Kaamna 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth requests Swati to convince Manav for the second marriage

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Niharika reveals he is going work in the Holkar industries from now on, Manav raises his concern questioning what is she doing as she is the one who send him to jail but is now giving him the job, Manav explains that he is that kind of a person who is like a parasite and would harm the people he is around, Niharika assures there is nothing to be worried about since she has all the medicines that are needed to cure such people, Vibhav explains that he is going to earn his forgiveness as Holkar mam is right that he should be punished severally, Mr Holkar explains the person who makes the same mistake over and over again is foolish, and she has gotten used to making mistakes and now only Bhagwan can save this company, he leaves the office when Manav takes Niharika into the office.

Swati enters the house with the groceries, she then sees that Akanksha is still in the Mandir performing the same ritual that she was doing at the time when she left, she rushes taking off the Diya questioning what sort of madness is this when Akanksha kneels in front of her pleading that she should seek the forgiveness from Manav and Yatho, she once again wants to be with her family, Akanksha with a smile thinks how she was getting ready in her room when her mother returned, she then sought the opportunity to rush and start her acting.

Manav questions Niharika what is she doing, she requests him to believe in her decision, Manav asks why did they go through so much troubles, Niharika reveals that Vibhav stole everything from her for seven years so now she is going to steal his attitude and until he suffers, she would not feel better and even her anxiety attacks would not be cured. Manav mentions he can still not understand but she ruined their efforts of sending him in jail, they do not have any other legal clause to send him to jail, Niharika reveals that she is going to make him suffer, she takes Manav outside. Niharika orders Vibhav to bring a coffee for her in the cabin, she even instructs everyone in the office to ask anything from Vibhav, the entire staff is shocked thinking this is what Vibhav sir would be doing in the office, Vibhav leaves seeing which both Niharika and Manav smile.

Bubbly is cleaning the house while Akanksha is sitting on the sofa, she exclaims this house is really hot and Bubbly also turned off the fan, Bubbly thinks she has still not lost her attitude, she thinks of taking the revenge for all those things that Akanksha did in the past, Bubbly suddenly screams as if she is really hurting mentioning that she feels her problem has once again started, Akanksha thinks that she has started her drama, Swati explains Bubbly must first sit down but Bubbly explains that she just started cleaning the house and now has to do a lot more, she can also not do anything because of her ankle. Swati exclaims there is nothing to worry about since Akanksha would clean the house, she thinks she must not interfere as her mother is the only one who can grant her entry in the house of Manav.

Sakshi is sitting when Vibhav brings coffee for her, he explains both Niharika and Manav are getting really close, he explains he suggested to Manav that they should merge their companies together and he is a really nice person who has a lot of potential, he saw I in the first glance but Niharika mam is mores senior then him and can do it more efficiently. Sakshi stands questioning what is he talking about as she doesnot take any salary for the gossip, Vibhav explains there is just one last thing which he wants to inform, Vibhav mentions Niharika is just taking advantage of Manav in order to take her revenge from him, Sakshi warns him to shutup and leave, he starts serving the coffee when the employees question him, he replies he is just Vibhav who turns to see how Niharika is looking at him.

Bubbly brings the mangos to Akanksha requesting her to cut them since they need to make the pickle from them, Akanksha replies that she feels that she should cut Bubbly if she feels like, Akanksha sits down cutting them.
Niharika is sitting when Vibhav informs that he has brought the flat slippers that she asked for, she replies that she is fed up with the high heels just like him, she asks him to help her wear them when Niharika thinks that she is going to make him pay for whatever he has done, Vibhav with a smile thinks that Niharika thought he would give up if she makes him do these chores but it will never happen, he is waiting for a chance and when the time is right will pull her leg so that she along with her Manav lose everything.

Akanksha is ironing the clothes, Bubbly comes explaining how Mumma said she makes really good Chinese so would she make it, with low spice. Akanksha agrees just to show Swati that she has changed, but after Bubbly leaves Akanksha acts as if she has burnt her hand seeing which Swati leaves, Akanksha thinks she just needs to gain a little more sympathy as when her mother agrees then she would be able to gain her entry in the life of Manav.

Yatharth opens the door and is glad to see his grandmother, she exclaims she is meeting Yatho after a really long time, but he must forgive her since she could not be of any help in their difficult time. Yatharth explains that Dada says they must forget whatever happened in the past and move on so she must come inside, Swati asks what help does he need from her which he wanted to keep a secret, Yatho asks how does she like this house, Swati replies that she likes it when Yatho reveals this house is a little lonely, Swati wonder sif Yatho is missing Akanksha but Yatharth explains no matter how mature the children seem, elders never take them seriously so he is sure that she would be able to convince his father for a second marriage, Swati assures that nothing wrong would happen with Manav.

Malti aunti comes to sit down with yatho, she greets Swati and Yatho introduces them both to each other, Malti aunti explains she is no one to talk in between but would say that Akanksha wronged both Manav and Yatho, Swati mentions she wished to meet her and Sakshi as they took care of both her sons in their difficult times, she assures Yatho that she would talk with Manav regarding his second marriage as this time it will be her responsibility.

Swati thinks Manav should get married as soon as possible only then will Akanksha forget about returning to is life, she asks yatho what sort of a mother does he like, he informs that he has already found a mother hearing which she is shocked, yatho reveals she just needs to come to his birthday party tomorrow to convince him.
Yatharth leaves explaining he is going to bring juice for them, Swati explains if Akanksha did not leave Manav then things would have been really different as today her own son refused to even talk about her, Swati exclaims if Yatho has found another mother then half of her work is complete.

Manav asks Sakshi to come and sit down, she is constantly thinking about what Vibhav said that Niharika is using Manav, he realizes that something is wrong so rushes to stand beside her asking if something is wrong, Manav questions if Vibhav said something to her, she replies that she knows she doesnot have any right over him, but he replies she is the one who has the most right over him so say it clearly, Sakshi reveals that she feels everything is happening in this office besides work as everyone is busy in taking revenge and she feels he must not interfere in the personal issues of Niharika mam and Vibhav, since she knows Niharika jee would never leave him while Manav would remain hanging like a Pendulum.

Manav replies he trusts her opinion the most and agrees with her but would need her help as this way they would be able to once again make this company with better practices. Manav gets a call from Niharika who raises her concern on the recruitment decision made by Sakshi, she asks if they have made the right decision by hiring her, Manav gets tensed.

Precap: Manav slaps Vibhav in the office, Niharika calls him in anger. Sakshi clarifies that he only slapped Vibhav because he was misbehaving with her, Niharika questions what relation does she have with him that she is taking his side, Manav looks at Niharika with immense frustration.

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