Kaamna 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Manav and Akanksha get in an argument

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Vibhav exclaims he has given her the number but jhow will he knew she is calling him, she offers to dial his number from her mobile, Akanksha informs Manav that she met him twice and he seemed like a honest person, Manav replies he also met him twice but to him Vibhav Kapoor seemed as a fraud and clever person, besides that Bungalow is out of their reach, Akanksha exclaims aren’t all of her desires out of his reach, she questions what has he done for her.

Some time earlier, Vibhav exclaims he is going to sell the house to her, Akanksha laughs in excitement when she questions Karan why he is said and what is with the long face, as if they did not buy the flat then someone else will, Vibhav questions karan if he is also a builder but Karan replies he is just an agent, Vibhav offers him to join Kapoor constructions because they are in need of workers like him, Karan immediately stands in excitement, Vibhav exclaims he would not even have to do much work since moist of the houses can be sold by just his name, he once again questions Karan, who immediately agrees to join his company but Vibhav informs he can join from tomorrow, Vibhav calls Rashmi advising her to take Karan Awasthi to the H.R and inform them he said that Karan is going to work with them.
Manav standing outside of his office thinks if he should inform Akanksha the good news over the mobile however he then thinks he can wait to reveal the news in person otherwise how would he see her reaction, so exclaims he can wait for that reaction.

Akanksha is with Vibhav who questions what other help can he offer since now he has a lot of meeting, Akanksha laughs, saying she has just one other questions so questions what sort of money is he going to ask for that house, Vibhav questions what price did Mr Agarwal quote when Akanksha reveal he at first said 13.5 million but then agreed for a price of 10 million, Vibhav asks for the file saying that Mr Agarwal planned on looting her since his team bought the house for 8.5 million. Vibhav assures he is going to sell this house for eighty-five lacs, then hands her his card, he questions how would he know she is the one calling since his team would not let her enter like this again, she informs that she is going to send him a miss call.

Manav knocks on the door, Karan opens to let him in, he entering exclaims where is Karan as he even forgot to call him, karan replies that he was busy with Akanksha the whole day, she bringing the sweets asks him to have some, Manav asks if he she already knows the good news, he exclaims it is nothing important but their home loan was approved, Manav asks how much time it would take for them to shift in their new house, Karan assures he can get the entire formalities completed before they even shift to their new house, Akanksha exclaims she brought these sweets for some other good news, she reveals that the bungalow got sold out, Manav gets delighted saying this means that even Bhagwan doesnot want them to buy it, Akanksha replies she met with the new owner who agreed to sell the house at a lower price, Manav informs she should have at least discussed with him, Akanksha assures had she known they will not get the house, she would not have done anything else, Manav questions about the new owner, Akanksha informs he is the owner of Kapoor constructions, Vibhav Kapoor, Manav gets angry hearing his name.

Niharika’s sister opens the door when Vibhav is standing with a cake and flower, he wishes his wife happy birthday, Vibhav goes to sit down exclaiming they must forget the past as they are now a family, she should forget everything that happened in the past.

Manav says that she went to meet the same Vibhav Kapoor whom he is not at all interested in meeting, he tries to explain that Vibhav is not the right kind of a person, Akanksha doesnot agree with him saying she met Vibhav thrice and he seemed like a good and honest person, however Manav replies he doesnot seem like a good person because one of his file came to him at the office, he had made a lot of faults in it, however Akanksha replies he would have to do it for the sake of doing business as it is nothing wrong, Manav informs he even rejected an offer that Vibhav gave him for the house but Akanksha is not at all happy hearing it, Akanksha exclaims all of her dreams are out of his budget. Manav informs some dreams are above their budget but it is not necessary they all should be fulfilled. Akanksha goes into the room in anger.

Vibhav exclaims even Niharika would say why did she go to the sky so early, Niharika’s sister asks if he has done it so should leave, when he says that she tried to ruin him with the Utkarsh and Devika, she realizes he has also bought them, she thanks him for confirming, Vibhav exclaims he had a lot of money and she had a price tag, she gave her a flat. Vibhav cuts a piece then tries to feed her sister-in-law, but she pushes his hand away, he exclaims Niharika lived with him for one year but did not know about him, she has not even lived with him for one day so should not make the mistake of not knowing him as who knows he would be spending the birthday alone next year while she is with her sister watching him, he leaves while she is tensed.

Manav requests Akanksha to open the door, he exclaims that her happiness is not more then anything else for him, he finally is about to agree when he receives a call from his friend who asks if he is thinking about buying the house, mentioning he knows that Manav works with a budget however Manav is worried that Akanksha is angry, he then leaves after realizing how he should wait for her to calm down.

Karan is with Bublie saying that Akanksha is not answering the call, Bublie replies that she would be busy in convincing Manav to buy the house, Karan says whatever the case be they will get the money when Bublie exclaims she is going to buy a new charger and mobile with his first salary, Karan questions why does she need a new mobile, Bublie informs his mother takes her charger, karan mentions how they need to go and thank the person because of whom he got the job.

Vibhav sitting in the bathtub started to type a text, for Akanksha revealing how much he loves her ever since he saw her the first time.

Yatharth questions Manav why he is still not able to convince mom as this never happens, Manav replies even Sachin gets out at zero runs, he sits on the sofa when Yatharth makes him laugh, he even receives a message at the office group from Khushal jee, Yatharth asks why is he still doing work in the house, Manav replies everything happens in this group except for work. Manav exclaims he has found a way which will make Akanksha open the door.

Vibhav completes the text he has written, he smiles but accidentally sends it, Vibhav starts panicking wondering why did he send it, the mobile also hangs up which worries him, meanwhile Akanksha sees the message so is about to open it.

Precap: Vibhav welcomes Akanksha asking if she came alone but she replies her husband also came, she calls Manav seeing whom Vibhav is left stunned.

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