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Kaamna 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav agrees to meet Vibhav kapoor for Akanksha

Kaamna 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhav gets worried wondering why is not going back, he accidentally drops his mobile in the water so calls Ranay meanwhile Akanksha is sitting on the bed, Ranay coming asks how did he fall in the water but then mentions that how did the mobile fall in the water, Vibhav says it is not the problem but that his mobile fell in the water, and the message would have been sent to Akanksha, he gets worried wondering what would happen if his love story ends before even starting.

Manav and Yatharth both are wondering that their plan might have failed because Akanksha is still not opening the door, Manav replies now there is only one way, he calls Yatharth as Daya ordering him to break the door, Yatharth runs with all his might, but Akanksha opens the door, she manages to catch him, Manav and Yatharth rejoice

that their plan got fulfilled however Yatharth takes the credit for his good acting. Yatharth takes Akanksha with him exclaiming that this is their new house, Manav praises him when Vinay calls him from the ground exclaiming the match is about to start.

Manav asks Akanksha to see how beautiful their new house is when she replies that it is a bit different when she makes it in a bungalow, she explains that she wants to once again relive those moments that she used to, she wants to sit in the balcony of that house and also take the swing, she desires to have that old life back where everything she desired was always fulfilled by her father, she while crying questions if she has demanded anything wrong, she even injures her hand, Manav getting sad says he did not know she was so emotionally attached to that Bungalow, Manav says that he now understands what Akanksha is feeling as when she once again met her family, she got emotionally attached with them so he knows she wants to feel connected with her father through that Bungalow, he assures her that he will do everything he can for her but she will not be able to shift from Indore as he will have nothing left, Akanksha reveals the only reason she never wanted to stay in Indore was because she could not live a middle class life in the same city where she used to live like a queen, but if he is adjusting so much for her then she will also not demand anything else but just needs that Bungalow, Manav agrees to meet Vibhav Kapoor for her happiness.

Vibhav is really tensed, Ranay is with the technician who explains he has transferred the sim card t0o the new mobile, Vibhav explains he needs his data in the new mobile as it also has the contact of Akanksha, Vibhav quickly answers a call only to find it is from someone else, he ends it, saying to Ranay what would have happened because it has been quite a time since the message was sent, he receives a call from Akanksha, who is calling her, Vibhav asks the technician who informs that his message was not sent when Vibhav replies to Akanksha calling her as ji, he asks what service can he do to her, Akanksha exclaims that he should not call her as ji because she feels old, Vibhav exclaims even he is not that old, when she replies that she desired to talk with him about the bungalow, Vibhav tries to say that he is really busy but then Akanksha insists so Vibhav exclaims that he can squeeze some of the meeting so they can arrange a meeting, Vibhav agrees to meet her at seven tomorrow when Akanksha assures she is going to meet him, she sees Bublie eating the dry fruits, Bublie replies that she came to thank Akanksha as because of her Karan got the job however Akanksha replies that she had nothing to do with it when everything happens because of oneself, Bublie replies that she has already thought of a house warming gift, Akanksha exclaims even she ahs thought of a return gift, she is going to give her a collage made of dry fruits, she replies that eating too much of them is not good for the stomach. The doorbell rings, she opens to find Manav and Yatharth entering, she asks him to be ready as they need to go and meet Vibhav Kapoor.

The next day Akanksha and Manav enter the party, Manav starts to wonder if this is the same party whose invite he tore without even looking at it, Akanksha questions if he desired to be a footballer as he always kicks any good opportunity that comes his way, the colleague asks Khushal jee to see that Manav has come to the party whose invite he tore, Khushal jee gets excited exclaiming he has also brought Bhabhi jee, Khushal jee scolds the colleague asking what is worrying him.

Manav asks Akanksha to come back as they will come back later however Akanksha walks into the party, Manav stops her saying that they would come back later but she exclaims that it is really embarrassing because had she known then would have gotten dressed accordingly, Manav exclaims he is the one who is most embarrassed as his colleagues would be thinking he too bowed down in front of Vibhav Kapoor, Manav is taken aside by Khushal jee.

Vibhav Kapoor is talking with some of his associates when he sees Akanksha so going to meet her questions if she came alone, she calls Manav exclaiming he is her husband, Vibhav turning to Ranay asks if he is her husband but then Manav exclaims he is the husband of Akanksha, Vibhav replies he was not able to judge him because he is someone whom if they desire to invite then should also invite their better half, Manav explains for whom what matters the most is the host of a party.

Akanksha requests Vibhav if they can start the formalities since then he can enjoy his wedding, Vibhav agrees so then calls them both to come with him, he starts leading the way, Manav suddenly stops but Akanksha is forced to call him, she apologizes to Vibhav saying had she known there was a party going on she would have gotten dressed up but Vibhav replies that a perfect person doesnot need anything, he praises Akanksha, offering them some food but Vibhav says he is just interested in the deal.
Manav and Akanksha sit down when Chokse sir exclaims he was not going to come but has also brought his wife, he mentions it is for sure that whoever they meet something wrong happens.

Vibhav informs that he has arranged for a soft drink for Manav, when Manav replies he only drinks with those whom he can even trust while being in unconsciousness. Vibhav asks Ranay to go and bring the papers, but he just brings the keys, Akanksha asks what this is as they have not paid anything, Vibhav exclaims he saw the happiness in her eyes when he heard about the bungalow, as for the money Manav will surely pay him. Akanksha leans to pick the keys thanking Vibhav but Manav refuses saying they will take the keys when he gives the entire amount to Vibhav Kapoor.

Precap: Vibhav in fornt of karan says to Ranay that another party was interest in the bungalow so if they are not able to arrange the amount in some days, they can sell it to the other party. Nariyan asks Manav to hold this file for some time as the party is going to pay him 1.5 million.

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