Kaamna 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Akanksha struggles to manage her professional and personal responsibilities

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The school van drops the children, Yatho and Vinay both wish them when he wonders why has Akanskha still not come to pick him, he waits for a while then starts walking towards the house, Yatharth rings the bell of the house, he seeing the lock wonders why has she not come back till now, he places his bottle on the lock and starts playing, he becomes restless so tries to open the lockl, the neighbour after locking the door questions why has he not changed his uniform since rest of the children are waiting to play with him, he replies that she has not come back so requests if she will call her, the neighbour tries to call Akanksha but she doesnot answer as it is an unknown number, the neighbour then asks for the contact of Manav but he replies that he doesnot remember it, she leaves apologizing for not being able to keep him with her.

Yatho is still waiting for Akanksha to come back but she is busy in her practice, he is sitting in front of the house makes an aeroplane from the paper to play with and even eats his lunch after which Yatharth sleeps on the floor.

Maya coming asks Vibhav why is he taking out his anger on something else, Vibhav questions what doe she mean, she replies that she feels he is a really difficult person to understand but she can see why did he crush this bottle, Vibhav explains that he has also told everyone why is he making the play, she replies that she knows he is doing it because of Akanksha, Vibhav explains that she is not his friend even when they have drank some coffee in his cabin, she asks him to trust her as she is the only one who can solve his problem, Vibhav advises her to not be so overconfident, she questions if he ahs ever heard a rumour regarding her, he replies no when she says it is because she doesnot let anyone spread it and is sure she can do what he desires, Vibhav questions what does she mean when she assures that she would complete his work.

Manav is walking towards his house when he seeing the balloons buys them for Yatharth, a boy asks Manav if he will send Yatho to come and play, Manav leaves assuring he will send Yatho however Manav is shocked when he sees Yatho sleeping on the floor, Manav immediately rushes to Yatharth trying to wake him, he asks what is he doing sleeping on the floor when Manav is shocked to see that the door is locked, he picks Yatho taking him inside and even places the quilt over him so he remains warm, Yatho explains that he is also hungry, Manav brings out some biscuits asking him to eat it, Yatharth questions if he is not a good boy since Akanksha would always come to pick him up from the van, however Manav explains that he is like the Gur which is made from the sugar cane, which proves he is not a bad boy, Yatharth still questions why did Akanksha not come to pick him.

Manav standing tries calling Akanksha but she doesnot answer, he then calls her mother who also replies that she did not come to their house, Manav assures there is nothing to be worried about as she is will be at the house of Rhea, Akanksha comes rushing into the house asking what has happened to Yatharth, he questions why did she not come to pick him, she apologizes holding her ear, he replies this is nothing to be sorry about since he is now a big boy and can take care of himself but he still gets hungry, she assures she is going to make something delicious for him.

Manav questions Akanksha why did she get so late, she replies that Alokda had made them perform so much rehearsals that she forgot about the time, he mentions because of her their son was sleeping on the front, Akanksha questions why did he not call her, Manav in shock asks if she is serious as she knows he doesnot have his private number but even then he called her from the mobile of the neighbour but she did not answer, Akanksha questions why did he not call Manav who replies that Yatharth doesnot remember his number, he questions why is she trying to put the blame on him, Akanksha assures she is not putting the blame and even apologized and also how can the school drop him off like this, Manav asks why is she blaming the school, Akanksha explains she feels that now they should change his school, Manav says she instead of accepting her mistake is demanding them to change the school, Akanksha questions what is her mistake now that she is a working women, she asks him to think since she is getting paid five million and even took an advance of 1.5 million, which she paid to Pathan for his debt, Manav questions her to not speak the name of Vibhav Kapoor when she replies that he is a nice guy and she ahs started working after eight years, the door bell rings when she asks him to go and take the food.

Manav opening the door is shocked to see the bill, she explains that she has paid the bill so he must bring the food, she serves French fries to Yatho, assuring she will take all of his calls.

Yatharth is playing in the night with the balloons, Manav comes mentioning it is really sweet, Yatharth questions where Mama is, and so insisting on getting the sign from her, Manav opens the diary when he is shocked to see the notice, Manav asks Yatho why he not told him that his performance was not well since the last month, as his teacher wrote this, he leaves with the diary.

Akanksha in her room is practicing for the play but is not satisfied with it, she exclaims she must do it with a little more anger, but Manav stops her asking her to see the notice, she says he can sign it as this is from the school, he asks if she doesnot even read the note before signing it, he explains Yatho has not done his homework since the past three days, the teacher wrote a note for it, she is shocked so then exclaims that she thought it would be about a function and she was busy in the rehearsal, so she signed it without looking, Manav explains that this is what Yatho was taking advantage off as he insisted on getting it signed from her, because he knows that she has no interest and this is what the teacher said that his marks have been becoming low since the past one month, Akanksha replies that this is the right time to have a change since they must change the school, Akanksha explains that she feels they should even hire a caretaker, who will take care of Yatho and also prepare the food, she makes him sit, explaining how she thought they should also buy a new car which is will be f her choice, Manav replies they should not change everything because of money, Akanksha ads that if they do not get the relaxation because of money then what is it worth, she says money is honey, Manav mentions in order to run the family they need harmony and not money, he asks if she would at least discuss with him because this is what he has done, she questions if he has problem with the caretaker, he says he can hire a caretaker but not for Yatho as this is only better they consult a family member, he suggests her mother hearing which she gets shocked, Akanksha explains he doesnot want her to work with Vibhav and knows the relation she has with her mother, Akanksha receives a call form someone, she leaves the room to attend it, which worries Manav, he explains this is why he doesnot want her to work with that heinous person, Akanksha in anger explains he is a businessman who always work and is not employed in a 9 to 5 job, she leaves the room.

Precap: Akanksha is performing with her CoStar, Vibhav is not able to bear it so slaps him saying he is well aware of people like him who think they can do anything after attaining a little fame and think they desire to sleep with them, Indra gets furious. Yatharth touches the mobile of Akanksha and she in anger slaps him, Akanksha explains that Yatharth sometimes gets really irritating. Manav in anger questions how did she dare slap Yatho like this, he holds an magazine which has Akanksha and Vibhav on the cover, he tears the magazine exclaiming this is the person who has ruined the happiness of his family.

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