The votes for plot 1 and plot 2 were close. So I have decided that I’ll start with 1 and than depending on my schedule number 2 will be either a FF or FS(few shots). Also, I wanted to share a funny fact with you all. So this year I took the SAT and ACT for fun even though I could have taken it in 11th grade. I just wanted to experiment and guess what I got a 1600/1600 on the SAT and a 36/36 on the ACT. I was shocked but happy. Guess I won’t have to take these again. Also I got 800/800 in SAT Math subject test and 800/800 in SAT biology subject test. I hope I could pull off straight 5’s in 4 AP classes like last year. Finger crossed. But anyways, here is the first episode of Bad Boy meets the princess.

Part-1: ‘Pilot’- Senior Year.

High school! One of the most important and amazing phases in anyone’s life. Challenges, tests, first love and preparing for college slowly transitions and takes a peak in Senior year. You are basically done with high school. Acceptance letters are here and you are all set to start another fantastic year.

Like every seniors, these thoughts were flowing in Saanchi’s mind. She got up from her bed. First day of 12th grade, exciting isn’t it.

Like the society, every high school has their own little students hierarchy. Populars, known, unpopular, Uncultured Chill offs to spoiled brats everything is there. In this triangle, Saanchi fits at the top. But let’s put that aside.

Saanchi got up and looked at her phone.

Isha’s text “hey Saanchi, I heard a new kid is joining reality high for senior year and heard he is hot and a bad boy ;).Call me soon. Toodles”. Saanchi laughed at her friend’s Sarcastic text.

Saanchi texted back, “whoever he is, he will get to know who rules the school”.

On the other hand, Kabir’s alarm rang. He turned it off but someone pulled the blanket off him. “Kabir, it’s the first day for you as a senior and in a new school. Get up your dad is waiting downstairs” kusum kept some shoes and clothes on the bed. “I can miss first period today” Kabir flashed an innocent smile. “I thought we made an agreement that none of those attitude this year. It’s a new school and let’s leave all the rebellious act behind” kusum crossed her arms. “Fine, but I still have good grades” Kabir finally peeled himself off the bed.

Incase, you haven’t figured who the protagonists are. Saanchi Mishra. The pampered princess at home and school. She walks in the school hallways with pride, confidence as others adore her. She is the queen bee! But is she mean though? (We will find out throughout the story)

Kabir Kapoor a spoiled child but is very intelligent and lazy. Loves completing challenges and proves he is worth it. Hmm, two different personalities, what will happen if they meet?

Saanchi parked her car in the students parking lot and got out as Isha and Pragya hugged her. Veer, Riya and Garv also joined the crew. “Hey everyone” Saanchi greeted her center circle. All of them entered the school and everyone students start with the greeting and hi’s. You know the attention everyone gives to the popular center group.

Saanchi waved to to everyone with her coffee in her hand. Suddenly, someone collided the with her and her coffee falls on her dress on shoes. It was a boy. He sees Saanchi gritting her teeth and runs away. “Hello. Are you blind? That jerk ruined by dress. Looks like I need to change” Saanchi complained as the other helped her to wipe the coffe from her dress. “This is the worst day ever” Saanchi shouted. “Aww, looks like someone is having a bad start today” a voices sarcastically commented from behind. Saanchi turned and saw Kabir. “Excuse me?” Saanchi raises an eyebrow. “Looks like your precious princess outfit got ruined” Kabir looked at her high heels and designed dress. “I don’t know who you are but you need to learn that nobody talks to me like this,” Saanchi tossed the coffee cup. “Yes you don’t know me, your highness” Kabir mocked her. “Ah, now I know. Aren’t you the new bad boy of the school Kabir Kapoor? Looks like you need a rules handout and a map for this school” Saanchi looked at him. “ looks like you know a lot about me. Someone was really excited for my arrival. Well, nice to meet you” Kabir forwarded his hand. “Yeah right! I am honored to meet you,” she rolled her eyes and turned the hand to the side. “You don’t even deserve my attention.You might behave as an uncultured spoiled brat but stay away from me” Saanchi lashes out. “I think you are dying to be my friend” Kabir smirked. “Not even in my nightmare. I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you” Saanchi gave a smile and turned to go but Kabir called, “Hey listen, you think what you say are the rules here. But I’ll change it” Kabir’s eyes narrowed. Saanchi didn’t reply and fumed as we walked past him.

Everyone gathered to watch the great argument. The new kid is interesting. Challenging Saanchi, the most popular girl of the school on his very first day. He has got some nerve.

Few weeks later:

Saanchi came to her locker and saw Kabir standing, leaning against her locker. “Go and stand in some other area. You are blocking my locker” Saanchi complained. “Girls like you don’t know how to say please and thank you. Come on. You are the queen bee you should have a more pleasant aura” Kabir winked at her. “Please peel your clammy and dirty body off my locker. Thank you” Saanchi sarcastically smiled at him. “Whatever princess!” Kabir walked to the opposite side. “Don’t call me that” Saanchi protested.

Saanchi turned around and saw Ms. Hoover tapping her feet on the floor. Kabir stopped to watch their conversation. “Ms. Mishra we missed you in PE today” she looked at Saanchi curiously who gave a nervous chuckle. “I was in the counselor’s office discussing about a change in my schedule” Saanchi replied. “You have Mr. Sinha as your counselor right?” Ms. Hoover smirked at Saanchi. “Yes. Why?” Saanchi panicked. “How did you talk to him when he was absent today?” She caught Saanchi. “Okay, I purposely didn’t go to PE. I didn’t want to run a lap today” Saanchi confessed. “Young lady skipping PE is a bad habit. Don’t pull such tricks in college Detention for today” she handed Saanchi a red slip. “Not detention please. Besides, I want am going to Princeton that doesn’t even need PE. It’s useless” Saanchi reasoned. “Yes, but to get into College you need to graduate high school and to graduate high school you need PE. Now be in the small gym tomorrow in PE uniform. Just good grades doesn’t get you to the top” she gave Saanchi the schedule and went away. Kabir piped up from the corner. “If you are looking to get some bad girl stripes on you, I would be happy to help” Kabir offered Saanchi. “By that if you mean we should get matching tattoos, the answer is, no” Saanchi glared at him. “Well than, see you in detention” Kabir started to walk back. “You got detention too?” Saanchi looked unimpressed. “ I had Mr. Toraz, he was teaching the most boring class ever, History. So I asked him to play hangman with me. So I drew the hanging man on the board and pointed Mr. Toraz at the man. He got mad and gave me detention” He moved his shoulders. “What do you get by acting all stupid?” Saanchi crossed her arms. “It is not stupid. It’s called being funny. Something that you miss to have in your life” Kabir gave her a pitiful look. “I don’t know why I am even talking to a idiot like you” Saanchi walked away. “See you soon princess” Kabir gave her a flying kiss. “It’s Saanchi” She furiously shouted back.

Time skip to 6th period:

It’s their history period. Saanchi looks at Kabir who is apparently playing scrabble on his phone. She thinks, “how dare he walk all over my pride. He is the first person to get me this mad. I am supposed to be the queen bee. I rule the school hallways and he should follow. I need to something to show him that my word is law for students” she looks at him and glares. “ so, to put an end to the conflict regarding the newly found Americas, Aragon and Castile signed of treaty of tordesillas. A line was created to divide the territories. Portugal got everything to the east and Spain got land on wes…” Ms. Gupta stopped as she saw Saanchi intensely glaring at Kabir, who is also busy with something inside his bag, paying the least amount of attention. “Mr. Kapoor” she called and Kabir looked up. “ have you been listening to anything that I just said?” Ms. Gupta asked irritated. “Of course, I did” Kabir finally left his backpack alone. “ oh really, than tell me what increased global interaction of plants, animals and slaves during 1450-1700?” She questioned. “The Colombian exchange, what else” He answered confidentially. “Very good, Ms. Mishra can you tell me what caused the demographic shift in the Americas due to the great exchange?” She looked at Saanchi who was immersed in a deep thoughtful. “Ms. Mishra” she said a little louder which startled Saanchi. “Wait, what?” Saanchi looked around. Ms,. Gupta repeated the question. “The diseases like Small pox and measles spread within the native Americans and due to being isolated they had no immunity which resulted in their death” Saanchi answered in one breath. “Right answer Ms. Mishra. But next time I want you to actually pay attention rather than admiring Mr. Kapoor” she laughed. “Admire him?? No, no, you got the wrong idea” Saanchi protested. “It’s okay princess. After all I’m irresistible” Kabir commented and winked. “Shut up. There is nothing like that. And for the last time its Saanchi” she shouted. “ Saanchi has a crush on the new boy” everyone started mumbling and admiring the couple. “No I do NOT. If I hear one more rumor about his topic, you and your favorite Kabir will be seen cleaning the lockers. That’s a promise as the Student council VP”.

“Also guys I have a special announcement” ms. Gupta excitedly handed out some forms. “We have our History Camp in 3 weeks. 3 weeks without service, with nature and the history and also your friends” She grinned. “And I have already decided which students will be sharing a cabin together. Each cabin has 6 bedrooms, one kitchen, living room, pool and a lobby.” She took out a list from her drawer and started announcing the cabin groups. “So cabin 6 will be Isha, Pragya, Veer, Riya, Kabir and Saanchi” since Ms. Mishra and Mr. Kapoor needs to behavioral improvement. “Yeah, That’s means we need stay apart. If we share the same Cabin you might find him dead because I strangled him in the middle of the night” Saanchi gritted her teeth at Kabir who seemed okay with the fuss. “Ms.Mishra none of that. That’s it. I am done deciding to start packing your bags” she handed out a list of items. “Come on Princess, we are going to have such a good time” his eyes sparked with sarcasm and deviousness. The bell rang.

Kabir also ran towards Saanchi. He stood infront of her. “ If you don’t want to get trampled under my pointy heels, move” She said with big eyes. “Looks like we are going to be detention partners too” he kept walking backwards facing her. Saanchi stopped, “This is the last warning I am the queen here and you are going to live under what I say! No flirting, no interacting with me and keep your annoying bad boy act in your home. I rule the school hallways. Make sure I don’t see you infront my eyes ever” Saanchi tried to walk but Kabir pulled her back and pinned her to a locker. Saanchi struggles and gets out of his grasp but he looks at her. “You RULED the school hallways but now I am here too. Besides, doesnt a princess always need her king?” Kabir suggested. “I don’t need anyone like you” Saanchi glared at him. Veer shouted from behind, “guys get a room” he showed his tongue and ran away. Saanchi pushes Kabir as far as possible, “stay away, people are getting the wrong idea that I like you. Just the thought of us makes me wanna puke” Saanchi made a disgusted face. “I would love to make people’s assumptions true, if you give me a chance that is” Kabir tried to flirt. Saanchi lightly punched his shoulder and walked away. But she looked behind and said, “Camp is going to be a lot of fun” she smirked and soon went away. Kabir stood there smiling.

“She is different”.

Precap: Episode-2: The challenge.

“I am going to sleep. If I see your face anymore than I already have today, I will get terrible nightmares” Saanchi and the other girls left leaving Kabir and 2 boys in recreation center.

“So, Mr. bad boy you like challenges don’t you, here is one that will require a lot of effort” RG(random guy) whispered.

Okay, here is to a bad episode. I didn’t have much ideas for Kaanchi scenes. If it bored you, I’m sorry. Let’s just wait until the real fun begins.

Upcoming on Bad boy meets the princess:

Episode-2: The challenge

Episode-3: The quest continues

Episode-4: the start of something new

Episode-5: There is no place like homecoming.

And within 7-8 episodes will be the end of the high school chapter and we will see Kaanchi in SDCH. Are they still together? Or is there another ride in their life to come?

Again, I know the episode has terrible Kaanchi scenes and was short and boring., but hang in there. I hope you bring a little fun too. Till than have fun and enjoy an amazing weekend.

love you you all. Annie ❤️

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    Suggestion : As I’m more interested for the 2nd concept, I want you to write a FF rather than FS . Anyways, whatever you write is always great .. If you get a free schedule, please write a FF on it ???

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